What Drives You with Kevin Miller

What Drives You, with over 70 million downloads and 1,350 episodes, gets to the root causes of personal transformation. Join elite athlete, personal development guide, serial entrepreneur, author, and father of nine Kevin Miller as he conducts deep dives with our world's greatest transformational luminaries to gain clarity on what we want and our motives for wanting it. This brings us into alignment so we can drive further and faster with less effort, and most importantly, enjoy the ride on our way to the destinations that truly fulfill us. When you know what drives you, what you want becomes inevitable.

Kevin has had the honor of hosting an all-star lineup of guests, such as Simon Sinek, Arthur Brooks, Dr. Will Cole, Dandapani, Rich Roll, Nedra Tawwab Glover, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Tom Bilyeu, Steven Kotler, Dan Harris, Jordan Harbinger, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and many more.

What Drives You guests aren’t just self-self help gurus, they are people living extraordinary lives from all walks of life. And they want to “pay-it-forward” by sharing insight from their journey. You’ll hear their wisdom on topics like Self-Help & Personal Development, Motivation, Drive, & Peak Performance, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Health, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletics, Parenting & Adoption, and other important facets of life. Come join the conversation!

How To
6 Steps To Being Authentic When You Are a Peopl...
We've been talking about belonging and how true belonging is not merely "fitting in." Thanks to Ritu Bhasin, author of We've Got This, for bringing us to the concept.
15 min
How To Belong To Yourself When You Are A Tool
In my previous episode with Ritu Bhasin, author of We Got This, we dove deep into the concept of belonging and she wisely stated we must first begin by belonging to ourselves.
9 min
Ritu Bhasin On How To Find True Belonging Vs Me...
One of the key drives of our lives is to belong. To truly belong where we are known and accepted and respected, if not loved. We often mistake fitting in for belonging.
120 min
An Exhaustive Review Of The Best Sleep Habits
You are driven by your values and today we discuss the value of feeling good, and we look at sleep. Think about this, everyday we must eat.
93 min
Our Energy Drives Others | 6 Ways To Be Conscie...
You can be driven and confident at your core, and yet your energy can be off. This will hamper you and it negatively affects others around you.
9 min
Attachment Style Expert Thais Gibson | How To R...
I state we are all driven by our desires or our fears. Positively or negatively. In relationships, the same holds true and it’s explained and defined by our attachment styles.
144 min
Why Calories In vs Calories Burned Doesn’t Alwa...
This is a What Drives Your Health episode where we look to support your body, which everything you drive is dependent on. Let’s talk about why calories in vs calories burned doesn’t always work.
54 min
Stop & Notice How Your Life Philosophy Is Drivi...
We all live with a life philosophy. We have guiding principles, beliefs, and expectations that influence everything we think and do.
10 min
Why You Don’t Want To Wait For Something To Hap...
It’s become a perspective in our culture that you are waiting for something to happen, so you can respond and become extraordinary.
7 min
You Have As Much Drive As Anyone, Only The Fuel...
This is the biggest myth I’m on a mission to dispel, that some people are driven and others are not. It’s a lie. And I want you to tell yourself and everything this good news.
12 min
What Drives Celebrity Realtor Ryan Serhant | 3 ...
yan Serhant is one of the most successful and well-known real estate brokers in the world. Ryan is known as a star of Bravo’s Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York, its spin-off show Sell It Like Serhant, and for his appearance in the film While We’re Young alongside Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver.
124 min
What Drives Authentic Leadership Expert Kristen...
I’m back with authentic leadership expert Kristen Hadeed to talk about what drives her as she influences other leaders around the world.
59 min
How To Manifest When You Don't Believe In Manif...
Today the buzzword in self-improvement is manifesting. People seem fairly polarized on the topic, either fully embracing it as magical or fully rejecting it as evil.
9 min
Authentic Leadership w/ Kristen Hadeed | How To...
The fact you are listening to this podcast tells me you are driven to influence others, and influence is leadership. So whether you want to positively influence your kids or friends or coworkers, or you want to lead a company or organization, you need some leadership skills.
76 min
What Drives Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter & S...
I’m back with Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, CHARLES DUHIGG, author of the landmark bestseller and my favorite resource on habits, The Power of Habit which spent three years on the New York Times bestseller list.
81 min
Charles Duhigg: How To Drive From Mere Communic...
Here in America we are massively overfed, and often undernourished. Likewise we are in an age of dramatic overcommunication, and under-connection.
84 min
Transforming Conflict | The Big Idea & Action ...
This is my Big Idea & Action episode where I pull out the key highlights from our series on transforming conflict.
23 min
Transforming Conflict | How To Build A Bridge &...
We continue our series on transforming conflict which we began with William Ury. William, one of the world’s best-known experts on negotiation, and the co-author of Getting to Yes, the world’s all-time bestselling book on the topic with more than 15 million copies sold.
62 min
What Drives International Negotiation & Conflic...
We’re back with negotiation, conflict, and possibilities expert William Ury. In our previous discussion we dove deep into the focus of his new book, POSSIBLE: How We Survive (and Thrive) in an Age of Conflict.
62 min
Transforming Conflict w/ William Ury | How To E...
We begin a series on conflict, or more specifically, the possibilities within or around conflict. We seem to be a world more at conflict than ever. We can ask why, but where it starts is with us and chances are as you are listening right now you have a list of people in your lives who you are struggling with or distanced from, because of conflict.
75 min
What Drives Your Health | How To Keep Choice Po...
This is a What Drives Your Health episode and we look at how choice pollution is feeding into your anxiety. This is not what we want fueling our drive.
60 min
Inner Mastery w/ Kevin Miller | The Big Idea & ...
This is my The Big Idea & Action episode to distill down our series on Inner Mastery. Inner Mastery IS…your drive. Your drive isn’t out there, it’s all inside you.
29 min
Inner Mastery w/ Hitendra Wadhwa | How To Trans...
This episode is part 3 in my series on Inner Mastery. We think what drives us is the desire for something...out there. It's having a goal and wanting the goal so much that we're motivated enough to do what it takes to achieve it.
67 min
What Drives Inner Mastery Expert Hitendra Wadhwa
We’re back with Inner Mastery expert Hitendra Wadhwa. In our previous discussion we dove deep into the focus of his book, INNER MASTERY, OUTER IMPACT: How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success.
64 min
Inner Mastery w/ Hitendra Wadhwa | How To Trans...
In this episode we look at a key myth about drive. That it comes from focusing on an external motivation. You are driven to make more money, secure a certain relationship, attain a position, have an experience, etc…It’s always “out there.” And yet all those things are simply items we focus on to get our inner self, driven.
78 min