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Continued Success #154: I Guess We Should Say a...
69 min
Hittin' Season #513: The Tale of Two Trade Dead...
The Braves and Phillies approached the trade deadline differently, and it wasn't all about luck.
48 min
Hittin' Season #512: What Exactly Is It Would Y...
Can a new hitting coach and infield coach make an impact on the 2022 Phillies?
47 min
The Dirty Inning: Five Hundred Games of Suckitude
When times get tough, go with what you know.
74 min
Hittin' Season #511: MLB Postseason Thoughts & ...
The Phillies are hiring yet another coach with ties to Joe Girardi.
49 min
Continued Success #53: The Phillies' Long, Dumb...
59 min
SB Nation's MLB NL Playoff Preview - Presented ...
49 min
Hittin' Season #510: Throwing Dirt on the 2021 ...
It's all over, kids. It's all over.
72 min
Hittin' Season #509: It's All Over
The Phillies will not play postseason baseball once again this year.
33 min
Hittin' Season #508: It's the Final Countdown f...
Just one week left and a playoff spot is within their reach.
41 min
Hittin' Season #507: 10 Games Left
The Phillies "won" 2 out of 3 against the O's, setting up a 11-day stretch of must-win games.
45 min
The Dirty Inning: Around the Fail Horn
In April 1986, the Phillies infield made a trio of costly errors in one inning that weren't even the last errors they'd commit all day.
67 min
Hittin' Season #506: Nothing But O's Against th...
The Phillies desire to sabotage themselves is unrivaled in baseball.
45 min
Hittin' Season #505: Bryce Harper IS the MVP
22 min
Hittin' Season #504: Who's To Blame For a Rocky...
The Phillies' season likely ended this weekend at Citizens Bank Park with an embarrassing series loss to the Rockies.
58 min
Continued Success #152: Hey, It's the Phillies ...
The Phillies bullpen blew a game again, their 30th blown save of the year. Holy crap, that's bad!
55 min
Hittin' Season #503: Phillies Not Dead Yet, But...
The Phils' lost 2 out of 3 to a very good Brewers team, as disappointingly expected.
43 min
The Dirty Inning: A Method to Their Maddux-ness
Let's dive into the best Phillies era of all: The late nineties.
79 min
Continued Success #151: The Phillies Are Hot Ag...
This season isn't about asking questions! It's about sitting there, your eyes glazed over, fixated on the middle distance.
55 min
Hittin' Season #502: Phillies Take Care of the ...
The Phillies took care of business against the team formerly known as the Nationals.
44 min
Hittin' Season #501: Phillies Finally Beat The ...
The Phils took 3 out of 4 from the Diamondbacks this weekend, but will it be enough?
42 min
Hittin' Season #500!: The State of the Phillies
Where are the Phillies six years into this podcast?
78 min
Hittin' Season #499: The Next Most Important St...
The Phillies may have one last chance to get themselves back in the NL East race.
50 min
Hittin Season #498: That Was Pathetic
What an awful series in Arizona.
44 min
Hittin' Season #497: It's OK To Be Feel Your Fe...
The Phillies are riding the roller coaster once again.
49 min
Continued Success #150: So What Are We Doing He...
How hard is it to win twelve of twelve?? "Really hard?" Okay, fine.
55 min
Hittin' Season #496: Phillies Pitching Holding....
The Phillies pitching staff has no depth, and the bottom is close to falling out.
44 min
The Dirty Inning: Invasion of the Youths
Young people! They are terrifying. Fortunately, the Phillies skewed a bit older in 1967. Unfortunately, that didn't help them beat the Astros on May 2, 1967.
71 min
Hittin' Season #495: 8 In A Row!!!
The Phillies are in first place after a magical weekend against the Mets.
53 min
Continued Success #149: Gird Your Loins for a B...
65 min
Up & In: 8/6/21 Phillies Sweep the Nats & Mets ...
The Phillies are... wait for it... on a roll?
11 min
Hittin' Season #494: The Phillies' Mad Pitching...
42 min
Hittin' Season #493: Phillies Trade Deadline Recap
The Phillies didn't do a lot at the trade deadline except annoy their fanbase.
36 min
Hittin' Season #492: Trade Deadline Chat w/ Eno...
The trade deadline is almost here and contenders throughout baseball are making blockbuster moves.
45 min
Continued Success #148: The Hunter Pence Trade ...
62 min
Hittin' Season #491: Trade Deadline Update & Er...
What shape is the Phillies' farm system in as the team considers dipping into their prospect pool for trades?
48 min
Hittin' Season #490: What the Heck, Let's Buy Big
The Phillies are running out of time to take advantage of this core.
46 min
Continued Success #147: Will the Phillies be Go...
So it's all coming down to these next seven games for the Phillies? Now? Cool.
54 min
Hittin' Season #489: We Told You, You Can't Tru...
The Phillies have proven once again that they cannot be trusted.
50 min
The Dirty Inning: Happy as a Klem
You can call umpire Bill Klem a lot of things: Proud. Dedicated. One of the best. But don't you EVER... call him "Catfish."
86 min
Hittin' Season #488: Do We Dare Believe in the ...
The Phillies have been hot, but can they maintain it?
53 min
Continued Success #146: Well, Wasn't That a Fun...
Here's hoping the Phillies catch the ball in the second half, and not COVID!
54 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB Home Run Derby LIVE w/John...
155 min
Continued Success #145: The Phillies Need an In...
55 min
SB Nation’s 2021 MLB Draft Recap – Presented by...
47 min
Continued Success #144: So We're in Agreement, ...
A lot of Joe Girardi fans were born last night and claimed to be alive forever.
59 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB All-Star Game Preview! - P...
58 min
Hittin' Season #487: Finishing the 1st Half Strong
The Phils have a chance to finish the first half on a strong note, but will they?
43 min
The Dirty Inning: This is Some Tartabull-s***
Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen, Danny Tartabull--it's 1997, and the Phillies are the hippest show in town!
89 min
Continued Success #143: It's the Last Ten Games...
The Phillies face the Padres, Cubs, and Red Sox on their way to the second half. Woof.
58 min
Hittin' Season #486: Should the Phillies Trade ...
The Phils' ace could fetch a hefty price at the trade deadline.
54 min
Hittin' Season #485: Phillies Have Big Loser En...
The Phillies look, play, and talk like a team that doesn't expect success.
52 min
Hittin' Season #484: Dan Szymborski on Those Fl...
It was a really bad week to be a Phillies fan.
30 min
Continued Success #142: How Many Times Can the ...
The 2021 Phillies had three different leads in a game they lost--for the second time.
47 min
Hittin' Season #483: The Phillies' Road Woes Co...
The Phillies return home this week after another road trip in which they lost more than they won.
53 min
Hittin' Season #482: Bryce Harper's Nagging Inj...
46 min
The Dirty Inning: A Kingery's Ransom
Let's trace Scott Kingery's tale from his Arizona beginnings to his not-in-Philadelphia present.
101 min
Hittin' Season #481: Big Test For the Phillies ...
The Dodgers and Giants await a red-hot Phillies team this week.
59 min
Continued Success #141: Well That Was Certainly...
All the 2021 Phillies ever need is their very last chance.
62 min
Hittin' Season #480: Phillies Walk It Off Twice...
The Phillies had a very good week against the Nationals and Braves.
38 min
Hittin' Season #479: Time For the Phillies' Off...
There are no more excuses for the offense now.
51 min
Hittin' Season #478: The Phillies Need the Bats
The offense broke out on Tuesday in Cincinnati, can they carry it forward?
38 min
Hittin' Season #477: Can the Phillies Turn It A...
The Phillies lost two straight in Tampa and things are going south in a hurry.
41 min
Continued Success #140: Joe Girardi is Done Tal...
67 min
Hittin' Season #476: Phillies Are Fish Bait
The Phillies are struggling once again to beat the Miami Marlins.
59 min
The Dirty Inning: Sharp as a Noodle
The Phillies have been no-hit for decades--but only once by a guy named "Noodles."
94 min
Hittin' Season #475: Should The Phillies Blow T...
The Phillies don't appear to have the right pieces for success.
51 min
Hittin' Season #474: Gregg Murphy Talks Phillies
The former Phillies TV host joins us to break down the struggling Phils.
43 min
Hittin' Season #473: Phillies Grades At The Qua...
The Phillies have played 25% of their season so far and it's been pretty meh.
54 min
Continued Success #139: Just a Few More Double-...
The Phillies took a series from the Nationals, and in general, that's good news.
58 min
The Dirty Inning: Red Ass Summer
A particularly spicy summer between the Phillies and umpires started in 1990 because of one little bodyslam.
86 min
Hittin' Season #472: Recapping a Crazy Series i...
The Phillies lost 2 out of 3 to the Braves in most horrific fashion.
54 min
Continued Success #138: A Four-Game Sweep can R...
The Phillies sweep the Brewers and NO ONE MAKE FUN OF THE ASTROS :-((((
65 min
Hittin' Season #471: Phillies Minor League Seas...
The Phils' minor league season is underway, so who should we be watching in 2021?
46 min
Hittin' Season #470: The Phillies Still Have Lo...
Five years after the rebuild started, it feels like the Phillies are still trying to build.
54 min
Up & In: 5/3/21 Phillies Sunday Night-mare Base...
The Phillies and Mets did something on Sunday Night Baseball but I'm not sure it was baseball.
9 min
Continued Success #137: The Phillies Have Too M...
A weird, bad series had some weird, bad results.
56 min
Up & In: 4/30/2021 Phillies Know Their Enemy, a...
The Phillies split their four game series with the Cardinals in St. Louis.
8 min
The Dirty Inning: Phanatic-ally Speaking
There's more to the Phanatic than Tommy Lasorda's rage.
96 min
Hittin' Season #469: So Many Phillies Problems ...
The Phillies have some issues and we talk about them on this podcast.
54 min
Continued Success #136: Let's All Take a Breath...
Sometimes it's best to live in the past for an hour.
59 min
Hittin' Season #468: Phillies vs. Giants Recap ...
Gabe Kapler won 2 out of 3 but the Phillies got the last laugh.
46 min
Hittin' Season #467: Aaron Nola IS an Ace!
The Phillies got a much needed series win behind their "ace," Aaron Nola.
66 min
Hittin' Season #466: Phillies Bats Ain't Bumpin'
The Phillies offense has disappeared, when will it come back?
61 min
The Dirty Inning: It's All About Execution
Gene Mauch's first game with the Phillies came one day after a new, terrifying rule about trash-throwing was instilled at Connie Mack Stadium.
88 min
Hittin' Season #465: Phils Benefit From Controv...
The Phils salvage the final game of their series against the Braves thanks to a blown call by MLB Instant Replay.
52 min
Continued Success #135: So Cliff Lee Totally ha...
The Phillies' hot start in 2011 was not slowed by the appearance of a rather limp Mets squad.
77 min
Hitting' Season #464: Overreactions to the Phil...
It was a fun first week of Phillies baseball, so of course we're overreacting!
50 min
Up & In: 4/8/2021
The Phillies take two out of three from the New York Mets!
7 min
Hittin' Season #463: The LolMets Are Back!
The Phillies are 4-0.
49 min
Up & In: 4/5/2021
A quick recap of the Phillies' Opening weekend sweep of the Atlanta Braves!
6 min
Hittin' Season #462: Phillies Opening Day Recap!
The Phillies walked off the Atlanta Braves on Opening Day and it doesn't get any better than that.
57 min
Continued Success #134: Ten Years Ago, the Phil...
60 min
The Dirty Inning: Opening Don't
The Phillies opened the 1900 season with a game that almost made fans wish they'd stayed closed.
91 min
Hittin' Season #461: 2021 MLB Preview Episode S...
The 2021 baseball season is here, and we're here to preview it for you!
66 min
Continued Success #133: That 2011 Phillies Team...
It was an exciting spring training for the Phillies in 2011. But that trademark concern was lingering.
62 min
Hittin' Season #460: Who's the Phillies Closer?
There's just over one week left in spring training, folks.
51 min
Hittin' Season #459: Clearwater Check In with S...
The Phils are under 10 days away from starting the regular season now!
48 min
Continued Success #132: It's Finally Luis Casti...
In 2011, there wasn't much to talk about so everybody went in on Luis Castillo.
63 min
Hittin' Season #458: Breaking Out Zach Eflin
Another Phillies starter is being talked about as a breakout candidate... is Zach Eflin that next guy?
45 min