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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
What Are You Entitled To? | New Testament | Mat...
Do you always get what you deserve? What do you feel like you're entitled to? Is entitlement a generational issue? In today's episode, Patrick uses Matthew 20 to discuss how entitlement plagues all people.
5 min
Are You on the Path to Destruction? | New Testa...
Where has God put you in your life? What takes real courage in your life? How are you at managing your responsibilities? Can you find contentment where you are? In today's episode, Patrick shares the difference between the path to life and the path to destruction as told by Matthew 19.
8 min
Is Your Life Built on You? | New Testament | Ma...
Have you ever felt like you've lost your importance? Are you tired of trying to prove yourself worthy? What gives you value? In today's episode, Jensen discusses Matthew 18 and how to give your life lasting meaning.
13 min
Striving for Perfection? | New Testament | Matt...
Who do you put in your trust in? Do you have ultimate faith in yourself or in God? How can you be worthy of God? If you believe and pray hard enough, will God bless you? In today's episode, Tanya looks at Matthew 17 to discuss the reason why God is already pleased with you.
8 min
Who Do You Say Jesus Is? | New Testament | Matt...
How do you view Jesus? How did you come to get to know Jesus? Do you fully understand who Jesus is? Are you more concerned with God or with yourself? In today's episode, Keith walks verse by verse through Matthew 16 to discuss who Jesus really is.
8 min
Does the Bible Talk About Race? | New Testament...
Is race a social issue or a gospel issue? What does the New Testament say about race? Is Jesus for everyone? Are you missing the heart of Jesus? In today's episode, Keith discusses Matthew 15 and shares the Bible's view on race.
8 min
Fighting For Power? | New Testament | Matthew 14
Nobody likes feeling powerless. But what will you do to maintain power or avoid suffering? Are you a ladder climber? Are you constantly seeking personal gain? In today's episode, Patrick looks at Matthew 14 to discuss Jesus's definition of power.
9 min
How to Read Parables | New Testament | Matthew 13
Are parables just biblical fairytales used to teach a lesson? Why did Jesus speak in parables instead of speaking directly? How can you better understand parables? What is the purpose of them? In today's episode, Jensen talks through some of the parables in Matthew 13 and explains how to read them.
10 min
Religion or Relationship: Which Do You Have? | ...
What does your time with God look like? How would you describe your faith? Is your faith more about rules or Jesus? In today's episode, Tanya looks at the Sabbath day in Matthew 12 to explain the importance of relationship over religion.
9 min
Is it OK to Doubt God? | New Testament | Matthe...
Should you keep your doubts to yourself? How should you talk about doubt? Is it normal to doubt God? In today's episode, Keith uses Matthew 11 to discuss the role that doubt plays in the Christian faith.
6 min
Are You Willing to Sacrifice? | New Testament |...
What does it take to follow Jesus? Are you willing to give things up in order to be a part of God's kingdom? Will you face rejection for the sake of God's kingdom? In today's episode, Tanya discusses Jesus's directions in Matthew 10.
8 min
Are You a Good Host? | New Testament | Matthew 9
Are you quick to welcome people in? Do you seek out others who might be less popular? How likely are you to offer to host someone for dinner? In today's episode, Patrick looks at the hospitality expressed in Matthew 9 as an example of how to host well.
7 min
What Do You Gain From Jesus? | New Testament | ...
Are you looking for a comfortable and financially abundant life? Do you seek after Jesus's miracles to bless you with material goods? If you have enough faith, will you live the good life? In today's episode, Jensen speaks against the prosperity gospel using Matthew 8.
11 min
How to Have Better Relationships | New Testamen...
Do you have a tendency to judge other people who have the same sins as you? Tanya shares from Matthew 7 about how to improve your relationships with others. Step one? Remember who Jesus is and who you are.
9 min
You Might Be Greedy | New Testament | Matthew 6
Do you have too much stuff? Is it time for you to give away some of your belongings? Keith looks at Matthew 6 to discuss how greed can leave you spiritually blinded. So, do you own stuff or does your stuff own you?
8 min
How to be Blessed | New Testament | Matthew 5
What leads to a blessed life? Do your values align more with the world's or with Jesus's? Do you have to earn God's blessings? What do God's blessings look like? In today's episode, Jensen reads the beatitudes in Matthew 5 and discusses the differences in the blessed life according to the world and according to Jesus.
13 min
What's Your Legacy? | New Testament | Matthew 4
What do you want to be known for? How do you spend your life? In today's episode, Patrick shares what Jesus did and didn't live for in Matthew 4. Listen to find out how you can make your life more like Jesus's.
9 min
Are You Part of God's People? | New Testament |...
Does God only want a certain type of person? How can you be sure you're part of God's kingdom? How can you be righteous before God? In today's episode, Jensen reads Matthew 3 and discusses the significance of Jesus's baptism.
12 min
Are You Threatened By Success? | New Testament ...
How do you react to other people's victories and failures? Are you trying to be king of your own life? Who has ultimate authority over you? In today's episode, Tanya discusses Herod's reaction to Jesus's birth in Matthew 2.
9 min
Image Isn't Everything | New Testament | Matthew 1
Are you consumed with your own image? Who do you want others to think you are? Are you enough for God's kingdom? Keith kicks off our series through the New Testament in a year with Jesus's genealogy in Matthew 1. Listen to find out if you have what it takes to be a part of God's kingdom.
8 min
Bible Reading | Habits
What do you spend the majority of your time doing? What makes it hard for you to read the Bible? Are you too busy to read the Bible? In today's episode, Patrick discusses the importance of having a habit of reading the Bible and how to create a schedule to do so.
8 min
Prayer | Habits
Do you really understand how prayer works? When are you most likely to pray? If you pray the right way, will God give you want you want? In today's episode, Jensen looks at Jesus's example of prayer and shares four helpful tips to create a habit of prayer.
9 min
Gratitude | Habits
Studies show that creating a habit of gratitude can improve your mental health. How can you practice gratitude in daily life? What does the Bible say about giving thanks? Is it possible to change your negative thought patterns to positive patterns? In today's episode, Tanya shares 3 helpful tips for growing in gratitude.
9 min
Growing Self-Control | Habits
Join the TMBT community in reading the entire New Testament in 2023. Get your FREE reading plan here. In a world where what feels good is more important than anything else, what is the need for self-control? How do you know when to say no to something? Why is self-control biblical? In today's episode, Keith shares how creating a habit of self-control can change your life.
10 min
How to Give Good Gifts | Advent | Luke 2:21-38
What's the most important thing you can give your kids? (Or spiritual kids!) What kind of parents did Jesus have? In today's episode, Patrick shares the importance of valuing faith over busyness.
6 min
Are You With the 'In' Crowd? | Advent | Luke 2:...
We crave exclusivity. But what happens when you aren't included? Does God play by such rules? Do you need to be better before you're worthy of God? Jensen shares how God's reveals Jesus's birth to ordinary, weak and unclean people.
10 min
How to Welcome Jesus | Advent | Luke 2:1-7
What made Jesus so unlikely? Do you delight in Jesus? Where do you find your value? In a world that prioritizes might, Tanya shares the importance of dependency.
8 min
What's In A Name? | Advent | Luke 1:57-80
Why is it important that John the Baptist got his name? Does your name have meaning? What can names reveal about faith? In today's episode, Keith shares about the importance of acting out of faith.
7 min
The Path to Glory | Advent | Luke 1:39-56
How do you achieve the good life? What makes God's kingdom different than kingdoms of the world? Is the American dream biblical? In today's episode, Patrick shares from Luke 1:39-56 to contrast the American way with God's way.
7 min
Is the Virgin Birth Real? | Advent | Luke 1:26-38
Does the reality of Jesus's virgin birth matter? Was Mary actually a virgin? Can Jesus be God without a virgin birth? What's the purpose of it? In today's episode, Jensen looks at Luke 1:26-38 to discuss the theological explanation of the virgin birth.
11 min
What Distracts You From Jesus? | Advent | Luke ...
How do you prepare your heart for Jesus? What areas of your life are you keeping from him? What consumes your time and energy? In today's episode, Tanya looks at Luke 1:5-25 to discuss what it looked like to prepare for Jesus's coming.
9 min
Don't Measure Up? Here's the Good News | Advent...
What are you striving for? Is God's love conditional? What do you have to do to earn God's love? How does grace work? In today's episode, Keith uses John 1:14-18 to discuss the importance and depth of God's grace toward those who don't deserve it.
11 min
You're a Part of God's Family | Advent | John 1...
What were your parents like? What kind of family did you come from? In today's episode, Patrick shares what it's like to be a part of Jesus's family, as told in John 1:6-13.
6 min
Are You Afraid of the Dark? | Advent | John 1:4-5
Why do you see so much light around Christmas time? What's the purpose of Christmas lights? What does it mean that Jesus is the light of the world? in today's episode, Jensen shares what the imagery of light represents in the Bible and in John 1:4-5.
10 min
4 Reasons We Can Trust Jesus | Advent | John 1:1-3
So why is Jesus's birth such a big deal? How can we know he's for real? Why should you even trust Jesus? Tanya (and John) share four reasons why you can trust Jesus as found in John 1:1-3.
9 min
The Messy Side of Christmas | Advent | Matthew ...
What if Christmas doesn't feel like the most wonderful time of the year? What if you don't feel the peace on earth? What if Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas? In today's episode, Keith shares the messiness of the very first Christmas and how it brings hope to your Christmas.
11 min
Is Astrology in the Bible? | Advent | Matthew 2...
The wisemen followed the stars to get to Jesus's birth, were they astrologists? Is astrology real? How can God reveal himself through astrology? In today's episode, Patrick uses Matthew 2:1-12 to discuss the ways God reveals himself to people.
7 min
How Jesus Fulfills Promises | Advent | Matthew ...
Was the birth of Jesus like the nativity scene? Why do the specifics of Jesus's birth matter? Does Jesus's birth fulfill Old Testament prophecies? In today's episode, Jensen describes Jesus birth from Matthew's point of view in Matthew 1:18-24.
10 min
Are You King of Your Life? | Advent | Matthew 1...
Do want the promises of Jesus without the allegiance to Jesus? Who is the ruler of your life? What do you base decisions on? Do you have a right view of Jesus? In today's episode, Tanya looks at Matthew 1:12-17 to describe the right way to honor and submit to Jesus.
8 min
Has God Given Up on You? | Advent | Matthew 1:6-11
Is there a sin too great for God's grace? Are you ever too far gone? In today's episode, Keith looks at a man listed in Matthew 1:6-11 as an example of God's grace covering great sin and evil.
9 min
Are You a Nobody? | Advent | Matthew 1:1-5
What's with all of the genealogies and numbers in the Bible? Do they even matter? Patrick kicks off our Advent series by walking through Matthew 1:1-5 and discussing how seemingly forgettable people reveal a lot about Jesus.
8 min
Lessons From a Year in the Torah
Thanks for studying the Torah with us this year! In today's episode, Jensen reflects on the year and talks through the top three truths she's learned from the Torah.
10 min
When Things Don't Go Your Way | Torah | Deutero...
How do you react when things don't do the way you hoped they would? What happens when your dream dies? What do you have to live for? Tanya shares about the death of Moses in Deuteronomy 34 and how God shapes our lives for his bigger story.
8 min
What Are You Living For? | Torah | Deuteronomy 33
What will people say about your life? What defines your life's purpose? What comes first for you in your life: yourself or God? In today's episode, Keith discusses Deuteronomy 33 and how to live the good life.
12 min
Want An Easy Life? | Torah | Deuteronomy 32:48-52
Do you expect your life to be easy? Spoiler alert: God never promises that. In today's episode, Patrick uses Deuteronomy 32:48-52 to discuss what you should expect in your life and why suffering can be good.
7 min
The Role of Poetry in the Bible | Torah | Deute...
When you think about God, who do you imagine? Can you capture the full image of God? How can the Bible describe the complexities of God? In today's episode, Jensen uses Moses's poem in Deuteronomy 32:1-47 to describe the importance of poetry in scripture.
10 min
Do You Know Your Limits? | Torah | Deuteronomy 31
Have you been feeling burnt out? What do your weaknesses keep you from? What are your limits and boundaries? In today's episode, Tanya uses Deuteronomy 31 to describe how God turns your weakness into strength.
9 min
Does Obedience Matter? | Torah | Deuteronomy 30...
Is it possible to follow all of God's laws? Why should Christians be obedient to God? What does it take to live a faithful life to Jesus? In today's episode, Keith discusses Deuteronomy 30:11-20. and the importance of obedience to Jesus.
9 min
Do You Have What it Takes to Love God? | Torah ...
Have you made God promises that you can't keep? How many times have you said, "I'll never do it again"? Here's the good news: your sin doesn't surprise God. In today's episode, Patrick discusses Deuteronomy 30:1-10 and what it takes to love God.
9 min
What Pride Takes From You | Torah | Deuteronomy 29
Do you know your own sin? What's keeping you from living out God's promises to you? Are you comfortable with your sin? In today's episode, Jensen discusses Deuteronomy 29 and the danger of pride.
10 min
How to be Blessed (and Not Cursed) | Torah | De...
What happens when you disobey God? Is there anything you're putting above God? Does God give curses? In today's episode, Tanya shares about God's curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy 28:16-68.
10 min
Prosperity Gospel: What It Is and What It's Not...
If you obey God, will you get physical blessings in life? If you're a good Christian, does God owe you good things? Is the prosperity gospel real? Why is the prosperity gospel harmful. Keith uses Deuteronomy 28:1-14 to share the danger of the health and wealth gospel.
8 min
How to Read Apocalyptic Literature | Daniel 8
Are you confused by the "weird" books of the Bible like Daniel or Revelation? What does "apocalyptic" mean? Is the world about to end? What is the goal of such books? In today's bonus episode, Keith and Patrick walk through Daniel 8 and discuss why and how to read apocalyptic literature in the Bible.
45 min
Why Sin is a Big Deal | Torah | Deuteronomy 27:...
What does sin actually mean? What consequences are there for sin? Does sin lead to curses or blessings? In today's episode, Patrick discusses the consequences of sin in Deuteronomy 27:9-26.
10 min
Why You Need a Reminder | Torah | Deuteronomy 2...
Are you a forgetful person? Do you often forget God's gifts? How does God give reminders of his love for his people. Jensen shares the reminder of God's gifts from Deuteronomy 27:1-8.
8 min
The Key to Popularity | Torah | Deuteronomy 26
Are people drawn to you? Do others want to be around you? In today's episode, Tanya shares some lessons from Deuteronomy 26 about how to be well-liked. Spoiler alert: have humility.
10 min
How God Protects People | Torah | Deuteronomy 2...
How does God look after the poor and vulnerable? Does the Old Testament say anything about women, minority or human rights? What does the Bible say about caring for the poor? In today’s episode, Keith looks at verses in Deuteronomy 24 and 25 to discover how God calls people to care for others.
8 min
How to Apply God’s Law | Torah | Deuteronomy 22...
Are Old Testament laws still relevant to your life? Should you be responsible for following God’s laws? Even those laws that seem weird? In today’s episode, Patrick looks at Deuteronomy 22:1-12 to share how to apply God’s laws to your life.
7 min
Does God Have Access to All Areas of Your Life?...
Have you given God the right to rule your life? Is there anything that you’re holding back from God? Are you still trying to take control over your life? In today’s episode, Jensen uses Deuteronomy 22:13-30 to share the importance of letting God in to all aspects of your life.
12 min
Offended By the Old Testament? | Torah | Deuter...
There are some Bible passages that are offensive to modern ears. How do you deal with hard Bible passages? What’s actually moral and immoral? In today’s episode, Patrick discusses Deuteronomy 23 to show how to read difficult passages of scripture.
9 min
The Importance of the Cross | Torah | Deuterono...
What is the point of the crucifixion? Why do Christians wear crosses? Is it important to know how Jesus died? In today’s episode, Keith uses Deuteronomy 21 to discuss the importance of Jesus dying on a cross and what it means for Christians.
9 min
When Life Gets Hard | Torah | Deuteronomy 20
Do you expect an easy life? How do you react when things don’t go your way? Should following Jesus be easy? In today’s episode, Tanya uses Deuteronomy 20 to share the hope you can have in the midst of hardship.
10 min
Want to Get Revenge? | Torah | Deuteronomy 19
Are you seeking revenge on someone? Do you want to right a wrong? Is there an injustice that you want to get justice for? Trying to get even with someone? We live in a culture obsessed with revenge. Jensen shares what God thinks about revenge in Deuteronomy 19.
12 min
How to Handle Change | Torah | Deuteronomy 18
Are you entering new territory in life? Are you going through a big change? Does the culture around you impact you? Or do you impact the culture around you? In today’s episode, Tanya discusses Deuteronomy 18, when Moses prepares Israel to enter the promised land.
8 min
Why Jesus is King | Torah | Deuteronomy 17:14-20
Who is king or queen in your own life? Who governs your decisions? Do you long for power? Does power change people? Keith discusses all of this and more on today’s episode on Deuteronomy 17:14-20.
9 min
When to Judge (And When to Not) | Torah | Deute...
Is it true that only God can judge you? Are Christians too judgemental? When is it okay to judge others? What happens when you misjudge someone? In today’s episode, Patrick looks at God’s guidelines in Deuteronomy 17:8-13 about Israel’s court system.
9 min
Hope Amid Injustice | Torah | Deuteronomy 16:1-...
Does it sometimes look like darkness is winning? Like the world might be too far gone? Where is God amid tragedy and injustice? In today’s episode, Jensen looks at Deuteronomy 16:1-17:7 and God’s kingdom for hope during times of darkness.
10 min
Mo Money, Mo Problems? | Torah | Deuteronomy 15
What is the purpose of your money? Are you using your money in a biblical way? What is your view of money and generosity? Tanya looks at Deuteronomy 15 to share the purpose and heart behind generosity.
11 min
Overcoming the Bystander Effect | Torah | Deute...
When you see someone in need, what do you do? What if they don’t deserve your help? What holds you back from generosity? In today’s episode, Keith examines God’s heart toward generosity in Deuteronomy 14 and shares the importance of helping others.
11 min
Tearing Down Idols | Torah | Deuteronomy 12:29-...
How should Christians live in a culture that isn’t following Jesus? Should non-believers live the same way as believers? In today’s episode, Patrick looks at Deuteronomy 12:29-13:18 to discuss how Christians should tear down idols in their own life.
8 min
How to Worship God | Torah | Deuteronomy 12:1-28
Is there a right way to worship God? Should you still make offerings and sacrifices to God? What’s the point of offerings? In today’s episode, Jensen looks at Deuteronomy 12:1-28 to discuss the importance of right worship of God.
12 min
Got An Idol Problem? | Torah | Deuteronomy 11
What one thing holds you back from living the life God intends for you? According to Deuteronomy 11, idols do. Tanya shares how to identify the idols in your life and how to fight against them.
10 min
Does God Play Favorites? | Torah | Deuteronomy 10
Everyone plays favorites. But does God play favorites? What do you have to offer him? How should you react to God’s love and favor? In today’s episode, Keith uses Deuteronomy 10 to discuss how you should respond to God’s grace.
8 min
Do You Get What You Deserve? | Torah | Deuteron...
Is what you have a result of hard work? Do you have more than others because you’re smarter than others? Did you earn your power, wealth or popularity? In today’s episode, Patrick discusses Deuteronomy 9 and shares a reminder of what you actually deserve.
7 min
Are You Paying Attention? | Torah | Deuteronomy 8
What you pay attention to matters. In a distracted world, it can be hard to focus on God. What captures your attention? What distracts you from God? What do you fill your mind and time with? Jensen uses Deuteronomy 8 to share how to remember God.
11 min
What’s Distracting You From God? | Torah | Deut...
What are your greatest obstacles? Is there anything holding you back from following Jesus? Do you feel like you reflect Jesus in your life? In today’s episode, Tanya describes Moses’s encouragement to Israel in Deuteronomy 7. Find out how you can battle distraction in your own life.
11 min
How To Pass On Your Faith | Torah | Deuteronomy 6
Who is responsible for sharing Jesus with your kids? Do you know how to share your faith with others? In today’s episode, Keith uses Deuteronomy 6 to explain the importance of understanding your faith and passing it on.
10 min
Why Obedience Matters | Torah | Deuteronomy 4-5
Does your everyday life as a Christian look different than someone’s who is not a Christian? Why should you obey God? If Chrsitians are saved by grace, do works matter at all? In today’s episode, Patrick uses Deuteronomy 4-5 to explain the importance of obedience to God.
7 min
How You Fit in God’s Story | Torah | Deuteronom...
Is your life all about you? Do you take time to remember your history? Why is history important? In today’s episode, Jensen explains the purpose of Deuteronomy 1-3 and God’s bigger story for your life.
9 min
How to Deal with Regret | Torah | Numbers 28-34
What is your biggest regret? Do you know how to process regret? Or do you try to push it aside and distract yourself? Tanya shares the regret that Israel feels in Numbers 28-34 and reminds you of the truth of God’s character. Learn how to find peace on the other side of regret.
11 min
Do You Trust God With Your Future? | Torah | Nu...
Will God do what he says he will? Can he be trusted? What does faith in God look like? Keith shares how three women in Numbers 27:1-11 had true faith in God. What does your faith look like?
10 min
How Your Past Shapes You | Torah | Numbers 26, ...
The problems you face are often rooted in your past. Have you dealt with your past? What was your family like? How has your culture shaped you? In today’s episode, Patrick uses Numbers 26,27:12-23 to discuss how your past affects your present.
9 min
What Do You Indulge In? | Torah | Numbers 25
What’s distracting you from God? Do you have any little sins that keep coming back? Do you indulge in any unhealthy temptations or desires? In today’s episode, Jensen looks at Numbers 25 to share how seemingly small temptations can pull you away from God.
10 min
When You're Disappointed | Torah | Numbers 22-24
How do you deal with difficult circumstances? Do you feel like God has let you down? Are you disappointed with your life? In today's episode, Tanya uses Numbers 22-24 to discuss God's bigger plans for your life.
9 min
How to Fight Complaining | Torah | Numbers 21:4-20
Are some sins better than other sins? Is complaining an "okay" sin? How comfortable are you with complaining? Do you know how to stop? In today's episode, Keith looks at Israel's complaints in Numbers 21:4-20 and discusses God's response to complaining. Listen to find out practical tips to stop complaining.
11 min
Tribalism is Wrecking Lives (That's Why We Wrot...
Keith, Patrick, Jensen, Tanya, and Anna Lynne come together as the TMBT team to discuss an issue facing churches, Christians and the entire country: tribalism. Has tribalism been hurting you? How can you be friends with someone who is different than you? Is there any hope for a divided world? Political tribalism is tearing apart the church. Only Jesus can put us back together.
41 min
Can A Good God Command War? | Torah | Numbers 2...
Is war ever moral? Does God commit genocide in the Old Testament? How should you respond to holy war in the Bible? In today's episode, Patrick talks through Numbers 21:1-3, 21-35 to answer questions you may have about God's justice and war in the Bible.
15 min
Why You Need a Representative | Torah | Numbers...
What is God’s view of you? Are you good enough to go before God? Should you care about the role of high priests in the Old Testament? In today’s episode, Jensen uses Numbers 20:14-29 to discuss the importance of having a good high priest.
10 min
How Good Are You? | Torah | Numbers 20:1-13
9 min
Do You Know Your Role? | Torah | Numbers 16-19
12 min
What Do You Focus On? | Torah | Numbers 15
8 min
Is Spiritual Warfare Real? | Torah | Numbers 14...
11 min
How to Deal with Grumbling | Torah | Numbers 14...
9 min
When Life Is More Than You Can Handle | Torah |...
9 min
Who Are You Surrounded By? | Torah | Numbers 12
7 min
Is Your Plan Better Than God's? | Torah | Numbe...
<p>Do you know better than God? Is it okay to complain when things don't go your way? What's so bad about complaining? In today's episode, Jensen looks at Israel's complaints in <a href="https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers%2011&amp;ver...
8 min
Who Are You Following? | Torah | Numbers 10:11-36
<p>Where do you look for comfort or confidence? Do you rely on yourself or something other than God? In today’s episode, Tanya discusses why Israel looked to God in <a href="https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers%2010%3A11-36&amp;version=...
9 min
Who Does God Want You To Be? | Torah | Numbers ...
<p>Are you in a hurry to get somewhere in life? Do you trust what God is doing in your life? In today's episode, Keith kicks off the book of <a href="https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers+1%3A1-10%3A10&amp;version=NIV" rel="noopener nore...
10 min
What Do You Promise God? | Torah | Leviticus 27
<p>Do you give God everything you have? What does it mean to make promises to God? Can we even make promises to God? In today's episode, <a href="https://twitter.com/PatrickKMiller_" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Patrick</a> looks at the gu...
9 min
Why Obey God? | Torah | Leviticus 26
<p>What's with God's punishment in the Bible? Isn't God a God of love? Do you have to work to get into heaven? If you're already a Christian, why should you obey God? In today's episode, Jensen looks at <a href="https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?se...
12 min