The Insurance Guys Podcast

The Insurance Guys podcast is dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency.

How To Put Your Fans First with Jesse Cole
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with , owner of the baseball team, on how he took a fledgling baseball team from scratch to selling out every game and redefining the game of baseball. ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover...
48 min
How I Built A $16 Million Captive Agency with K...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Kirk Fuqua to talk about how he built a $16 million agency with a captive company using a very specific process that serves as a sales GPS. ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who...
49 min
Get In The Boat with Ryan Mahoney
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with their good friend Ryan Mahoney. Ryan is a former State Farm agent who went Indy and is starting to reap the benefits of building better lender relationships. ////////// Hire a virtual professional...
56 min
How Amy Cotney Became TikTok Famous
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sat down with Amy Cotney, a real estate agent that Bradley met at Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent 2021, who has recently blown up on TikTok. ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who takes care of all...
46 min
Creating A Culture of High Five with Todd Sorrel
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with from to discuss the changing company culture during the time of COVID-19.   ////////// Insurance payments made easy. Created by insurance experts for the insurance industry ePayPolicy provides...
51 min
How To Use Podcasting In Your Business With Phi...
In this episode Bradley and Scott sit down with from the on why you should use podcasting in your business. ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who takes care of all the tasks you don’t need a license to perform. Tell Cover...
58 min
Having A Disaster Plan With Ariel Rivera
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Ariel Rivera from Deer Insurance Agency. Ariel discusses his disaster preparedness strategies around owning and operating an insurance agency located in Puerto Rico. ////////// Hire a virtual...
58 min
Bidding Farewell
In this episode, Scott shares praise and thanks to the many Nationwide Insurance Professionals that have worked with him past and present. Plus, he ends the show with a powerful message to inspire all of us. ////////// Insurance payments made easy....
14 min
Father's Day Special
In this special episode of the Insurance Guys Podcast, Bradley and Scott pay tribute to their dads. Plus, gets everyone up to date on Portal Insurance and Scott Howell and Associates. ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who takes...
51 min
Hiring The Wrong Person Is A Nightmare Waiting ...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with , Author, speaker, trainer and business consultant, the guys discuss pre-employment testing that Laura administers for her clients and Bradley even learns a little bit about Scott. IGP Assessment...
46 min
Sharing Is Caring with Andrew Muller (Rebroadcast)
In this IGP rebroadcast, re-sharing is caring when Scott and Bradley sit down with  with , Inc. Andrew talks about how he got into the business, how he purchased his agency, as well as the unique profit-sharing program he has developed...
49 min
Revolutionizing Commercial Insurance
In this episode the guys sit down with Raghav Tanna, president of . ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk who takes care of all the tasks you don’t need a license to perform. Tell Cover Desk that The Insurance Guys sent...
32 min
Rebroadcast: Gary Vanyerchuk Redoes Insurance
This is a rebroadcast of the 2019 interview with the guys and Gary Vaynerchuk at his studio at VaynerMedia. Gary deep dives on captive vs. independent, creating leverage for yourself as an agent, what he doesn't like about the industry, direct to...
39 min
Chop Wood and Carry Water with Coach Michael Burt
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Coach Michael Burt. The guys discuss how to keep your normal routine during the COVID-19 pandemic and developing the ability to go into battle and fight. This week's presenting show sponsor:  ...
47 min
Take The Time To Do The Job Right
David Carothers talks with Scott and Bradley
41 min
What is Neon? The Line In Sand.
In this episode, with the oracle of all things data, Bradley and Scott sit down with Seth Zaremba from Zinc insurance and b Atomic. The guys talk about the importance of owning your data vs. getting data mulled and what exactly is neon.  ...
38 min
Pizza, Pot and Property with Jessie Parenti
In this episode, the guys take a deep dive into commercial insurance with , program director at . The guys discuss the best ways to go from 0 to 10,000 in learning commercial insurance.   ////////// Hire a virtual professional from Cover Desk...
46 min
The Future and Chris Paradiso
Chris Paradiso of Paradiso Insurance
44 min
Kicking Coronavirus’ Ass-Best Practices Working...
with guests: Jill Mcgowin from Apex Insurance and Andy Priesman from Cover Desk
38 min
How To Prospect For Big Life Insurance Premium ...
Retirement income planning and financial expert, author, and speaker, Joe Hegna.
33 min
Farm to Fork with Tracy Cotton - LIVE!
The Insurance Guys Live and Raw from the Keystone Insiders Emerging Leaders Conference
52 min
Taking Over and Taking Off with Ryan Pessel
Ryan Pessel from Hitchens Insurance Agency
51 min
Automation Insider with Travis Gensler
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with automation wizard Travis Gensler from Automated Insurance Agency and Beacon Point Insurance. ///// Check out Looking for the easiest way to quote, bind, and service your customers? It's all online...
32 min
Back to Home Base with Scott and Bradley
In this episode, Bradley and Scott throw it back to their old style of podcasting. No guest just the insight and opinions of the Insurance Guys themselves. Enjoy!   ///// Check out Looking for the easiest way to quote, bind, and service your...
66 min
The Cycle of Insurance with Bill Cochran
In this week's episode, the guys sit down with Bill Cochran to discuss the cycle of insurance and the trends that Bill has seen during his time in the insurance industry.   //////////   Exclusive Insurance Guys Listener GloveBox Offer...
36 min
Spot Check Your Agency with Dr. Billy Williams
Dr. Billy Williams of the Fix My Insurance Agency Workshops at Inspire A Nation Business Mentoring
74 min
Become a Massive Agent
Dustin Brohm, Host of The Massive Agent Podcast
44 min
Listener Call-In Show 2
It's back folks, Listener Call-In Show 2. Bradley and Scott change the format up a bit and take calls from their audience.   //////////   Exclusive Insurance Guys Listener GloveBox Offer Mention this podcast and use the...
45 min
Who Is Ethel? And Why Is She Important?
Aaron Beam - Co-founder of HealthSouth and author of Ethics Playbook
47 min
Automating Your Agency with Jack Wingate
Jack Wingate from ALLCHOICE Insurance Group
52 min
The Experience Matters with Justin Sloan
Justin Sloan of BSP Insurance and Captivate Agents.
49 min
Never Get Comfortable with Kelsey Alcorn
Kelsey Alcorn with Alcorn Insurance
66 min
Agent for the Future with Tyler Asher
Tyler Asher: President and Independent Agent Distribution at Liberty Mutual Insurance
26 min
The Big 100 with Sydney Roe
Sydney Roe: Chief Marketing Officer at b atomic, LLC
51 min
Lead Development And Branding Along The Way
Recorded Live with Landon McCarter at 8% Nation Conference
33 min
Get In The GloveBox with Andy and Ryan
Andy and Ryan Mathisen from Glovebox App
42 min
Insure your community with Carson Saville
Carson Saville - Vice President at Saville Public Entity
42 min
Managing Time Creates More Time with Billy Wagner
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with to discuss the importance of time management and the different ways that Billy has created time in his life and agency. You don't want to miss this one.   ////////// Looking for Insurance Agent...
48 min
Bring Your SEO Uptown with Martina Brugnoni
Martina Brugnoni from Uptown Marketing - Digital Marketing Experts with Insurance Backgrounds
47 min
Giving Up Is Too Easy with Aron Robertson
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with Insurance agent and military veteran . This installment of the Insurance Guy's Podcast will be one of the most inspiring shows you have listened to; the guys deep dive into how military service affects...
55 min
The Insurance Bill with Billy Van Jura
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with independent insurance agent and thinker Billy Van Jura. Billy shares his forward-thinking and out of the box industry tactics and philosophies. Looking for Insurance Agent Online Marketing? Check out ...
45 min
Destroy The Paper Check
Todd Sorrel - Co-Founder ePayPolicy
39 min
Prey Drive With Coach Burt
Scott and Bradley talk with Coach Burt at 8% Nation Conference
14 min
A Chat About Bots with CJ Hutsenpiller
CJ Hutsenpiller from Hutsenpiller Insurance
44 min
The Facebook Finale with Patrick Romey
Patrick Romey - Facebook Client Solutions Manager
31 min
Deeper Dive Into Facebook with Patrick Romey
Patrick Romey - Client Solutions Manager on Facebook’s “Team Insurance”
57 min
Community Hero with Brandon Smith
In this episode, the guys sit down and talk about all things community based marketing with Brandon Smith from . Resources:   //////   7 Things Your Agency Must Do in 2019-20 About The Insurance Guys  is made and dedicated to...
36 min
Smart Facebook Tactics with Patrick Romey
Scott and Bradley sit down with , Client Solutions Manager on "Team Insurance" at Facebook. In this episode, the guys dive into the beginning steps of getting started on Facebook as an insurance agent. Learn about all the tools and resources that...
87 min
Juice Up Your Life Sales With Andrew Martin
In this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with financial advisor , Founder and President of Atlas Financial Strategies, LLC. Andrew is a financial adviser with a passion for helping his clients transition into retirement and understand their social...
78 min
Get your Life Insurance Sales Up with Jay Stubbs
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with life insurance expert and risk management solutions consultant . They also discuss a new sales tracking tool that Jay is a part of called . SALES UP Discount for Insurance Guys Listeners for your Sales...
35 min
Be A Part of The Movement with Jake Fehling
Jake Fehling - Vice President of Content & Social Strategy for Movement Mortgage
27 min
Outsource To Win with Andy Priesman
CEO and Founder of Cover Desk
47 min
Chris Cline with Westfield Insurance 
Chris Cline of Westfield's Closing The Gap Podcast
38 min
Ep.80 - Panini Pete on Entrepreneurship
Pete Blohme - Chef and Restauranteur
36 min
Ep.79 - Keagan Henson With BriteBee
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with , CEO of Britebee. Keagen talks about the ups and downs of selling his agency to fund an insurtech, pivoting on the fly and tying it all together.   Sponsors:  Insurance payments made easy....
57 min
Ep.78 - Christian Moore: Conversations and Cult...
  Bradley and Scott sit down with , owner of . Christian's agency has gone from scratch to one of the top agencies in the state of Kentucky in just a short time. In this episode, he shares his vision for his agency and how he's going to do it...
77 min
Ep. 77 - G.R.I.T. with Scott Tindle
Scott Tindle - G.R.I.T. Leadership Series Founder
67 min
Ep.76 - Scott Howell on the Hive Five Podcast
Scott talks with co-Hosts Kaegan Henson and Katherine Parker about the good, bad, and unintended consequences of podcasting.
60 min
Ep.75 - Everyday Video Marketing with Scott Gre...
Recorded live at Elevate 2019 in New Orleans, LA
27 min
Ep.74 - Cyber Insurance with Joe Hollier 
Joe Hollier: host of the Popular Insurance Scramble
41 min
Ep.73 - Gary Vaynerchuk Does Insurance
Scott and Bradley sit with Gary Vee at VanyerMedia
38 min
Ep.72 - Closed sales and Mopped Floors
In this week’s episode, Bradley and Scott talk about all that’s been going on in their worlds with the opening of Bradley’s agency and Scott transitioning to independent. You don’t want to miss this really practical episode. ///////////...
69 min
Ep.71 - The Beyonce of Insurance
Ashley Fitzsimmons - National CSR of 2018
34 min
Ep.70 - Bobble On-Ward with Matt Namoli and Zac...
Matt and Zack of G&N Insurance
40 min
Ep.69 - Be the 8% with Cody Askins
Cody Askins, CEO of Secure Agent Mentor and host of the 8% Nation Conference
28 min
Ep.68 - Making Sacrifices Together with Ben Zimmer
Team buy-in with Ben Zimmer - Agency Principal of Ethos Insurance & Risk Management of Valparaiso, IN.
26 min
Ep.67 - From Pro Athlete To Insurance Agent
Fernie Alvarez from Jag Insurance Group and The Transition Podcast
43 min
Ep.66 - Commercial Insurance The Jag Way with D...
Learning Big Commercial from Douglas Jones of The Jag Insurance Group
54 min
Ep.65 - Taking Bad Youtube Advice Personally
Joey Giangola from Agency Nation talks organic Youtube and lousy advice and content.
54 min
Ep.64 - Automation Domination with Chris Greene
Chris Greene from Community First Agency
41 min
Ep.63 - AI Chatbots with Joseph D'Souza
Joseph D'Souza from Pro Navigator talks Ai chatbots and your customer experience
39 min
Ep.62 - The Insurance Guys Ask Woody
Woody Brown from the Rhodes Group talks video marketing and how to utilize it in your business.Ep.62
25 min
Ep.61 - Sharing Is Caring with Andrew Muller
Andrew Muller with Mappus Insurance Agency talks about how he got into the business, purchased his agency, and his unique employee profit sharing program.
49 min
Ep.60 - Bill Butler: What's Your Why?
What's the importance of finding your, "Why?" and the impact that will have on your future in the Insurance Industry.
38 min
Ep.59 - Rocket Your Business To The Top
Nick Berry from Rocket Referrals talks about tips and strategies to send your marketing to new heights.
35 min
Ep.58 - Why a podcast? - LIVE Call-In show!
Bradley and Scott take some calls from some of their most loyal listeners.
45 min
Ep.57 - What's Bradley Been Up To???
In this special episode, Bradley spills the beans on his new project and talks about the future.    Cole X-Dates Exclusive Promo Insurance Guys Podcast listeners get special deals with Cole X-Dates. Click here->    7 Things...
24 min
Ep.56 - Creating a Beastly Marketing Engine wit...
Greg Elsberry of Cole Information discusses how to use data to increase sales.
24 min
Ep.55 - Insurance Nerdery with John Bachmann
John discusses strengthening the claims process, marketing, & customer experience.
39 min
Ep.54 - Scratches and Niches with Erin Nutting
Erin Nutting talks looking starting your own agency or a niche market.
44 min
Ep.53 - Become a Video Guru with Mike Crowley
The ins the out and the why's of video marketing.
46 min
Ep.52 - Jeff Roy and Seth Zaremba
In this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with Independent insurance activist and customer experience activists Seth Zaremba, owner of Zinc Insurance, and Jeff Roy, president of Excalibur Insurance. Learn how to harness technology and innovative systems...
41 min
Ep.51 - Jared Bellmund: Building A Personal Bra...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with one of the most well know independent insurance agents, . The guys discuss all things personal brand and even how to do that without undercutting your agency. 20% OFF Agent2021 Tickets Insurance Guys...
35 min
Ep.50 - Content and Culture with Dani Kimble
Chief Marketing Officer of The O'Neill Group
41 min
Ep.49 - Relationships Over Transactions with Ri...
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with rockstar real estate agent Ricky Carruth. Ricky has made a name for himself in the social media world in a short time, amassing 17,000 followers in just a year. In 2017 Ricky started Zero to Diamond, a...
49 min
Ep.48 - Fight For Your Right with Ryan Hanley
You’re in for a treat with this episode. Scott and Bradley sit down for the second time with the man, the myth, the legend Ryan Hanley. The guys take an in-depth approach to discussing friction in the industry, insurtech, setting expectations and...
58 min
Ep.47 - Agent 2021 with VaynerMedia 
Kim Garcia: Vice President, VaynerMedia
32 min
Ep.46 - Knock Knock with Troy Thompson
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Troy Thompson. Troy is in charge of business development at Pinnacle Insurance and has a very old school technique for getting leads and business, door knocking! You read that right; the guys discuss...
36 min
Ep.45 - Creating a Discussion Partner with Troy...
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Insurance Industry legend . Troy is the author of several insurance industry books including the unrivaled "Power Position Your Agency". The guys discuss Troy's new book "Discussion Partner" and the...
43 min
Ep. 44 - Cadie Gaut: The Queen of Networking
Cadie Gaut - Payroll Vault and Cheers To Business Podcast
39 min
Ep.43 - APPtitude with Matt and Kiki
Matt Aaron and Kiki Johnson - The Insurance Agent App
36 min
Ep.42 - Grit with Patty Lares
In today’s episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Founder and president of AA Lares Insurance Services. Patty has an unbelievable story and started her insurance career at age 16 and opened her own agency 17 years ago and now has a team of 11...
42 min
Ep.41 - Drop-Dead Simple Videos with Mike Demko
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with Mike Demko. CEO and Founder of . The guys discuss the power of video and how Mike’s program makes it drop-dead simple to implement video in your agency, especially for those agents who don’t know...
43 min
Ep.40 - David McKnight: The Power of Zero
Author of The Power of Zero: How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Transform Your Retirement
23 min
Ep.39 - Finding Your Angle with Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly, Owner/ Principal Agent of the Michael Reilly Agency
38 min
Ep.38 - The Un-Conference with Brian Appleton
Founder of the Insurance Agent Summit
45 min
Ep.37 - Mike Stromsoe: Be Unstoppable
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with for the 2nd time. This Episode is jam-packed with genius. The guys discuss goals, dreams ambitions and the Be Unstoppable Bootcamp featuring . Resources   About The Insurance Guys  is...
62 min
Ep.36 - Chris Paradiso: The Lost Episode
The Insurance Guys have a treat for you this week, the lost episode. Recorded live from Paradiso Insurance in Stafford Springs, CT. This episode of pure gold has been hiding somewhere on Bradley's MacBook for six months and was recorded at the end of...
47 min
Ep. 35: Be Bold with Ryan Hanley
Bold Penquin
81 min
Ep.34 - Program Business with Bob Klinger
  On this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down Bob Klinger with Klinger Insurance group and talk about all things program business. Finding your niche, learning everything you can about that niche and developing a program for that niche. If there...
37 min