Truth Over Tribe: Christian Takes on ...

Tired of the culture war? This is that podcast that’s too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals. We seek to follow the lamb, not the donkey or elephant.

News Commentary
Religion & Spirituality
The Meritocracy Myth with Daniel Markovits
Is America’s Achievement-Oriented Society a Sham?
47 min
The End of End Times Theology with Daniel Hummel
Examining the Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism
61 min
Is a Smartphone a Dumb Idea for Kids?
How Smartphones and Social Media Are Destroying Children’s Mental Health
75 min
Making Pro-Lifers Less Weird with Josh Brahm
Will the pro-life movement decline with religious decline?
63 min
Christian Deconstruction: What I Wish I’d Known...
How can the Church support Christians who are deconstructing?
53 min
Two-Parent Privilege with Melissa Kearney
Why the decline in marriage is hurting our children
51 min
How the “Trump Bible,” Christ is King Movement,...
Can Christians be politically involved without corrupting the Church's witness?
75 min
The Stigma of Faith in Sports with Jason Romano
How sports media does (and doesn't) cover faith
48 min
4 Political Religions To Avoid with Joshua Butler
How to keep political ideologies from turning into partisan idolatry
60 min
Can Christians Pledge Allegiance to God AND Cou...
Is there a place for patriotism in the Christian life?
51 min
Got 99 Problems, But a Solution Ain’t One
How To Live for a Positive Vision
63 min
Have American Evangelicals Lost Their Purpose? ...
How politics has replaced purpose in the Church
68 min
Did Russell Moore Change? with Russell Moore
Is Russell Moore the one who changed? Or was it everyone else?
64 min
Look What You Made Me Do: How Incentives Shape ...
4 ways incentives make us do the things we do (whether we know it or not)
64 min
The Spirituality of Sexuality with Juli Slattery
Finding a place for God in our spirituality.
63 min
Breaking The Partisan Echo Chamber with Nichola...
How to build meaningful relationships with people across the political aisle.
48 min
You Are Your Habits In Parenting and Politics w...
Your habits are either helping your life or hurting it. Are you intentional about them?
54 min
Punch Right or Left? Navigating Politics as Chr...
Punch Right and Coddle Left? No Enemies To The Right? What is the right way for Christians to engage with partisanship?
44 min
Why Did Philip Yancey Deconstruct His Faith? wi...
Philip Yancey deconstructed his faith at a young age, but still calls himself an evangelical today. Why? What did he experience and why does he still have hope?
53 min
You’re Reading Revelation All Wrong with Scot M...
Why Revelation Isn't Just A Predictive Prophecy
51 min
When The Bible Goes To Washington with Kaitlyn ...
How Politicians Have (Mis)used The Bible
78 min
How The World Was Remade Forever In 1776 with A...
More Than One Revolution Happened That Year
60 min
Mixed Ethnic Identity in the American Church wi...
Why does the conversation of race and ethnicity exclude so many people of color?
54 min
Is Being Pro-Life Enough? with Abortion Aboliti...
What’s the difference between the pro-life and abolitionist movements?
51 min
How Should Christians Engage with the Culture? ...
How to analyze and critique culture through Scripture
57 min