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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
The Need for Justice | The Writings | Psalm 58
What does a world without justice look like?
13 min
Where Do You Turn In Fear? | The Writings | Psa...
How do you react when you're faced with fear?
7 min
When God Feels Far | The Writings | Psalm 56
Does the presence of suffering in your life indicate the lack of God's presence or care?
8 min
When the Pressure is Too Much | The Writings | ...
Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by pressure and responsibility that you just want to check out?
7 min
Back to the Basics | The Writings | Psalm 54
When life is falling apart, David returns to the basics of faith in Psalm 54.
7 min
Do You See Yourself Clearly? | The Writings | P...
How can you see yourself for who you truly are?
9 min
Reacting to Wrong Doing | The Writings | Psalm 52
In Psalm 52, you see a picture of David reacting to his enemies.
7 min
The God of the Old Testament | The Writings | P...
Can the seemingly wrathful and angry God of the Old Testament be the same loving and gentle Jesus of the New Testament?
13 min
Are You Part of God's People? | The Writings | ...
God sees past what you do and say and looks at your heart
7 min
What Money Doesn't Buy | The Writings | Psalm 49
Money can get you a lot and get you out of a lot.
7 min
Your Stronghold | The Writings | Psalm 48
Who is your God?
11 min
Imagining God as King | The Writings | Psalm 47
When you picture God in your head, what do you picture?
8 min
When Things Feel Chaotic | The Writings | Psalm 46
What do you do in the midst of loneliness, elections, depression, illness, and chaos?
9 min
Revealing True Beauty | The Writings | Psalm 45
When you think of beauty, what do you think of?
9 min
The Subtle Prosperity Gospel | The Writings | P...
Are you sure you're not believing the prosperity gospel?
9 min
Are You Out Of Sync? | The Writings | Psalm 43
Psalm 43 offers Christians a way to recalibrate and reorient amidst a season of doubt and confusion.
9 min
Dealing with Desire | The Writings | Psalm 42
Desire is a natural part of life
7 min
Are You Immortal? | The Writings | Daniel 12
What happens after you die?
11 min
God's Eternal Plan For You | The Writings | Dan...
Someone is in control of your future, and it's not you.
9 min
You're In Battle | The Writings | Daniel 10
Did you know that you're at war right now?
6 min
When Your Faith Is Shaken | The Writings | Dani...
What is at the foundation of a confident faith?
13 min
A Look Into the Future | The Writings | Daniel 8
Are you anxious about the future?
8 min
Jesus's True Purpose | The Writings | Daniel 7
Did Jesus come to be your personal savior?
12 min
When to Slow Down and Pray | The Writings | Dan...
How do you know when you really need to pray?
9 min
8 Steps to Humility | The Writings | Daniel 5
In Daniel 5, we see the consequences of living a life of pride and selfishness
9 min