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Tired of the culture war? This is that podcast that’s too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals. We seek to follow the lamb, not the donkey or elephant.

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Society & Culture
Hey American Christian, You're an Exile! with P...
Why American Christians Should View Themselves as Exiles
61 min
“America’s Worst Mom” on the Dangers of Overpro...
How helicopter parenting does more harm than good
52 min
Asbury Revival vs. He Gets Us: What’s the Best ...
Which movement will impact the most lives long-term?
62 min
A Little (More) Conversation: Improve Your Comm...
Ready to have deeper relationships with the people in your life?
58 min
Antiracism Isn’t The Answer with George Yancey
An Alternative Approach to Healing the Racial Divide
49 min
How Extremism Threatens the Country (And the Ch...
A counterterrorism expert exposes the reality of extremist threats
61 min
Should Christianity Today Stop Emphasizing Chur...
Has CT made a shift in its frequency of covering church scandals and abuse?
86 min
Should Christians Play Video Games? with Reagan...
Why Christians Should Rethink the World of Gaming
46 min
God Save the Spare: What Prince Harry’s Book Re...
Do we view tradition as a launching ground or as a statue that must be toppled?
38 min
Is Jackie Hill Perry Comfortable Being a Celebr...
How Jackie Hill Perry Feels About Politics, Homosexuality, Celebrity Christians, and More
49 min
Jesus Cares About Politics (And You Should Too!...
Why Engaging in Politics is a Must for Christians
58 min
Are We All Narcissists? with Chuck DeGroat
It’s easy to throw the term around and try to diagnose others, but what is a true narcissist?
47 min
The (Un)Definition of Marriage: A Response to M...
Can anyone really explain why marriage exists?
69 min
Is the Transgender Movement Erasing Women? with...
Why today's transgender movement is regressive, outdated, and an insult to women
47 min
Good Christian Media Does Exist! with The Chose...
What's The Chosen's secret to captivating audiences?
50 min
Winsome Wars: Should Christians Be Culture Warr...
Should Christians use power to change society?
57 min
Robot Theology with Joshua K. Smith
A Christian perspective on artificial intelligence and robots
60 min
A Racial Reconciliation Playbook with Derwin Gray
What does the Bible say about race? (A lot!)
37 min
Evangelical Epidemic: The Celebrity Pastor Prob...
Can Evangelicals break the celebrity pastor cycle?
51 min
Why Christian Nationalism Corrupts Christianity...
What's so wrong with Christian nationalism?
51 min
DEBUNKED: Religious and Political Myths You're ...
Is your view of American religion and politics based on data? Or myths?
70 min
Understanding Zoomers from A to Gen Z with Josh...
Characteristics, Trends, and Predictions on Gen Z
42 min
Women Lost The Sexual Revolution with Louise Perry
Should Christian sexual ethics make a comeback?
42 min
Is America *Really* Post-Christian? with Glen S...
How Christianity Radically Reshaped the West
57 min
Playing the Political Long Game with David French
Is it really the worst time to be a Christian in our nation's history?
68 min