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A Christian Take on Elon Musk's Twitter Takeove...
You've probably seen more than a few memes poking fun at progressives for declaring Twitter's sale the apocalypse. Conversely, some conservatives seem to think Elon will usher in the kingdom of God... or at the very least usher Trump back on to his ex-favorite platform. We're all wondering: are Elon's proposed changes the path to paradise or hell? To help us unpack that question, Patrick interviews Chris Martin, a leading Christian expert on social media, and the author of Terms of Service: The Real Cost of Social Media. He offers a sober, cautiously optimistic take on what might happen. This is a conversation you don't want to miss.
46 min
What God Says About Your Body with Sam Allberry
This week's guest on Truth Over Tribe is Sam Allberry, a writer and a pastor, who joins Keith to discuss our relationship with our bodies. Sam's most recent book, What God Has to Say About Our Bodies, answers many of the questions we wrestle with today. Their discussion covers stereotypes of masculinity and feminity, how we psychologically and physically perceive ourselves (and which takes precedence), and how the Bible brings good news for our bodies. Listen now!
36 min
DEBATE: What Does the Bible REALLY Say About War?
Today on Truth Over Tribe, we're bringing you the final episode in our Just War vs. Non-Violence 3-part series. If you haven't listened to the first two episodes, go back and listen now: The Biblical Theology of Violence + Should Christians Go To War?. In this episode, we finally get the debate we've been waiting for! Keith and Patrick ask each other clarifying questions about their respective positions: Keith on defending just war and Patrick on non-violence. Which is closest to what the Bible actually says about war? Tune in now!
111 min
Should Christians Go To War?
Today on Truth Over Tribe, we're bringing the second episode in a 3-part series about just war and non-violence. In the first episode, we covered the biblical theology of violence (go back and listen if you haven't already!). This episode features Keith's and Patrick's steel man arguments on just war vs. non-violence. The final episode will end with a debate between the two. Today, you'll hear Keith and Patrick each present their steel man arguments. Patrick's position is for Christian non-violence, which he describes as different from pacifism. He defends his stance by answering the question, "What does the Bible actually say about war?" Keith, then, makes a biblical case for just war, stating that it seeks to protect innocent third parties from gross injustice. Keith presents his argument with four key questions that a government should ask themselves before deciding to go to war. Tune in now!
84 min
The Biblical Theology of Violence
In this episode of Truth Over Tribe, we're bringing the first in a 3-part series about just war and non-violence. This series will cover the biblical theology of violence, Keith's and Patrick's steel man arguments on just war vs. non-violence, and will end with a debate between the two. Today, you'll hear Keith and Patrick go through what the Bible has to say about violence, discussing the first examples of human-on-human violence, themes we see from prophets, and how messages from different periods in the Bible vary from others. Tune in for a deep dive into the theology of violence and gear up for Keith and Patrick's debate coming in the following episode.
80 min
Building a Multiethnic Church with Sean Boone
On this week's episode of Truth Over Tribe, Keith sits down with Sean Boone, a church planter in one of the most racially divided cities in America: Ferguson, Missouri. He and Keith get into what it means to be a multiethnic church and how his church's goal isn't simply integration; it's a lifestyle of assimilation. Boone tells us his incredible story: his life before following Christ, how his mother going to prison affected him, his life in the drug and gang culture, and his eventual "come to Jesus" moment. Hear him share his perspective on building a multiethnic church in a predominantly white denomination and learn how you can help this life-changing cause.
83 min
The Bachelor's Clayton Echard: Faith, Sex, and ...
Our most dramatic episode yet! 🌹 Can we steal you for a second? What happens when Clayton Echard, ABC's most recent Bachelor, sits down with his former pastor?! Although it's the first time Keith and Clayton have officially met, you'll hear Clayton get honest about his faith, premarital sex and the fantasy suites, following his heart, and what it's really like behind the scenes on a reality dating show. Plus, does Clayton see himself as irreparably damaged from all of the post-show drama? No topic is off-limits, so buckle up. The journey starts ... right now!
46 min
The (De)Meaning of Marriage in the New York Times
Does our society really need marriage after all? Can't couples who want to spend the rest of their lives together just cohabitate? And can't co-parenting outside of marriage work just fine for kids? It's obvious that the concept of marriage has shifted quite a bit over the years (even within the church). And the truth is that if we continue to redefine it, we risk losing the tremendous value marriage provides to society. In this episode, Patrick, Keith, and Dan discuss the ways in which our culture has redefined and demeaned the institution of marriage. Citing examples from recent articles in The New York Times, they call out the elite's hypocritical motives behind their agenda. Tune in now!
74 min
Aimee Byrd: Does Christian Culture Sell Women S...
Have you ever felt that Christian culture sells women short by undervaluing their calling and not allowing them to fully utilize their gifts? Do phrases like "women's role in the Church" get under your skin? You're not alone. Today, Patrick talks with Aimee Byrd to explore this very topic. Aimee, the author of Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, shares her theology and how the Church's teaching on gender often negatively affects Christians. Aimee also helps us understand what she means by "gynocentric interruptions" and why this is crucial to forming a more biblically sound theology of gender.
44 min
NFTs for N00bs
What the heck are NFTs?! What does one do with an NFT? Are they worth all the hype? If you've ever found yourself asking these questions, this episode is for you, n00bie! Today, Patrick and Keith dive into the world of NFTs and the blockchain to help you better understand this new digital frontier. Patrick breaks it all down in Layman's terms (for which Keith is thankful!), leading the two to have a well-rounded, ethical conversation about how we as Christians should approach the digital world.
83 min
Luke Goodrich: Is Religious Liberty in Danger?
Today on Truth Over Tribe, we have Luke Goodrich joining us to discuss religious liberty. Luke is the Senior Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, arguing (and winning!) essential cases before the Supreme Court. He's also the author of the book, Free To Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America. You'll hear Luke and Keith discuss the ways religious liberty has been used as a cover for discrimination and they'll suggest how Christians should approach this foundational, American freedom. To conclude, the two dissect the infamous Equality Act and explain how it could prove to be a danger to the future of religious liberty. Tune in now!
48 min
Phillip M. Holmes: Redeeming the Legacy of Malc...
Today's episode of Truth Over Tribe features Phillip M. Holmes, CCO for Reformed Theological Seminary and co-host of the Make It Plain podcast. Hear Holmes take a Christian approach to exploring (and redeeming) the legacy of Malcolm X. In this episode, we discuss the history of this human rights activist and answer the question: Was Malcolm X really pro-violence after all? Phillip and Patrick also touch on the differences between Malcolm X and MLK and how the media can mold people and movements into symbols. Tune in now!
53 min
Ukraine, War, and Dictators: What Does the Bibl...
BONUS Episode: Unless you're living under a rock, you know that something is happening between Ukraine and Russia. How should Christians approach this heartbreaking situation? The truth is: the Bible is not silent on such matters. That's why we're bringing you this bonus episode. In it, Keith and Patrick lay out what the Bible says about war and dictators, and how God's Word applies to Russia's attacks on Ukraine. Tune in as we seek to understand together how Christians should respond.
24 min
Mark Sayers: Is Post-Christian America Too Far ...
Is America in the middle of renewal right now? Or is our post-Christian culture too far gone? Today's guest, Mark Sayers, joins Patrick to discuss these very questions. Mark, an author and church leader in Melbourne, Australia, shares how secular myths have led to a culture that's replaced religion with politics. Hear as he also shares his thoughts on the Metaverse, Christianity within Gen-Z, and how he believes God is still setting the stage for renewal. Listen now!
44 min
Rachel Gilson: Born Again This Way
What is it like to be a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction? Find out this week on Truth Over Tribe when Patrick sits down to talk with Rachel Gilson. Author of "Born This Way: Coming Out, Coming to Faith, and What Comes Next," Rachel gets personal with us about how she first realized she was sexually attracted to other women, how she became a Christian, and how she has struggled to reconcile those two realities. As we learn more about her, the conversation then opens up to gay identities and relationships in the Bible and the many layers of gender and sexuality. Tune in now!
59 min
Featured Podcast: "Make It Plain" on Malcolm X
We're shaking things up! In this week's episode, we're featuring another podcast: Make It Plain! In this podcast, hosts Phillip M. Holmes and Taelor Gray offer Christian reflections on the words and life of the controversial civil rights leader, Malcolm X. Today, Patrick is sharing his personal favorite Make It Plain episode. You'll hear Holmes and Gray discuss how the perception of Malcolm X was unfairly and inaccurately shaped by the media. They'll also explore the ways that Malcolm X lived through (and predicted) the power of the press to slander and spin stories. Listen now!
52 min
The 2022 Beijing Olympics: How Should Christian...
Hot take: The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are the moral equivalent of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. How? Find out in today's episode as we walk you through the history and current events surrounding the Chinese Communist Party and its alarming human rights violations. How should Christians respond to this year's Olympic games in light of the CCP? Plus, you'll also hear Keith and Patrick shed light on the hypocrisy of American businesses and individuals who refuse to take a stand against China when money is involved. Listen now!
59 min
O Say, Can You Meritocracy?
Is America really a meritocracy after all? Do people who work hard and play by the rules get ahead? Or is the system just rigged against you from the start? That's what Keith, Patrick, and Dan are discussing in this week's episode of Truth Over Tribe. The three get into an interesting debate about how much of a person's success should be attributed to hard work vs. good luck. They provide a definition of meritocracy, discuss its pros and cons, compare it to aristocracy, and given all of that, they ask again: Is America actually set up this way? Listen now!
66 min
Derwin Gray: Do Politics Belong in Sports?
This week on Truth Over Tribe, Derwin Gray joins the show to answer the question: Do politics and social justice issues belong in sports? Derwin is a former NFL player, current author, and lead pastor of Transformation Church, a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped community in North Carolina. Today, he shares how and why social justice issues can be part of an athlete's platform. We also learn about Derwin's childhood and how that has shaped him today. Plus, Derwin shares how he found his faith in God from a fellow football player. Listen now!
57 min
Michael Porter Jr.: Being a Christian in the NBA
In this episode, Denver Nuggets forward, Michael Porter Jr., joins our host, Keith Simon, to discuss what it's like to be a Christian NBA player and the importance of keeping your character, faith, and values strong in secular environments. Hear MPJ share what it was like going from a sheltered homeschool upbringing to playing college basketball to joining the NBA. You'll also hear MPJ explain what it means to lose your religion and find your faith and how much he attributes his athletic accomplishments to hard work vs. good luck. Listen now!
38 min
Phil Vischer: Life After Veggie Tales
In this episode of Truth Over Tribe, Keith talks with Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales. Phil is now one of the hosts of Holy Post, a podcast about politics and culture relating to the Christian Church. He challenges Christians to give their loyalty to Jesus, not politicians. Today, these two discuss Phil's motivation behind the creation of Veggie Tales and they also dive into Phil's views today on Christianity and politics. Phil shares how growing up with a high-functioning Christian ministry family has shaped his current beliefs. They also cover evangelicalism and what it was like to be an evangelical in the Trump era. Tune in now!
49 min
Rod Dreher: Totalitarianism in America?
On this episode of Truth Over Tribe, Keith is joined by guest Rod Dreher to discuss his new book, Live Not by Lies. Rod is an American writer and senior editor at The American Conservative. Today, Rod explains the meaning behind the title of his book and shares stories of those that lived under tyranny in the Soviet Union. He discusses "soft" and "hard" totalitarianism and describes what we are facing today: Are we headed for "A Brave New World" in America? Listen now!
57 min
How To Change Your Habits (For Good!)
This week on Truth Over Tribe, we are discussing how to form new habits. Habits, good and bad, rule our lives and shape the kind of person we become. Today, we dissect what a habit is and how they form, leading to a better understanding of developing positive habits. We learn that it helps to redirect your habits through cue and reward, plus we share some reward systems that can help to create new habits. There are many processes to forming habits, and today we hope to help with the small choices that build impactful, long-term ones. Listen now!
40 min
Beth Allison Barr: The Role of Women in the Church
On this week's episode of Truth Over Tribe, Patrick talks with Beth Allison Barr. Dr. Barr is associate professor of history and associate dean of the Graduate School at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She specializes in medieval history, women's history, and church history. Today, the two discuss the role of women in the church, including a friendly debate where Dr. Barr shares her history expertise that supports her view. As a whole, this conversation promotes the types of discussions we hope to have inside and outside of this podcast: an open dialogue with a shared belief about Jesus's authority. Tune in now!
88 min
Multiverse Madness: A No-Spoiler Spider-Man Review
On today's special episode of Truth Over Tribe, we bring to you a no-spoiler review of Spider-Man: No Way Home. We are asking the question, "What does Spider-Man tell us about our world?" Patrick shares what Spider-Man is all about and why Spider-Man is relatable; we are all Spider-Man. If you want the full experience, you can watch this review on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe while you're there!
8 min