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Hittin' Season #634: Predicting the 2023 26-Man...
With the addition of Josh Harrison, the roster appears set.
25 min
The Dirty Inning #109: Make Mine with Extra Salami
Two grand slams? In one game? In 1921? Was that even LEGAL then?
72 min
Continued Success #193: The Most Serious Hall o...
We make our own HOF ballot, discuss Scott Rolen's entry into Cooperstown, and do a little Phillies prospect talk.
66 min
Hittin' Season #633: Preston Mattingly on the P...
The state of the Phillies' farm system in 2023
18 min
Hittin' Season #632: Marlins Moves, Hall of Fam...
The Marlins are making some moves, we chat about Tuesday's Hall of Fame announcements and ranking our favorite Phillies homers of all-time.
79 min
Continued Success #193: Let's Take a Lap Around...
A recent Dave Dombrowski interview shined a little light on things.
50 min
Hittin' Season #631: Unanswered Phillies Questions
There are a few questions unanswered with spring training coming soon.
41 min
The Dirty Inning #108: When the Bill is Past Due
Every franchise has its first home run. The Phillies' came with five errors.
75 min
I Was There: The Comeback Will Start Any Second...
Check out a new brand Phillies podcast, found ONLY on the Hittin' Season Patreon!
15 min
Continued Success #192: A Who's Who of Phillies...
62 min
Hittin' Season #630: LOLMETS!!! The Ballad of C...
Somehow, the Mets managed to top themselves.
48 min
Hittin' Season #629: Phillies Keep Making Trade...
The Phillies swing a couple more trades, including for an All Star closer!
61 min
Hittin' Season #628: 1st Phillies Mailbag of 2023!
You've got questions, we've got answers.
43 min
Hittin' Season #627: Reacting to the Kimbrel Si...
The Phillies appear to be largely set as 2023 begins.
44 min
The Dirty Inning #107: Catching the Holiday Bug
It's the holiday season, and you need a REAL Phillies podcast to drown out those pesky kids! We've got you covered.
57 min
Hittin' Season #626: Phillies Thoughts, Correa ...
Carlos Correa is a Met and that's not great news for the Phillies.
53 min
Hittin' Season #625: Whether the Phillies Will ...
Are contract extensions for Rhys Hoskins or Aaron Nola in the works?
60 min
Continued Success #193: So How About Those Weir...
53 min
Hittin' Season #624: The NL East Keeps Loading Up
The Mets and the Braves continue to try and catch the Phillies.
69 min
Continued Success #192: A Nice Little Trea Turn...
71 min
Hittin' Season #623: Phillies Winter Meetings R...
The Phillies put their money where their mouth was at the Winter Meetings this week.
43 min
Hittin' Season #622: Phillies Sign Trea Turner!
The Phillies get their man on a monster deal, the top prize of the shortstop market.
59 min
Continued Success #191: Saying a Fond Farewell ...
A member of the Phillies core has departed for Florida.
64 min
Hittin' Season #621: Phillies Winter Meetings P...
The Winter Meetings are right around the corner, so get the rumor mill ready.
52 min
The Dirty Inning #105: The Day After
The Phillies aren't in the World Series a lot. And even when they are, sometimes they lose!
81 min
Hittin' Season #620: Harper's Injury and Shorts...
The Hot Stove is off to a cool start, but there are still lots of rumors linking the Phillies to free agent shortstops.
35 min
Hittin' Season #619: Phillies Mailbag! Shortsto...
As the off-season really gets going, now's a good time to take some Twitter mailbag questions.
70 min
Continued Success #190: It's Top Tier Free Agen...
The Phillies have a big signing ahead of them. Let's make uneducated guesses about it.
58 min
Hittin' Season #618: Stuff Dave Dombrowski Said
The Phillies off-season architect discussed the plans for the future.
44 min
Hittin' Season #617: Phillies Free Agency Preview
With 2022 in the rearview mirror, the Phillies now must prepare for 2023.
52 min
Hittin' Season #616: Phillies World Series & Po...
After a stirring postseason run, we take a look back on the World Series and everything that led up to it.
64 min
Hittin' Season #615: World Series Game 6 Recap:...
What a ride, but now it's over.
19 min
Hittin' Season #614: World Series Game 5 Recap ...
The Phillies are out of rope, can they pull off a miracle in Houston?
25 min
Hittin' Season #613: World Series Game 4 Recap:...
The Phillies were no-hit by the Astros.
15 min
Hittin' Season #612: World Series Game 3 Recap:...
The Phillies are two wins away from their third world title.
24 min
Hittin' Season #611: Game 3 World Series Rainou...
Game 3's rainout was a bummer from a fan's perspective, but good news for the Phillies' pitching staff.
18 min
Hittin' Season #610: The World Series is BACK.....
The Phillies come back to Philadelphia for three games that, if they win them, will mean they're world champions.
43 min
Hittin' Season #609: World Series Game 1 Recap:...
The Phillies win an all-time classic and steal yet another Game 1 in the postseason on the road.
23 min
Hittin' Season #608: Phillies Astros World Seri...
Everything you need to know about the Fall Classic featuring your Philadelphia Phillies!
61 min
The Dirty Inning #104: Deep in the Fart of Texas
Like most teams, the Phillies and Astros have a long and stupid history. What is it? You don't know, so listen.
87 min
Hittin' Season #607: Phillies NLCS Memories and...
Let's share some memories of the NLCS and think about the Houston Astros.
62 min
Hittin' Season #606: The Phillies Win The Penna...
After a thrilling Game 5 win, the Phils are going back to the Fall Classic.
28 min
Hittin' Season #605: NLCS Game 4 Recap: One Win...
With a 10-6 win, the Phillies can taste the World Series.
26 min
Hittin' Season #604: NLCS Game 3 Recap: The Jea...
The Phillies are two wins away from the World Series.
20 min
Hittin' Season #603: NCLS Game 2 Recap: Phillie...
The Phillies could not take advantage of an early lead and fall into a 1-1 series tie.
50 min
Hittin' Season #602: NLCS Game 1 Recap: Zack Wh...
The Phillies win yet another Game 1 postseason series, beating the Padres 2-0.
19 min
Hittin' Season #601: Phillies vs. Padres NLCS P...
This week, the Phillies try to climb their final hurdle before reaching the World Series.
55 min
Hittin' Season #600: Phillies Are Heading to th...
The Phillies finish off the Braves in four games in the NLDS and move onto the League Championship Series!!!
29 min
Hittin' Season #599: Phillies-Braves Game 3 NLD...
The Phillies are one win away from going to their first NLCS since 2010.
28 min
Continued Success #189: Phillies Fans are About...
The Braves don't seem to know what they're in for coming into Citizens Bank Park for Game Three of the NLDS.
54 min
Hittin' Season #598: Phillies-Braves Game 2 NLD...
The Phillies miss a golden opportunity to take a stranglehold on their NLDS series against Atlanta.
17 min
Hittin' Season #597: Phillies-Braves Game 1 NLD...
The Phillies jump on top of the Braves and steal Game 1 in the best-of-five NLDS!
23 min
Hittin' Season #596: Phillies vs. Braves NLDS P...
The Phillies are set to battle the Braves in a best-of-five.
68 min
Hittin' Season #595: NLWCS Game 2 Recap - Redem...
The Phillies are moving on to the NLDS thanks to their two-game sweep of the Cardinals!
22 min
Hittin' Season #594: Did the Phillies Really Wi...
The Phillies take Game 1 of the NLWCS against the Cardinals in dramatic fashion.
46 min
Continued Success #188: A Pre-First Phillies Ga...
The Phillies' first post season game in over a decade is hours away. What's the vibe? I bet it's fine.
54 min
Hittin' Season #593: Phillies vs. Cardinals Wil...
The Phillies and Cardinals are getting ready to play some playoff games.
39 min
Hittin' Season #592: Phillies 2022 Season in th...
Ahead of their playoff series against the Cardinals, a quick look back at the 2022 regular season.
29 min
Hittin' Season #591: Phillies Clinch A Playoff ...
The Phillies are in the playoffs for the first time since 2011.
33 min
Hittin' Season #590: The "Phillies' Magic Numbe...
The Phillies are one win away from breaking their decade-long postseason curse.
26 min
Hittin' Season #589: You've Got To Be Kidding M...
It's happening again.
27 min
Continued Success #187: Watching the Phillies G...
Let's drink and watch the Phillies blow it.
58 min
Hittin' Season #588: 10 Games Left
Just 10 games left for the Phillies to reach the postseason for the first time since 2011.
55 min
Continued Success #186: How Wrong WAS Ken Rosen...
Ken Rosenthal decides that you know, the real lesson about firing Joe Girardi was the easy teams the Phillies played along the way.
49 min
Hittin' Season #587: Phillies Saved Their Seaso...
The Phillies saved their season in the finale against Toronto, but another huge test remains.
52 min
Hittin' Season #586: The Phillies Need Some Heroes
In the biggest week of the season, the Phillies need their stars to step up.
29 min
The Dirty Inning #103: Needless to Shea
The Phillies and Mets once played 49 innings in 48 hours. And none of it meant a thing.
60 min
Hittin' Season #585: You Smell That? It Smells ...
The Phils are heading down the home stretch in great shape to snag a wild card spot.
55 min
Continued Success #185: In the Heart of Septemb...
50 min
Hittin' Season #584: Phillies Blow Big Opportun...
The Phillies missed a golden opportunity to sweep the Fish as worries about bullpen meltdown in September re-emerge.
55 min
Hittin' Season #583: Is Another Phillies Septem...
The Phils are 0-3 in September after a brutal road trip, and everyone's worried.
56 min
Absolutely Hammered #69: The Phillies Went West...
September is famously the funnest month of the Phillies calendar.
62 min
Hittin' Season #582: Phillies August Recap and ...
The Phillies salvaged the final game of their series against the Diamondbacks and still control their wild card destiny.
37 min
The Dirty Inning #102: Mark'd for Death
Oh, you thought that 13-7 comeback loss to the D-Backs was bad? Well check out the game that set the precedent for that one.
64 min
Hittin' Season #581: Optimism on the Phillies (...
The Phillies were on a roll before their collapse to the D-Backs, so we talked about the good stuff.
49 min
Hittin' Season #580: Bryce Is Back, Baby!
The Phillies sweep the Reds and learn they're getting the reigning NL MVP back.
42 min
Hittin' Season #579: Mets Own the Phillies
The Phillies lost 3 of 4 to New York in typical fashion.
58 min
Hittin' Season #578: Phillies Offense is Schizo...
The bats come, and the bats go.
46 min
The Dirty Inning #101: Hot, Red, and Nude
While Woodstock '99 got hot, the Phillies against the Braves... did not.
72 min
Hittin' Season #577: Keeping It All In Perspective
Thoughts and feelings after the Phillies' weekend series against the Mets.
52 min
Continued Success #184: The Phillies and Mets a...
It's a Phillies-Mets series that means something! GET OUT YOUR KNIVES.
50 min
Continued Success #183: Really Digging this Phi...
With 11 games against the Nationals, there's no reason not to win them all.
59 min
Hittin' Season #576: Phillies & MLB Trade Deadl...
Dave Dombrowski lands some much needed help at the deadline, and Juan Soto is a Padre.
40 min
Hittin' Season #575: One Day to the Deadline
The Phillies sweep the Pirates ahead of the trade deadline... what will happen?
67 min
Continued Success #182: "Holy Crap, that's John...
You know why you go to Phillies games: To recognize and throw roses at the owner.
53 min
Hittin' Season #574: Phils Win a Big Series vs....
The Phillies win a big series against Atlanta as the trade deadline approaches ever quicker.
43 min
Hittin' Season #573: The Weather and Tempers ar...
The Phillies were swept by the Cubs and off-field items dominated the weekend.
48 min
Hittin' Season #572: Phillies 1st Half Recap & ...
At the All Star Break, the Phillies are right about where we thought they'd be.
68 min
The Dirty Inning 100th Episode Doubleheader: Ga...
It took us 100 episodes to get to 10,000 losses.
61 min
Hittin' Season #571: Phillies Running Out of Gas?
The Phillies are sputtering as they enter their final series before the All Star break.
49 min
Hittin' Season #570: Shorthanded in Toronto
Can the Phillies keep it together in Toronto and Miami?
63 min
Continued Success #181: When is Nick Castellano...
Where has Nick Castellanos been? And when can he come back?
55 min
Hittin' Season #569: Schwarbombs, Awful Nats, a...
The Phils win another series behind Kyle Schwarber's bombs and a suddenly unhittable bullpen.
45 min
Continued Success #180: Seems Unwise to Take on...
Sure, let's give this a shot. Why not.
49 min
Absolutely Hammered #64: Where Do the Phillies,...
Dave Dombrowski's got some work to do. Let's do it for him.
60 min
Up & In 6/24/22: Next 10 Games Key for the Phil...
The Phillies got off to a great start in the series opener against San Diego.
13 min
Hittin' Season #568: Phillies Rollin' in DC
The Phillies have a grand time taking advantage of an awful Nationals team.
51 min
Continued Success #179: The Phillies are Sluggi...
A lot of, but not all of, what the Phillies are doing rules.
65 min
The Dirty Inning #99: Wives Out
The Phillies and Mets' wives played a couple innings before the game on June 19, 1973. The Phillies... got crushed.
60 min
Hittin' Season #567: The Phillies Lose! What?
The Phillies 9-game winning streak came to an end on Sunday.
54 min