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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
Living Holy Lives and Embracing Correction | Ne...
How do you react to correction
12 min
What Following Jesus Costs You | New Testament ...
Have you gone too far in your relationship with God?
9 min
A Biblical Perspective on Work | New Testament ...
Are you more prone to idleness or to busybody syndrome
9 min
Believing that Jesus is Lord | New Testament | ...
Where in your life do you need to be reminded of God's power
10 min
Taking Sin Seriously | New Testament | 2 Thessa...
Do you trust God's design
10 min
Why Do You Do What You Do? | New Testament | 1 ...
What motivates you to keep going
11 min
Living with Endurance | New Testament | 1 Thess...
Christians have the responsibility and privilege of representing Jesus to the world
8 min
Combating Loneliness with Faith | New Testament...
Loneliness is a health epidemic
8 min
When the Church Sins | New Testament | 1 Thessa...
Why have so many Americans left the church in the past few decades?
12 min
Turn from Political Idols and Embrace Persecuti...
Is following Jesus worth the persecution it brings?
11 min
Navigating Conflict and Division | New Testamen...
Has finger-pointing and tearing others down become too common?
10 min
The Power of Hospitality and Culture | New Test...
From the heart of Greece to Paul's courageous stand in Athens, explore the interplay between culture, values, and faith.
9 min
The Importance of Diverse Connections | New Tes...
Looking to learn how to connect with people who are different from you?
9 min
Understanding Biblical Doctrine | New Testament...
What you believe about doctrinal truth has implications for your every day life.
12 min
Is It OK to be Angry? | New Testament | Galatia...
Is there such thing as righteous anger?
11 min
The Danger of Adding to the Gospel | New Testam...
What's the true meaning of the fruit of the spirit?
10 min
Battling Imposter Syndrome with the Gospel | Ne...
In today's episode, Tanya explores the relationship between eggs benedict and imposter syndrome, and how they relate to the Bible's teachings on identity and self-validation.
8 min
Why Trying Harder Isn't Enough for Christian Gr...
Keith shares a story about stapling good apples to a bad tree to highlight how we often try to fake good behavior without dealing with the root issue.
8 min
Is Your Life In Line With the Gospel? | New Tes...
Keith discusses Paul's confrontation to Peter in Galatians 2.
9 min
Understanding the Authentic Message of Jesus | ...
Join Patrick as he takes a break from Acts to dive into the book of Galatians, where Paul calls the Galatian church back to the good news of King Jesus for all people.
8 min
Are You Prone to Idolatry? | New Testament | Ac...
Idolatry might not always look like worshipping statues and gods, so how does it show up in your life?
10 min
Understanding the Holy Spirit | New Testament |...
How often do you think about the Holy Spirit?
8 min
Addicted to the Approval of Others? | New Testa...
Are you overly sensitive? Is it hard for you to take criticism?
11 min
Are You in God's Way? | New Testament | Acts 11
What in your life is working against God's plan? Does anything feel particularly difficult?
9 min
In-Group vs. Out-Group | New Testament | Acts 10
Who do you see as an outsider? Who around you seems too far from God?
8 min