What Drives You with Kevin Miller

What Drives You, with over 70 million downloads and 1,350 episodes, gets to the root causes of personal transformation. Join elite athlete, personal development guide, serial entrepreneur, author, and father of nine Kevin Miller as he conducts deep dives with our world's greatest transformational luminaries to gain clarity on what we want and our motives for wanting it. This brings us into alignment so we can drive further and faster with less effort, and most importantly, enjoy the ride on our way to the destinations that truly fulfill us. When you know what drives you, what you want becomes inevitable.

Kevin has had the honor of hosting an all-star lineup of guests, such as Simon Sinek, Arthur Brooks, Dr. Will Cole, Dandapani, Rich Roll, Nedra Tawwab Glover, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Tom Bilyeu, Steven Kotler, Dan Harris, Jordan Harbinger, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and many more.

What Drives You guests aren’t just self-self help gurus, they are people living extraordinary lives from all walks of life. And they want to “pay-it-forward” by sharing insight from their journey. You’ll hear their wisdom on topics like Self-Help & Personal Development, Motivation, Drive, & Peak Performance, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Health, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletics, Parenting & Adoption, and other important facets of life. Come join the conversation!

How To
Dr James Doty | The Neuroscience Of Manifesting...
I’ve continued to be skeptical of the whole “manifesting” concept, until now. As I’ve finally shown and convinced that I have been and always am manifesting most of my life. I don’t believe I’m all powerful or that I am God. But I do find that I generally reap what I sow.
113 min
A Guide To The Most Beneficial Fruits For Your ...
As your body is the physical vehicle for all you do here on earth, this episode is about having it in great working order.
44 min
How To Get Honest With Our Distaste For Change ...
Many of you, like me, think of yourselves as people seeking growth and change. And you are. But you also have a lot of struggles around actually changing.
11 min
What Drives You When You Are Alone & Not Contro...
I’m on day four of a solo getaway. I currently have five of my kids and two grandkids living full time in my home. Circumstantially the days are full.
11 min
How To Honor & Overcome What Drives You Genetic...
We all know the debate between nature and nurture. I grew up with a focus on nurture. We become what we want. We blaze our own path. We make our reality.
11 min
Emily P Freeman | Reveal And Remove The Barrier...
We are driven by our values. Sometimes however, our values change, or we find ourselves in a place where it’s hard to live out our values. So we think about change. Which requires decisions. And boom. A crossroads. The comfort and security of where we are and what is known, and the fear of the unknown. It’s a big deal.
135 min
A Guide To The Most Beneficial Grains For Your ...
Our bodies drive everything we do, so in an effort to get them in the best shape possible, in this episode we are talking about food.
46 min
The 7 Values That Drive All You Do & How To Get...
About three months ago before my father passed away, Dave Ramsey flew himself and his wife Sharon and three other couples, including Michael & Gail Hyatt, to my parents house to spend a day saying their last goodbyes.
23 min
1 Quick & Easy Way To Help You Get Quality Slee...
Everyone at some point has left a light on in their car and come out the next morning to a car that should be ready to roll, and the battery is dead.
10 min
How To Connect Instead Of Merely Communicate & ...
We are driven to connect. And be connected to. There has never been more communication available and coming at us than today.
14 min
James Rhee | How To Turn A National Chain Store...
Here is a business story, that is really a humanitarian story, but overall is an incredible story of drive I believe you’ll be inspired and equipped by.
130 min
Clean Air & Water Crusador Peter Spiegel | How ...
In our quest for health and wellness and looking at the food we eat, how we exercise and sleep and addressing our mental health, we often miss two primary areas of consumption; what we are breathing and drinking.
81 min
How To Embrace Kindness As The New & Evolved Na...
For some reason unknown to me, narcissism is the new label slapped on anyone we feel is being selfish. And yes, I’ve had it attributed to me.
12 min
3 Levels Of Thinking For Your Personal Evolution
We are born into this world and we just take it in. It’s all we can do. We’re brought up and told what to do. Sent to school to learn the basics and pass tests, then on into the world to maybe get more schooling then ultimately get a job and pay the bills.
11 min
Robin Sharma | 8 Hidden Habits to Live Your Ric...
At the beginning of my book, What Drives You, I define drive as a strong energy and determination to achieve a goal or satisfy a need. To be rich is to be plentiful and abundant. You could say that sums up our drive. We want to be plentiful and abundant in many things. I’ve never met anyone who says they want less money. I’ve never met anyone who says they want less personal growth, or wellness, or less good relationships.
85 min
Why AI Is Causing A Need For More Coaches, Guid...
If you are listening to this show, I can confidently know you desire to positively influence other people. This is what real leadership is, whether it’s as a parent, friend, employee or business owner.
50 min
How To Progress With The Weaknesses & Limitatio...
When I’m interviewed on other people’s shows about drive, often the first topic they’ll bring up is my claim that everyone has drive.
11 min
Two Small Shifts To Make Getting Off The Coach ...
Think about all the “shoulds” in your life. All the things that come to mind that you should do, and that feeling of, “ugh”. And the feeling of, “I know I should, but…” and there is a list of things to do you don’t even have conceptualized.
11 min
5 Keys To Hack The Mind Game Of Your Life
Take every self-help resource. Every therapy session. Every spiritual resource. From them all we are striving to program, or reprogram, our brains.
11 min
Bioinsperationalist Jeff Karp | How To Harness ...
Most of us think we are driving through our lives with automatic shifting, like almost all cars nowadays. But in truth, our life is a stick shift and we must manually shift gears. And most of us habitually live in first to third gear.
115 min
A Guide To The Most Beneficial Meats
Our bodies drive everything we do, so in an effort to get them in the best shape possible, in this episode we are talking about meat.
62 min
2 Ways To Practice Being Present & How It Is Ac...
I met with a group of guys this morning to talk about being present. It's actually a group of Colorado guys from Denver and Colorado Springs who adventure together.
10 min
Why It Is So Hard To Be Well & How To Reframe Y...
We are generally driven to do the right thing in our lives. We practice personal hygiene, we get the kids off to school, we work and pay the bills, we pay our taxes and we attend social functions and are generally nice and serving to people.
10 min
Dr. Tom O’Bryan | 7 Lifestyle Adjustments To Re...
7 Lifestyle Adjustments To Reduce Your Chance Of Disease By 95%. That seems an almost preposterous claim. I’ve studied health and wellness for three decades and been heavily involved in Functional Medicine for 15 years.
112 min
The Most Nutrient Dense & Beneficial Veggies Yo...
Your body is the vehicle for all your drive, so we seek to strengthen it for you in this episode. We live in a culture where many people don’t eat many vegetables, and if they do, they gravitate towards the least beneficial.
63 min