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Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life. Co-hosted by Keith Simon, Jensen Holt McNair, Tanya Willmeth, and Patrick Miller.

Religion & Spirituality
Who Was Jesus? | New Testament | Hebrews 1
How would you describe Jesus? Was he a good teacher? Is he like a friend? Is he just someone who lived 2000 years ago? In today's episode, Jensen uses Hebrews 1 to describe exactly who Jesus was.
9 min
Can You Walk Away From the Faith? | New Testame...
Are you secure in your faith in Jesus? Can someone ever truly leave the faith? In today's episode, Tanya uses Jude to talk through your security in Jesus.
9 min
Are You Prepared for Jesus's Return? | New Test...
When you think about the return of Jesus, it makes you take your faith more seriously. So can you be ready for Jesus's return? Why hasn't he returned yet? Keith uses 2 Peter 3 to discuss these questions and more in today's episode.
12 min
You're Not Immune to False Teachers | New Testa...
Want to know the secret to resisting false teachers in your life? The solution might not be what you think. In today's episode, Patrick talks through 2 Peter 2 to discuss how to avoid following false teachers.
8 min
Why To Do the Right Thing | New Testament | 2 P...
Is it better to do the right thing because you have to or because you want to?The answer is easy: do right because you want to. But how can this apply to your relationship with God? In today's episode, Patrick shares from 2 Peter 1 to discuss the importance of obeying God out of love for him.
8 min
What Do You Want Most? | New Testament | 1 Peter 5
What is your life pointed toward? How do you react when temptation comes? Will you do whatever it takes to gain popularity and wealth? In today's episode, Jensen shares the importance of having your life centered on Jesus and nothing else.
10 min
How to Love | New Testament | 1 Peter 4
Is it harder to show love to people you don't know well or people you know very well? In today's episode, Tanya shares from 1 Peter 4 to discuss how to love others the way that God loves you.
11 min
How You Live Matters | New Testament | 1 Peter 3
Your life can make the teaching of Jesus attractive to other people. Do you make people want to believe in Jesus? Do you have relationships with people who don't know Jesus? In today's episode, Keith shares why the way you live is important.
9 min
In the World But Not of It | New Testament | 1 ...
Should Christians be impacted by the culture around them? How should you interact with the world? What's destroying your relationship with God? In today's episode, Keith looks at 1 Peter 2 to discuss how to interact with the culture around you.
10 min
Why You Don't Fit In | New Testament | 1 Peter 1
Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? The answer might lie in 1 Peter 1. In today's episode, Patrick describes the tension of being obedient in the midst of the culture around you.
10 min
When God Doesn't Answer | New Testament | James 5
Will God always answer your prayers? Do you have enough faith? What does God actually promise? In today's episode, Jensen discusses James 5 and what believers are and aren't guaranteed by God.
9 min
You're Settling For Less | New Testament | James 4
Where in your life are you willing to compromise and give in to sin? Are you searching for something better? Is life in God's kingdom worth it? In today's episode, Tanya shares from James 4 about how to live like you're a part of God's kingdom.
8 min
Why You Love Gossip | New Testament | James 3
Are you controlled by your tongue? Here's a challenge: go 24 hours without gossiping, complaining or saying anything unkind. Can you pass? Keith shares about the power your words hold and what they reveal about your heart according to James 3.
10 min
What Can You Offer? | New Testament | James 2
How do you react to people in need? Is prayer enough? Tanya discusses the role that God's family should play in the lives of others according to James 2. What do you have that could help someone else?
9 min
Is Deconstruction OK? | New Testament | James 1
Deconstruction is asking questions of God. Is this healthy or unhealthy? Is there a right way to do it? Is it ever okay to doubt God? In today's episode, Patrick discusses the outcomes of questioning God according to James 1.
11 min
How History Changed Forever | New Testament | M...
You've made it to the end of Matthew! The resurrection might not be news to you, but it changed the course of history forever. In today's episode, Jensen discusses Matthew 28 and the impact it has on your life.
11 min
Do You Go Follow the Crowd? | New Testament | M...
Are you still trying to gain the approval of the world? What do you do when the crowd seems to be against you? Are you able to decipher what is true and what isn't? In today's episode, Tanya looks at Matthew 27 to discuss how Jesus equips you with everything you need.
10 min
Was Jesus Scared of Death? | New Testament | Ma...
What had Jesus trembling in the garden? What cup did he ask God to take from him? Was Jesus afraid of physical suffering? In today's episode, Keith looks at Matthew 26 and shares what Jesus's death accomplished.
8 min
Will You Settle For a Participation Trophy? | N...
The kingdom of God doesn't work like your 2nd grade soccer team. So what does it look like to have an active faith? Can faith alone save us? In today's episode, Jensen uses Matthew 25 to discuss what real faith looks like.
12 min
How to Follow Jesus in 2023 | New Testament | M...
You've been through a lot in the past few years. From COVID to political unrest, following Jesus today is hard. Jesus tells us to expect suffering. In today's episode, Patrick uses Matthew 24 to discuss how to respond to such suffering.
8 min
Do You Practice What You Preach? | New Testamen...
Do you care if your life doesn't match biblical truth? Do you want to appear holy and religious, but fail to accept sin? You might be in danger of the sin patterns that Jesus condemns in Matthew 23. Listen as Jensen shares our only hope.
12 min
How to Get to Heaven | New Testament | Matthew 22
If you follow all of God's rules, will you get to heaven? What qualifies you for God's kingdom? Is the kingdom of God fair? In today's episode, Tanya shares what qualifies you for eternal life according to Matthew 22.
8 min
The Type of King Jesus Is | New Testament | Mat...
What comes to mind when you hear, "King Jesus"? What was so revolutionary about his coming? Is Jesus similar to kings like Caesar? In today's episode, Keith uses Matthew 21 to discuss what made Jesus's kingship so revolutionary.
7 min
What Are You Entitled To? | New Testament | Mat...
Do you always get what you deserve? What do you feel like you're entitled to? Is entitlement a generational issue? In today's episode, Patrick uses Matthew 20 to discuss how entitlement plagues all people.
5 min
Are You on the Path to Destruction? | New Testa...
Where has God put you in your life? What takes real courage in your life? How are you at managing your responsibilities? Can you find contentment where you are? In today's episode, Patrick shares the difference between the path to life and the path to destruction as told by Matthew 19.
8 min