What Drives You with Kevin Miller

What Drives You, with over 70 million downloads and 1,350 episodes, gets to the root causes of personal transformation. Join elite athlete, personal development guide, serial entrepreneur, author, and father of nine Kevin Miller as he conducts deep dives with our world's greatest transformational luminaries to gain clarity on what we want and our motives for wanting it. This brings us into alignment so we can drive further and faster with less effort, and most importantly, enjoy the ride on our way to the destinations that truly fulfill us. When you know what drives you, what you want becomes inevitable.

Kevin has had the honor of hosting an all-star lineup of guests, such as Simon Sinek, Arthur Brooks, Dr. Will Cole, Dandapani, Rich Roll, Nedra Tawwab Glover, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Tom Bilyeu, Steven Kotler, Dan Harris, Jordan Harbinger, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and many more.

What Drives You guests aren’t just self-self help gurus, they are people living extraordinary lives from all walks of life. And they want to “pay-it-forward” by sharing insight from their journey. You’ll hear their wisdom on topics like Self-Help & Personal Development, Motivation, Drive, & Peak Performance, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Health, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletics, Parenting & Adoption, and other important facets of life. Come join the conversation!

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What Drives Inner Mastery Expert Hitendra Wadhwa
We’re back with Inner Mastery expert Hitendra Wadhwa. In our previous discussion we dove deep into the focus of his book, INNER MASTERY, OUTER IMPACT: How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success.
64 min
Inner Mastery w/ Hitendra Wadhwa | How To Trans...
In this episode we look at a key myth about drive. That it comes from focusing on an external motivation. You are driven to make more money, secure a certain relationship, attain a position, have an experience, etc…It’s always “out there.” And yet all those things are simply items we focus on to get our inner self, driven.
78 min
What Drives Your Health | IBS, SIBO & How To Po...
This is our What Drives Your Health episode, because the physical body of you is the vehicle for everything you drive towards! If it’s compromised, so are all your efforts.
67 min
Interdependence w/ Kevin Miller | The Big Idea,...
We are wrapping up our series on Interdependence and how it supports our overall drive far more than our independence. There is a place for both, but our focus on being independent is limiting us.
25 min
Interdependence w/ William Ury | How To Connect...
We are continuing our series with part three on Interdependence and this is a candid conversation getting to the heart of understanding each other’s traumas in order to resolve conflict.
55 min
What Drives Interdependence Expert & Internatio...
We continue our series on interdependence, and we’re back with Thomas Hübl, this time to understand what drives him personally as he walks out interdependence in his own life.
55 min
Interdependence w/ Thomas Hübl | How To Attune ...
We begin a series on interdependence and the hope and opportunity to heal ourselves and our world from within it. Many of us were raised to value independence, but from it it seems we have grown more isolated and in truth, fearful.
76 min
What Drives Your Health | You Don’t Have A High...
High blood pressure medications have become one of the most common prescriptions in our culture. Current stats put about 50% of Americans on high blood pressure, with people needing it at younger ages all the time.
60 min
Misbelief w/ Kevin Miller | The Big Idea, The B...
I wrap up our series on Misbelief with The Big Idea, The Big Takeaway & The Big Action where I distill it all down to what most stood out to me. What I see are the foundational fundamentals of the issue so we can better understand, embrace, and take action on how to better serve ourselves and humanity with our beliefs.
47 min
Misbelief Discussed w/ Jared Angaza | Reject Yo...
We continue our discussion on misbelief and strive to get to the heart of how our beliefs primarily exist to serve and protect us. However they are seldom if ever, fact. I want you to hear that. Few if any of your beliefs are fact. They are not right and other’s are wrong.
66 min
What Drives Duke Professor of Psychology & Auth...
We continue our series on belief…by looking at misbelief. We’re back with our expert, Dan are-ee-elly, to see what drives him. And we’ll give special attention to the beliefs that drive him.
43 min
Misbelief w/ Dan Ariely | How To Keep Our Belie...
You’ve heard me talk often as of late about what I’ve grown to believe are the dangers of our individual and cultural beliefs. We all want to know what is and what is not and be able to count on it.
78 min
What Drives Your Health | How To Have Your Heal...
The culture talks about “life span”, which is how long we live from the day we are born until the day our heart stops beating. Health span however, is how long you are well and able.
39 min
Happierness w/ Kevin Miller | The Big Idea, The...
We wrap up our series on Happierness featuring Atlantic columnist and Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks, and Oprah Winfrey, who just co authored the book, “Build The Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier.”
34 min
Happierness w/ Jared Angaza | How To Understand...
We continue our series on Happierness which we kicked off with Atlantic columnist and Harvard Professor, Arthur Brooks. Arthur’s new book with Oprah Winfrey is called Build The Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier.
59 min
What Drives Happiness Expert, Atlantic Columnis...
We continue our series on Happierness with happiness researcher and evangelist Arthur Brooks. This is part two where we go behind the scenes to find out What Drives Arthur in his personal life as he strives to practice what he preaches.
50 min
Happierness w/ Arthur Brooks & Oprah Winfrey | ...
In this episode we begin a series on happierness. As you're about to hear, we can't live a meaningful life and just be in a state of happy all the time.
82 min
What Drives Us In Death | What My Mom Wants To ...
In the previous episode I shared “What My Dad’s Pending Death Can Teach Us About Living.” (visit his tribute page https://murial.life/dan-miller) Today I highlight a message my mom feels burdened with during this acute time of life.
46 min
What Drives Us In Death | What My Dad’s Pending...
33 min
What Drives Your Health | How To Think Yourself...
This is a What Drives Your Health episode. Your health comes from what you do and don’t eat, and what exercise you do and don’t do. And good sleep. Basically your lifestyle. Add to that your genetics and we have it pretty much covered, right? But what about your thinking? Not your mental state, but your actual thinking? Can you think yourself healthy? Or unhealthy?
67 min
What Drives Millennial Whisperer & Connection E...
I bring you a special What Drives You episode with renowned author of “The Millennial Whisperer”, Chris Tuff. Chris was one of the first advertisers to work directly with Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 and filmed one of the first ever, “viral” videos, which landed him on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.
48 min
What Drives Cognitive Scientist & Renowned Podc...
In this episode, I bring you a special What Drives You episode with Maya Shankar. Maya is a cognitive scientist and the creator, host, and executive producer of the podcast, A Slight Change of Plans, made in collaboration with Malcolm Gladwell's production company, Pushkin Industries.
59 min
What Drives Your Health: How To Support Your Th...
This is a What Drives Your Health episode and we’re talking about your thyroid. Your thyroid regulates much of your body, such as metabolism, growth and development.
46 min
What Drives Your New Year | What Will Fuel You ...
In this episode, What Drives Your New Year. You can get a fresh start any time. Any day. But I do appreciate the magic of January 1. Party because I enjoy the indulgences and challenges of the holiday season.
36 min
What Drives City on a Hill Actor Matthew Del Negro
Matthew Del Negro is a celebrated actor credited for roles in some of TV's most-renowned and award-winning shows such as SOPRANOS, SCANDAL, Goliath & WEST WING, and films HOT PURSUIT and WIND RIVER.
63 min