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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
The Proof of the Resurrection | New Testament |...
What makes a legitimate eye witness testimony? Matching stories? Small differences?
8 min
How Jesus Became King | New Testament | Luke 23
What was it about Jesus's crucifixion that established him as king? Why is Good Friday good? When Jesus was crucified everything changed. In today's episode, Jensen uses Luke 23 to discuss the implications of Jesus's death.
11 min
What Makes A Good Leader? | New Testament | Luk...
What qualities add up to a good leader? Which of those qualities do you have? Which do you need? In today's episode, Tanya looks at Luke 22 to explain the importance of leading with humility and compassion.
8 min
Why Giving Matters | New Testament | Luke 21
What will you be remembered for when you die? How do you act when no one is watching? What is your legacy? In today's episode, Keith uses Luke 21 to discuss giving and the importance of motives behind giving.
9 min
When to Resist the Government (And When to Not)...
What should Christians make of the Bible verse that says "give to Caesar what is Caesar's"? How much do you need to care about the government? Should you obey non-Christian leaders? Keith discusses all this and more on today's episode about Luke 20.
9 min
Who's Your King? | New Testament | Luke 19
Everyone needs a king to rule over their life. It could be a political leader, yourself, a parent, God, etc. So who should you choose to rule your life? In today's episode, Patrick unpacks the need for a true king and Luke 19.
8 min
What's the Worst Sin? | New Testament | Luke 18
Are some sins worse than others? Do Christians see all sin as equal? Does God? The bottom line is this: every sin separates you from God. In today's episode, Jensen looks at Luke 18 to discuss the need for God's grace.
12 min
Why Do You Thank God? | New Testament | Luke 17
Are you quick to count your blessings? It's easy to ask God for things, but it's harder to thank him. In today's episode, Tanya looks to Luke 17 to share the reasons God gives you to thank him.
8 min
Understanding Parables | New Testament | Luke 16
Did you know some Bible stories are fiction? No, not the creation story or Jonah. Jesus often told parables designed to move people to action. In today's episode, Keithdiscusses a parable found in Luke 16.
9 min
Tools for Studying the Bible | An Interview wit...
What keeps you from reading the Bible? Is it too intimidating? Too hard to understand? Jonathan Pennington, author of Come and See: The Journey of Knowing God Through Scripture and pastor, sits down with Keith to discuss practical tips for Bible reading. Join as Jonathan and Keith invite you to learn about God's goodness through spending time reading the Bible.
39 min
What Drives Your Story? | New Testament | Luke 15
You've probably heard the story of the Prodigal Son. Who do you identify with in this story? In today's episode, Tanya discusses Luke 15 and how to find belonging in Jesus alone.
10 min
Christianity and Social Justice | New Testament...
Does Christianity say anything about social justice? Is the Christian faith more about personal salvation than it is about justice? Patrick discusses Luke 14 and shares God's intention for setting the world right.
7 min
Are You Missing Out? | New Testament | Luke 13
You might be in danger of missing out on God's kingdom. How? By overlooking it. Don't miss out on healing, freedom and rest. In today's episode, Jensen shares from Luke 13 to discuss how to be a part of God's kingdom.
13 min
The Cost of Worry | New Testament | Luke 12
What does worry add or take away from your life? Learn how to face worry and anxiety in today's episode as Tanya walks through Luke 12.
8 min
What Makes God a Good Father | New Testament | ...
Why do Christians pray to God as father? The idea of God as a father is controversial. But why is it still important? In today's episode, Keith looks at Jesus's prayer in Luke 11as an example of how to talk with God.
10 min
What Motivates You? | New Testament | Luke 10
What desires drive your life? This questions reveals a lot about your faith. Are you willing to partner with God for his glory above your own? In today's episode, Jensenlooks at Luke 10 to discuss how to do just that.
9 min
When Enough is Enough | New Testament | Luke 9
Want to know the guide to happiness? Step one: it's time to curb your consumerism. In today's episode, Patrick discusses Luke 9 in the importance of rooting your satisfaction in God and not possessions.
7 min
Women's Role in Ministry | New Testament | Luke 8
If you've felt hurt by a "biblical" view or are wary of women in ministry, this episode is for you. Jensen unpacks Luke 8 and discusses what the Bible has to say about women, their role in ministry and how Jesus interacts with them.
11 min
Y'all Need Jesus | New Testament | Luke 7
Is your moral life getting in the way of following Jesus? Do other people need Jesus more than you? Tanya discusses Luke 7, how Jesus pursues you, and what growing up on a farm was like.
14 min
Why Church Matters | New Testament | Luke 6
Church is messy. Sometimes it feels like church would be easier without all the people. But that's not how God designed it. Keith reads Luke 6 to understand the purpose of the church and why you should love it.
13 min
What Hurry Takes From You | New Testament | Luke 5
When you squeeze more into your schedule, what gets squeezed out? In today's episode, Patrick looks at Luke 5 to reflect on what forms of hurry and busyness you might need to cut out.
7 min
What Freedom Looks Like | New Testament | Luke 4
What does freedom mean to you? True freedom is different from what culture says freedom is. In today's episode, Patrick shares how to walk in true freedom according to Luke 4.
8 min
The Sacred/Secular Divide | New Testament | Luke 3
Church on Sunday: check. But what about the rest of the week? God is deeply interested in every area of your life. Each moment matters to him. In today's episode on Luke 3, Jensen encourages you to live like you believe that's true.
11 min
You Need A Savior | New Testament | Luke 2
How does Jesus offer salvation? Does Jesus still impact the way you should live your life? What does it look like to live a life impacted by Jesus? In today's episode, Tanyashares from Luke 2 to discuss the blessing Jesus receives as a baby.
9 min
Do You Have Faith in God? | New Testament | Luke 1
How do you respond to God's promises? How would you react to a miracle? Do you normally lead with faith or with doubt? Keith kicks off our time in Luke by sharing about Zechariah's faith in Luke 1.
9 min