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The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Psalm 2: Royal Psalms and Election Day
The 2020 American election happened two days ago. While we often see elections as a time to secure for ourselves some new degree of power or freedom God sits in heaven and laughs. Seth and David talk about how both David's and Jesus' kingship shapes our understanding of world rulers and their political terms.
57 min
Judges Introduction
The Book of Judges narrates Israel's slow decay. Rather than driving out God's enemies, Israel becomes just like God's enemies. And Judges ends, not with God's leadership of Israel, but the people's whims and desires leading them to destruction. David and Seth talk about how the light of God's mercy shines brightest as the darkness of Judges increases and how Jesus is the only Judge and King who can free us from our downward spiral into destruction.
56 min
Some Exciting News!
There are changes coming, let us tell you about them!
17 min
Joshua 22-24: Joshua Dies
Before Joshua dies there is a misunderstanding between the tribes on either side of the Jordan. It reveals that spiritual pride and insecurity are features of life in Israel under Joshua's leadership. This leads Joshua to say that it will be impossible for Israel to fully obey God. Israel should expect judgment. Seth and David talk about the end of Joshua's life and how spiritual pride, insecurity, and promises of judgment are all overturned by Jesus' superior leadership.
62 min
Joshua 20-21: The Cities of Refuge
After the Lord had given the land to Israel, Israel was supposed to turn around and give some of their lands back to God. The Levites were the recipients of that land. Seth and David talk about the unique way the Levite's land allotments point us to Jesus as the one who protects us from death and provides freedom through his blood.
39 min
Joshua 13-19: Land Allotments are Good News Too
After winning major decisive victories, Joshua gives control over the land of Canaan to the tribal leaders of Israel. With the enemy routed, these leaders still need to clean up any pockets of resistance they find. Seth and David explain how Joshua's decisive victory over the land foreshadows Jesus' decisive victory over sin and death. And why, even though the war has been won, we can be strong and courageous as we fight our remaining battles.
58 min
Joshua 10:29-12: The Land Has Rest
Joshua defeats all God's enemies in the southern and the northern parts of Canaan. Over and over we're told that God fights for Israel, and that Israel obeys God. Seth and David talk about Jesus as a warrior who fights our battles, destroys our enemies, and gives us rest.
43 min
Joshua 9-10:28: The Sun Stands Still
The Gibeonites deceive Israel into a covenant. But like the Rahab story, deception leads to the Gibeonites inclusion in God's kingdom and a great battle won by God's power. Seth and David talk about deception's role in the Gospel and how Israel's miraculous defeat of Canaan's kings tells us more about God and his power over death than Joshua's ability to execute kings.
51 min
Joshua 6-8: The "Battle" of Jericho
Israel goes to war against the first city in the promised land, Jericho. But God does all the hard work, and the walls of the city crumble with just the sound of their voice. But, this victory is followed by a significant defeat at the city of Ai. Seth and David talk about Israel's first military campaigns as new Creation and Fall stories. And how God both defeats our enemies and rebuilds Jericho.
65 min
Did God Command Genocide?
At several points throughout the book of Joshua, God commands Israel to "utterly destroy" enemy cities. Sometimes that command includes women and children. Skeptics sometime use the book of Joshua to accuse God of genocide. David and Seth talk about the legitimacy of this accusation, the history of Israel and how this accusation against God can lead us to good news. If you have any questions for us, send as an audio recording of your question to podcast@spokengospel.com.
61 min
Joshua 3-5: Crossing the Jordan
Joshua is legitimized as Israel's new leader when God parts the Jordan just like he parted the Red Sea for Moses. In fact, Joshua repeats some of the most significant moments of Moses' life in his own. Seth and David talk about the ways the pattern of both Moses' and Joshua's life are repeated and intensified in Jesus.
57 min
Joshua 1-2: Be Strong and Courageous! And Rahab...
Joshua begins with the command to be strong and courageous and the promise that God will be with Israel as the go to battle. The first city on Israel's battle plan is Jericho. But in Jericho a prostitute named Rahab pledges allegiance to Yahweh. Seth and David talk about the significance of Rahab's story at the beginning of a book full of military battles, and why being strong and courageous is a metaphor for faith in Jesus.
57 min
Joshua Introduction
The book of Joshua details how God worked through Joshua to fulfill his promises. As God's chosen successor to Moses, Joshua goes where Moses didn't. He enters into the land that God promised Abraham. Seth and David talk about how Joshua points us to Jesus, how the land of Canaan should make us hope for the new heavens and the earth, and offer some initial thoughts on how to understand God's command to "devote to destruction" the land of Canaan.
73 min
Ruth 3-4: Money, Sex and Redemption
Ruth proposes marriage to Boaz under questionable circumstances, and he accepts. Ruth isn't marrying so much out of love for Boaz but loyalty to Naomi. Through their marriage Naomi will be given a home and a son. Seth and David explain how God provides everything Ruth secured and everything Boaz provided and more, for us, in Jesus.
61 min
Ruth 1-2: God Fills What's Empty
Naomi returns to Israel bitter and empty with her daughter in-law Ruth, a Moabite. Despite both Israel's and Elimelech's unfaithfulness God remains faithful and loyal to his people and Elimelech's family. Seth and David talk about how the story of Ruth, Boaz and Naomi point us to a faithful God who loyally provides for unfaithful people in Jesus.
60 min
Ruth Introduction
The book of Ruth is a book of hope. Even though Israel is in shambles and there seems to be no hope that a king could bring order to Israel's chaos. But Ruth, a widow, a foreigner through her faithfulness and love becomes not only the foremother of King David but also Jesus. David and Seth introduce the book and character of Ruth and how she fits into the Bible's story of salvation.
65 min
Ecclesiastes 9:11-12: Qohelet's Last Words
The final portion of Ecclesiastes is a collection of miscellaneous proverbs and Qohelet's conculsion. Seth and David work through some of their favorites and finish up their study in the book of Ecclesiastes.
71 min
Ecclesiastes 7-9:10: Cursed and Crooked
Qohelet reminds us that God has cursed this world with futility and HEVEL. This is why our money, sex, power, and morality never satisfy - God has made it so that crooked sticks never make straight lines. Seth and David talk about why Jesus is good news in a world bent out of shape.
44 min
Ecclesiastes 3:16-6: Unmet Expectations
Qohelet says that our life will be filled with unmet expectations. No matter how much we eat or drink our appetites will always be empty in the morning. Seth and David talk about how to escape our unmet expectations and unfulfilled desired by trusting and delighting in Jesus.
76 min
Ecclesiastes 3:1-16: Eternity in our Hearts
One of the most famous passages in Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a "time for everything." Qohelet's wisdom tells us that while the world might seem like jumble of unpredictable opposites God's timing is perfect. Seth and David talk about our broken relationship with time; what it means for God to place "eternity" in our hearts and how Jesus is good news to people out of sync with God's time.
47 min
Ecclesiastes 1-2: Nothing Matters
The book of Ecclesiastes asks us a question "What do we gain from all our work on earth?" Qohelet's thesis is that everything we pursue is never as solid as we think. The world is like smoke or wind. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is the only solid pursuit in a world of smoke.
60 min
Ecclesiastes Introduction
In this first episode of our new series on Ecclesiastes, David and Seth work through the major themes and key issues related to the book of Ecclesiastes. Join us as we seek to understand this important and difficult book while seeing how Jesus brings meaning and purpose to everything the world wants to call vain and meaningless.
55 min
Esther 9-10: The Edict
Esther ends with a counter-edict going out to the soon-to-be-oppressed Jews. Instead of the suffering that was soon to be poured out on them, the Jews end up rising up and conquering their oppressors. In this last episode in our series on Esther, David and Seth talk about how to see Jesus in this beautiful book's closing chapters.
56 min
Esther 4-8 Part 2: Queen Esther
The most famous part of the book of Esther is without a doubt, the Queen's courageous entrance into the king's chambers. She risks her life for the sake of her people. In this episode, Seth and David unpack what we should and shouldn't be seeing in this famous story, and how all of it points us to Jesus.
40 min
Esther 4-8 Part 1: Ironic Reversals
Esther is full of irony. Without a proper understanding of how irony works in literature, the masterful beauty of this book would be missed. In this episode, David and Seth talk about the ironic reversals that occur throughout the middle section of Esther, specifically focusing on Haman.
41 min
Esther 1-3: Introduction
Esther shows us a beautiful picture of how God works behind the scenes to bring all things together for his purposes. In this first episode, Seth and David introduce the book of Esther, discuss its structure, and walk through the first three chapters which set up the story.
66 min
Psalm 91 & Coronavirus
With the outbreak of COVID-19 many people are rightly looking to God's Word for comfort. Among the most used and helpful passages has been Psalm 91. But it can also be one of the most misinterpreted. David and Seth sit down for a special Quarantine episode of the Spoken Gospel Podcast to talk about the ultimate hope Psalm 91 offers us from the plague.
59 min
Deuteronomy 31-34: Song of Moses
Who is Joshua? What will happen to Israel as they cross the Jordan? Why did Moses have to die? David and Seth wrap up the Torah and see how Jesus is the Moses who can cross the Jordan and the Joshua who fights our enemies.
51 min
Deuteronomy 26-30: Blessing and Curse
The book of Deuteronomy sets before God's people blessings and curses based on their obedience or disobedience. However, the curses seem to be stated in such a way that they seem inevitable. That is because the people of Israel needed new hearts if they were going to obey God and stay in the land. In this episode, Seth and David talk about curses, blessings, exile, and the New Covenant. Let's go!
58 min
Deuteronomy 22-25: Miscellaneous Laws
Just looking at the subheadings for this section in your Bible can seem daunting, confusing, and frustrating. Why are so many laws, covering so many different topics shoved together in this section? Seth and David offer several explanations for why this mishmash of laws exists and how we can worship Jesus in them.
61 min
Deuteronomy 19-21: Innocent Blood and Holy War
One of the most difficult questions about the Bible facing people today has to do with God's commands in these chapters to put everything that breathes to death. In this episode, Seth and David talk about how God's commands for cities of refuge, innocent blood, and credible witnesses help answer these very difficult questions.
62 min
Deuteronomy 17-18: Judges, Kings, and Prophets
This section talks a lot about the rulers and decision makers in Israel's society: judges, kings, and prophets. But there are so many ways that Israel's authority figures were to be different from the nation's. They were arbiter's between God's law and man. David and Seth dive deep into these different societal and governmental roles and also relish in the ways that Jesus is the final and perfect judge, king, and prophet.
47 min
Deuteronomy 15-16: The Sabbatical Year
Every seven years, God commanded a year of rest for the people and their land. This was called the Sabbatical Year. In this year, debts were forgiven, slaves were released, and property was returned. Seth and David talk about the social implications of this Sabbath year, as well as the way Jesus has brought a fuller and more perfect Sabbath Year to his people and the world.
71 min
We're Back! What's Next for 2020?
David and Seth and back for 2020 and couldn't be more excited to welcome back long time listeners and say hello to newcomers. In this short episode, the guys talk about what to expect in the coming year and offer many, many thanks to those of you who have made this podcast what it is! Let's go!
7 min
Deuteronomy 12-14: Israel's Distinctiveness
In this episode, David and Seth talk about tithing, kosher laws, and the death penalty. That's because this section of Deuteronomy goes into several laws which cultivate Israel's distinctiveness among the nations. Things like where they can worship, what they can worship, where they can make sacrifices, and what foods they can eat all contribute to their uniqueness. Here we go!
54 min
Deuteronomy 10-11: Heart Circumcision
What is a circumcised heart? Why did God remake the tablets of the 10 Commandments after Moses broke them? How do God's character and actions generate love and obedience in us? Seth and David unpack all this and more while looking at Deuteronomy 10-11.
53 min
Special Guest: David Murray - "Jesus on Every P...
The ministry of Spoken Gospel and David's view of the Bible have been dramatically shaped by professor and theologian, David Murray. This shaping came specifically through his book, "Jesus on Every Page." In this very special episode, Seth and David sit down with David Murray to talk about why it is so crucial that we see Jesus on every page of the Bible.
45 min
Introducing Jesus In All Of The Bible
We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest podcast from Spoken Gospel, "Jesus In All Of The Bible." In each episode of "Jesus In All Of The Bible" we take a quick 3-4 minute look at a passage of Scripture to see what's happening and how it points us to Jesus. In this special introduction episode, David explains the heart behind the new podcast and plays three of the episodes from "Jesus In All Of The Bible."
15 min
Deuteronomy 7-9: Chosen People
Why did God choose Israel out of every other nation? What does it mean that Israel is God's treasured possession? Why did Jesus quote, "Man does not live on bread alone" to Satan in his temptation?
42 min
Deuteronomy 5-6: The Ten Commandments (Again?)
In this passage, Moses recites the Ten Commandments for the second time. Is this just repetition or is something deeper happening here? Why does God give us commands? How can we keep God's commands? What does it mean to write God's commands on our hearts? What is the connection between our righteousness and obeying the Law?
57 min
Deuteronomy 4: Why Obey the Law
When we think about the law, we think of it as "what's" and "how's." But we often don't think about the "why's." In Deuteronomy 4, Moses gives a preamble to the Ten Commandments that helps us see why God wanted his people to obey. David and Seth dive deep into topics like the fear of God, evangelism and obedience, and why relationship is such a huge part of law code.
57 min
Deuteronomy 1-3: Introduction
What is the setting, purpose, and shape of Deuteronomy? Is it just a “second law” as its name suggests, or is something bigger going on? David and Seth spend this episode introducing the book of Deuteronomy as a whole, using the first three chapters as a rubric and guide for the discussion.
48 min
How to See Jesus in All of Scripture (w/ Taylor...
In this final episode of our three part series with David's long-time friend and Spoken Gospel contributor Taylor Walling, David and Taylor talk about some practical tools that can help you see Jesus in all of Scripture. They also discuss good and bad ways of making "Jesus Turns" in the Old Testament, as well as point out some best practices in applying a Gospel-centered hermeneutic to your Bible reading.
58 min
The Story of Spoken Gospel (w/ Taylor Walling)
In this second of three special episodes, with David's long-time friend and Spoken Gospel contributor Taylor Walling, Taylor interviews David about his story and how it lead to the formation and vision of Spoken Gospel. Also discussed are reasons why it is imperative to see Jesus in all of Scripture.
58 min
How Jesus Changed My Bible (w/ Taylor Walling)
In this first of three special episodes, with David's long-time friend and Spoken Gospel contributor Taylor Walling, we hear Taylor's story about how seeing Jesus in all of Scripture changed the way he read, taught, and understood his Bible.
54 min
Numbers 32-36: Before The Promised Land
In this final episode on the book of Numbers, David and Seth look at the some of the final instructions, laws, and issues addressed to the people of Israel before they entered the Promised Land. What are cities of refuge and who is the avenger of blood? What is the significance of the land of Canaan and why did Israel have to drive the people out? And, as always, how does this final story in Numbers tell us more about Jesus and his Gospel?
53 min
Numbers 31: Holy War
Did God command the killing of women and children? Why did Israel's army wage war with other nations? Is God good and just even in texts that talk about holy war? How can we see the Gospel and the love of Jesus in these texts?
45 min
Numbers 28-30: Holy Time and Rash Vows
What are we to make of this long section of feasts, festivals, sacrifices, and vows? Why did God want Israel to orient themselves around a calendar of feasts and sacrifices? Why did women need their husband's approval in order to make a vow? David and Seth discuss all of these and how they point us to Jesus.
32 min
Numbers 25-27: The New Generation
What happens when the old generation passes away? What will a new priest for the new generation look like? And are there really crosses like Jesus' in this passage? David and Seth talk about Phinehas, Joshua, and the new generation in this edition of the Spoken Gospel Podcast.
36 min
Numbers 22-24: Balaam and His Donkey
What is the story of Balaam's donkey really about? God's plan has always been to bless his people, and he does that here through a pagan sorcerer. How does this point us to Jesus? Seth and David talk about how this is one of their favorite parts of the Torah and how it is all about Jesus in this special (live from Kansas City) episode of the podcast.
51 min
Sermon Special: David Preaches Exodus 32-34
David recently preached a sermon on Exodus 32-34 which captures the heart of why we want to see Jesus in all of Scripture. We hope you enjoy this short departure from our normal format and that you are encouraged to cleft open your Bible and see the glory of God in the face of Jesus.
41 min
Numbers 20-21: Moses' Disbelief
The center of Israel finally falls away. Moses and Aaron disobey. What happens when there is no one left to intercede? What does it look like when the young generation takes over for the old?
58 min
Numbers 16-19: The Priest's Disbelief
The disbelief of Israel comes to the priesthood. The people who are supposed to keep God's wrath away from the congregation, earn the wrath of God themselves. How do we know who can represent us before God? How do people of death stand with a God of life?
37 min
Numbers 13-15: The Spy's Disbelief
Israel has arrived at the border of the Promised Land, but they refuse to enter it because of their disbelief. What are the consequences for not taking God at his word? Does God change his mind when Moses intercedes? Why are there seemingly random laws given after disobedience?
55 min
Numbers 10-12: Power Struggle
Israel finally leaves Sinai and immediately starts to sin. The main concern and the main solution both revolve around leadership. What kind of leader did Israel need? Was Moses that leader? What is up with all the Spirit-filled, spontaneous prophecy in this passage? David and Seth discuss all this and more.
63 min
Numbers 7-9: Flashback to Exodus
Before Israel leaves Sinai we see a flashback to the book of Exodus. Sacrifices are made, the Levites are consecrated, and the Passover is celebrated. Why this flashback? Why repeat the Exodus story here? How does all of this point us to Jesus?
41 min
Numbers 4-6: God's Moving Company
Before they leave for Canaan, God wants to emphasize his presence with them and their need for purity. God is intimately involved in how they travel, how justice is carried out, and how vows are taken and kept. And, of course, all of it is about Jesus.
66 min
Numbers 1-3: The Census
While Numbers isn't about numbers, it does start with a lot of numbers. So what is the significance of the long census that opens this book? How does it fit into the larger story of the Torah? How do we resolve some of the historical problems the numbers bring up? How does all of this point us to Jesus?
49 min
Numbers Introduction
Numbers is not about numbers. It is about Israel's journey to the promised land and their time of discipline in the wilderness. In this introductory episode, David and Seth lay overall story of the book to help us get over the actual numbers in the book and get into the whole point of its grand story.
23 min
Psalm 103: Hymn Psalms
Taking a break between Leviticus and Numbers, Seth and David decide to reflect on one of the most beautiful Hymns in the Bible: Psalm 103. The guys talk about forgiveness of sins, God's steadfast love, speaking to your soul, and the kingdom of God. It was definitely uplifting for us; we hope it is for you.
64 min
Leviticus 24 and 26-27: The Death Penalty, Curs...
Why were people in Israel stoned to death for sinning? What is God communicating through the blessings and curses of Leviticus? What are vow offerings and why would people make them?
66 min
Leviticus 23 and 25: Sabbath, Festivals, and Ju...
What is the point of Sabbath rest? Moreover, why did Israel have feasts all year round that they celebrated? What was the year of Jubilee and how was it ultimately fulfilled in Jesus?
57 min
Leviticus 21-22: A Different Standard For Priests
Why were priests held to a higher standard than the rest of Israel? Why couldn't disabled people work as priests? What is the significance of the spotless sacrifices?
64 min
Leviticus 17-20: Blood, Sex, and Loving Your Ne...
Why does God command us not to drink blood? Why does Jesus tell his disciples the opposite? How should we think about the Bible’s sexual ethics? How can we love the law?
66 min
Should We Obey The Law Today?
What is the law? Should we observe the Sabbath? Why don't we celebrate Passover? Why do we still obey sexual laws, but not laws about farming? Seth and David explore these questions and more in an attempt to answer the question, "How do we apply the Old Testament law to Christians today?"
65 min
Leviticus 16: Day of Atonement
Why do we want to be in God's presence? What is the meaning of the scapegoat (goat for Azazel)? How does Leviticus help us know we're saved? Seth and David talk through the high point of the Torah in Leviticus 16.
59 min
Leviticus 11-15: Unclean Foods, Diseases, and E...
Why were pigs unclean, but sheep were clean? Do we still have to eat kosher today? Do the purity laws devalue women? Despite what you may think, this difficult section of text has a lot to show us about the Gospel of Jesus.
53 min
Leviticus 6-10: Priests
Why do we need priests? How do they bring us into God’s presence? Why did God kill Nadab and Abihu? And why is Jesus a better priest? This week, Seth and David unpack Leviticus 6-10 and the establishment of the priesthood at the tabernacle.
65 min
Leviticus 1-5: Offerings
Leviticus opens with a description of 5 different offerings: Burnt, Grain, Peace, Sin, and Guilt. What is the significance of these offerings? What did they look like? What differentiates them from one another? And how do they all point to Jesus?
67 min
Leviticus Introduction
Leviticus asks us to inhabit a world with which we are very unfamiliar. A world of animal sacrifice, purity, holiness, and temple worship. In this episode, David and Seth set up helpful categories for how to understand and walk through the book of Leviticus.
47 min
Q&A: How Do I Know I'm Saved?
There is a question that arises in our minds as Christians at one point in our walk with Christ: "How do I know I'm saved?" In this special Q&A episode, David and Seth answer this question and show through scripture how we can know if we are truly saved.
17 min
Genesis 37-50: Joseph
We are near the end of Genesis, and we find ourselves still waiting for the promise that God made to Abraham. Looking closer at chapters 37-50, David and Seth reflect on the life of Joseph, and how God reveals the hidden wisdom of the Spirit to Joseph, through his faithfulness in the worst of circumstances. We become rich in wisdom when we place faith in Jesus Christ himself and the cross that brings us back into the fold of God.
45 min
Genesis 28-36: Jacob
From the womb, Jacob was one that had an appetite for deceit and trickery. How does God bring about the promise, even through Jacob's nature that often thrived in trickery? In this episode, David and Seth talk about why God chose Jacob to carry on his promise to his people, showing that God will follow through on his promise, turning what man had tended for evil into good. Even through the crucifixion of Jesus, God continues to bring goodness and mercy for mankind.
48 min
Genesis 22-27: Isaac
Isaac, the son who made Abraham and Sarah laugh in response to the fulfilled promise God had made, carries on the blessing of God. How will the promise be brought about in the life of Isaac, and show us how Jesus is the new Isaac? In this episode, David and Seth dive into the story of Isaac's life, and how God spared his life on the mountain, in contrast to God not sparing his own son. He did not spare his son because he wants to show the world how indefinite, limitless his love is for man, declaring the promise of eternal life.
52 min
Genesis 12-21: Abraham
Abraham is chosen by God to be the father of a nation that will bless the world. How does this family lineage lead us to Jesus? In this episode, David and Seth examine the relationship between God and Abraham, and that even amidst the brokenness, God makes good on his promises, through the fulfillment of Jesus nailed to the cross.
60 min
Genesis 6-11: The Flood
The flood is a difficult story for many. It’s a story of both judgment and salvation. For us, it may be hard to see Jesus in the midst of this story. But for the New Testament authors, they couldn’t help but see him. David and Seth discuss how the world spiraled out of control, what God did about it, and how Jesus provides the solution for it all.
54 min
Genesis 3-5: The Fall
How does the Fall narrative foreshadow the cycle of death, within the genealogy of Jesus, throughout the Bible? Why is Jesus the only one who can defeat the curse of death? In this episode, David and Seth discuss how God offers hope and promise through Jesus, who is the embodiment of hope that breaks the curse through his death, burial, and resurrection. *Side-Note Correction: 55:31-55:42- Janet Leigh is the lead actress in the Alfred Hitchcock film, "Psycho".
56 min
Genesis 1-2: Creation
Why is the story of creation impossible for both ancient and modern minds to truly comprehend? How is Jesus found in the creation story? In this episode, David and Seth open the book of Genesis, and talk about how through the creation, Jesus reveals himself as the only one who can make us new.
52 min
Psalm 2: Royal Psalms
What do the Psalms have to say about politics? How does Jesus carry out justice? In this episode, David and Seth talk about how God has anointed and appointed Jesus Christ as the perfect, exemplary king.
40 min
Psalm 1: Wisdom Psalms
How does delighting and meditating in the Law of the Lord change us? What does it mean to be "like a tree planted by streams of water"? How does Jesus fulfill the law? In this episode, David and Seth talk about how delighting in the Law of the Lord will ultimately ground us and create in us a contentment in Jesus.
49 min
Christmas Special: Seth's Exodus 3 Sermon
In this special Christmas episode, Seth walks through Exodus 3 and shares how the interaction between God and Moses is a timeless narrative that is relevant to every walk of life, every calling. Why does Moses see himself as incapable to free the Israelites from Egypt? How does God respond to Moses' claim? How is Jesus Christ himself the center of redemption?
38 min
Exodus 35-40: Building the Tabernacle
In this last episode in the book of Exodus, David and Seth talk about why the most meticulous section of the book is getting repeated almost word for word. What made the people obey where they formerly disobeyed? What made them generous where they formerly grumbled? And does Exodus end with Moses unable to enter the tabernacle?
46 min
Exodus 33-34: Cleft of the Rock
How will God react to the Golden Calf? Why does he say he won't accompany Israel into the promise land? What does it mean to say that God passed all his glory by Moses in the cleft of the rock? And how is all of this about Jesus? David and Seth lean into Paul's exposition of this text in 2 Corinthians 3-4 as they unpack one of their favorite passages in the Bible.
54 min
Exodus 32: The Golden Calf (w/ Andrew Wilson)
How do we see the Gospel in the Golden Calf? In this episode, David and Seth are joined by author Andrew Wilson to examine the makers of the idol, how God responds, and how Jesus fulfills it all.
37 min
Exodus 28-29: Priestly Garments
What we uncover in this episode is that we are clothed with Christ, wear God's glory, and create beauty as we function as priests to the world.
47 min
Exodus 24-27, 30: Tabernacle Plans (w/ Kristen ...
The tabernacle is full of details that we often want to read over, but all of it is important. Moreover, all of it points to Jesus. In this episode, David and Seth are joined by author Kristen Hatton to help us see Jesus in the tabernacle.
49 min
Exodus 21-23: Social Justice
What can laws about slaves, farm animals, and moneylending teach us about the Gospel? Seth and David get into the nitty-gritty of Exodus' social laws to see how Jesus reveals himself in powerful ways.
56 min
Exodus 20 (Part 2): Ten Commandments
In part 2 of the Ten Commandment conversation, Seth and David look at the “horizontal laws” about how we are to treat one another. How do these commands show us the character of God, find their fulfillment in Jesus, and show us a path to greater joy in obedience? All this and more is discussed on this episode on one of the most famous passages in the Bible.
47 min
Exodus 20 (Part 1): Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments is arguably one of the most famous stories in the Bible. As we come to the Law, though, how are we to see Jesus? In this first of two episodes on the Ten Commandments, Seth and David discuss how commands reveal God's character and how Jesus perfectly fulfills who God is and what God commands.
42 min
Exodus 19: Mount Sinai
God comes down on Mt. Sinai, establishes his covenant, and calls his people chosen. This is such an integral part of the Bible’s story. David and Seth talk about how the covenant is conditional and unconditional, how law and love go hand in hand, and what it means to be God’s chosen people.
42 min
Exodus 18: Jethro's Advice
Is Exodus 18 just about how to set up an organizational structure or what godly leadership roles look like? No! It’s about so much more. Join David and Seth as they discuss how Jesus is the fulfillment of Jethro and the mediation set up by Moses.
26 min
Exodus 16-17: Manna
Jesus repurposed the story of manna in the wilderness by saying he is the bread of life. This one insight alone shows us massive amounts about who Jesus is and how we can treasure him. Join us on this episode to see how Jesus is the better bread, the better water, and the better intercessor whose arms never fail or need to be propped up.
47 min
Exodus 14-15: Parting the Red Sea
The crossing of the Red Sea is one of the most famous events of the whole Bible. How do we see Jesus and his Gospel in it? What do we learn from the destruction of Pharaoh and his army? What is up with the heightened violent language in Moses' song?
43 min
Exodus 11-13: Passover
David and Seth discuss Passover and the death of the firstborn sons of Egypt. How are we to understand this gruesome plague? Why did God give all these specific rules about the Passover meal? What does this tell us about Jesus?
48 min
Exodus Special Episode: Hard Hearts
What does it mean that Pharaoh's heart was hardened? Who hardened whose heart? On this special episode of The Spoken Gospel Podcast, David and Seth address Pharaoh's hardened heart and how that fits into the Biblical narrative.
14 min
Exodus 5-10: The Plagues
What can plagues teach us about Jesus? Why did God send so much devastation on Egypt, but spared Israel? How does the story of the plagues fit in with the rest of the Bible? What kind of plagues happen today and what should our response be? David and Seth attempt to answer these questions and more as they discuss Exodus 5-10.
47 min
Exodus 3-4: The Call of Moses
What did does God's name "I Am" mean? What does it reveal to us about Jesus? How are we to understand Moses' objections to God's calling? Why did Moses' feet have to be dabbed with his son's foreskin? See how all these questions and more are answered in Jesus in this episode of The Spoken Gospel Podcast.
41 min
Exodus 1-2: Oppressed in Egypt
How can we see the gospel in the beginning of Exodus? What does Israel's slavery in Egypt, Moses' basket in the Nile, and Pharaoh's infanticide have to do with Jesus? In this first episode of the Spoken Gospel Podcast, David and Seth unpack the biblical background and gospel connections of Exodus chapters 1 and 2.
41 min
It's the vision of Spoken Gospel to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. In this short introduction, we meet Seth and David, close friends from Oklahoma City who love to see the gospel story throughout the Bible. They also lay a bit of the groundwork for what you can expect from the show and why we should see Jesus as the centerpiece of the whole Bible.
4 min