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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
Why Church Matters | New Testament | Luke 6
Church is messy. Sometimes it feels like church would be easier without all the people. But that's not how God designed it. Keith reads Luke 6 to understand the purpose of the church and why you should love it.
13 min
What Hurry Takes From You | New Testament | Luke 5
When you squeeze more into your schedule, what gets squeezed out? In today's episode, Patrick looks at Luke 5 to reflect on what forms of hurry and busyness you might need to cut out.
7 min
What Freedom Looks Like | New Testament | Luke 4
What does freedom mean to you? True freedom is different from what culture says freedom is. In today's episode, Patrick shares how to walk in true freedom according to Luke 4.
8 min
The Sacred/Secular Divide | New Testament | Luke 3
Church on Sunday: check. But what about the rest of the week? God is deeply interested in every area of your life. Each moment matters to him. In today's episode on Luke 3, Jensen encourages you to live like you believe that's true.
11 min
You Need A Savior | New Testament | Luke 2
How does Jesus offer salvation? Does Jesus still impact the way you should live your life? What does it look like to live a life impacted by Jesus? In today's episode, Tanyashares from Luke 2 to discuss the blessing Jesus receives as a baby.
9 min
Do You Have Faith in God? | New Testament | Luke 1
How do you respond to God's promises? How would you react to a miracle? Do you normally lead with faith or with doubt? Keith kicks off our time in Luke by sharing about Zechariah's faith in Luke 1.
9 min
How Do You Treat Others? | New Testament | Hebr...
What you believe about God has everything to do with your relationships with other people. Are you taking seriously Jesus's command to love others? In today's episode, Keith discusses how Hebrews 13 teaches to love others sacrificially.
11 min
Why Are You A Christian? | New Testament | Hebr...
Who in your life can you thank for helping you know Jesus? Although Jesus calls you to himself, he often uses ordinary people to bring people to him. In today's episode, Patrick uses Hebrews 12 to discuss why you need community.
9 min
What is Faith? | New Testament | Hebrews 11
What does it look like to live a life of faith? What does faith even mean?
8 min
The Key to Prayer | New Testament | Hebrews 10
Did you ever learn how to pray? What even is the point of prayer? Is there a "right" way to pray? Tanya discusses Hebrews 10 in today's episode and shares some insight behind prayer.
9 min
Weighed Down By Guilt? | New Testament | Hebrews 9
Are you carrying around guilt and condemnation? Do you feel the weight of your sin? What is it holding you back from? In today's episode, Keith looks at Hebrews 9 to share the forgiveness of Jesus.
10 min
What's In a Covenant | New Testament | Hebrews 8
What is so important about God's covenant? How do you see the impacts of covenants in your life? Are covenants more binding or freeing? In today's episode, Tanya talks on God's new covenant as discussed in Hebrews 8.
8 min
Mending Broken Relationships | New Testament | ...
Relationships are hard. Where can you find healing for relationships? Where do you look for it? In today's episode, Patrick uses Hebrews 7 to discuss how Jesus brings ultimate healing to relationships.
8 min
What Anchors You? | New Testament | Hebrews 6
Stability is something everyone searches for. However, stability is hard to come by. Where do you look for steadiness in your life? In your job? In your marriage? In your grades? In today's episode, Jensen looks at Hebrews 6 to discuss the steadfastness of God's promises.
10 min
How to Grow Spiritually | New Testament | Hebre...
Are you complacent in your faith? Do you think you're living to your fullest potential? In today's episode, Tanya uses Hebrews 5 to discuss the importance of and how to grow in your faith.
9 min
8 Reasons I Love the Bible | New Testament | He...
Do you really know the Bible? Or are you blindly believing what the Bible says? Here's the bottom line: if you want to be closer with God, you have to read the Bible. In today's episode, Keith uses Hebrews 4 to share reasons why the Bible is life-changing.
11 min
How the Old Testament Points to Jesus | New Tes...
Key parts of the Old Testament share glimpses of Jesus's life and ministry. So how do you make sense of them? How does the Old Testament foreshadow the New Testament? In today's episode, Jensen uses Hebrews 3 to explain the connection of Moses and Jesus.
12 min
Does Jesus Really Get Us? | New Testament | Heb...
By now you've probably seen the He Gets Us ads. How have people responded? Are these ads really true? In today's episode, Patrick uses Hebrews 2 to discuss whether Jesus truly understands us.
13 min
Who Was Jesus? | New Testament | Hebrews 1
How would you describe Jesus? Was he a good teacher? Is he like a friend? Is he just someone who lived 2000 years ago? In today's episode, Jensen uses Hebrews 1 to describe exactly who Jesus was.
9 min
Can You Walk Away From the Faith? | New Testame...
Are you secure in your faith in Jesus? Can someone ever truly leave the faith? In today's episode, Tanya uses Jude to talk through your security in Jesus.
9 min
Are You Prepared for Jesus's Return? | New Test...
When you think about the return of Jesus, it makes you take your faith more seriously. So can you be ready for Jesus's return? Why hasn't he returned yet? Keith uses 2 Peter 3 to discuss these questions and more in today's episode.
12 min
You're Not Immune to False Teachers | New Testa...
Want to know the secret to resisting false teachers in your life? The solution might not be what you think. In today's episode, Patrick talks through 2 Peter 2 to discuss how to avoid following false teachers.
8 min
Why To Do the Right Thing | New Testament | 2 P...
Is it better to do the right thing because you have to or because you want to?The answer is easy: do right because you want to. But how can this apply to your relationship with God? In today's episode, Patrick shares from 2 Peter 1 to discuss the importance of obeying God out of love for him.
8 min
What Do You Want Most? | New Testament | 1 Peter 5
What is your life pointed toward? How do you react when temptation comes? Will you do whatever it takes to gain popularity and wealth? In today's episode, Jensen shares the importance of having your life centered on Jesus and nothing else.
10 min
How to Love | New Testament | 1 Peter 4
Is it harder to show love to people you don't know well or people you know very well? In today's episode, Tanya shares from 1 Peter 4 to discuss how to love others the way that God loves you.
11 min