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The O'Reilly Update, June 26, 2019
13 min
Previewing the First Democratic Debates; Nancy ...
WIth the first debates around the corner for the 2020 Democratic candidates, Bill analyzes the field and shares his thoughts on the front-runners; Plus, Nancy Pelosi has no issues with immigrants being in America illegally
8 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 25, 2019
13 min
Trump Issues Economic Sanctions On Iran; Immigr...
President Trump acted with caution when it came to military action against Iran, but not when it cam to economic action; ICE has announced they are delaying raids on illegal immigrants- Why?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 24, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 21, 2019
13 min
Iran Conflict Escalating; Homelessness in Los A...
With a U.S. drone being shot down, will America pursue action against Iran? Plus, Los Angeles' Mayor is facing serious backlash for the cities homeless issue.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 20, 2019
13 min
Analyzing Trump’s Orlando Speech; Bernie Sander...
A no spin take on President Trump's speech in Orlando, Florida, last night; Bernie Sander's is the first Democrat to directly respond to Trump's speech
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 19, 2019
13 min
Radical Left Ideas Driving the 20+ Dem Candidat...
Political Correctness and the Far-Left are reducing the democratic party to a joke; Bernard Whitman joins Bill to give a Democrat's perspective on the left's candidates for 2020
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 18, 2019
13 min
Trump Officially Starts his Campaign; What Will...
President Trump is set to kick off his re-election campaign tomorrow in Orlando, Florida; Plus, will conflict arise between America and Iran after the oiler tankers getting hit in the Gulf of Oman?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 17, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 14, 2019
13 min
Trump’s ‘Foreign Agent’ Comment; Cable News Rat...
Trump's interview on ABC has sparked controversy over the Russian Collusion narrative- Is it justified? Plus, CNN, MSNBC & Fox News are drastically falling in the raitings
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 13, 2019
13 min
Kirsten Gillibrand Makes Ridiculous Statement C...
Senator Gillibrand makes an ignorant statement about pro-lifers; Plus, The Unites States Women's Soccer Team ran up the score against Thailand
7 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 12, 2019
13 min
Trump vs. Biden in Iowa; Jon Stewart On Capital...
Trump and Biden Take jabs at one another as the 2020 race approaches; Plus, Jon Stewart is in Washington fighting for first responders from 9/11
8 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 11, 2019
13 min
Mexico Tariff Deal Reached; Democratic Candidat...
Will Trump's trade war on Mexico be favorable for America's crisis at the border? Plus, the 2020 election nears as dems get ready for Iowa
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 10, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, June 7, 2019
13 min
World Leaders Gather for D-Day Anniversary; Plu...
Leaders from across the globe gather in honor and remembrance of D-Day; Plus, A Washington State Sheriff refuses to operate under the state's new immigration laws
9 min