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Impeachment Is Set To Move Forward; Bill Reveal...
The House votes on approval for the rules of the impeachment probe. Plus, the Whistleblower's name and history is revealed.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 31, 2019
13 min
The Bogus Impeachment Hysteria Is Getting Out O...
The impeachment inquiry will be voted on tomorrow- will it die in the water or continue to float? Plus, college athletes can now make money off their likeliness- is this a good idea?
8 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 30, 2019
13 min
National Spending Is Outrageous; Kamala Harris ...
The Fed continues to outspend the amount of taxes it collects- will this ever stop? Plus, Kamala Harris thinks democrats won't vote for her because she is a black woman.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 29, 2019
13 min
ISIS Leader Taken Out During Attack In Syria; T...
The leader of ISIS was killed in a successful raid- Why is the media criticizing the President? Plus, President Trump took shots at the head of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, at an event in Chicago.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 28, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 25, 2019
13 min
Trump Impeachment Coverage Is A Waste Of Time; ...
The coverage of Trump's possible impeachment is full of speculation. Plus, is America really on the verge of a civil war?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 24, 2019
13 min
How Donald Trump Fits Into The History Of Impea...
How does President Trump's actions fit into previous actions by U.S presidents that constituted impeachment? Plus, Joe Biden is far ahead of his fellow democratic hopefuls for winning the nomination.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 23, 2019
13 min
President Trump Fires-Back At His Haters; Democ...
President Trumps defends himself against his political opponents in a sit-down interview with Sean Hannity. Plus, Democratic polls are all over the place- who is the true frontrunner?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 22, 2019
13 min
Romney Goes after Trump; Bernie Holds Rally In NYC
Mitt Romney goes after President Trump—quickly becoming President Trump’s biggest critic in the Republican party. Plus, Bernie Sanders has the biggest Democratic presidential rally of this campaign season in Queens, New York—with AOC in toe.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 21, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 18, 2019
13 min
The Real Story About Poverty in the USA; White ...
The truth about poverty in America—what the Democratic candidates aren’t telling you. Plus, White House meeting on Syria turns to chaos after top Democrats left the meeting claiming President Trump had a ‘meltdown’.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 17, 2019
13 min
Biden Dodges Questions; Beto Tries To Insult Bi...
Joe Biden Refuses To Directly Answer Questions About His Son's Dealings In Ukraine. Plus, Beto O'Rourke Attempts To Take Bill Down Via Twitter.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 16, 2019
13 min
The Impeachment Race; Beto O'Rourke Relying On ...
The race for impeachment continues to heat up—why? Because impeachment must get done before John Durham’s report. Plus, Beto O’Rourke threatens tax-exempt states of churches that do not support gay marriage.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 15, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 11, 2019
13 min