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Get the inside scoop on how America’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their industries. On each episode of Talking Business Now, you'll meet one of your fellow business owners, founders or entrepreneurs who's "been there done that." Along with host Kelly Scanlon, guests delve into a specific challenge they've dealt with, their strategies for handling it and how it changed their company. You'll be inspired by each guest's entrepreneurial journey—and, through their experiences and examples, you'll gain insights into innovative ideas you can put to work immediately to increase productivity, improve processes, expand your market share and generate more revenue. Tune in , , , it’s time to talk business!

Franchising Your Way to Business Growth: With E...
Entrepreneur Frank Fiume, who grew i9 Sports to $300 million in sales, shares tips and insights into using franchising as a model for growing a business.
18 min
Running With My Head Down: Entrepreneurial Less...
Frank Fiume, founder of i9 Sports, the nation's leading franchise of youth leagues and camps, shares his lessons learned.
28 min
Deep Listening for Deep Business Results
Former Microsoft executive Oscar Trimboli talks with us about how to master deep listening for increased produdctivity and better business results.
32 min
From Paralysis to Purpose: An Inspiring Story o...
Speaker and author David Cooks shares insights into how his positive attitude toward physical paralysis shaped his future.
22 min
Leading Change in Times of Great Uncertainty
Former executive Julie Benezet talks about how to lead companies through change and embrace the uncertainty it brings.
31 min
An Inside Look at the Early Days of AI—and How ...
Pamela McCorduck, an artificial intelligence expert who witnessed the start of the AI revolution and personally worked with the founder fathers, discusses the implications of AI on the future of business.
20 min
Creating an Effective and Memorable Business Name
Ross Kimbarovsky discusses the do's and don'ts of naming or renaming a business.
27 min
Boost Your Company's Growth DNA
Margaret Reynolds discusses how strategic leaders use growth genetics to drive sustainable business performance.
23 min
Being an Entrepreneur Isn't Enough—And Other Le...
Serial entrepreneur August Turak discusses the life and leadership lessons he learned from his father.
30 min
The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: What Business Le...
John Jantsch joins Talking Business Now to discuss his latest book, "The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business."
31 min
Entrepreneur Powers Cell Phones, Brightens Live...
Conner Hazelrigg joins Talking Business Now to discuss her mission to provide solar power and create jobs in developing countries.
23 min
The Success Intersection, with Orlando Magic Co...
Orlando Magic founder Pat Williams talks about combining talents with passion to discover your success intersection.
23 min
Salespeople With These 7 Traits Achieve Faster ...
Ron Karr, author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, shares the seven traits of great salespeople.
19 min
A Pioneer of Early Silicon Valley on Lessons Le...
21 min
How Companies Can Help New Executives Succeed
Ron Carucci shares insights for helping new executives rise to power and avoid failure
18 min
Tiege Hanley: The Entrepreneurial Company Chang...
Founder and CEO Kelley Thornton shares the secrets behind the success of men's skin care company Tiege Hanley.
24 min
How the Country’s Oldest Peanut Butter Company ...
Entrepreneur Kimmi Wernli discusses how buying Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company from her father and her strategies for reshaping it into a 21st century company.
31 min
Embracing a Healthy Disregard for the Impossible
Tina Seelig talks about creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and life lessons from her book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20.
22 min
Is Your Business Strangled By Conflict Debt?
Liane Davey discusses how to use productive conflict to get your team and your organization to be more productive.
22 min
School Principal and Father Turns Entrepreneur ...
Former school principal starts company to protect against active shooters.
17 min
No Dumbing Down: Aligning Your Organization for...
Karen Walker discusses how senior company leaders can create and align internal processes to support profitable and sustainable growth.
16 min
Discovering Your Extraordinary Talent Through D...
Bradley Charbonneau talks about how the power of habit can unleash your potential.
27 min
What Leaders Today Can Learn From 52 Critical D...
Greg Bustin talks about the leadership lessons we can learn from key historical decisions.
23 min
McClure's Pickles: From Family Tradition to Nat...
Bob McClure, co-founder of McClure’s Pickles, talks about growing a family tradition into a specialty pickle brand with raving fans—and the lessons learned.
25 min
The Real ROI You Should Be Measuring: Return on...
Ronan Leonard, the founder of Eccountability, discussees how to leverage what you already know to get a better Return on Intellect.
20 min