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Hittin' Season #626: Phillies Thoughts, Correa ...
Carlos Correa is a Met and that's not great news for the Phillies.
53 min
Hittin' Season #625: Whether the Phillies Will ...
Are contract extensions for Rhys Hoskins or Aaron Nola in the works?
60 min
Continued Success #193: So How About Those Weir...
53 min
Hittin' Season #624: The NL East Keeps Loading Up
The Mets and the Braves continue to try and catch the Phillies.
69 min
Continued Success #192: A Nice Little Trea Turn...
71 min
Hittin' Season #623: Phillies Winter Meetings R...
The Phillies put their money where their mouth was at the Winter Meetings this week.
43 min
Hittin' Season #622: Phillies Sign Trea Turner!
The Phillies get their man on a monster deal, the top prize of the shortstop market.
59 min
Continued Success #191: Saying a Fond Farewell ...
A member of the Phillies core has departed for Florida.
64 min
Hittin' Season #621: Phillies Winter Meetings P...
The Winter Meetings are right around the corner, so get the rumor mill ready.
52 min
The Dirty Inning #105: The Day After
The Phillies aren't in the World Series a lot. And even when they are, sometimes they lose!
81 min
Hittin' Season #620: Harper's Injury and Shorts...
The Hot Stove is off to a cool start, but there are still lots of rumors linking the Phillies to free agent shortstops.
35 min
Hittin' Season #619: Phillies Mailbag! Shortsto...
As the off-season really gets going, now's a good time to take some Twitter mailbag questions.
70 min
Continued Success #190: It's Top Tier Free Agen...
The Phillies have a big signing ahead of them. Let's make uneducated guesses about it.
58 min
Hittin' Season #618: Stuff Dave Dombrowski Said
The Phillies off-season architect discussed the plans for the future.
44 min
Hittin' Season #617: Phillies Free Agency Preview
With 2022 in the rearview mirror, the Phillies now must prepare for 2023.
52 min
Hittin' Season #616: Phillies World Series & Po...
After a stirring postseason run, we take a look back on the World Series and everything that led up to it.
64 min
Hittin' Season #615: World Series Game 6 Recap:...
What a ride, but now it's over.
19 min
Hittin' Season #614: World Series Game 5 Recap ...
The Phillies are out of rope, can they pull off a miracle in Houston?
25 min
Hittin' Season #613: World Series Game 4 Recap:...
The Phillies were no-hit by the Astros.
15 min
Hittin' Season #612: World Series Game 3 Recap:...
The Phillies are two wins away from their third world title.
24 min
Hittin' Season #611: Game 3 World Series Rainou...
Game 3's rainout was a bummer from a fan's perspective, but good news for the Phillies' pitching staff.
18 min
Hittin' Season #610: The World Series is BACK.....
The Phillies come back to Philadelphia for three games that, if they win them, will mean they're world champions.
43 min
Hittin' Season #609: World Series Game 1 Recap:...
The Phillies win an all-time classic and steal yet another Game 1 in the postseason on the road.
23 min
Hittin' Season #608: Phillies Astros World Seri...
Everything you need to know about the Fall Classic featuring your Philadelphia Phillies!
61 min
The Dirty Inning #104: Deep in the Fart of Texas
Like most teams, the Phillies and Astros have a long and stupid history. What is it? You don't know, so listen.
87 min