8 Hour Sleep Music

Welcome to the 8 Hour Sleep Music Podcast: 8 hours of relaxing meditation music, nature sounds, binaural beats, and guided meditations to help you get to sleep fast and stay asleep all night.

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The 8 Hour Sleep Music Podcast was started to help those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep anxiety. Listeners get better and more restful sleep, fall asleep quicker, and have longer REM sleep cycles with the use of our relaxing sleep music and soothing nature sounds. Our 8-hour long episodes will last for the entire night, ensuring you enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep. We release new episodes twice per week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Be sure to follow or subscribe to always catch the latest episodes, and leave a rating or a review if you've been enjoying the show!

Email us at 8hoursleepmusic@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Thanks for listening and sleep well!

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Alternative Health
🌊 8 Hours of Relaxing Ocean Waves with Serene M...
Relaxing sleep music with calm ocean waves to put you in a relaxed mood and get better REM sleep. Wake up feeling rested and recovered.
527 min
β˜” 8 Hours of Delicate Rain & Peaceful Sleep Sou...
Peaceful rain sounds and soft droning ambient music for deep sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, work, & study.
484 min
πŸ’š 8 Hours of Green Noise with Calming Music for...
Green noise and soft relaxation music for deep sleep and meditation. Reduce stress and anxiety and fall asleep fast!
534 min
πŸŒ™ 8 Hour Dreamy Moonlight Soundscape | Soothing...
Calm and soothing relaxation music for lucid dreaming and deep REM sleep
529 min
🎹 8 Hours of Peaceful Piano Music for Deep Rela...
Soft piano music for deep REM sleep and to create an atmosphere of calmness, serenity, and deep tranquility - for meditation, work, or study.
486 min
🌧️ 8 Hours of Calm Music with Relaxing Rain Sou...
Soothing rain sounds with peaceful sleep music to play before bed and reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Get the best sleep of your life with 8 Hour Sleep Music!
533 min
πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ 8 Hours of Soft Angelic Sleep Music | Melt A...
Heavenly relaxation music with peaceful and angelic sounds for deep REM sleep and to eliminate stress and anxiety from your day.
529 min
πŸ•‰οΈ 8 Hour Sleep Meditation in 528 Hz | Nature's...
Relaxing 528 Hz ambient drone meditation music with the sound of a gentle stream for deep REM sleep and DNA healing.
530 min
🌠 8 Hour Ethereal Air Meditation for Lucid Drea...
Fall asleep fast and have lucid dreams with the use of our soothing sleep music. Achieve deeper states of REM sleep to fully heal and recover.
529 min
🀎 8 Hours of Brown Noise with Ambient Drone Mus...
8+ hours of brown noise and drone music for ADHD, anxiety relief, improved focus, and better sleep.
532 min
β›ˆοΈ 8 Hour Thunderstorm with Gentle Rain Sounds ...
8 uninterrupted hours of gentle thunder and rain sounds with a peaceful ambient soundscape for the deepest and most healing sleep.
534 min
πŸ•ŠοΈ 8 Hours of Peaceful Zen Music with Babbling ...
A calm babbling brook with relaxing zen music for deep REM sleep and mindfulness meditation.
530 min
πŸ’€ 8 Hours of Deep REM Sleep Music | Calm Sounds...
Our 8-hour long relaxation tracks are designed for enhancing your sleep. The constant soothing sounds will allow you to get into your REM sleep stage much quicker and stay there longer.
529 min
πŸ’™ 8 Hours of Healing Meditation Music | Relaxin...
Calm and relaxing sleep music to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night. Play this podcast before bed to achieve a deep level of REM sleep.
531 min
πŸ•‰οΈ 8 Hours of Sacred Om Mantra in a Hidden Fore...
8+ hours of a spiritual om chant with relaxing forest nature ambience for deep meditation and yoga.
531 min
πŸ’€ 8 Hours of Deep Ambient Sleep Music | Soothin...
Relaxing ambient music with gentle piano and violin melodies to set a calm and peaceful mood before bed to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.
534 min
🌧️ 8 Hours of Heavy Rainfall with Uplifting Med...
Soothing heavy rainfall and 8 hours of relaxing music for deep REM sleep and inner healing.
532 min
πŸ›Έ 8 Hour Sci-Fi Relaxation Soundscape for Deep ...
8 hours of deep sleep music for relaxing, meditating, REM sleep, and having lucid dreams.
529 min
🎹 8 Hours of Calm Piano Music for Sleeping | De...
8 hours of deeply relaxing piano meditation music with soft angelic sounds to help you fall asleep fast and have deep healing REM sleep.
531 min
πŸ•οΈ 8 Hour Peaceful Village Atmosphere with Calm...
8 hours of soothing meditation music and a tranquil village atmosphere to set a serene and peaceful mood and help you relax and fall asleep quickly.
530 min
β˜” 8 Hours of Relaxing Rain Sounds with Peaceful...
8 hours of peaceful sleep music with relaxing rain sounds to help you fall asleep fast, get more REM sleep, and have beautiful lucid dreams.
534 min
🎧 8 Hours of Binaural Beats with 528 Hz Meditat...
8 Hours of relaxing 7 Hz theta wave binaural beats with beautiful meditation music in 528hz; nature's miracle frequency for healing.
481 min
πŸ’€ 8 Hours of Deeply Relaxing Ambient Sleep Musi...
8 hours of calm and soothing ambient sleep music for lucid dreaming and deep REM sleep.
480 min
8 Hours of Beautiful Piano Music with Thunder &...
8 hours of calm and relaxing music and rain sounds for deep REM sleep and meditation.
534 min
8 Hours of Mystical Meditation Music for Reiki ...
8 hours of beautiful reiki healing music for chakra alignment and deep spiritual cleansing. Calm and relaxing soundscape for deep REM sleep.
532 min