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Hittin' Season #586: The Phillies Need Some Heroes
In the biggest week of the season, the Phillies need their stars to step up.
29 min
The Dirty Inning #103: Needless to Shea
The Phillies and Mets once played 49 innings in 48 hours. And none of it meant a thing.
60 min
Hittin' Season #585: You Smell That? It Smells ...
The Phils are heading down the home stretch in great shape to snag a wild card spot.
55 min
Continued Success #185: In the Heart of Septemb...
50 min
Hittin' Season #584: Phillies Blow Big Opportun...
The Phillies missed a golden opportunity to sweep the Fish as worries about bullpen meltdown in September re-emerge.
55 min
Hittin' Season #583: Is Another Phillies Septem...
The Phils are 0-3 in September after a brutal road trip, and everyone's worried.
56 min
Absolutely Hammered #69: The Phillies Went West...
September is famously the funnest month of the Phillies calendar.
62 min
Hittin' Season #582: Phillies August Recap and ...
The Phillies salvaged the final game of their series against the Diamondbacks and still control their wild card destiny.
37 min
The Dirty Inning #102: Mark'd for Death
Oh, you thought that 13-7 comeback loss to the D-Backs was bad? Well check out the game that set the precedent for that one.
64 min
Hittin' Season #581: Optimism on the Phillies (...
The Phillies were on a roll before their collapse to the D-Backs, so we talked about the good stuff.
49 min
Hittin' Season #580: Bryce Is Back, Baby!
The Phillies sweep the Reds and learn they're getting the reigning NL MVP back.
42 min
Hittin' Season #579: Mets Own the Phillies
The Phillies lost 3 of 4 to New York in typical fashion.
58 min
Hittin' Season #578: Phillies Offense is Schizo...
The bats come, and the bats go.
46 min
The Dirty Inning #101: Hot, Red, and Nude
While Woodstock '99 got hot, the Phillies against the Braves... did not.
72 min
Hittin' Season #577: Keeping It All In Perspective
Thoughts and feelings after the Phillies' weekend series against the Mets.
52 min
Continued Success #184: The Phillies and Mets a...
It's a Phillies-Mets series that means something! GET OUT YOUR KNIVES.
50 min
Continued Success #183: Really Digging this Phi...
With 11 games against the Nationals, there's no reason not to win them all.
59 min
Hittin' Season #576: Phillies & MLB Trade Deadl...
Dave Dombrowski lands some much needed help at the deadline, and Juan Soto is a Padre.
40 min
Hittin' Season #575: One Day to the Deadline
The Phillies sweep the Pirates ahead of the trade deadline... what will happen?
67 min
Continued Success #182: "Holy Crap, that's John...
You know why you go to Phillies games: To recognize and throw roses at the owner.
53 min
Hittin' Season #574: Phils Win a Big Series vs....
The Phillies win a big series against Atlanta as the trade deadline approaches ever quicker.
43 min
Hittin' Season #573: The Weather and Tempers ar...
The Phillies were swept by the Cubs and off-field items dominated the weekend.
48 min
Hittin' Season #572: Phillies 1st Half Recap & ...
At the All Star Break, the Phillies are right about where we thought they'd be.
68 min
The Dirty Inning 100th Episode Doubleheader: Ga...
It took us 100 episodes to get to 10,000 losses.
61 min
Hittin' Season #571: Phillies Running Out of Gas?
The Phillies are sputtering as they enter their final series before the All Star break.
49 min