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News Commentary
The O'Reilly Update, September 20, 2019
13 min
Trump’s Plan to Combat San Fran’s Homeless Cris...
President Trump slams San Francisco for homelessness crisis, says EPA will cite the city for pollution. Plus, A new Fox News poll breaks down where the Democratic candidates sit in the eyes of the public and which issues will be the main focus of 2020.
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 19, 2019
13 min
Protesting President Trump’s California Trip; W...
President Trump travels to California for fundraisers around the state—but not without a number of protests along the way from far left loons. Plus, Even after Elizabeth Warren drew a crowd of 20,000 in NYC— a new Siena College poll shows Joe Biden leads in New York State
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 18, 2019
12 min
Iran Rules Out Talks with U.S.; The Far-Left Co...
Iran’s Supreme Leader has ruled out talks with U.S. on all levels. Plus, The Democrats plans for America will Leave this country
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 17, 2019
13 min
Saudi-Arabia Drone Incident; The NYT No Longer ...
Another act of terror committed over the weekend, this one on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. How will the Trump administration react? Plus, The New York Times has backtracked a story revealing new accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and 2020 Democratic candidates were quick to call for impeachment. 
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 16, 2019
13 min
O’Reilly Grades the Dem Debate: Trump Wins the ...
Grading the Democratic candidates after their big debate—Trump is the winner. The big losers? The ABC moderators.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 13, 2019
13 min
SCOTUS Gives Trump a Border Win; Bill Will Be L...
The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Trump administration – voting to allow the barring of asylum seekers while legal fight continues. Plus, Bill Previews his strategy for his live-tweeting during the Democratic Debate.
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 12, 2019
13 min
The Danger of Elizabeth Warren; Bill's Reflects...
Is Elizabeth Warren a dangerous person? Plus, Bill remembers the tragic Events of 9/11.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 11, 2019
13 min
The State Of The American Economy Under Preside...
American’s income remained flat in 2018 after three straight years of growth—another reason President Trump must pivot quickly to regain momentum. Plus, New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, is facing the wrath of the Twitter Mobs after promoting national bring your bible to school day.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 10, 2019
13 min
Kamala Harris Lies About Condoning Offensive La...
Kamala Harris backtracks on her response to a man at her rally in New Hampshire. Plus, Marijuana uses rapidly increasing at America’s colleges
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 9, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 6, 2019
13 min
Reaction To CNN's Climate Change Town Hall; Opr...
CNN held a 7 hour town hall with numerous Democratic presidential candidates. It was as outrageous as you’d expect—Bill’s take on climate change and what SHOULD happen. Plus, Oprah Winfrey is launching a new wellness arena tour for early 2020.
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 5, 2019
13 min
Crazy New California Law; ‘Will and Grace’ Star...
California Governor Gavin Newsom signs bill allowing citizens to refuse to help a police officer—the state of California is gone for good. Plus, NBC star Eric McCormack has now backtracked his statement on calling out Trump donors in Hollywood.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 4, 2019
13 min
Will The IG Report Put James Comey In Hot Water...
A breakdown of the findings of the IG report and a look at what is to come next. Plus, The media attacks President Trump’s Labor Day Weekend plans and uses Hurricane Dorian for political gain.
8 min