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Impeachment Polls are Simply a Ruse; Facebook S...
More polls showing support for impeachment on the rise – but are all of these polls even worth noting? Plus, Facebook will not bow to Joe Biden’s request and will allow the Trump advertisement on Ukraine corruption to run.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 10, 2019
13 min
White House Won’t Comply with Impeachment Inqui...
The White House has told House Democrats it will not comply with demands for documents and testimony in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry—signaling they are prepared to fight this. Plus, Elizabeth Warren becomes Democratic presidential front-runner – what exactly would a Warren run America look like?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 9, 2019
11 min
The End of Adam Schiff’s Credibility; Ellen DeG...
The end of Adam Schiff’s credibility and why now the whole impeachment push is in trouble. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres stands up to the Twitter mob.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 8, 2019
13 min
The Impeachment Circus; Bernie Sander's Is Fini...
The two sides of this impeachment push. Plus,
8 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 7, 2019
11 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 4, 2019
13 min
The Whistleblower’s Wild Ride; Trump/Biden Squa...
Looks like Adam Schiff knew about the whistleblower’s complaint before it was filed. Plus, Biden responds to Trump’s remarks calling him and his son corrupt.
10 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 3, 2019
13 min
President Trump Gets Angry and Rightfully So
Analyzing how President Trump has handled the latest controversy surrounding his Presidency. Plus, Is 'The United States of Trump' being suppressed by political ideologs?
8 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 2, 2019
11 min
Impeachment Mania Continues; The Media Loves El...
Impeachment latest: can the Senate decline to try an impeachment case? Plus, the media give Senator Warren softball questions.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, October 1, 2019
13 min
Here We Go Again: Ukraine just a Repeat of the ...
Here we go again, Ukraine scandal is just like Russian collusion. When will the Dems give up? Plus, Bill’s final thought: the United States is now almost a one party system—due to the media allying with the Democrat.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 30, 2019
11 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 27, 2019
13 min
Will Democrats Seriously Attempt To Impeach Pre...
Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire has testified – here’s what you should take away from that testimony and this entire situation. Plus, What are the political ramifications of Joe Biden's involvement with Ukraine?
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 26, 2019
13 min
Ukraine Call Transcript Released—The Political ...
As promised by President Trump, the Ukraine phone call has been released and of course, the media has used it to simply create more strife in the nation. Plus, San Francisco residents are using boulders to keep out homeless tents.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 25, 2019
13 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 24, 2019
13 min
Joe Biden's Ukraine Controversy; Bernie Sanders...
Is Joe Biden going to regret the actions he has taken against the Ukrainian Government? Plus, Bernie Sanders reveals his new plan to rid Americans of medical debt.
9 min
The O'Reilly Update, September 23, 2019
13 min