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Get the inside scoop on how America’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their industries. On each episode of Talking Business Now, you'll meet one of your fellow business owners, founders or entrepreneurs who's "been there done that." Along with host Kelly Scanlon, guests delve into a specific challenge they've dealt with, their strategies for handling it and how it changed their company. You'll be inspired by each guest's entrepreneurial journey—and, through their experiences and examples, you'll gain insights into innovative ideas you can put to work immediately to increase productivity, improve processes, expand your market share and generate more revenue. Tune in , , , it’s time to talk business!

Value As a Service, with Rob Bernshteyn
Value As a Service: Is your business ready to embrace this coming disruption? Are you ready?
19 min
PointWorks Academy Expanding Opportunities Tech...
PointWorks Academy Co-founder Chrys Sullivan has launched an accelerated learning program for user experience in Kansas City in the hopes of filling tech openi
19 min
There's Money in Maggots: Grubbly Farms Sees Su...
What started as somewhat of a joke has morphed into a sustainable and profitable business for two Georgia Tech college graduates, who founded Grubbly Farms, whi
20 min
NFL Hall of Famer Will Shields Finds Success As...
What some are calling the former Chiefs offensive guard's "second half", Will Shields dedicates his life to wellness and training for athletes of all ages.
25 min
Be The Disrupter By Getting Ahead of The Curve ...
Internationally known business performance expert, author and speaker Pamela S Harper shares her insight into running and growing a successful business.
23 min
No Mold, No Odors, No Nasty Chemicals - No Kidd...
Kansas City Business Owner Terry Amerine has found a better way to get rid of mold in your home and property. Find out more on this episode of Smart Companies K
25 min
Time To Make the Jump to Entrepreneur With Awar...
Pamela Slim has helped hundreds make the jump from the corporate world to running their own business, but the jump isn't always right for everybody.
27 min
Big Wheels & High Heels: IXT Trucking Keeps Thi...
International Express Trucking, Inc. with 70 plus trucks serving the six state Midwest region. With committed, long-term business partnerships with companies l
23 min
The State of Small Business in America 2016: Ba...
22 min
Weave Gotcha Covered Uncovering New Opportuniti...
Weave Gotcha Covered manufacturers custom window treatments, bedding and upholstery while providing jobs and mentoring women in marginalized communities.
24 min
Changing the World With Just a Chat: Bishop McC...
Bishop McCann designs and produces meetings, incentives, and live events worldwide and recently launched its CHAT Series to empower young people to reach their
16 min
Eat, Play, Pickle in Kansas City North with Res...
Bill Crooks is bringing his more than 30 years experience atop the PB&J restaurant empire to North Kansas City in the form of a Pickle Ball Court and that's ju
25 min
4000 Miles Across America, Entrepreneur & Autho...
As a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, author Michael Glauser set off on his bicycle across America to discover the success behind main street en
27 min
Sweet Treats Hit the Streets. Meet The Funnel C...
Satisfy your sweet tooth with some tasty treats on the streets of Kansas City. Michael Bradbury talks about bringing the food truck industry to Kansas City.
18 min
How to Turn Your Leads into Sales with expert a...
Hear from Marketing Expert Justin Sturges who brings more than 20 years of B2B Marketing experience to Smart Companies Radio.
25 min
The Best IT Disaster Defense Is An Offense. Hub...
Huber & Associates has been helping companies for more than 30 years solve their technology problems. Dean Bergman, a sales executive with Huber suggest the bes
22 min
Business Planning Expert Tim Berry Shapes Up Yo...
The man who wrote the book on business planning, in fact he's written several books discusses his latest on how to get the most out out of your business with "L
25 min
Developer Matt Abbott Revitalizing Kansas City'...
Matt Abbott, an entrepreneur since the age of five is busy breathing life back into Kansas City's east Crossroads enabling fellow entrepreneurs to set up shop i
19 min
Jeffery Shaw: The Freedom Fighter for The Uncom...
Jeffery Shaw champions for the little guy to grow their gift and passion into extraordinary and successful businesses.
26 min
K.C. Shrimp Company Rockets to Success With Liv...
Saltwater Shrimp from the Midwest - Learn how one couple is turning a love for farming into a thriving business in the middle of the country.
19 min
Mom Made Food CEO Heather Stouffer Makes Mealti...
From the Back of her Volvo to supermarkets nationwide, Heather Stouffer is taking her Mom Made Food Brand across the country making family meal time fun and hea
27 min
LeagueAlly Founder Luke Wade Grows Rec Sports b...
Leagueally the software solution to your recreational sports headaches. Founder Luke Wade says LeagueAlly can be used to help manage just about any rec league.
21 min
Catch the Next Market Wave & Surge to Success w...
Former small business columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Mike Michalowicz is out with his new book Surge. Learn how to identify the next market wave to succ
25 min
J Rieger Left For Dead: Resurection & Co-Founde...
Steeped in history, Andy Rieger talks about his family's pre-prohibition distillery and how the future looks bright for this young trailblazing company in Kansa
29 min
Great Advice with Money Magazine & NBC Financia...
Are you looking for answers for your small business? You’ve come to the right place. The Money Answers Man, Jordan Goodman will tell you where to find the answ
26 min
Passion For Making a Difference: A Driving Forc...
For 24 years Dobies Healthcare Group has been making its mark on Healthcare with Strategic Marketing Plans for the Healthcare Industry
27 min
A Declaration of Independents: Businessman & Au...
Greg Orman who has released a new book, A Declaration of Independents talks about his years in business and how it played a role in his run for the U.S, Sentate
28 min
McCrite Family: Three Generations of Commitment...
What started as a boarding house from generations past is now luxury senior living and care. Meet the family that remains committed to that goal.
25 min
Going Global Without Losing Your Shirt With Pay...
Learn how to take your business outside your immediate market. Get out of your comfort zone and Go Global.
26 min
Hobby Turns Into Full-Time Award-Winning Busine...
Winning nearly 50 gold medals in 2015 Jowler Creek Vinyards and Winery has moved the basement hobby up and out of the house. These entrepreneurs have a growing
28 min
We're Doing It All Wrong! A Bold New Business A...
Everyday business practices are used because they work, right? Or is it just the way it's been done. Dr. David Burkus is challenging what's been done and is off
22 min
Bravo's Top Chef Alumni, Chef Renee Kelly, The ...
Bravo Top Chef Contestant, chef Renee Kelly celebrates her 10th anniversary this summer with mouth-watering creations at her restaurant, Renee Kelly's Harvest a
27 min
Learn The Secrets to Successfully Managing Your...
Eliminate bad hires, quick fires, and get more done while your sales reps grow revenue for your business.
29 min
Prairie Elder Care Growing to Meet the Needs of...
Prairie Elder Care takes a different approach to caring for residents with dementia. Find out how this young company is different from others and how that's the
27 min
Profiting in a World Where Customers Rule with ...
Learn how to improve the customer experience and grow your business.
28 min
Major Disasters Have Met Their Match With Sage ...
From hording situations to sewers and beyond Sage Restoration is Cleaning up.
25 min
CEO Afterlife:Are You Ready? with Author and Bu...
You've poured your whole life, blood sweat and tears and sometimes a second mortgage into your business and now you're ready to retire or move on but to what? A
25 min
Economic Visionary, Dr. Troy Nash Always Asking...
Dr. Troy Nash has been serving his community since the ripe old age of 29 as a Kansas City, Missouri city councilman, and presided over one of the largest econo
24 min
How to Hire the Best in Rural America With Auth...
Small Business owners in rural communities hang on to marginal employees because they believe they can't afford to hire A list employees. Dr. Sabrina Starling s
24 min
Embracing Diversity to Change the World with Gu...
Mindy Corporon lost her son and father just a little over a year ago and instead of collapsing under the tragedy she has found strength by organizing efforts to
27 min
New Rules of the Game, HGTV Co-Founder Susan Pa...
Susan Packard says after 20 years with Scripps network has written a book that some are calling the new guide for women in the workplace.
27 min
Preventing Fraud Before It Happens with Securit...
Too often security companies are called after the fact. Find out from security expert and author Michael Tabman why the best security measure is always a preemp
25 min
How to Select the Right Exit Strategy, Successi...
Business owners get so caught up in starting their business and running their business that they forget to think about retiring and/or selling their business. K
24 min
Kansas City a More Beautiful Place to Live wit...
Nationally ranked Leopold Gallery focuses on Local Creators to build Kansas City's cultural wealth.
23 min
Creating Client Success: With Core Catalysts Fo...
A seasoned consulting company that works with their clients providing core business solutions.
24 min
It Only Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Life and...
National Speaker, serial entrepreneur, award-winning commentator for CNN, Mel Robins best known for creating the 5 Second Rule explains what you have to do to g
28 min
Injured Veteran Bringing Learning Back to Play ...
Haran Yaffe, speaker, muscian, and entrepreneur is rekindling his childhood and hoping to rekindle learning during playtime with building blocks.
25 min
Fine Wine & Rich Chocolate Unite with Expertise...
Empty nester and lover of wine and chocolate, Keri Olson has taken her two passions and turned it into a tasty business in Kansas City.
23 min
Dont Brainstorm Your Company Out of Biz with Be...
Best selling author and national business speaker Stephen Shapiro shares his thoughts on innovation and why it's become a dirty word for many companies.
24 min
CREMA, An Award Winning Digital Shop In Kansas ...
Crema co-founders George Brooks and Daniel Linhart is in the people business, and they just happen to make apps and launch ventures.
28 min
The Big Business of Furries. Meet Colorado Crea...
Business is flourishing for furry costume maker and designer Sarah Dee. Find out the story behind this creator of Furries and how big the business is.
19 min
Staying Ahead of the Curve With MEDiAHEAD'S CEO...
When Mediahead's founder Kat McDaniel saw the upcoming disruption in the world of printing she jumped ahead of the competition by reinventing the business.
23 min
Grow Your Business With Author, Consultant and ...
Donna Leyens is an entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Business Coach, and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is the co-founder and Presi
28 min
Day In and Day Out AlphaGraphics Kansas City Pr...
AlphaGraphics Kansas City, one of the most-trusted printing design and marketing companies in Kansas City wins 25 Under 25 ® award.
28 min
CBS TV's Amazing Race Winners, The Beekman Boys...
Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell are the founders of Beekman 1802, which Nasdaq has called one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in America.
27 min
Accidental Goat Farmers Turned Entrepreneurs: T...
Two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, nei
26 min
Eagle Animal Hospital, Where the Four-legged Pa...
When it comes to the care and health of your pet, owners will search high and low to find the very the best for their four-legged companions. Meet the owners of
24 min
Driving Ideal Clients Straight to Your Front Do...
Have you ever been forced to fire a client? Business coach and consultant Dov Gordon says there are ways business owners can draw their ideal client to them. Fi
26 min
Award Winning Muehlebach Funeral Care Continues...
Small family owned business bucking the trend in Kansas City continuing the traditions of exemplary service at Muelhbach Funeral Care.
23 min
Overcoming His Loss of Sight, Entrepreneur Max ...
Mawell Ivey also known by many as the blind blogger says he can help lead you out of the darkness and into the light of success and living your dreams
26 min
Beer Hall Cheer and a European Atmosphere at Wa...
28 continually rotating taps and hundreds of packaged beers await the beer enthusiasts at Bier Station
26 min
Minimize Key Risk Factors When Starting a Busin...
Improve your odds of a starting a successful business by knowing the risk patterns and how to minimize or avoid them.
24 min
Making The Right Connection With Author and Nat...
Discover the difference between networking and making a connection. National speaker and author Joyce Layman will walk you the first steps for real results
28 min
Getting Down To Business With Author and Serial...
Learn practical real world experience from serial entrepreneur and author Harris Glasser
27 min
Get to Know Your Neighborhood Bank with Sunflow...
Find out what makes a community bank so attractive to small and medium-sized businesses.
24 min
Leveling the Playing Field with Women's Foundat...
Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of Women's Foundation talks about the amazing strides made on behalf of women business owners and employees.
22 min
Jumpstart Your Influence With Social Media Mark...
Want people to visit your site? Want more customers buying your widget. Find out how its done today with Influencer Marketing expert Bill Belew
25 min
What the Rolling Stones Taught Me About Being a...
A great idea usually isn't enough to make it as an entrepreneur. You'll need help and Jeff Stoller, author, attorney, accountant, and entrepreneur has come to
25 min
Blooom Ready to Offer Financial Assistance No M...
No matter the size, Blooom one of the worlds most innovative companies of 2015, can offer a solution to you or your company's retirement plans needs.
26 min
Built to Lead With Best-Selling Author David Long
Discover how to get anything you ever wanted in life by FIRST putting yourself SECOND
27 min
A Visit from the Elf on The Shelf and How the S...
The story behind The Elf on the Shelf
16 min
"Henry's" Are Good for Your Bottom Iine with Ma...
Who or what is a "Henry"? Find out how and why your small business should be courting them for their discretionary dollars.
25 min
Entrepreneur Sheryl Godsy Finds Coffee And Art ...
Dare to Dabble: It's a Coffee Shop, It's an art marketplace, its an open studio it's an art experience, it's everything but intimidating and it's a successful n
26 min
Measuring Your Success As The Boss with Success...
Practical insights on how to measure your success and how to face your biggest challenges as the CEO.
24 min
Freightview Saving Businesses Time & Money With...
No matter how much you ship, a Kansas City-based company can save you money, time and hassles by finding the best deals available. Jason Roberts, the co founder
26 min
The Grommet: Reshaping How We Discover, Share a...
They call them "Grommets", products with purpose invented by people with stories. Meet the two people behind the scenes who founded The Grommet which has launch
28 min
Idle Smart A Great Idea That's Catching On in T...
Meet the Smart Guys behind the company "Idle Smart", a new way regulate comfort and fuel costs in the trucking industry. The co-founders will share lessons le
27 min
Determination, a Blessing and a Curse For Handc...
An inspiring story of determination, entrepreneur and hooch maker Linda Losey talks about working through her grief and rebuilding her life with Limoncello in
29 min
Matt Trent, Taking Care of Business from Corpor...
Matt Trent has taken his IT knowledge one step further launching a new search engine devoted to athletes and their growing number of fans.
29 min
It's Always Tea Time with Wystone Teas Presiden...
After spending years in the corporate world, Wy Livingston found her niche in tea. She left the corporate world behind to follow her dream of food and specialty
28 min
Bringing Ideas to Life at GEW 2015 with Kaufman...
Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic
25 min
Creating Strategic Impact Throughout Your Compa...
Learn how to make strategizing a daily habit in business with one simple question: What are you trying to achieve.
26 min
Silicon Prairie's "Navy Seals" In Action. Meet ...
You run your company let a trusted partner run your IT. Mersoft, headquartered in Overland Park provides solutions for all platforms
23 min
Power Up Your Next Brainstorming Session with I...
Dramatically increase your odds at Success with Richard Haasnoot
26 min
The Little Job Creation Engine That Could With ...
Find out how SCORE has developed over the years into one of the most efficient job creation and business formation engines in the nation.
26 min
Make Your Networking More Profitable With Award...
Learn how to make your time at networking events truly work in your favor.
25 min
Smart Companies-KC with Krueger & James Insuran...
Deena James shares what makes Kansas City's Krueger & James Insurance Different from the rest.
26 min
Learning to Code: It's Never Too Early To Start...
Introducing your kids to coding. It's never too early to start. Heather Petrocelli the co-author of "The Wonderful World of Creatures & Code explains.
24 min
Is Kansas City Most Entrepreneurial? KC SourceL...
After two years of hard work where does Kansas City, Missouri currently stand as an entrepreneurial city in America?
24 min
Life is Better with a View From The Top: Life &...
Looking for Inspiration? Aaron Walker discusses his tips and advice in finding a mentor.
25 min
Sparking the Next Stage for Growth with Speaker...
Leaders and business owners are learning to react quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Author and consultant Margaret Reynolds is out with a new book to he
26 min
Scaling Up with National Speaker, Author & Foun...
Learn now to build industry domination and grow your business
27 min
What's Hot & What's Not? Spend Your Real Estate...
Discover your best route. Are you a fix and flipper or a buy and hold investor? Your and your market will dictate.
37 min
Learn How To Connect with Funding Opportunities...
Funding is being made available through a variety of sources for women owned businesses.
23 min
Loyalty Lessons from a Multi-Billion Dollar Gro...
What inspired such fervent loyalty to a grocery store and the lessons that can be learned by business owners
25 min
Building a Growing Business in Grandview One Ta...
Custom made-to-order furniture is in big demand from a growing company in Grandview, Missouri. Find out the secrets to their success
26 min
Growing Your Business to a New Level of Success...
"Growing Your Business When YOU Are the Business!" Learn how the game is played with author and speaker Mark LeBLanc
28 min
The Invasion Is Underway, and Foodies Are Linin...
Kansas City is being invaded by hundreds of food trucks and you wont hear any complaining.
29 min
Entrepreneurial Grannies Thrive Without the Hel...
Ice Chip Grannies Said No to the Sharks and Yes to a Growing Business
26 min
Architecture Firm Runs Like Clockwork. Meet Co...
Kansas City's Creative Economy is alive and well and growing in the city's River Market. Discover their secret to success
26 min