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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, Jeff Parrett and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
The Role of Emotion in Faith | New Testament | ...
Is it okay to be driven by emotion
10 min
How to Be Great | New Testament | Philippians 2
What does it look like to climb to the top in this world
4 min
3 Reasons For Joy (Even When Your Life Falls Ap...
What circumstances in your life try to take joy from you
9 min
Is the Devil Real? | New Testament | Ephesians 6
Have you seen any evidence of the Devil recently
13 min
Who Are You? | New Testament | Ephesians 5
What is your identity rooted in
9 min
Defining Unity | New Testament | Ephesians 4
What steps do you take to keep unity within the church
4 min
The Secret to Spiritual Growth | New Testament ...
How have you seen God's work of growth in your life
9 min
What Divides Christians? | New Testament | Ephe...
Division in the church is not a new issue
13 min
Seeing the Bigger Picture of the Gospel | New T...
When you think of the big picture of Christianity, what do you think of?
9 min
What the Bible Says About Slavery | New Testame...
Does the Bible speak directly about slavery
6 min
Sarcasm and Flattery: The Danger of Empty Words...
Do you carefully weigh your words before you speak?
10 min
How to Change Your Life | New Testament | Colos...
When you became a Christian, did you life look different than it did before?
10 min
The Case Against The Prosperity Gospel | New Te...
"The worst thing that could happen to our faith is to think there’s something to add to Jesus or something better than Jesus that would get our mind off of him."
9 min
What is Jesus? | New Testament | Colossians 1
Your answer to the question "who or what is Jesus" might be the most important thing about you
5 min
The Joy of Missing Out | New Testament | Acts 24
When you follow Jesus, you might have to miss out on things
9 min
How to Have Courage | New Testament | Acts 23
What does it take to have peace in the midst of uncertainty and scary situations
7 min
Do You Have What It Takes? | New Testament | Ac...
What does it mean to look like a Christian?
9 min
Do You Avoid Tension? | New Testament | Acts 21
What do you do to avoid pain
9 min
How to Pick a Church | New Testament | Romans 16
This is the time of year for sending and going. Some are going to a new school or a new job
7 min
Dealing With Disunity | New Testament | Romans 15
The Bible isn’t naïve to say that there won’t be conflict
8 min
When to NOT Share Your Opinion | New Testament ...
Have you ever found yourself caught up in a debate about a hot topic that the Bible doesn't really say anything about?
5 min
Your Role in Government | New Testament | Roman...
How should Christians act in regards to government and society
6 min
The Marks of a Christian | New Testament | Roma...
What areas of your life make it hard for you to act like a Christian?
7 min
When Other Christians Fail | New Testament | Ro...
How do you react when you see other Christians fall into sin?
6 min
If God is Sovereign, Why Share the Gospel? | Ne...
You can't follow Jesus without God working in your life, yet you have the responsibility to share and believe in the gospel.
8 min