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Hittin' Season #607: Phillies NLCS Memories and...
Let's share some memories of the NLCS and think about the Houston Astros.
62 min
Hittin' Season #606: The Phillies Win The Penna...
After a thrilling Game 5 win, the Phils are going back to the Fall Classic.
28 min
Hittin' Season #605: NLCS Game 4 Recap: One Win...
With a 10-6 win, the Phillies can taste the World Series.
26 min
Hittin' Season #604: NLCS Game 3 Recap: The Jea...
The Phillies are two wins away from the World Series.
20 min
Hittin' Season #603: NCLS Game 2 Recap: Phillie...
The Phillies could not take advantage of an early lead and fall into a 1-1 series tie.
50 min
Hittin' Season #602: NLCS Game 1 Recap: Zack Wh...
The Phillies win yet another Game 1 postseason series, beating the Padres 2-0.
19 min
Hittin' Season #601: Phillies vs. Padres NLCS P...
This week, the Phillies try to climb their final hurdle before reaching the World Series.
55 min
Hittin' Season #600: Phillies Are Heading to th...
The Phillies finish off the Braves in four games in the NLDS and move onto the League Championship Series!!!
29 min
Hittin' Season #599: Phillies-Braves Game 3 NLD...
The Phillies are one win away from going to their first NLCS since 2010.
28 min
Continued Success #189: Phillies Fans are About...
The Braves don't seem to know what they're in for coming into Citizens Bank Park for Game Three of the NLDS.
54 min
Hittin' Season #598: Phillies-Braves Game 2 NLD...
The Phillies miss a golden opportunity to take a stranglehold on their NLDS series against Atlanta.
17 min
Hittin' Season #597: Phillies-Braves Game 1 NLD...
The Phillies jump on top of the Braves and steal Game 1 in the best-of-five NLDS!
23 min
Hittin' Season #596: Phillies vs. Braves NLDS P...
The Phillies are set to battle the Braves in a best-of-five.
68 min
Hittin' Season #595: NLWCS Game 2 Recap - Redem...
The Phillies are moving on to the NLDS thanks to their two-game sweep of the Cardinals!
22 min
Hittin' Season #594: Did the Phillies Really Wi...
The Phillies take Game 1 of the NLWCS against the Cardinals in dramatic fashion.
46 min
Continued Success #188: A Pre-First Phillies Ga...
The Phillies' first post season game in over a decade is hours away. What's the vibe? I bet it's fine.
54 min
Hittin' Season #593: Phillies vs. Cardinals Wil...
The Phillies and Cardinals are getting ready to play some playoff games.
39 min
Hittin' Season #592: Phillies 2022 Season in th...
Ahead of their playoff series against the Cardinals, a quick look back at the 2022 regular season.
29 min
Hittin' Season #591: Phillies Clinch A Playoff ...
The Phillies are in the playoffs for the first time since 2011.
33 min
Hittin' Season #590: The "Phillies' Magic Numbe...
The Phillies are one win away from breaking their decade-long postseason curse.
26 min
Hittin' Season #589: You've Got To Be Kidding M...
It's happening again.
27 min
Continued Success #187: Watching the Phillies G...
Let's drink and watch the Phillies blow it.
58 min
Hittin' Season #588: 10 Games Left
Just 10 games left for the Phillies to reach the postseason for the first time since 2011.
55 min
Continued Success #186: How Wrong WAS Ken Rosen...
Ken Rosenthal decides that you know, the real lesson about firing Joe Girardi was the easy teams the Phillies played along the way.
49 min
Hittin' Season #587: Phillies Saved Their Seaso...
The Phillies saved their season in the finale against Toronto, but another huge test remains.
52 min