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Hittin' Season #561: Losses Like These Just Can...
The Phillies are playing sloppy baseball and finding extremely creative ways to lose.
47 min
Hittin' Season #560: Phillies at the Quarter Po...
The 2022 season is 25% done, and the Phillies are largely disappointing once again.
67 min
Continued Success #176: The Dodgers are Back an...
What does scoring three runs in three games do for momentum? And don't say "it's bad for it"!
71 min
Hittin' Season #559: Phillies Step Up Against t...
Even with a frustrating end to the series, the Phils had a good week last week.
68 min
Hittin' Season #558: Phils Take M's Series & Ar...
The Phillies won just their third series of the season this week, but we'll take it!
40 min
Hittin' Season #557: What I Did With 60 Hours o...
After last Thursday's nightmare, we all needed a trial separation from the Phillies for a few days.
56 min
Continued Success #175: This is What We Thought...
There was a time in the 2022 Phillies season before their 8-7 collapse to the Mets. This was the end of that time.
61 min
The Dirty Inning #97: Blood, Mets, and Tears
All right, Vicente Padilla. You've got 27 more chances before the Phillies give up on you. Don't blow literally every one of them.
78 min
Hittin' Season #556: A Texas Sweep, Brutal Sche...
The Phillies were swept in a quick two-game series against the Rangers in the last "easy" series they'll see for a month.
39 min
Hittin' Season #555: April Grades & Phillies St...
The first month is over and the Phillies are doing what they always do.
61 min
Continued Success #174: There is No Justice lik...
53 min
Hittin' Season #554: The Phillies Bats Wake Up
The Phillies have taken the first three games of their four-game series against the Rockies!
48 min
Hittin' Season #553: No Angel in the Evening
Angel Hernandez is a terrible umpire.
64 min
Up & In 4/24/22: Phillies vs. Brewers Recap & A...
It was another series loss for the Phillies, this time to the Brewers at home.
12 min
Continued Success #173: After Two Weeks, These ...
64 min
Hittin' Season #552: What's Working and What's ...
The Phils lost two out of three and are off to a slow start after the first 13 games.
44 min
Hittin' Season #551: Phils Are Fish Food Again
The Phillies looked overmatched in Miami once again this weekend.
47 min
Continued Success #172: What's an Early Season ...
The Phillies played the Mets, and it was deeply imperfect.
68 min
Hittin' Season #550: Phils vs. Mets Recap -- Aa...
The Phillies dropped two out of three to the Mets in their first match-up of the season.
44 min
Hittin' Season #549: Phillies Steal the Mets' S...
The Phils do it again to the Mets, and Alec Bohm has a night.
66 min
Up & In 4/11/22: Phillies Take 2 of 3 From the A's
The Phillies take 2 out of 3 from Oakland in their opening series of the 2022 season!
9 min
Hittin' Season #548: 10 Bold Phillies Predictio...
These 10 things probably won't happen, but they could!
40 min
Up & In 4/5/2022: Phillies Opening Day Roster I...
We now know who the Phillies will be sending north to start the 2022 season!
12 min
The Dirty Inning #96: Opening Day by Day
The Phillies have had a lot of opening days in their history. Which ones sucked? Which ones ruled?
82 min
Hittin' Season #547: Mickey's Spring & 2022 MLB...
Mickey Moniak makes the team and we give our predictions for the 2022 season!
74 min
Continued Success #171: Jimmy Rollins is Back a...
J-Roll is onboard for the most promising Phillies season in ages.
61 min
Hittin' Season #546: Spring Training Battles Wi...
Young prospects are playing well, seemingly securing jobs with a little over a week until the start of the regular season.
52 min
The Dirty Inning #95: Chad Ogea is on the Loose
Pitching depth! Y2K! The Braves! The Phillies of 1999 started the season with some hurdles in front of them. One was their No. 2 starter.
67 min
Hittin' Season #545: Alec Bohm on the Trade Block?
Spring training is underway but the trade rumors continue!
52 min
Hittin' Season #544: Nick Castellanos is a Phil...
The Phillies have gone over the luxury tax and signed Nick Castellanos.
66 min
Continued Success #170: The 2022 Phillies are B...
61 min
Hittin' Season #543: Kyle Schwarber is a Phillie!
The Phillies sign their big free agent bat, but are they still just third best in the NL East?
60 min
Hittin' Season #542: Phillies Sign Familia, Han...
The Phils' free agent signing so far are a tad uninspired.
67 min
Hittin' Season #541: The MLB Lockout is Over!!!
Baseball is back!
41 min
Hittin' Season #540: The Phillies Wouldn't Trad...
A crazy trade that didn't happen and the latest on the MLB labor negotiations.
54 min
Continued Success #169: There Are No Small Mark...
Who is going to be your non-MLB team you get your baseball fix from this summer?
80 min
Hittin' Season #539: Blame Rob Manfred
Why Rob Manfred and MLB's owners are to blame for the cancellation of regular season games.
50 min
Hittin' Season #538: MLB Labor Deadline Day
MLB and the Players union negotiated deep into the night to beat an MLB deadline to start the season on time.
60 min
Hittin' Season #537: Labor, PECOTA, and Banning...
It's a big week for MLB to get its act together.
47 min
Continued Success #168: The Phillies Have a New...
Let's take guesses at what "The Phillies Way" means. Good ones, I mean.
62 min
Hittin' Season #536: Labor, Prospect Camp & Rel...
The latest on the labor wars, Phillies prospect camp and relievers who could help the team in '22.
49 min
Hittin' Season #535: Stuff Rob Manfred Said
MLB's Commissioner said a bunch of stuff this week, only some of which made sense.
52 min
Continued Success #167: What DIDN'T Former Phil...
Whole lot of not baseball out there!
60 min
The Dirty Inning #94: No-Longer-Red Robin
In 1962, the Phillies retired Robin Roberts' number even though he wasn't yet in the Hall of Fame--or even retired from the game.
69 min
Hittin' Season #534: What Happened To Those 201...
Visions of a once great farm system fueling a big league resurgence are long gone.
59 min
Continued Success #166: Everybody is Glad that ...
MLB cries for a federal mediator, a bunch of umpires come and go, and the Phillies farm system gets another ranking.
66 min
Up & In 2/4/22: To Mediate or Not To Mediate?
OK, it's not to mediate, glad we got that answered.
11 min
Hittin' Season #533: The Quest For Bryan Reynolds
Can the Phillies land an actual star center fielder?
74 min
Continued Success #165: Happy One-Year Annivers...
Remember when we thought Realmuto might not play here anymore? Ha ha ha; what great, normal times we had.
65 min
Hittin' Season #532: Hall of Fame Thoughts w/ M...
Hall of Fame discussion, Labor WARz and Phillies starting rotation expectations.
50 min
The Dirty Inning #93: Sticks and Milestones
The Phillies have some milestones to celebrate in 2022... if they want to.
61 min
Hittin' Season #531: Phillies-A's Trade Thought...
As labor talks begin to heat up, a look back at the legacy of Matt Klentak as he leaves for Milwaukee.
61 min
Hittin' Season #530: Phillies Prospects Check-i...
Let's check in on the Phillies prospects on various top-100 lists.
53 min
Continued Success #164: Who Doesn't Love a Litt...
68 min
Hittin' Season #529: Taking Our Temperature on ...
How confident are we in the Phillies this season?
59 min
Continued Success #163: What if the Phillies ha...
Who knew there was so much to learn about Jose Pirela?
64 min
The Dirty Inning #92: Take Me to Church
Bubba Church pitched two thirds of an inning after getting blasted in the face. Erv Palica pitched a whole game with the reputation of a hypochondriac..
58 min
Hittin' Season #528: We've Come To Fix Baseball
Baseball's got some problems, and we're here to help.
51 min
Continued Success #162: Zack Wheeler, Corey Kne...
The internet is simply crackling with Phillies talk, and we're here to discuss it
58 min
Hittin' Season #527: Hall of Fame Candidates w/...
Two men's Hall of Fame ballots that everyone is sure to like.
42 min
Continued Success #161: Think of All the Nights...
61 min
Hittin' Season Quickie: 2021 MLB Season Review ...
Today, an interview with's Nick Selbe on his 2021 Year in Review.
17 min
The Dirty Inning #91: Jacked Up
Jack Scheible made a little history. But not in his one game with the Phillies in 1894.
58 min
Hittin' Season #526: Into the Phillies Multiverse
There are so many different directions the Phillies franchise could have gone over the years.
51 min
Continued Success at the Movies: "Field of Dreams"
You know what baseball fans are rational about? No, no; not steroids or the Hall of Fame or MVP awards. The film "Field of Dreams."
120 min
Continued Success #160: Is YOUR Negativity Hurt...
No it is not.
63 min
Hittin' Season #525: Phillies Trade Assets & Fa...
There's not much going on but there's some Phillies stuff to talk about
52 min
The Dirty Inning #90: Persons of Disinterest
It's July 3, 2001, and after a weirdly calm speech from Larry Bowa, the Phillies could beat just about anybody. Except the Braves.
72 min
Hittin' Season #524: Dick Allen Was Robbed
Dick Allen should be in the Hall of Fame
49 min
Continued Success #159: The MLB Labor Stoppage ...
72 min
Hittin' Season #523: MLB's Lockout & Where the ...
51 min
Hittin' Season #522: Schwarber, Knebel the Phil...
The MLB off-season is racing to get every transaction in ahead of a potential work stoppage this week.
79 min
The Dirty Inning: Who Wants Seconds?
The Phillies and Reds combined for a dirtying turducken on June 4, 1952.
65 min
Hittin' Season #521: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard...
Can Jimmy and Ryan stay on the ballot for more than one year?
55 min
Continued Success #158: The Phillies Have Some ...
64 min
Hittin' Season #520: Harper Wins MVP, Wheeler W...
The Phillies were .500 when it came to winning postseason hardware, too.
27 min
Hittin' Season #519: The Perfect Off-Season Blu...
If you're looking for the perfect Phillies off-season plan, it might be here, or it might not be, this is hard.
49 min
Continued Success #157: Can You Believe It, the...
Have you heard the news? Everything is fixed now, a Rays executive is here!
69 min
Hittin' Season #518: 5 Key Takeaways From the G...
Dave Dombrowski has a plan for the off-season.
33 min
Hittin' Season #517: To Trade or Not To Trade A...
Would the Phillies trade one of their best starting pitchers this off-season?
71 min
Continued Success #156: Just Checking in on the...
It's not utterly silent, but it is certainly time to focus on us.
63 min
Hittin' Season #516: 4 Things For the Phillies ...
The Phils' farm system is getting better, but when will it be "good?"
46 min
The Dirty Inning: Find Me a Taylor in Porkopolis
Jack Taylor didn't play for the Phillies very long. In addition, Jack Taylor didn't play for the Phillies very well.
83 min
Continued Success #155: Let's Sift Through Some...
Put on your finest HAZMAT suit and let's dive into some replies.
56 min
Hittin' Season #515: Bryce Harper's Prelude to ...
Bryce Harper wins a major award, could it foreshadow another to come in a few weeks?
36 min
Hittin' Season #514: Braves or Astros? A World ...
The Fall Classic is back, featuring two teams Phillies fans will have an awful hard time rooting for.
64 min
SB Nation's 2021 World Series Preview - present...
48 min
Continued Success #154: I Guess We Should Say a...
69 min
Hittin' Season #513: The Tale of Two Trade Dead...
The Braves and Phillies approached the trade deadline differently, and it wasn't all about luck.
48 min
Hittin' Season #512: What Exactly Is It Would Y...
Can a new hitting coach and infield coach make an impact on the 2022 Phillies?
47 min
The Dirty Inning: Five Hundred Games of Suckitude
When times get tough, go with what you know.
74 min
Hittin' Season #511: MLB Postseason Thoughts & ...
The Phillies are hiring yet another coach with ties to Joe Girardi.
49 min
Continued Success #53: The Phillies' Long, Dumb...
59 min
SB Nation's MLB NL Playoff Preview - Presented ...
49 min
Hittin' Season #510: Throwing Dirt on the 2021 ...
It's all over, kids. It's all over.
72 min
Hittin' Season #509: It's All Over
The Phillies will not play postseason baseball once again this year.
33 min
Hittin' Season #508: It's the Final Countdown f...
Just one week left and a playoff spot is within their reach.
41 min
Hittin' Season #507: 10 Games Left
The Phillies "won" 2 out of 3 against the O's, setting up a 11-day stretch of must-win games.
45 min
The Dirty Inning: Around the Fail Horn
In April 1986, the Phillies infield made a trio of costly errors in one inning that weren't even the last errors they'd commit all day.
67 min
Hittin' Season #506: Nothing But O's Against th...
The Phillies desire to sabotage themselves is unrivaled in baseball.
45 min