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Get the inside scoop on how America’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their industries. On each episode of Talking Business Now, you'll meet one of your fellow business owners, founders or entrepreneurs who's "been there done that." Along with host Kelly Scanlon, guests delve into a specific challenge they've dealt with, their strategies for handling it and how it changed their company. You'll be inspired by each guest's entrepreneurial journey—and, through their experiences and examples, you'll gain insights into innovative ideas you can put to work immediately to increase productivity, improve processes, expand your market share and generate more revenue. Tune in , , , it’s time to talk business!

The American Dream Revisited, with Gary Sirak
Gary Sirak discusses whether the American Dream still exists for entrepreneurs today.
21 min
Family Builds Complete Home Concepts Across Gen...
Jeff Goodwin and his family have built a business the spans generations through acquisition and reliability.
21 min
4 Ways to Build Your Business Like a B.O.S.S. w...
Best-selling author Bernadette Harris explains the four key business building tips for growing your business.
20 min
How a Local Plumber Turned His Company Around B...
Jeff Morgan, founder of Morgan Miller Plumbing, started plumbing for his successor from his first day in business. He’s found that person in Stella Crewse.
23 min
How Radical Optimism Transforms Company Culture...
Bob Lancer discusses how Radical Optimism can help create a high-performing workplace culture.
22 min
What a PEO Can Do For Your Business, with Erica...
Many businesses don't know what a PEO is. Lever1 president Erica Brune discusses how businesses can work with a PEO to cover their HR needs.
17 min
How to Put Your Sales Process on Autopilot with...
Ryan O'Donnell explains how to simplify and automate your company's growth using outbound email.
38 min
Secret to Success: Seeking Opportunity with Bra...
Brandy McCombs has grown IBC by proactively finding opportunities rather than waiting for them to find her.
21 min
How to Lead Like a Superhero with Sebastien Ric...
Sebastien Richard discussed his latest book Lead Like a Superhero, in which he applies the strengths and weaknesses of the pop culture icons to leadership style
23 min
What is the REAL ROI of Social Media? with Thin...
Anne Cull discusses the real value of social media—building relationships.
16 min
Six Questions for Leading Achievers with Clive ...
Clive Hook
25 min
The Role of First-Time Employers in Kansas City...
Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel discuss the impact first-time employers have on job creation in Kansas City.
18 min
Marisa Wiruhayarn's Entrepreneurial Journey Inv...
Marisa Wiruhayarn came to the U.S. looking for a fresh start. And then tragedy struck.
24 min
Adam Arredondo Talks About Major Changes in KC'...
KC's startup community just got a major shot in the arm with new programs and a $1 million donation.
23 min
What's Going on With Health Insurance for Small...
With the uncertainty in the health insurance market, Chris Goodwin of Insurance Pros discusses options for small business owners.
25 min
Entrepreneur Turns Salvage Into Success
Warehouse 1 founder Mary Lou Jacoby shares how she turned a warehouse full of used inventory into a multimillion dollar business that recently became an ESOP.
30 min
From NASA to OYO Fitness, with founder Paul Fra...
Engineer Paul Francis leveraged a solution he provided for NASA into an entrepreneurial opportunity by launching OYO Fitness.
22 min
Why Entrepreneurs Need to Raise Their Hands, wi...
Zack Miller, the founder of Hatch and the mayor of "Hustle City," talks about what it takes to be a successful business owner.
23 min
Apple Pie Painting Hits a Sweet Spot in Kansas ...
Tune in to find out how April and Joey Kramer are building a mobile painting party concept in Kansas City.
25 min
Lead From Within, with executive leadership coa...
Lolly Daskal shows us how to recognize various archetypes to close the gap to become a better leader.
19 min
Blocking and Tackling Business Tips with Marvin...
Marvin Carolina, Jr., shares the business wisdom he's learned as a football player, corporate executive and entrepreneur.
28 min
Season 4 Apprentice Winner Randal Pinkett: Trum...
Randal Pinkett, the season 4 winner of The Apprentice discusses Trump, leadership and entrepreneurship.
21 min
Helping Businesses Find Their Competitive Edge,...
Damascus Edge founder and CEO Brandi Beach discusses her entrepreneurial journey, offers insights for business success and shares how Damascus Edge helps busine
20 min
Mistakes That Can Sink Your Brand, with IP atto...
Do you have protections in place for one of your business's most valuable assets? Find out how to protect your intellectual property in this short episode with
25 min
From Thailand to KC: Entrepreneurial Journey wi...
Marisa Wiruhayarn came to the U.S. excited to be pursuing the American Dream. Then tragedy struck. Then entrepreneurial determination kicked in..
24 min