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The Insurance Guys podcast is dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency.

Ep.58 - Why a podcast? - LIVE Call-In show!
Bradley and Scott take some calls from some of their most loyal listeners.
45 min
Ep.57 - What's Bradley Been Up To???
In this special episode, Bradley spills the beans on his new project and talks about the future.    Cole X-Dates Exclusive Promo Insurance Guys Podcast listeners get special deals with Cole X-Dates. Click here->    7 Things...
24 min
Ep.56 - Creating a Beastly Marketing Engine wit...
Greg Elsberry of Cole Information discusses how to use data to increase sales.
24 min
Ep.55 - Insurance Nerdery with John Bachmann
John discusses strengthening the claims process, marketing, & customer experience.
39 min
Ep.54 - Scratches and Niches with Erin Nutting
Erin Nutting talks looking starting your own agency or a niche market.
44 min
Ep.53 - Become a Video Guru with Mike Crowley
The ins the out and the why's of video marketing.
46 min
Ep.52 - Jeff Roy and Seth Zaremba
In this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with Independent insurance activist and customer experience activists Seth Zaremba, owner of Zinc Insurance, and Jeff Roy, president of Excalibur Insurance. Learn how to harness technology and innovative systems...
41 min
Ep.51 - Jared Bellmund: Building A Personal Bra...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with one of the most well know independent insurance agents, . The guys discuss all things personal brand and even how to do that without undercutting your agency. 20% OFF Agent2021 Tickets Insurance Guys...
35 min
Ep.50 - Content and Culture with Dani Kimble
Chief Marketing Officer of The O'Neill Group
41 min
Ep.49 - Relationships Over Transactions with Ri...
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with rockstar real estate agent Ricky Carruth. Ricky has made a name for himself in the social media world in a short time, amassing 17,000 followers in just a year. In 2017 Ricky started Zero to Diamond, a...
49 min
Ep.48 - Fight For Your Right with Ryan Hanley
You’re in for a treat with this episode. Scott and Bradley sit down for the second time with the man, the myth, the legend Ryan Hanley. The guys take an in-depth approach to discussing friction in the industry, insurtech, setting expectations and...
58 min
Ep.47 - Agent 2021 with VaynerMedia 
Kim Garcia: Vice President, VaynerMedia
32 min
Ep.46 - Knock Knock with Troy Thompson
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Troy Thompson. Troy is in charge of business development at Pinnacle Insurance and has a very old school technique for getting leads and business, door knocking! You read that right; the guys discuss...
36 min
Ep.45 - Creating a Discussion Partner with Troy...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Insurance Industry legend . Troy is the author of several insurance industry books including the unrivaled "Power Position Your Agency". The guys discuss Troy's new book "Discussion Partner" and the...
43 min
Ep. 44 - Cadie Gaut: The Queen of Networking
Cadie Gaut - Payroll Vault and Cheers To Business Podcast
39 min
Ep.43 - APPtitude with Matt and Kiki
Matt Aaron and Kiki Johnson - The Insurance Agent App
36 min
Ep.42 - Grit with Patty Lares
In today’s episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Founder and president of AA Lares Insurance Services. Patty has an unbelievable story and started her insurance career at age 16 and opened her own agency 17 years ago and now has a team of 11...
42 min
Ep.41 - Drop-Dead Simple Videos with Mike Demko
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with Mike Demko. CEO and Founder of . The guys discuss the power of video and how Mike’s program makes it drop-dead simple to implement video in your agency, especially for those agents who don’t know...
43 min
Ep.40 - David McKnight: The Power of Zero
Author of The Power of Zero: How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Transform Your Retirement
23 min
Ep.39 - Finding Your Angle with Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly, Owner/ Principal Agent of the Michael Reilly Agency
38 min
Ep.38 - The Un-Conference with Brian Appleton
Founder of the Insurance Agent Summit
45 min
Ep.37 - Mike Stromsoe: Be Unstoppable
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with for the 2nd time. This Episode is jam-packed with genius. The guys discuss goals, dreams ambitions and the Be Unstoppable Bootcamp featuring . Resources   About The Insurance Guys  is...
62 min
Ep.36 - Chris Paradiso: The Lost Episode
The Insurance Guys have a treat for you this week, the lost episode. Recorded live from Paradiso Insurance in Stafford Springs, CT. This episode of pure gold has been hiding somewhere on Bradley's MacBook for six months and was recorded at the end of...
47 min
Ep. 35: Be Bold with Ryan Hanley
Bold Penquin
81 min
Ep.34 - Program Business with Bob Klinger
  On this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down Bob Klinger with Klinger Insurance group and talk about all things program business. Finding your niche, learning everything you can about that niche and developing a program for that niche. If there...
37 min
Ep.33 - Carlos Vargas: Become a Rock Star In Yo...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott risk their lives by recording in the middle of a hurricane. Yes. The guys sit down with , Partner at Vargas and Vargas Insurance. Carlos is an industry veteran with more than 30 years experience. The guys dive deep...
46 min
Ep.32 - The One Man Shop Show
In this episode, Scott and Bradley in advice and tips on how to run a one-man insurance shop. About The Insurance Guys  is made and dedicated to agents by agents.  and  discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and...
42 min
Ep.31 - Live and Think Like A Leader
Dr. Colby Jubenville
34 min
Ep.30 - Jerry Nicklow: Pay Per Click
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with , Marketing director at . The guys discuss all things Google AdWords and pay per click in your insurance agency and the importance of finding your niche when it comes to marketing.  Resources: ...
34 min
Ep.29 - Chris Greene: The Flood Insurance Guru
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with the Flood Insurance Guru, . Chris is the owner of and travels nationwide trying to change the flood insurance market through education and working with other agents. Chris has a Masters Degree in Flood...
20 min
Ep.28 - Dr. George Burroughs: The 4 Pillars of ...
In this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with Dr. George Burroughs (of Atlas Chiropractic) on how to achieve peak performance through proper nutrition and a consistent workout regimen. The guys also discuss leadership and customer service lessons...
36 min
Ep.27 - How To Sell 800 Life Policies In a Year
Van Mueller -
64 min
Ep.26 - Insta-Strategy
Instagram Strategies That Work
35 min
Ep. 25 - The Tip of the Spear: Voice Skills
Jeff Roy - CEO of Excalibur Insurance
36 min
Ep.24 - Jason Will: Building Your Brand
Jason Will of Agent 251 Podcast and Jason Will Real Estate
40 min
Ep.23 - Mike Stromsoe: Your Blueprint to 1 Mill...
MIke Stromsoe of Stromsoe Insurance Agency
55 min
Ep.22 - Colby Jubenville: Success In Life, Uniq...
In episode 22, Senior business consultant, author & Southern humorist, Colby Jubenville stops by to discuss life, defining success, differentiating yourself and unique perspective. This show is chocked full of life lessons and quotes to help you...
37 min
Ep.21 - Tom Hegna: How To Make MDRT Through Lif...
Tom Hegna - Former Vice President at New York Life
28 min
Ep 20: Taking Action
Scott's Life Changing Announcement
32 min
EP 19: Bobble on with G&N Insurance
Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli
44 min
Ep.18 - Kelly Donahue-Piro: People, Products an...
Kelly Donahue - Piro with Agency Performance Partners
52 min
Ep.17 - Life of an Insurance Agent with Ben Volk
Ben Volk - COUNTRY Life Insurance Company
44 min
Ep.16 - Michael McCormick: Insurance Soup and V...
Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers sit down with Michael McCormick, co-founder and bearded genius of Insurance Soup. Insurance Soup is an online community and mega facebook page group that is shaking up the whole Insurance industry. Plus, The Insurance...
36 min
Ep.15 - The Beards Of Wisdom: Extreme Lead Gene...
Michael McCormick and Taylor Dobbie of Insurance Soup
37 min
Ep.14 - Andrew Cooney: Guerrilla Marketing For ...
Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers talk to One Man Shop, Farmers Insurance Agent, and Marketing Guru as he shares some of his clever and effective marketing strategies and executions. Andrew, to his surprise, created a viral social media post with...
33 min
Ep.13 - Yellow Hammer Guerrilla Marketing w/ Je...
Jeff Roberts - CEO & Founder of Yellow Hammer Coffee in Mobile, Alabama
49 min
Ep.12 - Viral Videos, Subliminal Ads and Stinky...
What’s it like to make a youtube video that gets 45 million views? What does it take to do it? How do you turn click-worthy social content into qualified leads and new customers? Meet Joe McCloskey, Jr., the brains behind video. This clever...
27 min
Ep.11 - Past, Present and Chris Paradiso of Ins...
Christopher Paradiso - Owner of Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services LLC
65 min
Ep.10 - Finding Your Digital Voice w/ Rhen Bart...
Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency Pro Insights
17 min
Ep.9 - Telling Your Story & Finding Your Rocket...
Scott & Bradley discuss how your compelling personal and business story can propel you to success in the insurance industry. Plus, a discussion on what motivates you and puts rocket fuel in your tank?    Quotable Quotes: > Losing or...
45 min
Ep.8 - The Process of Nick Saban
In this episode, Scott & Bradley discuss working with your spouse, making your clients feel at home (Paula Dean & Sweet Tea) and go in depth on the University of Alabama football process after a visit to T. Please subscribe, rate & review...
42 min
Ep.7 - Start Using Social Media
In this episode, & discuss how to get started in social media, why it's so important, how to get over the resistance and stop making excuses on why you can't get started. Please subscribe, rate & review our show on . Hear more shows at The...
56 min
Ep.6 - Building Referral Partnership Relationships
In this episode, Scott & Bradley discuss how to network & build referral partners and how the days of sitting in the office and aggressively waiting on the phone to ring are over.   Please subscribe, rate & review our show on ....
43 min
Ep.5 - What Are We Going To Sell?
Selecting an insurance product and vehicle
50 min
EP.4 - Hire Slow, Fire Fast.
The Insurance Guys - Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers
66 min
Ep.3 - How Do You Deal With Rejection? 
  In this episode, Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers discuss dealing with rejection in the insurance business. What to do, what not to do, and understanding that some will, some won't, God Bless, who's next!
51 min
Ep.2 - You're Now In The Insurance Business, Wh...
| Subscribe | Contact In this episode, Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers talk about the next steps in getting started as an agent after you've made the decision that you want to become an agent and how to start writing good business. About The...
57 min
Ep.1 - How We Got Started In The Insurance Busi...
The Insurance Guys Show - Pilot
57 min