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How Old is Too Old to be President? Plus: an In...
Are Biden, Trump & Sanders are too old to be President? Plus: an Interview with Bernie Goldberg
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 13, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 10, 2019
13 min
Mueller Madness Continues Plus Heather Nauert w...
When Will the Dems Move on from Mueller? Plus Former States Department Spokeswomen Heather Nauert Details What is Going on in the Middle East
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 9, 2019
13 min
Trump Invokes Executive Privilege; Dennis Mille...
O'Reilly provides clarity on the Mueller story; Dennis Miller opines on Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 8, 2019
13 min
The Dems Never-Ending Conspiracy; Interview Wit...
Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats are losing their minds; Scaramucci talks Trump 2020
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 7, 2019
13 min
No Spin News: Swamp Still Swinging; Horowitz, M...
There is a lot of manipulation at play - O'Reilly cuts through the bull.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 6, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 3, 2019
13 min
No Spin News: Trump's Executive Privilege; Rep....
Trump may block his counsel from testifying on Mueller Report; Congresswoman Omar's Radical Rally
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 2, 2019
13 min
The No Spin News: Dems Desperate to Keep Muelle...
Democrats are going to do whatever they can to keep the Mueller story alive through 2020.
9 min
Talking Points Memo: Why Do Younger Americans L...
Younger folks are eating up the Green New Deal. What does that mean for our future?
5 min
The O'Reilly Update, May 1, 2019
13 min
The No Spin News: Trump-Pelosi Meeting; How Scr...
Trump meets with Pelosi and Schumer on infrastructure but O'Reilly is skeptical and kids and screen time.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, April 30, 2019
Robert E. Lee and the continuing statue battle.
12 min
The No Spin News: American Economy Roaring
The American economy is roaring and the Washington Post is lying about lies.
7 min
The O'Reilly Update, April 29, 2019
2020 Election Mayhem
12 min
There Won't be Anything in the Report That Will...
Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root discussing the release of the Mueller report. After a nearly two year investigation, O'Reilly is predicting that most Americans have had enough in regards to this investigation and there...
6 min
O'Reilly: Bernie Sanders Takes on Fox News
O'Reilly is on Newsmax TV giving a review of Bernie Sanders' Townhall hosted by Fox News. Reason behind this Townhall? FNC wants to get out of the conservative network niche and Bernie Sanders defies the Democratic party. Does this...
5 min
O'Reilly on Hannity: Bill's New Column, 'Propag...
Every Wednesday, Bill O'Reilly joins Sean Hannity to cover the biggest news of the week. On this week's interview, O'Reilly and Hannity discuss college campus craziness centered around 'inclusion' and 'diversity'...
14 min
O'Reilly: The Divide in the Democratic Party; N...
Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root on Newsmax TV for another lively interview. O'Reilly describes the difference between Nancy Pelosi and AOC and her crew, and explains how this divide in the Democratic party is hurting the...
8 min