Self Helpful with Kevin Miller

Former pro athlete, peak performance expert, published author, and personal development guide, Kevin Miller invites today's most important influencers and changemakers to grapple with their own wisdom and stories in an authentic, relatable conversation about self-improvement and what drives them. From personal fulfillment and work-life balance to spirituality, relationships, and motivation, each four-part series distills the guests' greatest wisdom and methodologies into practical, transformative steps that anyone can integrate into their life. Kevin curates and translates the most effective self-help wisdom to help us elevate our personal experience and improve the way we show up for others.

Kevin has had the honor of hosting an all-star lineup of guests, such as Simon Sinek, Arthur Brooks, Dr. Will Cole, Dandapani, Rich Roll, Nedra Tawwab Glover, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Tom Bilyeu, Steven Kotler, Dan Harris, Jordan Harbinger, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and many more. 

Self Helpful guests aren’t just self-self help gurus, they are people living extraordinary lives from all walks of life. And they want to “pay-it-forward” by sharing insight from their journey. You’ll hear their wisdom on topics like Self-Help & Personal Development, Motivation, Drive, & Peak Performance, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Health, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletics, Parenting & Adoption, and other important facets of life. Come join the conversation!

How To
Fractured Lives vs Finding Alignment & Continui...
This is part two with Ian where I walk through the Values, Motives, and Habits of his life, and this was the conversation around his work and career that was entirely relevant to our previous discuss on the Enneagram, the personality tool he is an expert in and advocate of.
56 min
Your Made-Up Story & A Test To Discover Your Re...
Whether you’ve heard of the Enneagram or not, this is going to be a new perspective. My guest is Ian Morgan Cron. Ian takes us through the Enneagram’s nine personality types and brilliantly showcases our propensities and especially where we tend to fall when we are unaware of ourselves.
73 min
How To Have More Energy | Functional Friday
Low energy is an ongoing national pandemic. Not many years ago coffee was a little pick me up for the mornings that people enjoyed. Now there isn’t a checkout counter in America that doesn’t offer some type of energy drink.
51 min
5 Keys To Becoming The Authentic You | 4 Lesson...
Understanding and becoming our authentic selves may be our greatest life quest. And I’d pose that it is just that, a lifelong quest. To expect less is to minimize and miss it.
11 min
Find Your True Self On The Other Side Of Resolu...
We’ve been talking about authenticity. The authentic you. Who and where is it?
61 min
How To De-role From Your Daily Roles | 2 Vienna...
This is my part two session, Values, Motives, and Habits with Vienna Pharaon, licensed marriage and family therapist, one of New York City’s most sought after relationship therapists, and now author of her first book, The Origins of You: How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love.
83 min
How To Truly Rest & Fully Recharge Your Mind wi...
55 min
5 Ways To Grow & Benefit From Our Setbacks | 4 ...
This is my wrap-up on the message and discussions with Dr Neeta Bhushan and the message in her new book, That Sucked. Now What?: How to Embrace the Joy in Chaos and Find Magic in the Mess.
15 min
The Authentic You & How To Discover It For The ...
Being authentic is a big buzzword in our culture today. We want authenticity from others and we want to claim our own authenticity. Yet you’re about to get schooled in a stark, yet hopeful reality, and it starts with understanding and accepting that nobody comes into adulthood being authentically who they are.
74 min
How To Thrive Past Hardship You Can Not Reconci...
This is a crux of the show we came to. When bad things happen, hard things happen, we want to know why. We want to figure it out so it doesn’t happen again. This is wisdom.
50 min
The One Health Habit To Protect Above All Other...
My great friend. My doctor. My co-host here on the Functional Friday episodes. Randy James. Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert. For the first years of knowing each other I pestered him with what the core pillars of health were and he’d always push back with the answer that…”It depends!
44 min
6 Keys To Being The Fullest You & Why You Need ...
I’m betting you would benefit from a getaway. It might be a couple hours. Or an afternoon. Maybe a day, and maybe a few days.
13 min
Radical Self-Awareness & How To Take Responsibi...
One of the gravest dangers of our lives is, we don’t know what we don’t know.
60 min
Victimized By Life & Yourself And How To Bounce...
In this episode I kick off a series on bouncing back with guest Dr Neeta Bhushan. Being resilient is the latest buzz word. But it's all another way of discussing how to recover from a set back.
84 min
How To Leverage Social & Personal Accountabilit...
This is my Functional Friday episode where we focus on our health and wellness so we have the physical and mental capacity to help ourselves and others…and today we talk about the value of accountability.
48 min
5 Reasons You Need Art In Your Work & How It Wi...
Imagine you're on stage with nine other people who have the same skillset you do. The same degree and/or experience. Whatever you do or make, they all can as well. And the question is put to you...why choose you?
14 min
How To Clearly Communicate Your Identity To Sur...
This is our world and marketplace today. No matter who you are or what you do, everyone is looking to know your story before they spend a minute or a dollar on you. They are looking for context on connecting points to determine if they find resonance with you or not.
80 min
Restoring Yourself To Fuel Creativity | 2 Miria...
It is from our creativity where our most valuable work and life events happen. Creativity is not just for the fine arts.
48 min
How To Prevent, Stop & Reverse Alzheimers with ...
Do you believe it? That Alzheimer’s can be prevented, stopped, and even reversed? It’s true. Does that mean it will be eradicated from our culture?
82 min
Providing For Myself & How To Have Positive Ene...
Wrapping up my series on Japanese self-help celebrity Ken Honda and his focus on Happy Money, and I’m going to bring it home to what I’m grappling…with striving to implement in my life as a result of Ken’s message.
15 min
How & Why You Must Leverage Creativity, Art, & ...
People doing mundane tasks are replaced by robots. Now people producing basic content will likely be replaced by AI. What can’t ever be replaced?
69 min
Taking Pride In Your Work & How To Appreciate U...
We’ve been looking at how we view and feel about money and it keeps drawing me back to how influential our work is. We make money from the work we provide.
55 min
Your Functional Medicine Questions Answered - P...
We wrap up our Functional Medicine questions from listeners for Randy James, Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert who addresses questions from his experience with thousands of patients striving to get past the mere symptoms of their health and discern the root cause issues so they can have true…wellness.
71 min
Why Self-Help Is Your Foundational Help | Kevin...
The only reason you would be here and listening to this, right now, is because you already know the power of self-help.
14 min
Find & Monetize Your Gifts | 2 Ken Honda Q&A
You have some giftings. Some inherent skills and talents. Or think of it this way, you have some things that come to you easier than they do to others.
50 min