Truth Over Tribe: Christian Takes on ...

Tired of the culture war? This is that podcast that’s too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals. We seek to follow the lamb, not the donkey or elephant.

News Commentary
Religion & Spirituality
What Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmo...
What does this No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart reveal about our current cultural moment?
66 min
A Christ-Centered Approach to Antiracism with M...
Why Colorblindness Isn't the Best Approach to Racism
53 min
Reclaiming the Thrill of Orthodoxy with Trevin Wax
If evangelicals are divided over primary truths, why only argue over secondary issues?
52 min
The Simple (But Surprising!) Secret to a Happy ...
What really makes for a happy and fulfilling life?
59 min
The Collateral Damage of the Christian Culture ...
Can Christian "orphans" reclaim their faith?
49 min
Is Your Understanding of the Gospel All Wrong? ...
Reclaim the message of the Gospel (and its role in your life)
58 min
How To Prepare for the 2024 Presidential Electi...
Ready your heart and mind for another divisive election season
41 min
What Paul’s Letter to the American Church Would...
What cultural issues are worth (and not worth) fighting for?
47 min
A Positive Vision for Masculinity
Has our culture changed in a way that disadvantages men?
65 min
A Christian Case for Secular Government with Mi...
Should Christians feel threatened by secularism?
54 min
The Evolution of Modern Conservatism with Matth...
The history (and future) of the Republican Party
48 min
The Bible is for Food-Obsessed People with Aart...
Why is food so important in the Bible?
47 min
Are Atheists Reconsidering Christianity? with J...
Are secular thinkers considering Christianity again?
64 min
How Your Generation Affects Your Work Ethic wit...
How your generation shapes your work ethic, your view of institutions, and your thoughts on the church
47 min
Why Americans Read Less (& Why We Should Care M...
How lower literacy rates are impacting the culture and the church
59 min
Remembering Tim Keller and What He Taught Us Ab...
Remembering one of the 21st century’s most influential church leaders
62 min
The Sex Book That Broke the (Christian) Interne...
Did Beautiful Union help or harm the Christian narrative around sex?
60 min
Remixing Religion with Tara Isabella Burton
Americans aren’t abandoning religion; they’re remixing it.
64 min
The Gospel of Artificial Intelligence? with Lov...
Can Christians subvert AI for Gospel purposes?
58 min
Time Management is a Myth with Oliver Burkeman
How to live in the present and accept life's finitude
49 min
Are Our Institutions Untrustworthy? with Bonnie...
Is low institutional trust in America merited?
52 min
What To Expect When No One's Expecting
The global fertility rate is declining. Is that a big deal?
80 min
Can Local Politics Make a Comeback? with the Ho...
Why Local, Not National, Politics Deserve More of Your Attention
53 min
Christians vs. Culture: Get Used to the Tension
Why is there so much tension between Christians and today’s culture?
51 min
Hey American Christian, You're an Exile! with P...
Why American Christians Should View Themselves as Exiles
61 min