Spoken Gospel

The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Holy Week Special: Good Friday
Seth and David talk about why Good Friday, the day Jesus was condemned by Pilate, crucified on a cross, and buried in a tomb is good news.
20 min
Holy Week Special: Maundy Thursday
Seth and David talk about Maundy Thursday and why Jesus' final meal and new covenant is good news.
19 min
Holy Week Special: Spy Wednesday
Seth and David talk about the sober choice Spy Wednesday, the day Jesus was covered in an expensive perfume by Mary and betrayed by Judas, offers us.
13 min
Holy Week Special: Holy Tuesday
Seth and David talk about Holy Tuesday and why Jesus cursing a fig tree is a call to join a rebellion.
19 min
Holy Week Special: Holy Monday
Seth and David talk about Holy Monday, the day Jesus came into Jerusalem’s temple with a homemade whip in his hand.
18 min
Holy Week Special: Palm Sunday
Seth and David talk about Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey like a rival king to challenge Caesar and his Roman empire.
21 min
Let's Get Ready for Holy Week
Join us DAILY for eight days as we explore the final days of Jesus' life and how both his suffering and resurrection is good news.
3 min
Galatians Overview: What's the Point of all the...
Seth and David attempt to answer why we have so many Old Testament laws and why Paul's answer is the best news we could hope for.
53 min
Galatians Overview: A Different Gospel
Seth and David talk about one of the most hotly debated books in the New Testament and why its good news that we are "justified by faith and not works of the law."
54 min
We're Starting a Video Podcast!
We're starting a video podcast! Everything you're used to listening to will now be available on our Youtube channel. Thank you so much to our generous listeners who made this possible!
2 min
Zephaniah Overview: God Sings Over Us
Zephaniah tells God's people that they are no different from the proud nations around them, and soon, God's burning anger will fall. But the fire isn't intended to annihilate God's people but to make them pure and prepare them to rule the earth. Seth and David talk about why God sings over his people and what the day of Pentecost has to do with the book of Zephaniah.
49 min
Zephaniah Overview: The Good News of Inevitable...
Zephaniah prophesied during the reforms of King Josiah. But Zephaniah knew, no matter how much God's people obeyed it would not stop the coming destruction of Babylon. Seth and David talk about the surprising good news of accepting inevitable judgement.
52 min
Malachi Overview: What's the Deal with John the...
Malachi ends by predicting that a "messenger" will come to prepare the way for God himself to arrive. That messenger is John the Baptist. Seth and David talk about why John the Baptist is so important and how John is the fulfillment of all the promises God made to the tribe of Levi.
43 min
Malachi Overview: God's Last Sermon for 400 Years
Malachi is the last book of many of our Bibles. And it's the last words God's people have from God until Jesus arrives. Seth and David talk about the good news of God's love and the good news that God is willing to argue with his people.
64 min
Matthew 2: Out of Egypt I Called Jesus
Just like God got Israel out of Egypt, God takes Jesus out of Israel. Seth and David continue to explore their hunch that Matthew is repeating Israel's history in Jesus' life.
51 min
Matthew 2: King Joseph, and Wise Kings from the...
Matthew seems to understand Joseph as a type of king, in the same vein as Joseph from the book of Genesis. The Magi too are types of kings who offer there treasures as proof that God's plan to bless the world is coming true. Seth and David continue to talk about how Matthew read his Old Testament and why it's good news that Jesus is the son of king like Joseph.
56 min
Matthew 1: Why a Virgin Birth?
Why is a virgin birth important? What's on the line if Jesus had a physical dad? And what does it mean for Jesus to be called Emmanuel, God with us? Seth and David continue their journey to read their Old Testament like Matthew does, and try to figure out why it's good news that Jesus was born of a virgin.
54 min
Matthew 1: Why Genealogies Are Awesome
Genealogies aren't lists of names, they are works of art. Matthew's genealogy is expertly designed. It catapults you into the past and prepares you for everything that Jesus does in Matthew's Gospel.
56 min
The Bible According to Matthew
The apostle Matthew wants you to understand that Jesus is reliving the history of Israel from Genesis to the book of Chronicles. Seth and David talk about why they love the book of Matthew and how the first Gospel helps us make sense of our entire Bibles.
39 min
Haggai: Jesus Will Shake the Earth
Haggai prophecies that the leadership of Joshua and Zerubbabel is a picture of how God intends to make all things right in the world. Seth and David talk about Jesus as a new Joshua and a new King who can right the world.
42 min
Haggai Overview: The Temple is Magic
The temple was a symbol of God's creative power and generosity but it was destroyed by Babylon. Too comfortable and afraid to rebuild God's people leave it in ruins until Haggai successfully encourages a group of returning refugees from Babylon to rebuild their temple. Seth and David talk about the "magic" of the temple and how God loves to release his creative power before his creation does anything to deserve it.
53 min
Zechariah Overview: A King on a Donkey
Zechariah ends with a vision of a King riding a donkey to challenge the corrupt leaders of God's people. David discovers a donkey is the steed of a King, and Seth talks about the way Jesus is not only a Messiah who saves but is saved by God.
63 min
Zechariah Overview: The Day of Small Things
Zechariah is an intense book of dreams and visions. But they all communicate one clear point: if God's people return to him, God will return to his Kingdom. Seth and David talk about four horses, a basket of women, and how Jesus returns to his true home in us.
71 min
James: You are Saved by Works, Not by Faith Alone
James makes one of the more controversial statements in Scripture. 'You are saved by works, not by faith alone." Seth and David talk about the book several church leaders have wanted to remove from the Bible and why it's good news that Jesus didn't save us by faith alone.
53 min
James Overview: Jesus, the Smartest King Who Ev...
The book of James is a mash-up of the book of Proverbs and Jesus' sermon on the mount. It's an exploration of the wisdom of King Jesus, the Messiah. Seth and David talk about what it means to be a model citizen in Jesus' Kingdom and how death and resurrection is the truest fact about our world.
49 min