8 Hour Sleep Music

Welcome to 8 Hour Sleep Music, a podcast that combines 8 hours of relaxing music with nature sounds, white noise, and brown noise to create peaceful soundscapes that are specifically designed to block out unwanted sounds that prevent you from falling asleep. We live in a noisy world, and sometimes it can be difficult to get a good night's rest. Our peaceful 8-hour soundscapes are the perfect solution to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

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The 8 Hour Sleep Music Podcast was created to help those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep anxiety get better and more restful sleep with the help of relaxation music and nature sounds. Our 8-hour long episodes will last for the entire night, ensuring you enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep.

We release new free episodes twice per week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST, plus a bonus episode every Friday night for Premium Plus subscribers. Be sure to follow us and hit the bell icon to always catch the latest episode!

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Alternative Health
🧙‍♂️ Sleep Story | The Witcher's Restful Journe...
15 minute sleep story in the fantasy world of The Witcher, followed by 8 hours of relaxing medieval fantasy music and nature sounds for sleep.
534 min
🏕️ 8 Hour Cozy Lakeside Campfire at Night (No M...
Relax beside a cozy campfire on a lakeshore camping site with relaxing nighttime nature sounds for deep restful sleep
534 min
🐳 Relax with the Whales | 8 Hour Underwater Wha...
Peaceful whale songs with ambient piano sleep music and the swaying sound of ocean waves to help you fall asleep fast.
536 min
🧘 8 Hours of 285 Hz Sleep Music: The Root Chakr...
Light forest rain sounds with deeply peaceful 285 Hz relaxation music for healing the root chakra while you sleep.
536 min
🪐 Sleep Story | Sands of Slumber: A Dream in th...
A 15-minute Dune themed sleep story with 8 hours of relaxing music and desert winds to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
528 min
🏞️ 8 Hour Waterfall of Tranquility with Soft Am...
Relaxing waterfall ambience with deep brown noise and calming meditation music to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
534 min
💤 8 Hours of 432 Hz Miracle Tone Sleep Music | ...
432 Hz sleep music with peaceful green noise to help with sleep, relaxation, and healing.
536 min
⛈️ 8 Hours of Ultimate Calm (Podcast Intro Musi...
The 8 Hour Sleep Music intro theme combined with distant rolling thunder and light rain sounds for the deepest rejuvenating sleep.
535 min
🌄 8 Hours of Calm Ambient Sleep Music with Spri...
A gentle rainfall atmosphere from a sunny spring morning, blended with relaxing meditation music to help you fall asleep fast.
533 min
💗 8 Hours of Pink Noise for Sleep & Study (No M...
Pure pink noise to help block unwanted sounds and distractions so you can fall asleep fast!
533 min
🕊️ 8 Hours of The Sound of Serenity | Peaceful ...
Peaceful and serene sleep music with deep brown noise for relaxation, meditation, work, study, and sleep.
532 min
🏖️ 8 Hours of Rain on the Beach with Thunder & ...
A soothing thunderstorm on a beach with relaxing rain and ocean waves, blended with calming ambient piano melodies for sleep.
531 min
☔ 8 Hours of The Perfect Noise Blocker for Slee...
Soft rain sounds from a rural backyard and relaxing brown noise for sleep. Perfect for meditation, studying, or blocking noise for sleep.
535 min
🍃 8 Hours of Wind Blowing Through Trees with Ra...
The sound of relaxing winds blowing through trees with soothing meditation music for deep REM sleep and peaceful relaxation.
534 min
🏡 8 Hour Peaceful Village Atmosphere with Gentl...
Small village nature atmosphere with birds chirping, a gentle rolling creek, and soothing music to help you relax and fall asleep.
533 min
💙 8 Hours of Tranquil Music for Calm Nights | G...
Soft and angelic sleep music mixed with gentle rain sounds, for deep sleep and relaxation. Fall asleep fast!
536 min
🌬️ 8 Hour Air Conditioner Sound for Deep Sleep ...
8 hours of air conditioner sound for peaceful sleep or studying. White noise for sleep and relaxation.
535 min
🏞️ 8 Hours in a Mystical Healing Forest | Light...
Calming rain in a healing mystical forest with ethereal meditation music for sleep and deep relaxation. Fall asleep fast!
535 min
💘 8 Hours of 639 Hz Sleep Music | The Love Freq...
8 hours of uninterrupted sleep music in 639 Hz - the solfeggio love frequency for manifesting close relationships and connections with friends, family, and romantic partners.
482 min
👨‍🚀 8 Hours of Sleep in Deep Space (No Music) |...
Sleep peacefully in the deepest calm of outer space. Relaxing deep space ambience for sleep and meditation.
535 min
🏜️ 8 Hours of Howling Desert Winds with Peacefu...
Deep peaceful sleep music with the soothing sound of desert winds to help you get a restful night of sleep.
535 min
🌧️ 8 Hours of Rainfall on a Lake (No Music) | C...
Calming rain on a lake nature ambience for deep REM sleep and healing meditation. Relaxing atmosphere for work & study.
529 min
🌊 8 Hours of Calming Ocean Waves with Tranquil ...
Deep sleep music with the relaxing sound of gentle ocean waves on the beach. Fall asleep fast!
533 min
🪔 Guided Sleep Meditation | Raindrops of Tranqu...
A 20-minute guided sleep meditation focusing on rain and nature, followed by 8 hours of ambient sleep music and rain sounds.
531 min
🎼 8 Hours of Peaceful Piano Music for Bedtime w...
Beautiful and relaxing piano music with deep brown noise to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.
524 min