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Tired of the culture war? This is that podcast that’s too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals. We seek to follow the lamb, not the donkey or elephant.

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What Do Demonic Powers Have To Do with Politics...
Are dark spiritual powers at play in American politics?
57 min
OUT NOW: “Truth Over Tribe” …the Book! 📕 (Hear ...
Hear an exclusive preview from Keith and Patrick's new book.
30 min
Why The Church Failed to "Cure" Homosexuality w...
Hear why the ex-gay movement failed (and where Christians should go from here).
57 min
Love Does Choose Truth Over Tribe with Bob Goff
Bob Goff joins Keith and Patrick live in studio to discuss how Christians can love others, despite differences in politics.
64 min
American Media: Out with the Old, In with the N...
Many of us simply assume that media headlines are reality. But is the media acting in good faith? Or are they serving a political agenda? In this episode, Patrick is joined by Ashley Rindsberg to discuss the power American media, namely the New York Times, has had in controlling narratives and altering history.
56 min
Walking the Transgender Movement Away from the ...
In this episode, Patrick sits down with journalist, Jonathan Rauch. Although he identifies as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, Jonathan recently wrote an article, "Walking the Transgender Moment Away from the Extremists," which challenges the current trans narrative. Hear as he explains how radical gender ideology has overtaken the trans movement and urges trans moderates to reclaim it.
58 min
Seek First the Kingdom of... America? with Bria...
What happens when a Never-Trumper pastors a church in the middle of Trump country? This week, Keith talks to Brian Zahnd to find out. Hear as Brian explains why Christian nationalism isn't biblical, why so many Evangelicals have been co-opted by the Republican party, and what the ramifications are for a church that chooses America over Jesus. Listen now!
64 min
State of the Tribal Union + A Big Announcement ...
Has today’s tribalistic culture gotten any better? Or are we becoming even more divided? On this episode, Keith and Patrick give a state of the (tribal) union, exploring recent events as case studies: The FBI's recent search of Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida Rights and Parental Advocation Act, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, monkeypox, and more. Plus, don’t miss their big announcement: They wrote a book!
67 min
The REAL Cost of Social Media? Your Privacy.
For anyone with a social media account (isn't that all of us?), this episode should be required listening. Today, we're welcoming Chris Martin back on the podcast! Chris is a social media, marketing, and communications consultant and author of Terms of Services: The Real Cost of Social Media. On this episode, Chris and Patrick discuss why censorship isn't the real issue to be concerned with when it comes to social media, but rather, your privacy. Hear as he takes us on a deep dive into the structures of how social media's algorithms and AI function, how data and personal information is gathered, and most importantly... how they use that information. Listen now!
48 min
Talking About Race with Isaac Adams
Conversations about race aren't going away. In fact, they're just getting started. This week on Truth Over Tribe, Patrick talks with speaker and author Isaac Adams about just that. Isaac is the founder of United We Pray, a ministry dedicated to prayer for racial strife, and is the author of Talking About Race: Gospel Hope for Hard Conversations. Hear Isaac share several resources and tips for helping direct our conversations about race in the right direction. Listen now!
54 min
The Revolt of the Public with Martin Gurri
The elites used to control the narrative. Now? The public is revolting and the elites are panicking. How did we get here? This week on Truth Over Tribe, Keith talks with former CIA analyst Martin Gurri to find out. Gurri published a book in 2014, "The Revolt of the Public," where he correctly predicted the cultural chaos we have been experiencing the past few years. Today, he and Keith dissect what has gotten us to this point: What caused the narrative shift away from the elites? Why has the public lost trust in institutions? And most importantly, is there any way institutions can repair this lack of trust? Tune in now!
56 min
Should We Trust Our Institutions? with Yuval Levin
In such a polarizing climate, trusting our leaders and institutions has become difficult. Many feel repeatedly failed by institutions, leaving a crisis in authority. So, where do we go from here? This week, Keith sits down with one of today's most influential conservative intellectuals, Yuval Levin, to find out. Yuval is the Director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and the author of several books, including "A Time to Build," which speaks to this issue. Learn why he believes that repairing our trust in institutions is the start to reviving the American dream.
49 min
Why is America Obsessed with Outsiders?
America loves outsiders. See: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, AOC. But why? In this third installment of our series on celebrity culture, Keith and Patrick discuss how outsiderism developed in the US and how it's now infiltrating the church. They consider how access to information has led to a loss of institutional credibility, fostering an anti-institutional era and paving the way for outsiders to thrive. Plus, how should Christians respond? Listen now!
81 min
O Say, Can You Stand? with NBA Forward Jonathan...
Remember the name, Jonathan Isaac, from back in 2020? Isaac was the lone NBA player not to kneel for the national anthem amid a league-wide demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter following George Floyd's death. In today's episode, Keith sits down with him to discuss this decision and other revelations from his recent book, "Why I Stand." Hear Isaac open up about his past mental health struggles with anxiety and how he ultimately found freedom in Christ by way of the people God put in his path. Plus, what's it really like to be a Christian in the NBA? Find out!
35 min
FAQs on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade
On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights. This decision has generated celebration for pro-lifers, fury for pro-choicers, and confusion for many, including Christians. In today's bonus episode, Patrick and Keith tackle your most challenging questions related to this historic decision. Hear them address FAQs such as: Won't women just pursue illegal abortions now? What about abortions to save women's lives? What about cases of rape and incest? What happens now regarding contraception and IVF? Legally, should SCOTUS really have overturned 50 years of precedent? Listen as they explain why it all really comes down to one question: Is the unborn a person?
74 min
Who Created Celebrity Christian Culture? You Did.
Welcome to the second, spicy installment in our series on celebrity pastors! In the first episode, Keith and Patrick used Hillsong Church as a case study to show the cyclical process of celebrity church culture. This week, we're looking back to discover who's to blame. How did the church get here to begin with? Spoiler alert: It all started when the church became democratized and power transferred to the hands of "we the people." This episode is packed with context! We discuss the Reformation, the formation of denominations, the skepticism of institutions, the rise of anti-intellectualism, the influence of the suburbs, and what happens when celebrity Christian leaders position themselves beyond accountability. Plus, how we can end the celebrity church culture we helped to create? Listen now!
66 min
Who Was the Real Jane Roe? with Joshua Prager
You may not know the name, Norma McCorvey, but you definitely know the name, Jane Roe, AKA one-half of Roe v. Wade. In today's episode, Keith talks with author, Joshua Prager, to discover who the real Jane Roe really was. The two go beyond the moral, philosophical, and theological arguments associated with abortion and discuss the people involved behind one of the most contentious debates in modern America. Joshua shares insights from his recently published book, "The Family Roe: An American Story," a project backed by ten years of research that seeks to humanize the infamous SCOTUS case. Plus, what does he believe will happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned? Listen now!
53 min
Would You Wear an LGBTQ+ Pride Patch? An Interv...
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, Jason Adam, and four of his teammates opted not to wear LGBTQ+ pride patches on the Rays' "Pride Night." In the week that followed, Jason Adam was called a bigot by other players, the sports media, and plenty of MLB fans. In this episode, Keith talks with Jason about why he made his decision and explores how Christians can be faithful to Jesus' sexual ethic without acting hateful toward those who disagree.
46 min
Here I Am To Worship (My Celebrity Pastor)
America loves celebrity culture, but how did the church get there too? This week on Truth Over Tribe, you'll hear the first in our new series on celebrity pastors. In this episode, Patrick and Keith discuss Carl Lentz and Hillsong Church as a case study, dissecting why we love witnessing the creation and dissolution of celebrity pastors and churches. Later, they explore the cyclical process of celebrity church culture: how Christians demand it and how the media then creates celebrities, consumes them, and ultimately, builds public distrust in the local church. Listen now!
80 min
When Culture Cancels You with Mumford & Sons’ W...
Mum's the word? Well, not for Winston Marshall. This week, the Mumford & Sons' former banjoist joins Patrick to discuss his cancel culture experience that all stemmed from a single tweet. Hear Marshall share on this complex journey that ultimately caused him to leave the band. Plus, where does he stand now? What role has his faith played in it all? And does he regret his decision (or the tweet that started it)? Listen now as he and Patrick dissect cancel culture and discuss why we must reclaim the role of forgiveness.
38 min
"I Left My Lesbian Lover for Jesus" with Rosari...
This week's guest on Truth Over Tribe is Rosaria Butterfield, a former English Professor at Syracuse University who was once in a long-term lesbian relationship. Rosaria is now a follower of Jesus and her passion for radical hospitality makes that evident. Today, she joins Keith to discuss how she began following Jesus and how hospitable relationships played a vital role in her conversion to Christianity. She challenges Keith by sharing why she believes that homosexual desires should always be getting smaller in the life of a believer. Tune in now!
76 min
The Southern Baptist Convention: Why Sexual Abu...
Our hearts break for the victims of sexual abuse in the SBC, knowing that many of them could have spared. It’s time to mourn with victims, not protect abusers and the abusive systems that protect them. In this episode, Patrick and Keith go into detail about the SBC sexual abuse report and explore what needs to change in evangelicalism to protect victims and survivors, hold past abusers accountable, and stop future abusers from stepping into pulpits.
35 min
Overturning Roe v. Wade: What Does the Bible Sa...
With the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade on the horizon, it's likely you've been hearing a lot about abortion lately. In today's bonus episode, Keith and Patrick sit down to discuss this complicated and sensitive issue through the lens of scripture and in light of our current cultural moment. What does the Bible say about abortion? What will happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned? And what does all of this mean for the future of the pro-life and pro-choice movements? Listen now as Keith and Patrick navigate these very questions.
75 min
Woke Media Hypocrisy with Batya Ungar-Sargon
This week's guest on Truth Over Tribe is Batya Ungar-Sargon, Deputy Opinion Editor of Newsweek and writer of Bad News: How Woke Media is Undermining Democracy. A self-identifying socialist, Batya shares the importance of the working class and how the goal of socialism is to be on their side. In this episode, she and Keith discuss socialism, toxicity in the media, and how cultural Marxism differs from economic socialism. Tune in now!
43 min
Is Self-Care a False Gospel?
This week on Truth Over Tribe, Patrick and Keith go head-to-head with one of the loudest messages in our culture today: self-care and wellness. They discuss this phenomenon from a few different viewpoints and explain why self-care is so marketable and widely accepted in American culture. They look at the scientific, consumeristic, and intuitional approaches to how people today view self-care and personal wellness and how this concept has even infiltrated the church. But should Christians be buying into this movement? Or is self-care actually a false gospel? Listen now!
56 min