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Talking Business Now
<p>Get the inside scoop on how America’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their industries. On each episode of Talking Business Now, you'll meet one of your fellow business owners, founders or entrepreneurs who's "been there done that." Along with host Kelly Scanlon, guests delve into a specific challenge they've dealt with, their strategies for handling it and how it changed their company.</p> <p>You'll be inspired by each guest's entrepreneurial journey—and, through their experiences and examples, you'll gain insights into innovative ideas you can put to work immediately to increase productivity, improve processes, expand your market share and generate more revenue.</p> <p>Tune in , , , it’s time to talk business!</p>
Franchising Your Way to Business Growth: With E...
Entrepreneur Frank Fiume, who grew i9 Sports to $300 million in sales, shares tips and insights into using franchising as a model for growing a business.
18 min
Running With My Head Down: Entrepreneurial Less...
Frank Fiume, founder of i9 Sports, the nation's leading franchise of youth leagues and camps, shares his lessons learned.
28 min
Deep Listening for Deep Business Results
Former Microsoft executive Oscar Trimboli talks with us about how to master deep listening for increased produdctivity and better business results.
32 min
From Paralysis to Purpose: An Inspiring Story o...
Speaker and author David Cooks shares insights into how his positive attitude toward physical paralysis shaped his future.
22 min
Leading Change in Times of Great Uncertainty
Former amazon.com executive Julie Benezet talks about how to lead companies through change and embrace the uncertainty it brings.
31 min
An Inside Look at the Early Days of AI—and How ...
Pamela McCorduck, an artificial intelligence expert who witnessed the start of the AI revolution and personally worked with the founder fathers, discusses the implications of AI on the future of business.
20 min
Creating an Effective and Memorable Business Name
Ross Kimbarovsky discusses the do's and don'ts of naming or renaming a business.
27 min
Boost Your Company's Growth DNA
Margaret Reynolds discusses how strategic leaders use growth genetics to drive sustainable business performance.
23 min
Being an Entrepreneur Isn't Enough—And Other Le...
Serial entrepreneur August Turak discusses the life and leadership lessons he learned from his father.
30 min
The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: What Business Le...
John Jantsch joins Talking Business Now to discuss his latest book, "The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business."
31 min
Entrepreneur Powers Cell Phones, Brightens Live...
Conner Hazelrigg joins Talking Business Now to discuss her mission to provide solar power and create jobs in developing countries.
23 min
The Success Intersection, with Orlando Magic Co...
Orlando Magic founder Pat Williams talks about combining talents with passion to discover your success intersection.
23 min
Salespeople With These 7 Traits Achieve Faster ...
Ron Karr, author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, shares the seven traits of great salespeople.
19 min
A Pioneer of Early Silicon Valley on Lessons Le...
21 min
How Companies Can Help New Executives Succeed
Ron Carucci shares insights for helping new executives rise to power and avoid failure
18 min
Tiege Hanley: The Entrepreneurial Company Chang...
Founder and CEO Kelley Thornton shares the secrets behind the success of men's skin care company Tiege Hanley.
24 min
How the Country’s Oldest Peanut Butter Company ...
Entrepreneur Kimmi Wernli discusses how buying Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company from her father and her strategies for reshaping it into a 21st century company.
31 min
Embracing a Healthy Disregard for the Impossible
Tina Seelig talks about creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and life lessons from her book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20.
22 min
Is Your Business Strangled By Conflict Debt?
Liane Davey discusses how to use productive conflict to get your team and your organization to be more productive.
22 min
School Principal and Father Turns Entrepreneur ...
Former school principal starts company to protect against active shooters.
17 min
No Dumbing Down: Aligning Your Organization for...
Karen Walker discusses how senior company leaders can create and align internal processes to support profitable and sustainable growth.
16 min
Discovering Your Extraordinary Talent Through D...
Bradley Charbonneau talks about how the power of habit can unleash your potential.
27 min
What Leaders Today Can Learn From 52 Critical D...
Greg Bustin talks about the leadership lessons we can learn from key historical decisions.
23 min
McClure's Pickles: From Family Tradition to Nat...
Bob McClure, co-founder of McClure’s Pickles, talks about growing a family tradition into a specialty pickle brand with raving fans—and the lessons learned.
25 min
The Real ROI You Should Be Measuring: Return on...
Ronan Leonard, the founder of Eccountability, discussees how to leverage what you already know to get a better Return on Intellect.
20 min
Business Secrets of the Monastic Monks
Entrepreneur and book author August Turak discusses the business lessons he learned from the Trappist monks.
40 min
Leading the the Future of Work
Cheryl Cran discusses how business leaders can prepare for and lead the workplace change that's occurring due to digital disruption.
21 min
Workplace Lessons from Corporate Communications...
Corporate communications professionals Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss share the behind-the-scenes stories that inspired their business novels.
25 min
Rising to Power: Why So Many Executives Fail an...
Ron Carucci discusses why so many newly appointed executives fail and how to avoid that challenge.
19 min
The Coaching Effect: The Missing Piece in Leade...
Sarah Wirth provides a roadmap for getting people to perform at peak capacity.
19 min
What an Orchestra Conductor Can Teach Organizat...
Maestro Roger Nierenberg discusses The Music Paradigm.
17 min
How Mastering Wit Can Lead to Business Innovations
James Geary discusses how developing wit can lead to discovery and innovation.
19 min
Building a Looking Forward to Monday Company Cu...
Don Rheem discusses how to use the principles of neuroscience to drive employee performance and engagement.
22 min
Leveraging Influencers to Take Your Marketing t...
Stacy Jones explains the ins and outs of Influencer Marketing and how your company can benefit if you work with the right people.
25 min
Developing Your Executive Presence to Get in th...
Pamela J. Green discusses how to develop executive presence and become a more successful leader.
22 min
Personal Branding for Everyday Professionals
Athlete and celebrity brand expert Frances Reimers
19 min
Creating a Non-Stop Sales Boom
Colleen Francis discusses how to create a nonstop sales boom.
17 min
Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Creating Comp...
Mikki Williams discusses how to gain a competitive business advantage through storytelling.
19 min
The 4 Things That Purpose-Led 21st Century Comp...
Shannon Adkins discusses the four things that socially conscious, purpose-led companies of the 21st century do well.
26 min
Tom Hill’s Four Mantras to Life and Business Su...
Dr. Tom Hill discusses the four mantras that have led him to a successful and fulfilling life.
20 min
How Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good, with ...
Amanda Brinkman of The Small Business Revolution talks about what stokes her enthusiasm for small business.
24 min
Packaging People: How Leaders Can Impress
Sylvie Di Giusto discusses how leaders can make a good first impression and control the message they send to others.
20 min
The Story of Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf co-founder Chanda Bell explains how a family holiday tradition became a commercial success.
16 min
Creating Gender Parity at Work, with Rania Ande...
Rania Anderson discusses a formula for leading with women and creating gender parity in the workplace.
30 min
How to Present a Message That Matters, with Dia...
Diane DiResta shares tips for delivering presentations with power, punch and pizzazz
22 min
Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988—30 Years...
H.R. 5050 changed women's business ownership, and it's still making a difference today as it marks its 30th anniversary.
31 min
HMS Hones Success With Surgical Precision
Jon and Teresa Andrade are leading Heartland Medical Solutions on a strategic path to sustainable growth.
11 min
Behind the Scenes with Season 3 of The Small Bu...
Amanda Brinkman gives behind-the-scenes insights into what viewers can expect from Season 3 of The Small Business Revolution - Main Street.
19 min
Going Places: How Bill George is Driving Change...
Bill George, CEO of Kansas City Transportation Group, is creating innovation in ground transportation.
16 min
How to Run Your Business Like Clockwork—Without...
Mike Michalowicz discusses the formula in his book Clockwork that allows business owners to grow their companies while stepping away from the daily grind.
27 min
Lessons in Leadership from the Colonel's Daught...
Lauren Schieffer offers leadership solutions for resolving workplace conflicts.
25 min
Bullseye Marketing Tips for Growing Your Busine...
Louis Gudema shares best practices and actionable tips for increasing your company's revenue.
25 min
Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life, with Joe D...
Joe Deitch provides insights into leading a life filled with meaning and happiness.
27 min
Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way! with Ron Karr
Ron Karr discusses how to dramatically increase your company's market share, sales and profits.
21 min
Vintage As a Venture, with Dale Scott of Vintag...
Dale Scott has channeled his passion for vintage homes into several lucrative businesses.
19 min
Advice From the Longest Serving CEO of a Public...
Ray Zinn, founder of Micrel, best-known as the longest-serving CEO of a publicly traded Silicon Valley company, serves up business advice.
27 min
What Cryptocurrency Can Mean for Businesses, wi...
Joshua Dewitt discusses how businesses can use cryptocurrency.
20 min
Six Generations Strong: How Pioneer Music Has E...
Alec Haight discusses the secrets behind how his family's business, Pioneer Music Company, is still going strong after six generations.
25 min
AMG Is Changing the Property Management Game, w...
Founder Zach Batson discusses how putting an emphasis on relationships over transactions has fueled Asset Management Group’s growth.
12 min
Tips for Achieving Managed Year-Over-Year Reven...
Freedom Interiors founder Carol Espinosa talks about building a successful company.
20 min
Why Mobile Technology Is Important to Every Bus...
Ryan Wyse, founder of Code Koalas, discusses how to companies can avoid technology stagnation and project a fresh web presence.
16 min
Loading Money to Make Money: How ATM Operator P...
G. Jason Schnellbacher discusses how Prineta, the independent ATM service provider he founded, has become an industry leader.
24 min
Leveraging Technology for Business Communicatio...
Network Innovations' founder Brian Gregory discusses how technology can help your business communicate better.
16 min
Piloting Your Business to Success, with Michael...
Michael Hendricks shares how he's applied the lessons he's learned from flying a helicopter to his business and discusses other lessons learned.
29 min
From Entry-Level to Company President, with MTI...
Find out how MTI Events owner Melissa DeLeon has shaped the company since taking it over from her mother in 2006.
21 min
Diamond Quality Service and Values Drive DMC Se...
Karen Crnkovich, owner of DMC Service, shares her entrepreneurial journey.
20 min
How the Better Business Bureau Can Help Your Bu...
Learn how the Better Business Bureau can help your business.
19 min
Successful Sales Career Leads to Business Owner...
Partners N Promotion founder Vicki Clayman shares her entrepreneurial story, from stay-at-home mom to successful sales career to business owner.
19 min
Investment in Education Boosts Entrepreneur's J...
When he was just seven years old, real estate entrepreneur Justin Brooks told his mother he was going to be a real estate mogul. He's been working on that dream
17 min
Life Happens, But It Doesn't Squelch Entreprene...
Real estate developer Kalon Breckenridge shares his entrepreneurial journey from candy vending machines to real estate developer, all while battling leukemia.
18 min
Connecting Kansas Citians to Fashion, with Call...
Calli Green and her team at Local Fashion Link have a passion for connecting Kansas Citians to the local fashion scene.
16 min
High Prairie Landscape Group: Sculpting the Lan...
High Prairie Landscape Group founder Robyn Schmitz discusses her passion for educating consumers and landscaping professionals and how she's grown her own lands
21 min
Not Just Along for the Ride, with pediatrican &...
Whether it's building his pediatric practice or racing cars, Dr. James McEntire is out to win.
24 min
The Think Big Movement, with Jon Dwoskin
Jon Dwoskin discusses the business growth principles from his book "The Think Big Movement."
21 min
Success Tips From Serial Entrepreneur Cliff Col...
More Floods founder Cliff Cole shares his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he's learned along the way.
21 min
Entrepreneur Impacts Youth Through Sports
Jeremy McDowell, founder of Midwest Sports Productions, discusses how business ownership has accomplished a dual goal: building a business and building up youth
29 min
KC Restoration: Experts in Fresh Starts
LeAnn Luemmen, co-founder of KC Restoration, shares her entrepreneurial story.
18 min
Royal Services: Close Out Becomes a Buyout That...
Royal Services CEO Brad Shyver discusses the company's evolution into a full-service facility management partner for some of the largest corporations in the cou
18 min
How Meridian Business Services Achieved Explosi...
Amy Goode, co-founder of Meridian Business Services, shares how listening to her customers propelled the company's growth.
17 min
How KC Crew Hit a Homerun, with founder Luke Wade
KC Crew founder Luke Wade discusses how he turned a part-time project into a full-time business.
19 min
Always On: One Woman's Story of Life as the Onl...
Tech leader Jeanne Johnson discusses some of the things she's learned as the "only woman in the room."
25 min
How WBE Certification Has Opened Doors for ARJ ...
ARJ Infusion Services founder Lisa Sackuvich shares her entrepreneurial journey and how she has strategically used her WBE certification to grow her business.
24 min
Using Purpose to Drive Profits, with May McCarthy
May McCarthy discusses how finding your company's "why" and then aligning your goals and culture to that purpose can create profits.
22 min
How Al Hess Built Wholesale Trucks of America
Al Hess, founder of Wholesale Trucks of America, shares his entrepreneurial story.
16 min
Turning Disruption and Change Into Opportunity ...
Futurist Daniel Burrus discusses how to identify trends so you can turn disruption and change into opportunity for your business.
22 min
Entrepreneur Helps Customers Find the Perfect A...
Hosea Haywood III shares his entrepreneurial story and describes how his company Computerized Auto Search helps individuals and companies find just the right ve
22 min
How Elf on the Shelf Got Its Start
Elf on the Shelf co-founder Chanda Bell gives the inside story on the founding of the enduring holiday phenomenon.
16 min
How to Develop Your People for Better Business ...
Rocky Romanella shares the principles from his book "Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership."
22 min
Company Takes Painting Party Concept Mobile, wi...
Joey Kramer of Apple Pie Painting talks expansion .
20 min
Building Businesses, with Sheila Ohrenberg of S...
Sheila Ohrenberg, founder of Sorella Group, discusses how she's built her full-service commercial design, general carpentry and specialty contracting company.
19 min
How to Design a Better Business, with Justin Lo...
Best-selling book author Justin Lokitz discusses how businesses benefit from uisng design thinking strategy.
22 min
Inspired Homes: Transforming the Home Building ...
Todd Lipschutz discusses the philosophy and technology behind Inspired Homes' effort to build affordable, safe and energy-efficient homes.
16 min
How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Close More...
Colleen Stanley discusses the difference between Sales EQ and Sales IQ - and how to use EQ to close more sales.
20 min
How to Build a High-Performance Marketing Team,...
Melissa Hendricks, vice president of marketing at Cerner, discusses how to build a high-performance marketing team.
19 min
How to Use Storytelling to Help Your Small Busi...
Entertainer Clyde Riddlesbrood discusses how to use storytelling to brand a business.
20 min
Building an Iconic Retail Brand, with Nell Hill...
Nell Hill's founder Mary Carol Garrity discusses her entrepreneurial journey and how she continues to develop her brand in the age of the Internet.
25 min
How Your Life Changes the World, with David McN...
Best-selling author and speaker David McNally talks about his recent book Mark of an Eagle: How Your Life Changes the World.
26 min
How to Make Your Website Work Harder for Your B...
Terri Jordan of WizeWebz offers tips for overcoming common problems with your website, so it can work harder for your business.
20 min
Retirement Plan Basics for the Self-Employed an...
Franck Cushner covers the three basic retirement plans available to business owners.
19 min
High Performance Marketing: Improving the Impac...
Marketing guru David Patrick shares tips about overcoming common marketing problems and key insights into improving marketing strategies.
19 min
The American Dream Revisited, with Gary Sirak
Gary Sirak discusses whether the American Dream still exists for entrepreneurs today.
21 min
Family Builds Complete Home Concepts Across Gen...
Jeff Goodwin and his family have built a business the spans generations through acquisition and reliability.
21 min
4 Ways to Build Your Business Like a B.O.S.S. w...
Best-selling author Bernadette Harris explains the four key business building tips for growing your business.
20 min
How a Local Plumber Turned His Company Around B...
Jeff Morgan, founder of Morgan Miller Plumbing, started plumbing for his successor from his first day in business. He’s found that person in Stella Crewse.
23 min
How Radical Optimism Transforms Company Culture...
Bob Lancer discusses how Radical Optimism can help create a high-performing workplace culture.
22 min
What a PEO Can Do For Your Business, with Erica...
Many businesses don't know what a PEO is. Lever1 president Erica Brune discusses how businesses can work with a PEO to cover their HR needs.
17 min
How to Put Your Sales Process on Autopilot with...
Ryan O'Donnell explains how to simplify and automate your company's growth using outbound email.
38 min
Secret to Success: Seeking Opportunity with Bra...
Brandy McCombs has grown IBC by proactively finding opportunities rather than waiting for them to find her.
21 min
How to Lead Like a Superhero with Sebastien Ric...
Sebastien Richard discussed his latest book Lead Like a Superhero, in which he applies the strengths and weaknesses of the pop culture icons to leadership style
23 min
What is the REAL ROI of Social Media? with Thin...
Anne Cull discusses the real value of social media—building relationships.
16 min
Six Questions for Leading Achievers with Clive ...
Clive Hook
25 min
The Role of First-Time Employers in Kansas City...
Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel discuss the impact first-time employers have on job creation in Kansas City.
18 min
Marisa Wiruhayarn's Entrepreneurial Journey Inv...
Marisa Wiruhayarn came to the U.S. looking for a fresh start. And then tragedy struck.
24 min
Adam Arredondo Talks About Major Changes in KC'...
KC's startup community just got a major shot in the arm with new programs and a $1 million donation.
23 min
What's Going on With Health Insurance for Small...
With the uncertainty in the health insurance market, Chris Goodwin of Insurance Pros discusses options for small business owners.
25 min
Entrepreneur Turns Salvage Into Success
Warehouse 1 founder Mary Lou Jacoby shares how she turned a warehouse full of used inventory into a multimillion dollar business that recently became an ESOP.
30 min
From NASA to OYO Fitness, with founder Paul Fra...
Engineer Paul Francis leveraged a solution he provided for NASA into an entrepreneurial opportunity by launching OYO Fitness.
22 min
Why Entrepreneurs Need to Raise Their Hands, wi...
Zack Miller, the founder of Hatch and the mayor of "Hustle City," talks about what it takes to be a successful business owner.
23 min
Apple Pie Painting Hits a Sweet Spot in Kansas ...
Tune in to find out how April and Joey Kramer are building a mobile painting party concept in Kansas City.
25 min
Lead From Within, with executive leadership coa...
Lolly Daskal shows us how to recognize various archetypes to close the gap to become a better leader.
19 min
Blocking and Tackling Business Tips with Marvin...
Marvin Carolina, Jr., shares the business wisdom he's learned as a football player, corporate executive and entrepreneur.
28 min
Season 4 Apprentice Winner Randal Pinkett: Trum...
Randal Pinkett, the season 4 winner of The Apprentice discusses Trump, leadership and entrepreneurship.
21 min
Helping Businesses Find Their Competitive Edge,...
Damascus Edge founder and CEO Brandi Beach discusses her entrepreneurial journey, offers insights for business success and shares how Damascus Edge helps busine
20 min
Mistakes That Can Sink Your Brand, with IP atto...
Do you have protections in place for one of your business's most valuable assets? Find out how to protect your intellectual property in this short episode with
25 min
From Thailand to KC: Entrepreneurial Journey wi...
Marisa Wiruhayarn came to the U.S. excited to be pursuing the American Dream. Then tragedy struck. Then entrepreneurial determination kicked in..
24 min
How to Create Profit First in Your Business, wi...
Business growth expert Mike Michalowicz discusses how to turn a business from cash-eating monster to a money-making machine.
27 min
Inspiring Confidence with Notes to Self founder...
Listen in to hear notes to self founder Laura Schmidt share her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and the story behind her motivational line of socks, pillow ca
23 min
Orlando Magic Co-Founder Pat Williams on How to...
What happens when your talent and passion collide? You find your success intersection. Listen in as Pat Williams, co-founder of the Orlando Magic talks about ho
22 min
Building Kansas City, with Hartline Constructio...
Jennifer Hartline, owner of Hartline Construction, shares her entrepreneurial story and tips for building a company in Kansas City.
17 min
Coss Marte, Former Drug Kingpin Turned Fitness ...
Former NYC durg kinpin Coss Marte created a fitness company around a business plan he wrote in prison. It gave him a second chance, and him customers and employ
20 min
Business With a Heart: Purpose-Driven Companies...
Will & Grail co-founder Mark O'Renick talks about building socially responsible companies.
20 min
5 Steps to Shift from Bitch to Rich in Life and...
Bernadette Boas shares her 5-step formula for shedding the bitches in their lives so they can create riches instead.
20 min
Firing Up Success at Red Door Woodfired Grill, ...
Restaurant veteran Gary Zancanelli talks about building a local restaurant brand.
24 min
Don't Burp in the Boardroom, with Rosalinda Ran...
Rosalinda Russell delivers etiquette do's and don'ts for dicey situations in the workplace
26 min
Inside Independent Baseball, with Kansas City T...
Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Club founder and president Adam Ehlert talks independent baseball and the business of sports.
23 min
When Your Talent Meets Your Passion, with Orlan...
Orlando Magic co-founder and hall-of-famer Pat Williams shares how to discover your "success intersection" by identifying your talents and focusing on your pass
22 min
The Return of the Local Market and Kitchen, wit...
Ryan Wing's vision was to bring back the traditional local grocer and kitchen. He's now living his dream every day as the owner of The Sundry in Kansas City's C
22 min
Achieving Innovation Breakthroughs, with Tamara...
Tamara Kleinberg discusses the barriers to innovation and provides tips for how businesses can achieve innovations every day.
25 min
The Culinary Center of KC's "Main Dish" Laura L...
Laura "Main Dish" Laiben, the founder of the Culinary Center of Kansas City, has licensed a line of Kitchen Boas that are now selling nationwide.
24 min
The Three Common Traits of Influential Leaders ...
TEDx speaker, international best-selling author and award-winning speaker Corey Poirier joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss the three common traits of influenti
30 min
Towner Communications' Julie Towner on Staying ...
Looking for tips on how to keep your company relevant so it can withstand marketplace changes and shifting consumer expectations? Julie Towner, owner of Towner
25 min
Michael Fry, Brown Button Estate Sale Services,...
Co-founder Michael Brown talks about why he started Brown Button Estate Sale Services and how his company is changing standards in the industry.
24 min
Transforming Your Body - and Your Life with the...
Personal trainers Micah and Diana LaCerte are transformers - of the fitness industry and of people.
25 min
Making the Impossible Possible for Businesses, ...
Dan Gregory of the Impossible Institute helps businesses make the impossible happen
24 min
Discover the Story Behind "Elf on the Shelf"
Elf on the Shelf co-founder Chanda Bell gives the inside story on the founding of this holiday tradition.
16 min
Creating Better Patient Experiences and Outcome...
Award-winning data analytis platform Aperum® helps to create better patient experiences and outcomes
23 min
What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Small Bus...
SBE Council President Karen Kerrigan talks financing, trade, and regulatory issues under a Trump administration.
23 min
Futurist Jared Nichols Discusses New Market Opp...
Futurist Jared Nichols provides tips to small business owners looking for a competitive advantage.
28 min
Dogged Determination Leads to Success of Green...
Joe and Judy Roetheli created a pet treat empire by trying to solve the problem of their own dog's bad breath.
26 min
The Courage to Be Profitable, with serial entre...
Operating a profitable small business requires having the courage to make the tough decisions.
24 min
How to Benefit From Strategic Partnerships, wit...
Small businesses can bridge gaps and leverage strengths with strategic partnerships.
24 min
Liberty Candle Honors and Brings Awareness to V...
Candle maker James Dressler creates candles that bring awareness to our troops.
24 min
How to Benefit from Strategic Partnerships: Mar...
Have a gap in your business? A strategic partner could be the answer.
25 min
Kansas city's Entrepreneurial Community Honorin...
Serial entrepreneur Gary Fish among the honorees November 10th in Kansas City by the University of Missouri Kansas City's Henry W. Bloch School of Management
18 min
Unconventional Strategies to Win Big With Big B...
Cynthia Kay joins host Kelly Scanlon this week on Smart Companies Radio. For more than 25 years, Cynthia Kay and Company has produced high-quality communication
24 min
No More Dark Alleys: Swappa, A Better Way to B...
Long-time software and mobile developer Ben Edwards decided there has to be a better way to buy and sell gently used phones and there is. Edwards is the man beh
23 min
Prime Time TV Host & Best-Selling Author Jeffre...
Jeffery Hayzlett shares his executive insight to Smart Companies Radio explaining how to create a business identity and own it.
21 min
Two Companies Win Investment from KCRise Fund, ...
KCRise, a relatively new fund available in Kansas City is making more money available to early-stage companies in the region. Find out how it works and learn ab
28 min
Swift Fuels: Promises To Get Lead Out in Aviati...
The Federal Aviation Administration is taking steps to eliminate the use of leaded fuel & Swift Fuels is leading the charge.
19 min
Two Companies Win Investment from KCRise Fund, ...
KC Rise Fund, a new fund that targets early-stage companies announces two new companies receiving investment capital. SpiderOak and Innara Health
28 min
Solve KC Sets Out to Do What The Name Implies: ...
There's no marketing problem too big to solve for Solve KC's founding partners, Teddi Hernandez and Ajmera. Solve KC allows business owners to bring in expertis
20 min
Outhink Your Competition With National Business...
Learn how to think outside the box with more innovative and disruptive growth ideas to grow your company up to 120 percent faster!
23 min
Perfect Wine, Perfect Bite, Vino Pair's Michael...
We've all enjoy a little wine and cheese or invited guests to enjoy a a wine and food pairing. Micheal Kearns, Owner of Vino Pair takes the guess work and the
25 min
Send The Employees Home & Grow Your Business Wi...
Author, speaker and entrepreneur Mitch Russo says it's all about your mind set as the CEO. Companies can be more profitable by eliminating the overhead and rese
24 min
Creating Jobs & Companies with Digital SandBox ...
Digital SandBox in three short years is successfully linking innovation to industry and contributes to grow the Kansas City economy. Find out how and why its wo
25 min
What Congress Needs to Do Now to Help Small Biz...
Eight Bills that have already passed the house and are now awaiting action in the senate. The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council's CEO Karen Kerrigan say
24 min
Bridging The Digital Divide with SnapIT Solutio...
Neelima Parasker, founder of SnapIT Solutions wants to make insure everyone has the necessary technology to survive and thrive in the tech-laden world we live
22 min
Celebrating 100 Years Of A Business Icon: Ewing...
This week marks the 100th Birth Anniversary of one of this country's leading entrepreneurs who believed your company was only as good as the people you hire and
18 min
What Is Kombucha? & Why Are People Drinking it?...
What is kombucha and why are people across the country drinking it? Brewkery Owners Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway will answer all your questions and tell you wh
20 min
Getting The Best From Your Millennials, Award W...
How do you teach millennial workers the necessary soft-skills to survive in today's mixed-generational workspace? Bruce Tulgan, founder of Rainmaker Thinking sa
21 min
Launch KC Takes Flight With Kansas City's EDC V...
Get the inside scoop on the finalists for Launch KC 2016. Ten winners will be chosen to receive $50,000 in grants and incentives plus we'll pull back the curtai
21 min
Liberty Tax Founder John Hewitt Wants to Help Y...
With 45 years of tax service under his belt, entrepreneur John Hewitt talks about his passion to help others and why he launched Liberty Tax Service.
23 min
Fashion Has Gone To The Dogs With Kansas City C...
Meet half of the husband and wife team who make up Slik Hound. Owner Nick Luke shares his story on how the business got started and what it took, to get where t
21 min
How to Become The Expert and Authority with Aut...
Escape the best-kept secret syndrome. Learn the steps necessary from author and speaker Ken Lizotte to spread the word out about your expertise to people outsid
24 min
Inspiring and Celebrating KC Small Business wit...
Grow Home is a new initiative recently launched by Lead Bank of Kansas City. Lead Bank feels it is the role of a community bank to focus on local businesses and
22 min
Value As a Service, with Rob Bernshteyn
Value As a Service: Is your business ready to embrace this coming disruption? Are you ready?
19 min
PointWorks Academy Expanding Opportunities Tech...
PointWorks Academy Co-founder Chrys Sullivan has launched an accelerated learning program for user experience in Kansas City in the hopes of filling tech openi
19 min
There's Money in Maggots: Grubbly Farms Sees Su...
What started as somewhat of a joke has morphed into a sustainable and profitable business for two Georgia Tech college graduates, who founded Grubbly Farms, whi
20 min
NFL Hall of Famer Will Shields Finds Success As...
What some are calling the former Chiefs offensive guard's "second half", Will Shields dedicates his life to wellness and training for athletes of all ages.
25 min
Be The Disrupter By Getting Ahead of The Curve ...
Internationally known business performance expert, author and speaker Pamela S Harper shares her insight into running and growing a successful business.
23 min
No Mold, No Odors, No Nasty Chemicals - No Kidd...
Kansas City Business Owner Terry Amerine has found a better way to get rid of mold in your home and property. Find out more on this episode of Smart Companies K
25 min
Time To Make the Jump to Entrepreneur With Awar...
Pamela Slim has helped hundreds make the jump from the corporate world to running their own business, but the jump isn't always right for everybody.
27 min
Big Wheels & High Heels: IXT Trucking Keeps Thi...
International Express Trucking, Inc. with 70 plus trucks serving the six state Midwest region. With committed, long-term business partnerships with companies l
23 min
The State of Small Business in America 2016: Ba...
22 min
Weave Gotcha Covered Uncovering New Opportuniti...
Weave Gotcha Covered manufacturers custom window treatments, bedding and upholstery while providing jobs and mentoring women in marginalized communities.
24 min
Changing the World With Just a Chat: Bishop McC...
Bishop McCann designs and produces meetings, incentives, and live events worldwide and recently launched its CHAT Series to empower young people to reach their
16 min
Eat, Play, Pickle in Kansas City North with Res...
Bill Crooks is bringing his more than 30 years experience atop the PB&J restaurant empire to North Kansas City in the form of a Pickle Ball Court and that's ju
25 min
4000 Miles Across America, Entrepreneur & Autho...
As a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, author Michael Glauser set off on his bicycle across America to discover the success behind main street en
27 min
Sweet Treats Hit the Streets. Meet The Funnel C...
Satisfy your sweet tooth with some tasty treats on the streets of Kansas City. Michael Bradbury talks about bringing the food truck industry to Kansas City.
18 min
How to Turn Your Leads into Sales with expert a...
Hear from Marketing Expert Justin Sturges who brings more than 20 years of B2B Marketing experience to Smart Companies Radio.
25 min
The Best IT Disaster Defense Is An Offense. Hub...
Huber & Associates has been helping companies for more than 30 years solve their technology problems. Dean Bergman, a sales executive with Huber suggest the bes
22 min
Business Planning Expert Tim Berry Shapes Up Yo...
The man who wrote the book on business planning, in fact he's written several books discusses his latest on how to get the most out out of your business with "L
25 min
Developer Matt Abbott Revitalizing Kansas City'...
Matt Abbott, an entrepreneur since the age of five is busy breathing life back into Kansas City's east Crossroads enabling fellow entrepreneurs to set up shop i
19 min
Jeffery Shaw: The Freedom Fighter for The Uncom...
Jeffery Shaw champions for the little guy to grow their gift and passion into extraordinary and successful businesses.
26 min
K.C. Shrimp Company Rockets to Success With Liv...
Saltwater Shrimp from the Midwest - Learn how one couple is turning a love for farming into a thriving business in the middle of the country.
19 min
Mom Made Food CEO Heather Stouffer Makes Mealti...
From the Back of her Volvo to supermarkets nationwide, Heather Stouffer is taking her Mom Made Food Brand across the country making family meal time fun and hea
27 min
LeagueAlly Founder Luke Wade Grows Rec Sports b...
Leagueally the software solution to your recreational sports headaches. Founder Luke Wade says LeagueAlly can be used to help manage just about any rec league.
21 min
Catch the Next Market Wave & Surge to Success w...
Former small business columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Mike Michalowicz is out with his new book Surge. Learn how to identify the next market wave to succ
25 min
J Rieger Left For Dead: Resurection & Co-Founde...
Steeped in history, Andy Rieger talks about his family's pre-prohibition distillery and how the future looks bright for this young trailblazing company in Kansa
29 min
Great Advice with Money Magazine & NBC Financia...
Are you looking for answers for your small business? You’ve come to the right place. The Money Answers Man, Jordan Goodman will tell you where to find the answ
26 min
Passion For Making a Difference: A Driving Forc...
For 24 years Dobies Healthcare Group has been making its mark on Healthcare with Strategic Marketing Plans for the Healthcare Industry
27 min
A Declaration of Independents: Businessman & Au...
Greg Orman who has released a new book, A Declaration of Independents talks about his years in business and how it played a role in his run for the U.S, Sentate
28 min
McCrite Family: Three Generations of Commitment...
What started as a boarding house from generations past is now luxury senior living and care. Meet the family that remains committed to that goal.
25 min
Going Global Without Losing Your Shirt With Pay...
Learn how to take your business outside your immediate market. Get out of your comfort zone and Go Global.
26 min
Hobby Turns Into Full-Time Award-Winning Busine...
Winning nearly 50 gold medals in 2015 Jowler Creek Vinyards and Winery has moved the basement hobby up and out of the house. These entrepreneurs have a growing
28 min
We're Doing It All Wrong! A Bold New Business A...
Everyday business practices are used because they work, right? Or is it just the way it's been done. Dr. David Burkus is challenging what's been done and is off
22 min
Bravo's Top Chef Alumni, Chef Renee Kelly, The ...
Bravo Top Chef Contestant, chef Renee Kelly celebrates her 10th anniversary this summer with mouth-watering creations at her restaurant, Renee Kelly's Harvest a
27 min
Learn The Secrets to Successfully Managing Your...
Eliminate bad hires, quick fires, and get more done while your sales reps grow revenue for your business.
29 min
Prairie Elder Care Growing to Meet the Needs of...
Prairie Elder Care takes a different approach to caring for residents with dementia. Find out how this young company is different from others and how that's the
27 min
Profiting in a World Where Customers Rule with ...
Learn how to improve the customer experience and grow your business.
28 min
Major Disasters Have Met Their Match With Sage ...
From hording situations to sewers and beyond Sage Restoration is Cleaning up.
25 min
CEO Afterlife:Are You Ready? with Author and Bu...
You've poured your whole life, blood sweat and tears and sometimes a second mortgage into your business and now you're ready to retire or move on but to what? A
25 min
Economic Visionary, Dr. Troy Nash Always Asking...
Dr. Troy Nash has been serving his community since the ripe old age of 29 as a Kansas City, Missouri city councilman, and presided over one of the largest econo
24 min
How to Hire the Best in Rural America With Auth...
Small Business owners in rural communities hang on to marginal employees because they believe they can't afford to hire A list employees. Dr. Sabrina Starling s
24 min
Embracing Diversity to Change the World with Gu...
Mindy Corporon lost her son and father just a little over a year ago and instead of collapsing under the tragedy she has found strength by organizing efforts to
27 min
New Rules of the Game, HGTV Co-Founder Susan Pa...
Susan Packard says after 20 years with Scripps network has written a book that some are calling the new guide for women in the workplace.
27 min
Preventing Fraud Before It Happens with Securit...
Too often security companies are called after the fact. Find out from security expert and author Michael Tabman why the best security measure is always a preemp
25 min
How to Select the Right Exit Strategy, Successi...
Business owners get so caught up in starting their business and running their business that they forget to think about retiring and/or selling their business. K
24 min
Kansas City a More Beautiful Place to Live wit...
Nationally ranked Leopold Gallery focuses on Local Creators to build Kansas City's cultural wealth.
23 min
Creating Client Success: With Core Catalysts Fo...
A seasoned consulting company that works with their clients providing core business solutions.
24 min
It Only Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Life and...
National Speaker, serial entrepreneur, award-winning commentator for CNN, Mel Robins best known for creating the 5 Second Rule explains what you have to do to g
28 min
Injured Veteran Bringing Learning Back to Play ...
Haran Yaffe, speaker, muscian, and entrepreneur is rekindling his childhood and hoping to rekindle learning during playtime with building blocks.
25 min
Fine Wine & Rich Chocolate Unite with Expertise...
Empty nester and lover of wine and chocolate, Keri Olson has taken her two passions and turned it into a tasty business in Kansas City.
23 min
Dont Brainstorm Your Company Out of Biz with Be...
Best selling author and national business speaker Stephen Shapiro shares his thoughts on innovation and why it's become a dirty word for many companies.
24 min
CREMA, An Award Winning Digital Shop In Kansas ...
Crema co-founders George Brooks and Daniel Linhart is in the people business, and they just happen to make apps and launch ventures.
28 min
The Big Business of Furries. Meet Colorado Crea...
Business is flourishing for furry costume maker and designer Sarah Dee. Find out the story behind this creator of Furries and how big the business is.
19 min
Staying Ahead of the Curve With MEDiAHEAD'S CEO...
When Mediahead's founder Kat McDaniel saw the upcoming disruption in the world of printing she jumped ahead of the competition by reinventing the business.
23 min
Grow Your Business With Author, Consultant and ...
Donna Leyens is an entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Business Coach, and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is the co-founder and Presi
28 min
Day In and Day Out AlphaGraphics Kansas City Pr...
AlphaGraphics Kansas City, one of the most-trusted printing design and marketing companies in Kansas City wins 25 Under 25 ® award.
28 min
CBS TV's Amazing Race Winners, The Beekman Boys...
Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell are the founders of Beekman 1802, which Nasdaq has called one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in America.
27 min
Accidental Goat Farmers Turned Entrepreneurs: T...
Two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, nei
26 min
Eagle Animal Hospital, Where the Four-legged Pa...
When it comes to the care and health of your pet, owners will search high and low to find the very the best for their four-legged companions. Meet the owners of
24 min
Driving Ideal Clients Straight to Your Front Do...
Have you ever been forced to fire a client? Business coach and consultant Dov Gordon says there are ways business owners can draw their ideal client to them. Fi
26 min
Award Winning Muehlebach Funeral Care Continues...
Small family owned business bucking the trend in Kansas City continuing the traditions of exemplary service at Muelhbach Funeral Care.
23 min
Overcoming His Loss of Sight, Entrepreneur Max ...
Mawell Ivey also known by many as the blind blogger says he can help lead you out of the darkness and into the light of success and living your dreams
26 min
Beer Hall Cheer and a European Atmosphere at Wa...
28 continually rotating taps and hundreds of packaged beers await the beer enthusiasts at Bier Station
26 min
Minimize Key Risk Factors When Starting a Busin...
Improve your odds of a starting a successful business by knowing the risk patterns and how to minimize or avoid them.
24 min
Making The Right Connection With Author and Nat...
Discover the difference between networking and making a connection. National speaker and author Joyce Layman will walk you the first steps for real results
28 min
Getting Down To Business With Author and Serial...
Learn practical real world experience from serial entrepreneur and author Harris Glasser
27 min
Get to Know Your Neighborhood Bank with Sunflow...
Find out what makes a community bank so attractive to small and medium-sized businesses.
24 min
Leveling the Playing Field with Women's Foundat...
Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of Women's Foundation talks about the amazing strides made on behalf of women business owners and employees.
22 min
Jumpstart Your Influence With Social Media Mark...
Want people to visit your site? Want more customers buying your widget. Find out how its done today with Influencer Marketing expert Bill Belew
25 min
What the Rolling Stones Taught Me About Being a...
A great idea usually isn't enough to make it as an entrepreneur. You'll need help and Jeff Stoller, author, attorney, accountant, and entrepreneur has come to
25 min
Blooom Ready to Offer Financial Assistance No M...
No matter the size, Blooom one of the worlds most innovative companies of 2015, can offer a solution to you or your company's retirement plans needs.
26 min
Built to Lead With Best-Selling Author David Long
Discover how to get anything you ever wanted in life by FIRST putting yourself SECOND
27 min
A Visit from the Elf on The Shelf and How the S...
The story behind The Elf on the Shelf
16 min
"Henry's" Are Good for Your Bottom Iine with Ma...
Who or what is a "Henry"? Find out how and why your small business should be courting them for their discretionary dollars.
25 min
Entrepreneur Sheryl Godsy Finds Coffee And Art ...
Dare to Dabble: It's a Coffee Shop, It's an art marketplace, its an open studio it's an art experience, it's everything but intimidating and it's a successful n
26 min
Measuring Your Success As The Boss with Success...
Practical insights on how to measure your success and how to face your biggest challenges as the CEO.
24 min
Freightview Saving Businesses Time & Money With...
No matter how much you ship, a Kansas City-based company can save you money, time and hassles by finding the best deals available. Jason Roberts, the co founder
26 min
The Grommet: Reshaping How We Discover, Share a...
They call them "Grommets", products with purpose invented by people with stories. Meet the two people behind the scenes who founded The Grommet which has launch
28 min
Idle Smart A Great Idea That's Catching On in T...
Meet the Smart Guys behind the company "Idle Smart", a new way regulate comfort and fuel costs in the trucking industry. The co-founders will share lessons le
27 min
Determination, a Blessing and a Curse For Handc...
An inspiring story of determination, entrepreneur and hooch maker Linda Losey talks about working through her grief and rebuilding her life with Limoncello in
29 min
Matt Trent, Taking Care of Business from Corpor...
Matt Trent has taken his IT knowledge one step further launching a new search engine devoted to athletes and their growing number of fans.
29 min
It's Always Tea Time with Wystone Teas Presiden...
After spending years in the corporate world, Wy Livingston found her niche in tea. She left the corporate world behind to follow her dream of food and specialty
28 min
Bringing Ideas to Life at GEW 2015 with Kaufman...
Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic
25 min
Creating Strategic Impact Throughout Your Compa...
Learn how to make strategizing a daily habit in business with one simple question: What are you trying to achieve.
26 min
Silicon Prairie's "Navy Seals" In Action. Meet ...
You run your company let a trusted partner run your IT. Mersoft, headquartered in Overland Park provides solutions for all platforms
23 min
Power Up Your Next Brainstorming Session with I...
Dramatically increase your odds at Success with Richard Haasnoot
26 min
The Little Job Creation Engine That Could With ...
Find out how SCORE has developed over the years into one of the most efficient job creation and business formation engines in the nation.
26 min
Make Your Networking More Profitable With Award...
Learn how to make your time at networking events truly work in your favor.
25 min
Smart Companies-KC with Krueger & James Insuran...
Deena James shares what makes Kansas City's Krueger & James Insurance Different from the rest.
26 min
Learning to Code: It's Never Too Early To Start...
Introducing your kids to coding. It's never too early to start. Heather Petrocelli the co-author of "The Wonderful World of Creatures & Code explains.
24 min
Is Kansas City Most Entrepreneurial? KC SourceL...
After two years of hard work where does Kansas City, Missouri currently stand as an entrepreneurial city in America?
24 min
Life is Better with a View From The Top: Life &...
Looking for Inspiration? Aaron Walker discusses his tips and advice in finding a mentor.
25 min
Sparking the Next Stage for Growth with Speaker...
Leaders and business owners are learning to react quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Author and consultant Margaret Reynolds is out with a new book to he
26 min
Scaling Up with National Speaker, Author & Foun...
Learn now to build industry domination and grow your business
27 min
What's Hot & What's Not? Spend Your Real Estate...
Discover your best route. Are you a fix and flipper or a buy and hold investor? Your and your market will dictate.
37 min
Learn How To Connect with Funding Opportunities...
Funding is being made available through a variety of sources for women owned businesses.
23 min
Loyalty Lessons from a Multi-Billion Dollar Gro...
What inspired such fervent loyalty to a grocery store and the lessons that can be learned by business owners
25 min
Building a Growing Business in Grandview One Ta...
Custom made-to-order furniture is in big demand from a growing company in Grandview, Missouri. Find out the secrets to their success
26 min
Growing Your Business to a New Level of Success...
"Growing Your Business When YOU Are the Business!" Learn how the game is played with author and speaker Mark LeBLanc
28 min
The Invasion Is Underway, and Foodies Are Linin...
Kansas City is being invaded by hundreds of food trucks and you wont hear any complaining.
29 min
Entrepreneurial Grannies Thrive Without the Hel...
Ice Chip Grannies Said No to the Sharks and Yes to a Growing Business
26 min
Architecture Firm Runs Like Clockwork. Meet Co...
Kansas City's Creative Economy is alive and well and growing in the city's River Market. Discover their secret to success
26 min
Let Your Setback Be Your Comeback with Award Wi...
One of the Outstanding five speakers in the world, Dr. Willie Jolley is our guest. He will inspire you to maximize your talents and rise above your circumstance
25 min
Pure Pursuit Automotive: Reinvents the Car Buyi...
Glen Dakan's addiction to things that go fast has taken this young CEO from Navy pilot to the founder of Pure Pursuit Automotive. Learn how Dakan is reinventing
27 min
TV & Film Fashion Facilitated in Flyover Countr...
Television and film industries are heavily concentrated on both the east and west coast but software developed in the Midwest is playing an ever-growing role, s
21 min
K.C. Brewmeister John McDonald Brewing Up Big P...
John McDonald best known for building Boulevard Brewing into the 2nd largest brewery in Missouri has his eyes set on Kansas City's East Bottoms as his next bi
27 min
Protecting the Rights of Small Business, SBEC P...
Small business owners and entrepreneurs are busy running their business but who has their backs in Washington? The Small Business & Entrepreneurial Council has
27 min
Kansas City Entrepreneurs Extend a Hand Up for ...
Find out how hundreds of underrepresented urban youth are preparing for college and a successful future at Cristo Rey of Kansas City.
24 min
Decorated Marine Veteran Brent Bustamante Kicks...
Brent Bustamante, after serving eight tours of duty in Afghanistan is turning a time killer during down time in Afghanistan to a potential money maker here in t
21 min
Launch KC - Bringing The Best and The Brightest...
$500,000 in grant money will soon be given away to some of the nation's best and brightest in technology.
9 min
Discovering Your Performance Breakthrough with ...
Discover how to create a more passionate and productive workforce with Nationally recognized author and consultant Mike Goldman
26 min
Barbecue That's Good for Your Gut with Entrepre...
If you love good barbecue sauce but it doesn't like you Brendon O'Neil has the all-natural answer .
27 min
Green Means Go for Visionary Leader & Entrepren...
The next time you arrive at work or you appointment on time you should thank Reggie Chandra, the President and CEO of Rhythm Engineering who is working to make
29 min
Tapping the Potential of North America's Native...
Discover the large number of indigenous grapes in North America that until now have been going largely untapped.
25 min
Missouri Wines: Worth Another Taste with Vox Vi...
The history and complexity of Missouri wines is worth another taste.
25 min
Crisis Prevention at Your Business With P-R Gur...
You've heard the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. P-R Guru David Johnson says the old saying speaks volumes.
25 min
Jon Stephens Wearing Many Hats on Both Sides of...
Getting up to speed on what's happening in Kansas City on both sides of the state line.
27 min
Will Small Business Gain From Corporate Tax Ove...
The White House and Congress are still at odds a corporate tax overhaul bill but will the little guy, the small business owner reap any benefits?
27 min
HipHire.com: The Answer to Your Next Part Time...
Quality part time employees are out there and now you have a place to find them at HipHire.com
24 min
HipHire.com: A New Spin on Part Time Employment
Brian Kearns founder of HipHire says its a game of quality versus quantity in part time employment. Find out what makes HipHire different.
23 min
Creating Business Plans That Actually Get Financed
Money is out there for your start up or small business. You just have to know how to go get it and you've got to have a plan.
29 min
Mastering the Perfect Pitch for Your Product Wi...
Forbes Riley has built a fortune on products you've seen her pitch on television. She shares her secret to the "perfect pitch".
23 min
Mega-Brand Entrepreneur Forbes Riley Shares Her...
One of today's most accomplished entrepreneurs, called by Forbes magazine as a megabrand CEO for her SpinGym fitness system, Forbes Riley shares how you too ca
23 min
From Type A to Type T: Transforming Your Life w...
Learn how to bridge the gap between personal growth and responsible leadership for your your company
25 min
The Ups & Downs of a TV Makeover: Behind the Sc...
What Really happens When the Cameras Are No Longer Rolling on CNBC's The Profit? Is host Marcus Lemonis a Tough Cookie or Creme Puff behind the scenes?
27 min
Changing the Way You Vote in Just 60 Seconds w...
Being an informed voter only takes 60 seconds. Entrepreneur Matthew Marcus tells us about his new product the 1 Minute Candidate .
28 min
CNBC's The Profit Gives Cosmetics Company a Mak...
Go behind the scenes of CNBC's popular reality show The Profit. Miranda Coggins , owner and president of The Lano Company pulls back the curtain for a sneak pea
28 min
Spotlight: Helping High Tech Shine in Kansas Ci...
Spotlight Analyst Relations matches up-and-coming tech firms with the right industry analysts ensuring the relevant stories are being told and helps distinguish
23 min
From Basement to Brewmeister: New Belgium Brewi...
How do you become the CEO of a large Brewing Company when you'd rather drink wine? Kim Jordan the CEO of New Belgium Brewing tells us how it all got started.
28 min
Getting the Job Done with the Right Tools With ...
On this episode of Smart Companies KC you'll meet James C. Davis, president and CEO of DSS, a veteran-owned small business founded in 1993. The company is a dis
26 min
Spicing Things Up With The Spice & Tea Exchange...
Host Kelly Scanlon visits with Clay Freeman, Founder of The Spice & Tea Exchange. Freeman opened The Spice & Tea Exchange in 2005 with the hopes of bringing the
23 min
Full Moon Productions, More Than Just a Scary G...
Amber Arnett-Bequeaith brings 20 plus years of leadership and marketing expertise to Full Moon Productions, serving as Vice-President since 2000. Full Moon Prod
26 min
Hauntrepreneur Scares Up Economic Boom in KC's ...
Amber Arnett-Bequeaith brings 20 plus years of leadership and marketing expertise to Full Moon ProductionsI Inc., serving as Vice-President since 2000.  Her dut
26 min
From the Cell Block to the C Suite With CEO And...
Although He doesnt recommend it Andrew Medal in fact highly discourages mistakes that could put you behind bars. He does however share with Smart Companies host
28 min
Local Source Marketing: Bringing the Farm to Yo...
In today’s competitive markets, just being able to produce a good product doesn’t assure you a thriving business. You have to be able to produce a consistently,
22 min
Leadership & Management Success with Best Selli...
Discover how to get anything you ever wanted in life by putting yourself SECOND
28 min
Branding, Marketing & Content: JNA Advertising ...
As a small business owner when do you need an advertising agency and what  should you expect? Meet John Nohe, a seasoned veteran in the communications and marke
26 min
Real Management Solutions from Best Selling Aut...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon this week on Smart Companies Radio is Bruce L Tulgan.   Tulgan is an American writer specializing in business topics. His books inclu
26 min
Launching & Growing Your Business: Author Scott...
What is the most important job of an entrepreneur and how do you get started without a lot of money. Scott Duffy the Best-selling author of Launch! joins host K
25 min
National Award Winning Company Bringing Jobs & ...
What started out as a creative way to help his parents in their retirement has turned into an international, award winning business. Alan Doan Co-founder along
27 min
Small Rural Town Sees New Life Thanks to Missou...
What started out as a creative way to help his parents in their retirement has turned into an international, award winning business. Alan Doan Co-founder along
27 min
Best-Selling Author Scott Duffy Shares His Blue...
What is the most important job of an entrepreneur and how do you get started without a lot of money. Scott Duffy the Best-selling author of Launch! joins host K
25 min
HEMP: Addictive, Legal & Still Going Strong Aft...
The Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP) is still helping Kansas City's entrepreneurs build bigger and better companies. HEMP pairs seasoned busine
26 min
Eliminate Roadblocks & Get Things Done with Ric...
High turnover, lack of accountability, resistance to change, poor communication, and poor decision-making are all symptoms of execution failures in your company
24 min
Kansas City's Newest Escape, with Breakout KC's...
Breakout KC is a brand new interactive entertainment game in downtown Kansas City's River Market. Your goal as a customer is simple: You have 60 minutes to esca
27 min
Women Who Changed America with National Women's...
Meet  Jill S. Tietjen, P.E., after 38 years in the electric utility industry, Tietjen became the first CEO in the history of  the National Women’s Hall of Fame
27 min
Watching Your 401(k) Bloom with Blooom CEO Chr...
Meet Chris Costello CEO and Co-Founder of Blooom (yes, three O’s) a company the Wall Street Journal calls, “One of the best online tools for retirement planning
26 min
Forging Change in Communities, with Amy Bretall
On Smart Companies KC, host Kelly Scanlon  visits with Amy Bretall, an entrepreneur who when she’s not working to grow her business, Arbor Grove LLC, can be fou
23 min
Quality Professional Investment Management Avai...
Blooom offers financial advice to smaller businesses and individuals who need assistance.
26 min
Cornerstone Awards to Honor local Companies Con...
Kansas City's entrepreneurial and business community is on fire. On this episode of Smart Companies KC with Host Kelly Scanlon you'll meet one of the people fan
22 min
Doses of Entrepreneurial Dynamite with Author, ...
“If you believe that an unlimited life, an unstoppable business, and perpetual happiness are all part of the “impossible dream” you haven’t met Dixie Gillaspie.
27 min
ABC's SharksTurn a Cold Shoulder to Philanthrop...
Entrepreneur Liz Bohannon was hoping at least one shark from the popular television show “Shark Tank” would come forward and help finance her company but at
27 min
Get a Return on your Marketing Dollars and Find...
Michelle Jacobs and Mat Hertig Co-founders of Alight Analytics join host Kelly Scanlon to talk about your marketing dollars. Find out if you’re making the right
27 min
Keeping Your Employees Engaged and Happy on the...
Do you know what the number one reason is  employees quit their jobs?  How about seven? Discover what the seven reasons are and what you can do to stop the exo
27 min
How do You Fascinate Others? Hall of Fame Speak...
Sally Hogshead:  Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author, and the world’s leading expert on fascination joins host Kelly Scanlon on this week's Smart Companie
24 min
Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Don't Hold Water on ABC...
Entrepreneur Liz Bohannon was hoping at least one shark from the popular television show “Shark Tank” would come forward and help finance her company but at
27 min
Emmy Award Winning Chef Lidia Bastianich shares...
On this episode of Smart Companies Radio you'll meet Lidia Bastianich, an Emmy award-winning public television host, a best-selling cookbook author, restaurateu
28 min
Cultivating a Culture of Entrepreneurship to Gr...
On this episode of Smart Companies KC, host Kelly Scanlon visits with Laird Goldsborough, President of Valbridge Property Advisors | Shaner Appraisals, a full-s
25 min
Sorting Through our recent U.S. Jobs Data: Is W...
On Smart Companies Radio, Host Kelly Scanlon talks jobs with Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist of the U.S. Department of Labor, director of Economic
25 min
Bouncing Back from Business Disappointment; Do ...
Ewing Kauffman’s success in building Marion Laboratories is like an entrepreneur’s dream come true.  With just $5,000 of borrowed money, he built the company in
27 min
Food & Family Marry for Entrepreneurial Success...
On this episode of Smart Companies Radio you'll meet Lidia Bastianich, an Emmy award-winning public television host, a best-selling cookbook author, restaurateu
28 min
Finding New Customers and Growing Your Small Bu...
On Smart Companies KC with host Kelly Scanlon, you'll meet Dave Walker, a 25+ year veteran marketing intrapreneur-turned-born-again entrepreneur who has created
29 min
Number Phobic Business Owners - Help is on the ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies Radio is Dawn Fotopulos, founder of BestSmallBizHelp.com, an award-winning blog dedicated to helping struggling so
27 min
Real Management Solutions with best selling aut...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon this week on Smart Companies Radio is Bruce L Tulgan.   Tulgan is an American writer specializing in business topics. His books inclu
26 min
Engaging your Employees and Keeping everyone fo...
Our guest today, Chuck Blakeman, has built several businesses, and he now uses his experience to help other business owners and leaders build Participation Age
25 min
Some of the Best Tech Entrepreneurial Minds in ...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Mike Hurd, Director of Marketing with Downtown KC and Drew Solomon with the Economic Deve
21 min
Deserving Families Move from High Rent Homeless...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies KC is Kirk Miles, President of Affinity Charitable Resources, former CEO of Kansas Special Olympic
29 min
Giving Flowers a New Lease on Life with Startup...
Those beautiful flowers you see at a wedding or fancy event cost tons of money. At the end of the night those elaborate displays usually go straight in the t
22 min
Detecting and Prevent Cyber Threats - You're Ne...
Social Engineering…What is it?....  Are you Vulnerable and how or IS it preventable. This week on Smart Companies KC, host Kelly Scanlon speaks with Kyle Konopa
26 min
Entrepreneurship it's still the American Dream ...
Host Kelly Scanlon visits with  Dr. Tom Anastasi. The author of, The Successful Entrepreneur.(Glenbridge Publishing)  this book is considered by many to be a mu
26 min
Saving Energy & Money with 25 Under 25® Award W...
Q: How many blonds does it take to screw in a light bulb?  A: It doesn't matter if you're using the wrong light bulb.  On this episode of Smart Companies KC,
18 min
KC to Entice Some of the Best Tech Entrepreneur...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Mike Hurd, Director of Marketing with Downtown KC and Drew Solomon with the Economic Deve
21 min
On Your Doorstep or on a Roof Top: Companies Of...
Two hosts, two guests this week on Smart Companies KC with a spin on how to buy organically in Kansas City. Smart Companies Executive Producer Mary Mckenna vis
28 min
Is it Time to Put Email Out to Pasture?
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions at Adobe, A proven force recognized as a lea
22 min
Award Winning Consulting Company Turns Good Ide...
Joining Kelly is Sheila Shockey, owner of Shockey Consulting Services of Lenexa, Kansas. Sheila will explain her company’s role with communities helping them to
24 min
Reducing Unfair Barriers to Employment at the W...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Darren Dupriest, President and CEO of Validity Screening Solutions. Dupriest is a foundin
25 min
Local Scientists are Going to the Dogs in the N...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies KC this week, the President and founder, Lisa A. Stehno-Bittel and Vice President and founder Karthik Ramachandran
28 min
Unleashing Your Greatest Assets With Skirt Stra...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies KC is Katie Snapp  the author of “Skirt Strategies” and her latest book “Brave Transitions; A Woma
21 min
OneKC For Women Founder Sherry Turner - Making ...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies KC is Sherry Turner, The 25 Under 25® Legacy Award Winner for 2015. Turner is being recognized for
25 min
Getting to It: Accomplish the Necessary and Str...
Host Kelly Scanlon welcomes best-selling business author Jones Loflin, who discusses his latest book, Getting to It, a field guide to one of the greatest challe
26 min
Lifted Logic: A Rising Star in the Kansas City ...
Joining Smart Companies KC Host Kelly Scanlon is Adam Fichman, Owner of Lifted Logic, an independent creative agency devoted to design and branding as well as w
27 min
Making Great Ideas a Reality with 99U Director ...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies Radio is Jocelyn Glei,Director & Editor-in-Chief, 99U. They’ll discuss her latest book. “Make Your Mark; A Creativ
27 min
Getting Social With Sales with Anne Cull, found...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Anne Cull, founder of ThinkViral, a social media sales training company. Tune in to discover ways businesses can use social media
26 min
Manage Your Company with Real Solutions: Best S...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon this week on Smart Companies Radio is Bruce L Tulgan.   Tulgan is an American writer specializing in business topics. His books inclu
26 min
Anton's Taproom Great Food through Sustainable ...
Anton’s Taproom, which opened this past October in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, is not your typical KC restaurant. How many restaurants do you know that h
24 min
Grow Your Small Business Through Successful Par...
Joining Kelly this week on Smart Companies Radio is Paul Mandell.  Mandell is a founder and the CEO of Consero Group, an international leader in the development
25 min
Clifton Alexander, REACTOR Design Studio, on KC...
A mountain boy originally from southern California, Clifton Alexander came to the Midwest to attend the esteemed Kansas City Art Institute. After working for se
25 min
Turning your Business Network into Profits with...
On this episode of Smart Companies Radio, Discover how to be a Power Connector. Host Kelly Scanlon talks Judy Robinett, Power Connector, Start up Expert and aut
29 min
Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone - An Entre...
Kansas City writer, artist, business strategist and philosopher of creative, adventurous living, Becky Blades Phillips, joins Kelly to talk about her new book:
25 min
Your Great Idea is Just the Beginning - Advice ...
Our guest is Martin Zwilling, an American business executive, entrepreneur, and author, who provides pragmatic advice and services to entrepreneurs and startups
23 min
Recalibrate Your Success with Susan Spaulding f...
This week's guest is Susan Spaulding, the founder and leader of Recalibrate Strategies. The consultancy leverages her vast experience as a business owner and st
27 min
A Visit from the Elf on The Shelf and How the S...
Kick off the Christmas season as guest Chanda Bell, co-founder and co-author of the holiday phenomenon  “The Elf on the Shelf,” gives us the inside story on how
16 min
Roll Out The Barrels Craft Spirits Becoming Big...
Joining Mary McKenna, filling in for Host Kelly Scanlon on this week’s episode of Smart Companies KC is entrepreneur Damian Garcia, co-founder of Dark Horse Dis
27 min
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Could Soon Be the Bobb...
Lovers of Bobblehead dolls unite! On this episode of Smart Companies Radio with host Kelly Scanlon, Phil Sklar the co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead
28 min
Local Bakery Grabs Some National Attention from...
After 25 years in the radio/tv news business, Bob Benish decided to launch his next role, a part he was born to play, as the owner and bakery chef of Benish's B
28 min
Big Cannabis in Colorado - Will Smaller Potrepr...
It’s a billion-dollar business opportunity, but some activists and small business people feel that entrepreneurs or "potrepreneurs"  may be getting the short
29 min
Developing the Leadership Skills of Millennials...
Former NFL quarterback Tyler Palko joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk about developing leadership skills. Now the director of Business and Leadership Development
26 min
Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar, w...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is best-selling author John Jantsch, who wrote the classic business books “Duct Tape Marketing,” “The Referral Engine” and “The Commi
25 min
Drones in Business, with Casey Adams of KC Dron...
Host Kelly Scanlon welcomes Casey Adams, owner of The KC Drone Company, to talk about the commercial use of drones. You'll find out about safety concerns, curre
28 min
How Small Business Saturday Fuels the Economy
Pat Brown Dixon, the SBA's Region VII Administrator, joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk about the impact of shopping small and shopping local. Find out how Small
28 min
Fighting Fraud in Your Business
In recognition of International Fraud Awareness Week, Smart Companies host Kelly Scanlon welcomes Kenneth Hitt, Senior Vice President of Consumer Banking at Ent
27 min
Everykey: A Solution to Password Security
Host Kelly Scanlon welcomes Everykey CEO Chris Wentz. Everykey offers a wearable bracelet that encrypts and manages all of a user's passwords. In today's podcas
26 min
Online Marketplace Zaarly: Building Communities...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Bo Fishback, co-founder and CEO of Zaarly, the online marketplace for high-quality, vetted home service providers. He’ll share his
29 min
Entrepreneurial Brothers-in-Law Solve "NoodleN...
On this episode of Smart Companies Radio with host Kelly Scanlon, you’ll meet Will Regan and Jason Arriola, brothers-in law who drove straight from the carpool
23 min
Beyond The Finish Line with City Gym KC Owner a...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies KC is  the Owner and General Manager of City Gym  and Former professional soccer player, Hailee B
26 min
The Accidental Brewmeister with New Belgium Bre...
On this episode of Smart Companies Radio with host Kelly Scanlon you’ll meet the CEO and Co Founder of New Belgium Brewing.  A dream of her husband, the origina
28 min
How to Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Super...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is best-selling author John Jantsch, who wrote the classic business books “Duct Tape Marketing,” “The Referral Engine” and “The Commi
28 min
From Zero to One: Blake Masters Talks Startups ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Blake Masters, co-author of the best-selling book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, Or How to Build the Future.  Listen in as Mast
28 min
Kookiedoodle - A Place Where Kids Can Get Kooky...
This week, host Kelly Scanlon visits with Sheila Weiford of Kookiedoodle Crafts, a local arts and crafts studio for children ages 3 to 12. Founded by mother-dau
26 min
Why Kansas City Has Become a Growing Hotbed of ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon this week is Drew Solomon, coordinator of entrepreneurship and industry initiatives for the Economic Development Corporation of Kansa
27 min
Using WBE Certification to Open the Doors to Ne...
Carolyn Rouchka, a business banker for Arvest Bank in Greater Kansas City, joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk about why it's important for women business owners t
23 min
Overcoming the Taboo of Failure, with Cass Phil...
Cass Phillipps, global producer of FailCon, joins guest host Mary McKenna to discuss FailCon, a conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers,
26 min
Extinguishing Your Fire Breathing Start Up with...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Scott Miller, CEO and co-founder of Dragon Innovation, to talk about how the company helps startups turn their product ideas into
27 min
Football & Fashion Make for One Powerful Couple...
Serial entrepreneurs Shimika and Eddie Kennison (the Chiefs wide receiver legend!) join host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how this Kansas City power couple keeps al
28 min
All-Female College Helps Women Develop Leadersh...
Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio is Judy Robinson Rogers, Ph.D., the eleventh president of Cottey College, a liberal arts col
26 min
Women's Small Business Month: Business Strategi...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Michele Markey, Kaufman Fast Trac Vice President, who will discuss her new book, SheVenture: Success Strategies for Female Entrepr
27 min
Power Couple Eddie and Shimika Kennison Talk En...
Serial entrepreneurs Shimika and Eddie Kennison (the Chiefs wide receiver legend!) join host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how this Kansas City power couple keeps al
28 min
I Need Money for My Business Now! with Tiffany ...
Join host Kelly Scanlon and her guest Tiffany Wright for tips and insights into cash flow management and how to find often overlooked sources of capital for you
25 min
Ice Chip Grannies - It's Never Too Late to Real...
Charlotte Clary, one of two entrepreneurs who whipped up their latest concoction in the garage and now it’s a hit!  Charlotte and her partner Bev Vines-Haines w
25 min
The Soft Edge: Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard ...
Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard joins us to discuss his latest book, The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success. Rich stresses that although shre
28 min
Duck Duck Go Founder & CEO Gabriel Weinberg tal...
Gabriel Weinberg founded search engine Duck Duck Go in 2008 with one key differentiator from its powerful competitors: Duck Duck Go does not track its users: th
26 min
Getting Your Business Ready to Sell, with Walt ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is G3 Consulting founder and CEO Walter George, a food industry expert with more than 30 years of executive experience with growing c
29 min
The Entrepreneur Grannies, founders of Ice Chip...
Host Kelly Scanlon's guest is Charlotte Clary, one of the two "granny" entrepreneurs behind Ice Chips Candy. Charlotte will talk about life as a serial entrepre
25 min
Katie Horner: From Meteorologist to Plumbing En...
Former KCTV5 Chief Meteorologist Katie Horner joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk about her shift from meteorology to the plumbing industry. Find out how her new c
26 min
Are You Successfully Balancing the CEO Tightrop...
The average tenure for a CEO is 5-1/2 years—and nearly 40 percent are fired wtihin their first 18 months. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Joel Trammell has def
25 min
Let's Get Social with Sales, with Anne Cull, fo...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Anne Cull, founder of ThinkViral, a social media sales training company. Tune in to discover ways businesses can use social media
26 min
Slaying the Startup Manufacturing Dragon, with ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Scott Miller, CEO and co-founder of Dragon Innovation, to talk about how the company helps startups turn their product ideas into
27 min
Breathing Easier at the Hospital, with Mark Far...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Mark Farnsworth, sales and marketing director of Kansas City-based HEPACART, a company that  manufactures dust-containment carts a
26 min
School for Startups, with Jim Beach
Joining host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies Radio is Jim Beach. In 2009, Beach started School for Startups, a Web resource devoted to teaching his philosophy
24 min
Women Who Code, with Jennifer Wadella, founder ...
Host Kelly Scanlon welcomes Jennifer Wadella to discuss the importance of nurturing women in technology, providing mentors and encouraging women to pursue techn
28 min
Business Owners: To Degree or Not to Degree, wi...
Dr. Angie Besendorfer, chancellor of Western Governors University in Missouri, joins Smart Companies KC host Kelly Scanlon to discuss digital degree offerings t
24 min
Cash Flow Tips for Your Business, with Chris Mi...
Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how entrepreneurs can quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth. Chris i
29 min
How to Give Your Business a Competitive Intelli...
Do you have a great business idea? Do you wonder whether it can be a successful product or service? Concerned about what your competitors are doing? Do you even
27 min
Young Entrepreneur Making a Difference With Int...
Social entrepreneur Hayley Besheer, founder of Make a Difference Intimate Apparel (MADI Apparel), joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss the line of women’s underw
27 min
Everwise's Rocket Fuel for the Modern Workplace...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Colin Schiller, the President and co-founder at Everwise. Using smart data and cutting-edge software, Everwise matches professiona
29 min
Building Leadership With Powerful Communication...
Barbara Teicher joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss her new book, It’s How You Say It. Teicher is a keynote speaker, trainer and coach, and she’s has spent 25 y
26 min
Moving Women in Business Forward, with Gay Gadd...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Gay Gaddis, founder and CEO of T3 (The Think Tank), the technology-fueled creative agency with offices in Austin, New York and San
26 min
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Founder, "Auntie" Anne Be...
Auntie Anne's Pretzels are known world-wide, but many people don't know that these hand-rolled soft pretzels got their start at a farmer's market stand in Penns
27 min
Creating Content That Gets Clicked and Shared, ...
More than ever, businesses today must create compelling content that attracts readers and gets shared. Why? So they can gain credibility, attract leads, underst
26 min
How to Work with a Banker to Grow Your Business
Host Kelly Scanlon chats with Linda Hanson, regional market president for Enterprise Bank & Trust in Kansas City, about why its important for entrepreneurs to p
22 min
Championship Coach Jeff Scurran: Success on the...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Jeff Scurran, the championship coach, renowned speaker and author. His critically acclaimed book, “One Game One Time,” is an autob
27 min
Leadership, Empathy and the Power of Persuasion...
Legendary entrepreneur Ewing Kauffman's success in building Marion Laboratories is like an entrepreneur's dream come true. With just $5,000 of borrowed money, h
28 min
How to Make Generations X, Y, and Zoomers Happy...
At no other time in history have we had so many generations of workers active in the workforce.  Our guest today, Cheryl Cran, the CEO of Evolutionary Busine
29 min
Fashion Entrepreneur Tricia Steffes Unveils New...
Our guest is Tricia Barbarick Steffes, owner and founder of Bellezze Alte, an online clothing and footwear store for women of height. After unsuccessfully searc
27 min
Creating the World's Largest Coffee Shop, with ...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is ACe Callwood, co-founder and COO of Coffitivity. Coffitivity “streams the ambient noise of a coffee shop to your desktop or device
27 min
Passing the Reins to the Next Generation, with ...
Jamie Clayman Loud, owner of Clayman Promotional Group discusses successfully transitioning the company to the next generation. Jamie began her career in 1991
27 min
How to Put Profit First, with best-selling auth...
This episode's guest is multiple best-selling business author Mike Michalowicz, who joins us to discuss his latest book, Profit First: A Simple System to Transf
26 min
Grab Your Skates! Let's Head to the Rink, with ...
We'll take you back to simpler times of your childhood and youth skate parties.  Our guest Skip Clinton not only holds the title of 1986 World Champion Roller S
25 min
Words of Wisdom for Startups, with Martin Zwilling
Our guest is Martin Zwilling, an American business executive, entrepreneur, and author, who provides pragmatic advice and services to entrepreneurs and startups
23 min
How Your Business Can Leverage the Surge in E-C...
Tim McCoy of Brockton Creative Group joins us to discuss the latest trends in e-commerce. E-commerce has grown by double digits for 14 consecutive quarters. Wha
25 min
The Decline and Fall of IBM, with Robert X. Cri...
When it comes to information technology, Robert Cringely knows what he's talking about. He's spent the last 30 years in the PC business, and some of Silicon Val
27 min
Entrepreneur LeAnn Carlson on Saving Lives - F...
Entrepreneur LeAnn Carlson joins Host, Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies KC Founder of Lauren's Hope Medical ID, LeAnn Carlson joins Host Kelly Scanlon to talk
28 min
Solar Highways: Pathways to a More Sustainable ...
Our guest is Scott Brusaw, owner of Solar Roadways, a company that proposes to turn highways and parking lots into giant solar-energy arrays. The company got a
24 min
The Story Behind Glamajama's "Overnight" Succes...
In this episode, Heather Schuck, CEO and founder of the leading children’s brand Glamajama, shares how her children's fashion line has become a favorite of cele
29 min
The LinkedIn Edge, with J.D. Gershbein
Meet J.D. Gershbein, the man best known as the "LinkedIn Catalyst." Gershbein is CEO of Owlish Communications and the author of the upcoming book, “The LinkedIn
28 min
Best Email Marketing Practices—And How to Avoid...
With a sea of emails swelling in our inboxes, you'd think email marketing would be the last way to get your company's marketing message across, right? Not so, s
24 min
Privacy and the Internet, with Duck Duck Go Fou...
Gabriel Weinberg founded search engine Duck Duck Go in 2008 with one key differentiator from his other powerful competitors: Duck Duck Go does not track its use
26 min
Recalibrate: Strategies for Accelerated Growth,...
This week's guest is Susan Spaulding, the founder and leader of Recalibrate Strategies. The consultancy leverages her vast experience as a business owner and st
27 min
Telling the Story of Southwest Airline's Cultur...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Linda Rutherford, vice president of communications and outreach at Southwest Airlines. Linda has been with SWA since 1992 and guid
26 min
The Tasteful Olive, with owner Jeanne Mackay
Jeanne Mackay, owner of The Tasteful Olive, shares the story behind the specialty food retail store she opened in Overland Park a few years ago. The Tasteful Ol
26 min
The Art of War for Small Business, with Becky S...
Our guest Becky Sheetz-Runkle is a business author and writer, speaker, strategic marketer and martial artist. She’s with us to talk about her newest book, The
28 min
Brandy McCombs Shares the Nuts and Bolts of Bui...
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is Brandy McCombs, who shares her less-than-traditional route from the restaurant business in Ohio and Florida to founding Internatio
24 min
Investment Wisdom from Belinda Savage - One of ...
Our guest, Belinda Savage, developed her roots as one of the first 10 women traders on Wall Street back in the 1960s. Savage has extensive experience and expert
28 min
Headphones in Knots? ThreadBuds Inventors Untan...
Kansas City entrepreneurs Nick and Maddie Paradise talk about their budding business ThreadBuds. Playing around one day, Maddie wrapped her headphones with some
26 min
How to Make Generations X, Y, and Zoomers Happy...
How many of you are working with multiple generations of employees within your companies? How’s that going? Is everyone getting along? Understanding what they c
28 min
Our Experience Testing Google Glass
Kelly talks tech with Matthew Barksdale, the president of Engage Mobile, a company that has seen significant growth in its business of mobile apps and software
27 min
The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasti...
Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard joins us to discuss his new book The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success. Rich stresses that although shrewd s
28 min
When Disaster Strikes, Are You Ready?
Storm season is upon us. Is your business ready? And are you prepared with an emergency plan for other disasters, natural or otherwise, when they strike? Kelly
29 min
Are Co-Working Spaces the Wave of the Future?
Shared work spaces—what are they exactly and why are they popping up across the country? Liz Elam is the founder of Link Coworking, a coworking space located in
24 min
Kill the Company to Innovate Your Business
Host Kelly Scanlon talks with Lisa Bodell, the founder and CEO of futurethink, an award-winning innovation firm that helps businesses embrace change and become
29 min
The Barefoot Spirit
The co-founders of Barefoot Wines, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, stop by to talk about how hardship, hustle and heart built American's #1 wine brand, plus
24 min
Does "Cracker Jack" Run Your Customer Experience?
What can you do to create a Cracker Jack experience for your customers? One that offers them an unexpected free prize inside? In this episode, host Kelly Scanl
28 min
Entrepreneur Gets a Shot at Final Four
When most people think of the NCAA’s Final Four, they think basketball players, not entrepreneurs. Well, at this weekend’s tournament, two entrepreneurs from Ka
23 min
Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone: An Entrep...
Kansas City writer, artist, business strategist and philosopher of creative, adventurous living, Becky Blades Phillips, joins Kelly to talk about her new book:
25 min
Own Your Future: How to Think Like an Entrepren...
Our guest today is best-selling author Paul Brown, who joins us to discuss his latest book, due out in June 2014, Own Your Future: How to Think Like an Entrepre
26 min
Entrepreneur LeAnn Carlson on Saving Lives - Fa...
Entrepreneur LeAnn Carlson, founder of Lauren's Hope Medical ID, joins us today to talk about the inspiration for her company, which is famous for its stylish m
28 min
The Power of Your Business Name
Nellie Akalp, the founder and CEO of CorpNet.com, helps entrepreneurs start businesses, incorporate, form LLCs, set up sole proprietorships (DBAs) and maintain
25 min
All in Startup: Learning Entrepreneurship by Li...
There are more than 10,000 entrepreneurship classrooms in the U.S., reaching more than half a million students, but the vast majority of educators are teaching
27 min
10,000 Small Businesses: An Investment in Ameri...
This week’s guest is Patricia Greene, professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College. As a founder of the Diana Project, she is one of the world's foremost exp
27 min
The Roasterie's Still Brewing Up Big After 20 Y...
On November 22, 1978, Danny O’Neill picked his first batch of coffee beans in the mountainous coffee-growing region around the Poás volcano while studying abroa
29 min
For Better or for Work, with Meg Hirshberg
Joining host Kelly Scanlon is noted author and speaker Meg Hirshberg. Meg talks about her latest book, For Better or For Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneur
23 min
The Minority Supplier Development Council: Impo...
Joing Host Kelly Scanlon is the first president of the Kansas City Minority Supplier Development Council, now known as the Mid-American Minority Supplier Counc
28 min
Entrepreneurship Goes to School . . . And Turn...
Kathleen Allen, professor of entrepreneurship at the USC Marshall School of Business and recent recipient of the Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award fro
24 min
Busting the Myths About Thinking Bigger - with ...
Our guest today is Denise Mills, the co-founder and Chief Mindset Officer of LeaderFuelNow, a company that provides leadership training, business consulting and
21 min
Up Close With Melissa Thompson, founder of Talk...
Our guest today is Melissa Thompson, the founder and CEO of TalkSession, Inc., a healthcare technology company that develops web-based platforms for therapy ses
16 min
Betsy Johnson of SwimZip Takes a Swim With the ...
Betsy Johnson, co-founder of beach apparel line SwimZip, recently landed an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank and swam away with an investment from shark Lori Grei
25 min
Sales Shift: Why the Age of the Customer Has Da...
Small business expert Jim Blasingame joins us to discuss his recently released third book “The Age of the Customer – Prepare for the Moment of Relevance.” Jim s
28 min
Lessons for Small Business in Target Data Breach
Recent data breaches involving Target and other major corporations have attracted national attention.  Attracting less attention are small and mid-size business
23 min
The Genius of STUFF
Doing things a little differently has helped turn STUFF, a Brookside shop, into a neighborhood institution and landed them on NICHE magazine's list of top store
27 min
Anton's Taproom - A Restaurant That Delivers Mo...
Anton’s Taproom, which opened in October in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, is not your typical KC restaurant. How many restaurants do you know that have a b
27 min
The Secret Behind the Hottest Business in Fort ...
Meet Smokin' Ed Currie, who proudly holds the Guinness World Record for hottest chili on Earth. On the Scoville heat scale, where zero is bland and a regular ja
24 min
KC Women Business Organizations Get Collaborative
Sherry Turner, founder of OneKC for Women, joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss resources for women business owners in Kanas City, the OneKC for Women initiative
26 min
Flight Car: Braving the New Frontier
Kelly explores the next frontier in "sharing services" with entrepreneur Kevin Petrovic, co-founder of a fast-growing company called FlightCar. FlightCar lets
27 min
My Life as an FBI Mole and How I Survived it.
Small Changes, Big Shifts // Dr. Michelle Robin, 1 p.m.   Mark Whitacre, is the highest-ranking executive-turned-whistleblower in U.S. history. At just 32, Whi
40 min
Smart Companies KC - Made in Kansas City
Smart Companies KC host Kelly Scanlon sits down with Richard Shipley, co-founder and CEO of LocalStart.org, an organization that works to create top-of-mind awa
29 min
Cupcake Confidential - Jeff Martin of Smallcakes
Jeff Martin, founder of the Smallcakes franchise, has developed a big appetite for international growth. Tune in as Jeff, who is a two-time veteran of the Food
22 min
Bitcoin - The New Currency or Just A Flash In T...
2013 was quite possibly the year of bitcoin; it was the year in which its price skyrocketed above $1000 as it simultaneously moved from the shadows of the Inter
26 min
Powered By Hope - The Terry Griege Story - Insp...
On Small Changes - Big Shifts, Host Dr. Michelle Robin talks to Ironman competitor and cancer survivor, Terry Griege. Terry shares her inspiring story about ho
44 min
Making The Most Of Your Advertising Dollar
Tim Burt, known internationally as the "Commercial Professor," joins Kelly to share insights into how to create effective advertisements for any platform. Tim
22 min
Turning Adversaries Into Allies - with Bob Burg
Can you really, systematically and consistently get the results you want from others while making them feel genuinely good about themselves, about the process,
37 min
Are Entrepreneurs Worthless, Impossible and Stu...
Tune in to a lively discussion about why Dan Isenberg, executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, has written a book called Worthless,
32 min
The Inside Scoop on the Founding of Twitter
Our guest is New York Times technology and business columnist Nick Bilton, who's just released his second book, Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power,
17 min
The Story Behind the "Elf on the Shelf" Magic
Kick off the Christmas season as guest Chanda Bell, co-founder and co-author of the holiday phenomenon  “The Elf on the Shelf,” gives us the inside story on how
16 min
Why Employees Are ALWAYS a Bad Idea
Our guest today, Chuck Blakeman, has built several businesses, and he now uses his experience to help other business owners and leaders build Participation Age
25 min
What It Takes to Build an Entrepreneur Ecosystem
Over the last few years, Kansas City's entrepreneurial community has caught the attention of investors, large corporations and the national media. A lot of peop
27 min
Smart Companies Radio - Keys to Long-Term Succe...
Our guest today William Bronchick, CEO of Legalwiz Publications, joins us to discuss the keys to long-term success in business. Bill is a nationally-known atto
20 min
Smart Companies Radio - Become a Conscious Mill...
Kelly's guest today is JV Crum III, who is the author of the Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference. An entrepreneur, investor, attor
20 min
Smart Companies Radio - Landmark Law For Women ...
HR 5050 turns 25 years old today! On Oct. 25, 1988, President Ronald Regan signed HR 5050 into law. Long overdue, the legislation finally allowed women busines
46 min
Smart Companies Radio - Get Your Business Unstuck!
Is your business stuck? My guest, Barry Moltz,  gets business owners growing again! With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as
17 min
My Life Inside Arthur Anderson - Including the ...
By the time he was 30, Larry Katzen made partner at Arthur Andersen, enjoying a fast-paced rise through the ranks as the firm grew in size and renown. But It
22 min
Mastering Quick Change in Business
Having a plan is important, but if you can't adapt quickly and confidently when business conditions change, you could be putting your company at risk. This wee
27 min
Glamajama's Heather Schuck - eBay hobby to mult...
We welcome Heather Schuck, CEO and founder of the leading children’s brand Glamajama. Heather is a well respected and admired mom entrepreneur. Despite her lac
30 min
Tracking Down the 60 Most Interesting Business ...
Like a lot of us, Sean Spence of Caledon Virtual had a crazy idea. He made a list of the 60 most interesting people in business and decided he was going to meet
21 min
Stretching Employee Strengths - Paul
Today's guest is Paul Brewerton, the co-founder of Strengths Partnership.  Paul discusses what businesses can do to understand and find their employees' "sweet
26 min
Texting and Driving Can Be a Business Killer Too
According to a recent survey by AT&T, almost half of commuters reported texting while driving. Some of them could be your employees ... or even you! Join this w
23 min
Marketing to Millennials - Jeff Fromm
Our guest today, Jeff Fromm, is the co-author of the book "Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest & Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever." Today h
18 min
Why Brands Fail in a Crisis - David Johnson
When a crisis hits a company, the first 72 hours shape public opinion.  And a bad response impacts the viability of your brand. Here to talk with us today about
19 min
Living the 12-Week Year - Brian Moran
Imagine where you could take your business if you could do in three months what it takes most people a year to accomplish. This week's guest, Brian Moran, has w
29 min
Sun Tzu for Women: The Art of War for Winning i...
Our guest Becky Sheetz-Runkle is a business author and writer, speaker, strategic marketer and martial artist. She’s with us to talk about how women can apply
25 min
Silpada Designs - Back in the Family After Avon...
Silpada Designs is one of the country’s most inspirational success stories. Silpada, a company built by women, for women, was founded in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly an
25 min
The Dangers of Quick & Easy Communication: Geof...
Quicker isn't always better, especially when it comes to communication. New technology lets us talk, tweet, text and more faster than ever—but we can make bigge
47 min
Heather Schuck, Glamajama CEO: Work-Life Balanc...
We welcome Heather Schuck, CEO and founder of the leading children’s brand Glamajama. Heather is a well respected and admired mom entrepreneur. Despite her lack
30 min
Coffee Lunch Coffee: Successful Networking with...
Our guest Alana Muller provides a practical process for networking your way to business success. Alana is the President of Kauffman FastTrac and the author of t
29 min
Brian Biro - America's Breakthrough Coach
We welcome Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach!  Brian is known internationally as a speaker and coach who engages his audiences on Leadership, Possibil
29 min
Creating "SmartTribes" at Work with Christine C...
Bill Gates calls her “super high bandwidth.” Bill Clinton has thanked her for “fostering American entrepreneurship.” Newsweek says, “By reputation, Christine i
30 min
Up Close & Personal Chat with Small Biz Banker ...
Josh Rowland, Vice Chairman of Lead Bank in Kansas City, and Executive Director of the Lead Business Advisors, talks about the business model that allows his ba
33 min
Creating Business Stories That Sell - Danielle ...
Businesses of all sizes have a story to tell--and it goes beyond branding. The story of every company is ingrained in its corporate culture, be it IBM or Apple
27 min
Bulletproof Employees! with Cy Wakeman
Join me and my guest Cy Wakeman. Cy advocates a revolutionary new approach to leadership: Reality-Based Leadership. Instead of working to perfect the circumsta
28 min
Crowdfunding, VCs and Angels - Can't We All Jus...
Thanks to last year's JOBS Act, crowdfunding is creating new opportunities not only for small businesses, but angel investors, venture capitalists and others in
28 min
Be Your Own Boss with The Small Biz Lady Melind...
“The Small Biz Lady” Melinda Emerson joins us to talk to us about how she built a national reputation using social media, her book Become Your Own Boss in 12 M
39 min
Turn Every Customer Into a Fan - Ruby Newell Le...
In today’s competitive landscape, you don’t want customers. You want fans. You want people who are almost as crazy in love with your company as you are. Consist
29 min
Helping Business People Unlock Their Inner Genius
Most people agree that for businesses to compete globally in the 21st century, we must be innovative. We must be creative. Yet, most of today’s workers continu
26 min
Is Your Business an Easy Target for Financial F...
In 2010 Cheryl Obermiller discovered her company accountant had embezzled nearly a million dollars in a scheme that lasted for almost 8 years. The embezzlement
31 min
Creating Business Plans That Actually Get Financed
Are you a start-up or small business looking to raise capital? In order to do so, you must have a business plan that investors will love. Cheree Warrick, autho
29 min
Julie Weeks: Growing Under the Radar-$10M Women...
Over the past decade, the growth in the number of women-owned firms with $10 million or more in revenues has increased by a startling 56.6 percent. My guest Ju
28 min
Why Mentoring Matters - Barnett Helzberg Jr.
Barnett Helzberg, Jr., former chair of Helzberg Diamonds, joins us to talk about his new book, Entrepreneurs+Mentors=Success. From 1962, when Helzberg took the
32 min
Bob Burg - Do Go-Givers Really Sell More in Tod...
Shifting your focus from “getting to giving” is not only a nice way to live life…but a very financially profitable way, as well. You cannot control “The” Econo
28 min
Rey Ybarra on his book with Shark Tank Winners
Rey Ybarra is the author/producer of the multimedia digital book “Conversations With Shark Tank Winners.” The book features interviews with winners/participant
28 min
Meet Peter Strople - Dubbed Most Connected Man ...
PeterStrople of strategic advisory firm Zero2 is on a first-name basis with some of the country's top business leaders and thinkers -- a network that provides h
32 min
The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave - Leigh Br...
With the job market and unemployment in the shape they're in today, why should employers be concerned about why employees leave? Best-selling business author L
29 min
Ken Segall, the marketing genius who put the "i...
Ken Segall, the marketing genius who put the "i" in iMac, iTunes and other Apple products, has worked with some of the world's largest corporations, including B
27 min
The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It - J...
Smart Companies Radio welcomes international speaker, author and marketing guru, John Jantsch. In his latest book, The Commitment Engine, John looks at what se
37 min
Just in Time For the Holidays: How to Crowd Fun...
This week's guest is Shaul Weisband, one of the entrepreneurs behind Jifiti, a new app that lets users create a  wish list for pretty much any store in the ent
23 min
Leveraging Entrepreneurs to Build Communities, ...
We welcome serial entrepreneur Seth Meinzen, co-founder of EvisThrive, a company that helps communities across the country develop their own "entrepreneurial ec
32 min
Sales Tips from Legendary College Coaches - wit...
Great football coaches know more than pass defense and offensive strategy: they also tend to have a strong understanding of sales and marketing. Kelly's guest
31 min
Surviving Cancer in the Workplace
Kelly talks with her guest Barbara Unell, the founder of Back in the Swing, about how business owners can help their employees—and themselves—get back into the
34 min
Mastering Quick Change in Business: Brent Glees...
Having a plan is important, but if you can't adapt quickly and confidently when business conditions change, you could be putting your company at risk. This wee
27 min
Join the Revenue Revolution! Third Door author ...
Best practices and “back to basics” were forged during a different economic time--and have no place in the New Normal. Sean Stormes is helping companies around
25 min
The Secret Fast Track to Business Success - Sco...
As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel like you're losing your "edge?" Kelly's guest, Scott Halford, says that might actually be a good thing if you want to impro
29 min
Financing for Women-Owned Businesses - Susan Co...
Women-owned businesses constitute a large and growing part of the U.S. economy, and nobody understands these kinds of companies quite like University of Hartfo
30 min
Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - Mike Michalowicz
Join Kelly and her guest Mike Michalowicz (pronounced mi-CAL-o-witz), who, with no experience, no contacts and no savings, systematically bootstrapped a multi-m
24 min
Turning Power Loss into Power Surge - Dr. Linda...
Few things feel worse than a lack of control over your own life. But the good news is that if you've lost your sense of personal power, it's possible to reclaim
26 min
Why You Need Dissatisfied Employees - Robert Sher
Believe it or not, but your dissatisfied employees could turn out to be your most productive workers. This week's guest is Robert Sher, a Forbes.com contributor
35 min
Women Accessing Capital - Overcoming the Psycho...
Despite reports implying fast growth of women-owned businesses, many women business owners still face obstacles related to financing business growth. Join Kell
37 min
Harnessing the Hidden ROI of Storytelling - Rog...
Charts, graphs and PowerPoint slides will never connect with an audience the way a good story can, and a growing number of businesses are harnessing classic sto
23 min
Homer Hickam, the Rocket Boy in October Sky
Homer Hickam, author of 12 books, all best-sellers, including the acclaimed memoir Rocket Boys which was made into the movie October Sky. His experiments with r
32 min
LinkedIn Profiles for Pros - Kristina Jaramillo
Social media expert Kristina Jaramillo uses LinkedIn profiles as expertly as a samurai would wield a sword -- and she's sharing that knowledge with our listener
31 min
Follow the Thought Leader - Denise Brosseau
It's one thing to be an expert in your field. It's even better, though, to be recognized as your sector's undisputed thought leader, the one that everybody else
23 min
Wine, Women and Business
Sharon Harris, the owner of Napa Valley's Rarecat Wines, has turned her life's passion into a thriving business, and she's committed to helping other women entr
39 min
Unlocking Natural Leadership Skills in Women - ...
Join Kelly as she talks to Katie Snapp, a skirt strategist who empowers women to lead and succeed. Working as a rocket scientist in a male-dominated culture
30 min
The Simple Art of Asking
If you never ask for what you want, the answer will always be no. In his new book, The Answer is Yes But First You Have to Ask, author Jim Charette outlines
22 min
Get-Real Leadership
You don't have to sacrifice relationships for success, or vice versa. In his new book, Get-Real Leadership, Harry S. Campbell offers practical ways you can stre
23 min
Starting a Business with an Eight Year Old
Jennifer Wallis and her 8-year-old daughter, Breanna, aren't just family -- they're also business partners! And they've written a book about their experiences,
13 min
Government Contracting
Opportunities in Government Contracting Winning a government contract can be an important shot in the arm for small businesses. On Aug. 7, Kansas Cit
15 min
Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul - Dr. ...
After 26 years in public education and at 50 years of age, Tom left the University of Missouri, where he was a professor and administrator, to pursue an entrepr
25 min
Richard Bendis - Innovation America
Richard Bendis, founder, president and CEO of Innovation America. Rich is a former president and CEO of Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, and a succesfu
35 min
The Most Connected Man in America - Peter Strople
Peter Strople has been called “One of the World’s Great Rainmakers,” “The Most Connected Man in America,” and “One of the Most Connected People in the World.”
32 min
Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips - Ken Thurber
If your business isn't constantly evolving, you run the risk of becoming as outdated as buggy whips or Kodak film. This week's guest, Ken Thurber, is the author
27 min
Ken Segall - Insanely Simple
Ken Segall, the marketing genius who put the "i" in iMac, iTunes and other Apple products, has worked with some of the world's largest corporations, including B
28 min
Dan Stalp - Living a Life of Significance
Join Kelly and her guest Dan Stalp as they discuss living a life of significance and Dan's book The Reunion. After co-founding the award-winning employee benefi
23 min
Jack Uldrich - Global Futurist - May 25, 2012
Listen in as Kelly interviews Jack Uldrich, global futurist, keynote speaker, and best-selling author. Jack's written works have appeared in The Wall Street Jo
41 min
Jeff Chambers & Chris Wood - Banking - May 18, ...
Choosing a banker is one of the most important "hiring decisions" that a small business can make. Even if your company isn't looking for financing, a good banke
26 min
John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing - May 11, 2012
John Jantsch, the best-selling author and consultant behind the Duct Tape Marketing empire, commands the attention of some of the nation's biggest companies and
24 min
Scott Case-Technologist, Entrepreneur, Inventor...
Scott Case is a technologist, entrepreneur and inventor and was founding CTO of Priceline, the "Name Your Own Price" company that was one of only a handful of s
28 min
Futurist David Smith - April 27, 2012
Is Your Company Ready for What's Next? Futurist David Smith, CEO of HBMG Inc, talks to Kelly about future trends and steps that you can take to succeed in an
37 min
April 20, 2012 Kay Saunders
Building strong relationships is crucial  to business success. Join this week's guest, Kay Allyn Saunders, president and CEO of Bellewether Ltd., as she talks a
37 min
April 13, 2012 - Jeff Hoffman & Heather Lutze
Join Kelly and her guests, international keynote speakers Jeff Hoffman and Heather Lutze, for a glimpse of what's to come when they keynote for the Thinking Bi
54 min
Robert Miles April 6th 2012
Join Kelly and her guest Robert Miles, an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter, author and distinguished authority on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Ha
28 min