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What's Left of the Religious Right? (1990 - ...
This week is the finale of our three-part series on the religious right! If you missed it, go back to parts one and two, where we cover the history of Christianity in politics and how evangelicalism has become a political term (at least in some cases). In this episode, we break down three issues that led to the splitting of evangelicalism: Race, women's rights, and sex. Listen now to learn more!
83 min
Greg Locke: A Jerk for Jesus?
This week's episode is with Greg Locke, Founding and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Greg refers to himself as a "jerk for Jesus." But does Jesus want jerk in his name? Hopefully, this episode presents an example of healthy, charitable disagreement as our host, Patrick Miller, debates Greg on a variety of issues in our modern world. Greg shares his background and how he became a pastor. Patrick and Greg then discuss Christian Nationalism and whether or not this phrase applies to Greg. Later in this episode, these two dive into the effects of COVID-19, shutting down in-person worship services, and their differing views on the COVID-19 vaccine. Tune in now!
77 min
David Gushee: A Conversation with a Post-Evange...
In this week's episode, Patrick speaks with Dr. David Gushee about his life as a post-Evangelical. Dr. Gushee is a professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University and author of many books, including "After Evangelicalism: The New Path To A New Christianity." Dr. Gushee shares what he's learned in his experience in academia, the politics that come along with that, and his involvement with the Obama campaign. He and Patrick discuss the entitlement to cultural power and the transition to a political strategy from an evangelical one. Dr. Gushee also gives us a better understanding of Progressive Evangelicalism and historical realism, ending on the topic of the LGBTQ community and views on polygamy. Listen now!
63 min
The Metaverse for Morons: How You Must Prepare
Let's be honest: We're probably ALL morons when it comes to the metaverse! So, in this episode of Truth Over Tribe, we're doing our best to break it down for you. Keith and Patrick dive into what the metaverse is... well, Patrick teaches us and Keith asks the questions most of us are wondering. Today these two explore the origins of the metaverse, how technology has affected the church, what happens to our character when we focus more on our online persona than who we are in person, and most importantly, how you must prepare for this monumental technological change. Listen now for a deep dive into this digital world!
69 min
The Rise and Fall of the Religious Right (1961-...
This week is the second of a three-part series about the religious right. In the first part of this series, we focused on 1945-1960, when America began to think of itself as a Christian nation. In today's episode, we focus on the '60s, '70s, and '80s, when the religious right forms and the Moral Majority begins. We discuss the role that Billy Graham played in politics, second-wave feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, and other impactful events from this period that caused the religious right to not only form, but begin to collapse.
79 min
John Fea: Is America a Christian Nation?
This week on Truth Over Tribe, host Keith Simon and guest John Fea discuss whether or not America was founded as a Christian nation. John is a professor of American History at Messiah College and author of multiple books, including "The Way of Improvement Leads Home: Philip Vickers Fithian and the Rural Enlightenment in America." Diving further into American history, Keith and John discuss Christian nationalism and dissect the phrase "Make America Great Again." Was there a time when America was better than it is today? Lastly, we take a look at how the meaning of evangelicalism has evolved over the years. Listen now!
58 min
Should Christians Watch Squid Game?
BONUS episode! This episode is about the top-rated Netflix show Squid Game. In the first part of this show, Patrick answers, "Is Squid Game too violent?" Spoilers follow this question in the next half, where Patrick takes us through 6 takeaways from the series and how Squid Game takes down reality you won't want to miss. Listen now!
27 min
What the Religious Right Got Wrong: Evangelical...
This week's episode is the first of a three-part series about the rise of the religious right. Today, we focus on Evangelicalism as we go through history to discuss what it means to be evangelical and why it can be both theological and political. We then dive right into what led evangelical Christians to become political and the effect of the Supreme Court ruling that stated it's unconstitutional to have state-led prayers in public schools. Listen now!
48 min
Os Guinness: Politics According to the Bible
This week on Truth Over Tribe, Patrick sits down with Os Guinness to discuss what the Bible has to say about politics. Os is an author and social critic who has written or edited more than 30 books. This episode includes insights into various revolutions, and Os teaches us about revolutionary liberationism, a cultural Marxist idea. Os and Patrick also discuss hierarchical structures and if the Bible is a source for political and social thinking. Power becomes a theme and how the Bible's critique of power differs from the postmodern critique of power. Listen now for a fresh perspective of American Christianity.
49 min
The Rise of Woke Capitalism
If you commercialize social activism or service, does that cheapen social justice? Should CEOs of a company use their company's platform to enforce their ethical agenda? In today's episode, Keith and Patrick take a look at these questions and many more. They discuss the moral limitations to what capitalism should be involved in. They start with LLCs and the dark side that can live in an LLC. Then you'll hear a deep dive into shareholder and stakeholder capitalism and the problems that can come with each: dangerous hypocrisy, covering up wrongdoings, a lack of social trust, and more. Listen now for a complete discussion on the rise of woke capitalism.
104 min
Justin Giboney: Christians and Politics DO Mix
In this week's episode, Justin Giboney joins the show to discuss why Christians should be involved in politics. Justin is the Co-Founder of the AND Campaign, whose mission is to educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement. Should the church be involved in politics? You'll get to listen to Justin and Keith discuss just that, plus you'll learn about the aspects of politics that are tearing our country apart. Tune in now!
41 min
Is Jesus Political?
Is Jesus political? Is he on the left or the right? In this week's episode, we dive deep into whether or not Jesus even cares about politics. You'll hear us define what a politic is, and then we look into the idea of Heaven and how that might help us decide on Jesus's politics. Later in the episode, we discuss temptations and how addiction to power plays a role in religion and politics. Tune in now!
47 min
John Mark Comer: Who Killed American Christianity?
This week, Patrick sits down with John Mark Comer to talk about Christianity in today's world. John Mark, author and pastor, shares his story of how he started following Jesus. Then you'll hear John Mark and Patrick dive right into topics such as the meaning of evangelicalism, especially in current times, and the problem with celebrity culture and Christianity. They also give insights into the cultural shifts challenging faithfulness to Jesus and how we can move forward. Tune in now!
50 min
How Tribalism Is Ruining Your Life
America is more divided now than at any other time in history (except the civil war, of course). The church is no different. The fissures aren't healing. They're expanding. Why? Is there any hope to heal? Keith Simon and Patrick Miller explore the roots of tribalism with executive producer Daniel Moore and look at Jesus' answer to the problem.
56 min