The Insurance Guys Podcast

The Insurance Guys podcast is dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency.

Lead Development And Branding Along The Way
Recorded Live with Landon McCarter at 8% Nation Conference
33 min
Get In The GloveBox with Andy and Ryan
Andy and Ryan Mathisen from Glovebox App
42 min
Insure your community with Carson Saville
Carson Saville - Vice President at Saville Public Entity
42 min
Managing Time Creates More Time with Billy Wagner
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with to discuss the importance of time management and the different ways that Billy has created time in his life and agency. You don't want to miss this one.   ////////// Looking for Insurance Agent...
48 min
Bring Your SEO Uptown with Martina Brugnoni
Martina Brugnoni from Uptown Marketing - Digital Marketing Experts with Insurance Backgrounds
47 min
Giving Up Is Too Easy with Aron Robertson
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with Insurance agent and military veteran . This installment of the Insurance Guy's Podcast will be one of the most inspiring shows you have listened to; the guys deep dive into how military service affects...
55 min
The Insurance Bill with Billy Van Jura
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with independent insurance agent and thinker Billy Van Jura. Billy shares his forward-thinking and out of the box industry tactics and philosophies. Looking for Insurance Agent Online Marketing? Check out ...
45 min
Destroy The Paper Check
Todd Sorrel - Co-Founder ePayPolicy
39 min
Prey Drive With Coach Burt
Scott and Bradley talk with Coach Burt at 8% Nation Conference
14 min
A Chat About Bots with CJ Hutsenpiller
CJ Hutsenpiller from Hutsenpiller Insurance
44 min
The Facebook Finale with Patrick Romey
Patrick Romey - Facebook Client Solutions Manager
31 min
Deeper Dive Into Facebook with Patrick Romey
Patrick Romey - Client Solutions Manager on Facebook’s “Team Insurance”
57 min
Community Hero with Brandon Smith
In this episode, the guys sit down and talk about all things community based marketing with Brandon Smith from . Resources:   //////   7 Things Your Agency Must Do in 2019-20 About The Insurance Guys  is made and dedicated to...
36 min
Smart Facebook Tactics with Patrick Romey
Scott and Bradley sit down with , Client Solutions Manager on "Team Insurance" at Facebook. In this episode, the guys dive into the beginning steps of getting started on Facebook as an insurance agent. Learn about all the tools and resources that...
87 min
Juice Up Your Life Sales With Andrew Martin
In this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with financial advisor , Founder and President of Atlas Financial Strategies, LLC. Andrew is a financial adviser with a passion for helping his clients transition into retirement and understand their social...
78 min
Get your Life Insurance Sales Up with Jay Stubbs
In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with life insurance expert and risk management solutions consultant . They also discuss a new sales tracking tool that Jay is a part of called . SALES UP Discount for Insurance Guys Listeners for your Sales...
35 min
Be A Part of The Movement with Jake Fehling
Jake Fehling - Vice President of Content & Social Strategy for Movement Mortgage
27 min
Outsource To Win with Andy Priesman
CEO and Founder of Cover Desk
47 min
Chris Cline with Westfield Insurance 
Chris Cline of Westfield's Closing The Gap Podcast
38 min
Ep.80 - Panini Pete on Entrepreneurship
Pete Blohme - Chef and Restauranteur
36 min
Ep.79 - Keagan Henson With BriteBee
In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with , CEO of Britebee. Keagen talks about the ups and downs of selling his agency to fund an insurtech, pivoting on the fly and tying it all together.   Sponsors:  Insurance payments made easy....
57 min
Ep.78 - Christian Moore: Conversations and Cult...
  Bradley and Scott sit down with , owner of . Christian's agency has gone from scratch to one of the top agencies in the state of Kentucky in just a short time. In this episode, he shares his vision for his agency and how he's going to do it...
77 min
Ep. 77 - G.R.I.T. with Scott Tindle
Scott Tindle - G.R.I.T. Leadership Series Founder
67 min
Ep.76 - Scott Howell on the Hive Five Podcast
Scott talks with co-Hosts Kaegan Henson and Katherine Parker about the good, bad, and unintended consequences of podcasting.
60 min
Ep.75 - Everyday Video Marketing with Scott Gre...
Recorded live at Elevate 2019 in New Orleans, LA
27 min