What Drives You with Kevin Miller

What Drives You, with over 70 million downloads and 1,350 episodes, gets to the root causes of personal transformation. Join elite athlete, personal development guide, serial entrepreneur, author, and father of nine Kevin Miller as he conducts deep dives with our world's greatest transformational luminaries to gain clarity on what we want and our motives for wanting it. This brings us into alignment so we can drive further and faster with less effort, and most importantly, enjoy the ride on our way to the destinations that truly fulfill us. When you know what drives you, what you want becomes inevitable.

Kevin has had the honor of hosting an all-star lineup of guests, such as Simon Sinek, Arthur Brooks, Dr. Will Cole, Dandapani, Rich Roll, Nedra Tawwab Glover, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Tom Bilyeu, Steven Kotler, Dan Harris, Jordan Harbinger, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and many more.

What Drives You guests aren’t just self-self help gurus, they are people living extraordinary lives from all walks of life. And they want to “pay-it-forward” by sharing insight from their journey. You’ll hear their wisdom on topics like Self-Help & Personal Development, Motivation, Drive, & Peak Performance, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Health, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletics, Parenting & Adoption, and other important facets of life. Come join the conversation!

How To
The Problem You Solve Is What Drives You & Othe...
In this episode I want to help you clarify the problem you solve for others. Think about the nonfiction books you purchase.
12 min
The Number Two Way To Become A Famous Resource
In this episode we look at one of the key ways to become a famous resource. We started with a masterclass in becoming known, with brand guru Rory Vaden.
11 min
The Number One Way To Be A Famous Resource
In this episode I’ll give you the number one way to become a famous resource. When I share it, you will immediately agree.
10 min
Rory Vaden | How To Actually Be Known Instead o...
In this episode I'm giving you the recipe for being known. Notice the word recipe. It's actually a term we need to use more in this personal growth space. Everyone is promoting to you that they have the answer for you. The secret. The perfectly baked cake to give you all you want. It doesn't exist.
119 min
How To Clarify What You Are Becoming
In this episode we want to gain clarity on what we are in fact, becoming. You are working to grow, which means you are looking to become…something.
46 min
Past Expectations & How To Temper Our Perspecti...
In this episode I’m looking at one more angle on this topic of disappointment and ways to mitigate the negative feelings that can haunt and hinder us.
9 min
Missed Opportunities & One Question That Can Er...
In this episode I'm looking at lost opportunities and questioning the stories we have around them. We've been looking at how we view disappointment and there is a lot of content around just telling a different story.
11 min
Ignoring Is Not Strength & How To Discern If Yo...
In this episode I'm going to confess how something I thought was a great strength, revealed itself as a weakness. And I see it so often with people who are more aware of themselves and concepts of healthy relating.
12 min
5 Steps To Recognize & Resolve The Daily Disapp...
Some people relate to trauma. Some to grief. But everyone will admit to disappointment, even if you’re a chronic minimizer like me.
144 min
How To Increase Your Wellness By Making It A Ch...
In this episode we want to help you increase your wellness by elevating your desired healthy habits and routines into cherished rituals.
40 min
4 Reasons To Accept The Responsibility Of Selli...
In this episode I want to draw you to the things you care about. The things you value and believe in. And challenge you with your responsibility to sell them.
16 min
The Myth Of Selflessness & How To Find Fulfillm...
In this episode I want to erase the myth and polarization of selflessness. I grew up in the Bible Belt and heard so much about dying to self.
12 min
How To Tell The Difference Between Procrastinat...
In this episode we look at the motives around procrastination. I received some new information that's made me question whether we're really avoiding something and putting it off, or in fact, just giving in to a greater desire.
10 min
Joel Brown: The Myth Of Superpowered Motives Fr...
In this episode I'm unveiling a very common motivator for your drive that I'd not adequately conceptualized before. We all realize that negative feelings can often be a powerful motivator for us. The desire to prove ourselves to the world.
102 min
Part 2: Therapy, Meds & 13 Other Treatments For...
n this episode we continue our walk through a fairly comprehensive list of menu items on treatments for depression, apathy, or even just feeling blue and unmotivated and fatigued.
60 min
The Disappointments Of Your Life & How They Are...
In this episode I want you to consider the disappointments of your life. You may not perceive them as that critical. Like me, you don’t feel you’ve really had big trauma in your life.
9 min
Grappling With Good Enough & How To Accept Want...
In this episode I want to address all of you who feel you have it pretty good. You really don’t have much to complain about.
12 min
How To Make A Difference, Make A Living & Make ...
In this episode I cover your true heart’s desire. It’s to make a difference. To contribute to the world. Not because you are Captain Altruistic, but because you are human and selfishly this is what we most want.
11 min
Guy Kawasaki | 9 Paths To Being Remarkable So Y...
In this episode we’re delivering steps for you to stand out and be remarkable. So you don’t get lost in the shuffle of noise out there.
66 min
Therapy, Meds & 13 Other Treatments For Depression
In this episode we talk about other treatments for depression. Depression doesn’t take away your drive. It just leaves you stuck in park.
56 min
Because Is Dangerous & How To Quit Having To Ju...
In this episode I’m going to enlighten you to another cultural illness we have. It’s explaining our decisions and actions to get other’s affirmations and validations.
10 min
Driven By Shoulds & Expectations And Two Option...
In this short episode I want to uncover the insidious role of expectations and shoulds that often make up much of our personal and cultural drive.
13 min
Life Is An Interview & Here Is The Shortcut To ...
In this episode I’m going to give you a shortcut to making sure you find the best fit, whether you’re seeking a new job, a date, or any new opportunity.
11 min
Anna Papalia | How To Nail Any Interview & Sell...
In this episode we give focus to our drive, in our work. Our work is a primary, if not the primary focus of our lives, at least from a daily time and energy devotion.
100 min
How To Enjoy The Delight And Mitigate The Dange...
In this episode look at our physical wellness, as our bodies are the vehicle that houses everything we drive toward. Few things drive our appetites like…sugar.
63 min