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Hittin' Season #644: The World Baseball Classic...
The WBC has been pretty fun, if you've been paying attention.
66 min
Hittin' Season #643: Did the Vet's AstroTurf Ca...
We speak to two reporters who uncovered some unsettling results from scientific research of old Vet AstroTurf.
37 min
Hittin' Season #642: Andrew Painter, Pitch Cloc...
We're still waiting to hear more about Andrew Painter's balky elbow.
49 min
Hittin' Season #641: Scott Lauber Phillies Spri...
Lots of good stuff happening down in Clearwater right now.
52 min
Hittin' Season #640: The Pitch Clock is Stressi...
The new pitch clock may be helpful, but it's kinda stressful.
50 min
Hittin' Season #639: Phillies Spring Mailbag & ...
You had some questions, we had some answers.
38 min
Hittin' Season #638: Phillies Spring Vibes are ...
The vibes emanating from Clearwater are immaculate.
48 min
Hittin' Season #637: Jayson Stark on Rules Chan...
The Athletic's Jayson Stark stops by to chat about the craziness coming with new rules in 2023.
49 min
Hittin' Season #636: Phillies Spring Training S...
These are the top storylines with pitchers and catchers set to report to Clearwater this week.
49 min
Hittin' Season #635: What is Up with the Philli...
The 2023 MLB schedule is really different.
38 min
Hittin' Season #634: Predicting the 2023 26-Man...
With the addition of Josh Harrison, the roster appears set.
25 min
The Dirty Inning #109: Make Mine with Extra Salami
Two grand slams? In one game? In 1921? Was that even LEGAL then?
72 min
Continued Success #193: The Most Serious Hall o...
We make our own HOF ballot, discuss Scott Rolen's entry into Cooperstown, and do a little Phillies prospect talk.
66 min
Hittin' Season #633: Preston Mattingly on the P...
The state of the Phillies' farm system in 2023
18 min
Hittin' Season #632: Marlins Moves, Hall of Fam...
The Marlins are making some moves, we chat about Tuesday's Hall of Fame announcements and ranking our favorite Phillies homers of all-time.
79 min
Continued Success #193: Let's Take a Lap Around...
A recent Dave Dombrowski interview shined a little light on things.
50 min
Hittin' Season #631: Unanswered Phillies Questions
There are a few questions unanswered with spring training coming soon.
41 min
The Dirty Inning #108: When the Bill is Past Due
Every franchise has its first home run. The Phillies' came with five errors.
75 min
I Was There: The Comeback Will Start Any Second...
Check out a new brand Phillies podcast, found ONLY on the Hittin' Season Patreon!
15 min
Continued Success #192: A Who's Who of Phillies...
62 min
Hittin' Season #630: LOLMETS!!! The Ballad of C...
Somehow, the Mets managed to top themselves.
48 min
Hittin' Season #629: Phillies Keep Making Trade...
The Phillies swing a couple more trades, including for an All Star closer!
61 min
Hittin' Season #628: 1st Phillies Mailbag of 2023!
You've got questions, we've got answers.
43 min
Hittin' Season #627: Reacting to the Kimbrel Si...
The Phillies appear to be largely set as 2023 begins.
44 min
The Dirty Inning #107: Catching the Holiday Bug
It's the holiday season, and you need a REAL Phillies podcast to drown out those pesky kids! We've got you covered.
57 min