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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
Seeing the Bigger Picture | The Writings | 1 Ch...
How often do you take a step bag and look at the full picture of the Bible?
14 min
Don't Skip This Part of the Bible | The Writing...
Some parts of the Bible seem weirder than others.
9 min
Settling for Less? | The Writings | 1 Chronicle...
What are you seeking out?
11 min
Who Do You Honor? | The Writings | 1 Chronicles...
In biblical times, honor was a big deal.
10 min
You Need a Team | The Writings | 1 Chronicles 12
Do you think you can live the Christian life on your own?
10 min
How to Live in Exile | The Writings | 1 Chronic...
One thing that you can the people in 1 Chronicles 11 have in common is a life in exile
11 min
The Danger of Success | The Writings | 1 Chroni...
Who do you credit for your success?
8 min
Uncovering the Bible's Easter Eggs | The Writin...
You might be quick to skip over genealogies in the Bible
8 min
God's Family Tree | The Writings | 1 Chronicles 1
What's it like to be a part of God's family?
9 min
How the Psalms Point to Jesus | The Writings | ...
Where do you see Jesus in the Old Testament?
11 min
A Dynamic Faith | The Writings | Psalm 40
Does God's power move through you, or does it remain static in you?
12 min
Live Like You're Dying | The Writings | Psalm 39
At the end of your life, what do you want people to remember you for?
7 min
The Case for Confession | The Writings | Psalm 38
Do you feel like you should be a better Christian by now?
11 min
Nothing to Prove | The Writings | Psalm 37
Are you tired from trying to keep up?
7 min
Can You See Reality? | The Writings | Psalm 36
What does the culture around you look like?
10 min
The Righteous King | The Writings | Psalm 35
Can you see Jesus throughout the Old Testament?
13 min
When There's Nowhere to Turn | The Writings | P...
Whether you have no choice, only bad choices, or no obvious choice, this episode is for you.
8 min
Hope for Election Year | The Writings | Psalm 33
Are you feeling anxious about the election?
14 min
You Are What You Consume | The Writings | Psalm 32
What do you consume with your eyes, ears and mouth?
9 min
Handling Hardship | The Writings | Psalm 31
Maybe you've realized it by now: life is hard.
9 min
The Gift of Transformation | Psalm 30 | The Wri...
When you look back at your life, where do you see ways God has changed you?
12 min
Whose Words Matter Most? | The Writings | Psalm 29
Does God have the power in your life to shake you?
6 min
To Judge Or Not To Judge | The Writings | Psalm 28
You want to feel free to judge others, but they shouldn't judge you. Right?
9 min
The Answer to Fear | The Writings | Psalm 27
What do you really want?
10 min
New Testament Vs. Old Testament Faith | The Wri...
What parts of the Bible offend you or make you uncomfortable?
13 min