The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Ed Mylett: Global Keynote Speaker | #ThePlayboo...
Ed Mylett, top motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur, sits down with David Meltzer to discuss the influence that our upbringing has on our mindset and how gratitude is an antidote for everything.
26 min
Rashad Jennings: Former NFL Running Back | #The...
Rashad Jennings, running back turned author and David Meltzer discuss the odds Rashad overcame to make the NFL, including his .6 GPA and asthma.
28 min
Matt Higgins: CEO and Co-Founder of RSE Venture...
Matt Higgins, CEO and co-founder of RSE Ventures, talks with host David Meltzer about using trials like the passing of his mother and his cancer diagnosis to inspire the way he works to reduce the suffering of others. The two talk about the role of humility in business and the importance of submitting yourself to learn from the greatness of others.
28 min
Braxton Miller: Former NFL Wide Receiver | #The...
Braxton Miller, a former quarterback who was forced by injury to switch positions, chats with David Meltzer about the importance of branding yourself as an athlete, how fatherhood has changed the way he looks at life, and how he made the transition from quarterback to receiver.
18 min
Jeremy Lin: NBA Champion | #ThePlaybook 36
Jeremy Lin, who burst onto the scene unlike any other basketball player in NBA history, talks with David Meltzer about his perspective on his career, the struggles he’s gone through, as well as the individuals who kept him from quitting.
19 min
John Daly: Two-Time Major Champion | #ThePlaybo...
John Daly, whose brash style forever changed the PGA Tour, chats with David Meltzer about the importance of illuminating your successes and failures, and how he views his role as both an athlete and entertainer.
18 min
Dennis Rodman: NBA Hall of Famer | #ThePlaybook 34
Dennis Rodman, one of the most controversial figures in NBA history, talked with David Meltzer about his path through the NBA, the differences between the cities he played in, and how he became known for his unusual hair and dress. The two also cover Dennis' trips to North Korea and the legacy he wants to leave when all is said and done.
19 min
Paul Rabil: Co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse ...
Paul Rabil, lacrosse superstar and entrepreneur, sat down with David Meltzer at SXSW to discuss the value he gets from being of service to others and the role of empathy in his interactions. The two discuss how to leverage social media for personal brands, how to ask for help from others, and how endurance factors into success.
33 min
Zach Leonsis: Senior Vice President of Strategi...
Zach Leonsis, an executive with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, shares his thoughts with David Meltzer on the importance of digital media in sports and e-sports, as well as how teams are using VR technology. They also cover how to monetize content and what a championship means to an organization.
19 min
Kerri Walsh-Jennings: Three-Time Olympic Gold M...
Kerri Walsh-Jennings, one of the most decorated volleyball competitiors ever, chats with David Meltzer about her goal of winning a gold medal every day, how to use consistency to your benefit, and the importance of nourishing your mind, body, and soul.
26 min
Tom Bilyeu: Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition and C...
Tom Bilyeu, one of the founders of Quest Nutrition and CEO of Impact Theory, talks with David Meltzer about the role of anxiety and arrogance in our lives, and how to pull yourself out of "The Matrix" that many people are trapped in. The two also discuss creating momentum and how our ego affects our ability to perform.
28 min
Gary Vaynerchuk: CEO of VaynerMedia | #ThePlayb...
Gary Vaynerchuk, superstar entrepreneur, talks with David Meltzer about how the truth is undefeated, the importance of detaching from your goals, and how to put things in perspective when you are struggling to find your center.
19 min
Jonathan Ogden: Hall of Fame Left Tackle | #The...
One of the best lineman in NFL history, Jonathan Ogden, joins David to talk about what drove him to success in football and shot put, as well as to share his favorite moments from his career. The two also discuss how the game of golf teaches you about yourself and how to deal with pressure as an athlete and leader.
20 min
Reggie Bush: Heisman Trophy Winner | #ThePlaybo...
Reggie Bush joins David Meltzer to talk about handling tough situations and pressure as an athlete and the Saints' recent playoff loss. The pair talk about how their different upbringings affected their career path and what giving back means to them.
52 min
Dave Portnoy: President of Barstool Sports | #T...
Dave Portnoy, President of Barstool Sports and the leader of the Stoolie Army, joins David Meltzer to discuss engaging fans and staying true to your message.
29 min
DJ Skee: World-Renowed DJ | #ThePlaybook 25
World-renowned DJ and Vikings fan, DJ Skee shares with host David Meltzer about his humble beginnings in his high school recording booth to making it big time. DJ Skee and David cover a wide variety of topics from making it big, understanding the business, and embracing an "alternative" business career.
18 min
Ryan McNeil: Two-Time NCAA National Champion & ...
Two-time college national champion and former NFL player, Ryan McNeil, joins host David Meltzter to speak about his transition from the NFL to entrepreneurship and finding his passion. He talks about his early focus to look beyond life as a football player and to prepare for the next steps as a businessman.
17 min
Jukka Hilden: Finnish Stunt Performer & Member ...
Jukka Hilden, of Finland's stunt-performing group The Dudesons, sits down with host David Meltzer to discuss growing up in Finland, taking the leap of faith and coming to the United States, and surrounding yourself with positive energy.
27 min
Tony Hawk: Skateboarding Legend | #ThePlaybook 22
Skateboarding and video game legend Tony Hawk joins host David Meltzer for a discussion about finding your own path to success and having a global impact on the world of skateboarding.
24 min
Deuce McAllister: Former NFL Running Back | #Th...
Perennial New Orleans Saint running back Deuce McAllister joins host David Meltzer to talk about navigating the field of investing, the high and the lows of business, and having a strong desire to give back to the communities that shaped you.
24 min
Sage Steele: Host of SportsCenter | #ThePlayboo...
American television anchor who is the lead host of SportsCenter On the Road. She formerly hosted the Saturday and Sunday editions of NBA Countdown on ABC. Sage was a full-time host of SportsCenter, ESPN's flagship show, and had previously contributed to ESPN First Take, Mike & Mike in the Morning, and SportsNation
26 min
Marcellus Wiley: Former NFL Player & Host on Fo...
Former NFL player and current co-host of ESPN's Sportsnation, Marcellus Wiley, shares his pursuit of a balance of academics and athletics on his way to the pros. Marcellus and host David Meltzer focus on staying true to one's identity and appreciating one's place of favor.
25 min
David Dinkins Jr.: Senior Vice President and Ex...
Television producer who has produced many fights shown on pay per view, produced the Olympics, as well as events on ABC, ESPN, CBS, and Fox. He is a two-time emmy award winner as well.
20 min
Dan Dillon: President of The Olympic Club | #Th...
Dan Dillon is the current president of the Olympic Club and discusses leadership and what it took for me to want to be more.
26 min
Shawn Green: Two-Time MLB All-Star | #ThePlaybo...
One of the better home run hitters in MLB history, Shawn Green, talks about the mindset changes that helped him to excel after being benched as a young Major Leaguer. Shawn and host David Meltzer share techniques to combat your ego and get out of your own way, as well as how to deal with failure.
29 min