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Get the inside scoop on how America’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their industries. On each episode of Talking Business Now, you'll meet one of your fellow business owners, founders or entrepreneurs who's "been there done that." Along with host Kelly Scanlon, guests delve into a specific challenge they've dealt with, their strategies for handling it and how it changed their company. You'll be inspired by each guest's entrepreneurial journey—and, through their experiences and examples, you'll gain insights into innovative ideas you can put to work immediately to increase productivity, improve processes, expand your market share and generate more revenue. Tune in , , , it’s time to talk business!

Digital Entrepreneur on Voice, SEO
Steve Wiideman shares his entrepreneurial journey, thoughts on future of voice and SEO for businesses.
29 min
ClimateTech Entrepreneur Protects Food, Planet
Manik Suri launched Therma to eliminate food waste and combat climate change.
26 min
Technology Solution Spins Out New EdTech Company
Josh Christopherson discusses launching a new company from within an existing one and using AI technology to enhance employee training.
21 min
Work Less and Paddle More
Stephan Aarstol, founder of Tower Paddle Boards, talks about this book The Five-hour Workday
25 min
Garden Manicure Mishap Sprouts Dig It Apparel
Claudia Harvey discusses her entrepreneurial journey and Three Pillars of Possibility.
27 min
Exercise Bike Builds Strong Bodies, Strong Busi...
Excy co-founder and entrepreneur Michele Mehl shares the story behind the company launch and the lessons she's learned as it's grown into a national brand.
26 min
Caramels Launch Entrepreneurial Journey for Aer...
Sarah Smith shares her entrepreneurial story that took her from aerospace worker to the founder of Southern Caramel, a company that makes and wholesales caramels.
21 min
Drones Provide Flight Path to Entrepreneurship
Barry Alexander, founder of Aquiline Drones, discusses his flight to entrepreneurship and how he grew his company using an end=to-end business model.
26 min
Deodorant Entrepreneur's No Sweat Approach to B...
Stacia Guzzo, founder of deodorant manufacturer SmartyPits discusses her entrepreneurial journey, commitment to aluminum-free products and cause marketing.
22 min
Mentoring Across Generations to Transform Business
22 min
Unstoppable Software—Where Business Innovation ...
Unstoppable Software founder Sam Schutte discusses a software development approach that says "yes" to customers.
19 min
Ear Care Company Founder Heard the Call of Entr...
Elyse Dickerson launched Eosera to "heal humans."
25 min
Thinking Outside the Building — A Leadership St...
Rosabeth Moss Kanter discusses her new book Think Outside the Building and how leaders can change the world through smart innovations.
20 min
Do You Have What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur?
Gino Wickman discusses the six traits of anyone considering entrepreneurship.
23 min
Get on Your Horse and Ride - Practical Advice f...
Laura Laiben, founder of The Culinary Center of Kansas City, provides straight talk about doing business during the coronoavirus pandemic.
27 min
Using Memory Skills to Generate More Sales
Dave Farrow, the two-time Guiness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory, joins us to talk about the relationship between memory and achieving better sales and advertising results.
23 min
6 Key Business Lessons From a Serial Entrepreneur
Carl Gould shares the lessons he's learned on his entrepreneurial jouney.
27 min
Look Up—And Discover Possibilities
Jan Sokoloff Harness discusses her book Look Up: Your Unexpected Guide to Good.
28 min
Bill George Drives Change in the On-Demand Tran...
Kansas City entrepreneur Bill George has carved out a lane in the rapidly growing on-demand transportation industry.
13 min
Energy Entrepreneur Marries Technology and Fina...
Scott Ringlein, founder and CEO of The Energy Alliance Group, is helping businesses adopt sustainable energy technology solutions by solving their financing issues.
30 min
How to Make Good Things Happen
Ron Tite, founder of Church + State, discusses his new book Think. Do. Say.
22 min
How I Learned to Work With Millennials—and Save...
Entrepreneur Lee Caraher discusses how to create high-performing multigenerational teams.
38 min
Startups: How to Fairly Slice the Equity Pie
Serial entrepreneur Mike Moyer discusses a new way to slice the equity pie in a startup company.
21 min
A Modern Holiday Favorite: The Entrepreneurs Be...
Elf on the Shelf co-founder Chanda Bell takes us behind the scenes of this enduring holiday brand.
13 min
Exiting a Business Successfully, with Serial En...
Frank Fiume, founder of i9 Sports, discusses his experience navigating the sale of two businesses.
21 min
Franchising Your Way to Business Growth: With E...
Entrepreneur Frank Fiume, who grew i9 Sports to $300 million in sales, shares tips and insights into using franchising as a model for growing a business.
18 min
Running With My Head Down: Entrepreneurial Less...
Frank Fiume, founder of i9 Sports, the nation's leading franchise of youth leagues and camps, shares his lessons learned.
28 min
Deep Listening for Deep Business Results
Former Microsoft executive Oscar Trimboli talks with us about how to master deep listening for increased produdctivity and better business results.
32 min
From Paralysis to Purpose: An Inspiring Story o...
Speaker and author David Cooks shares insights into how his positive attitude toward physical paralysis shaped his future.
22 min
Leading Change in Times of Great Uncertainty
Former executive Julie Benezet talks about how to lead companies through change and embrace the uncertainty it brings.
31 min
An Inside Look at the Early Days of AI—and How ...
Pamela McCorduck, an artificial intelligence expert who witnessed the start of the AI revolution and personally worked with the founder fathers, discusses the implications of AI on the future of business.
20 min
Creating an Effective and Memorable Business Name
Ross Kimbarovsky discusses the do's and don'ts of naming or renaming a business.
27 min
Boost Your Company's Growth DNA
Margaret Reynolds discusses how strategic leaders use growth genetics to drive sustainable business performance.
23 min
Being an Entrepreneur Isn't Enough—And Other Le...
Serial entrepreneur August Turak discusses the life and leadership lessons he learned from his father.
30 min
The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: What Business Le...
John Jantsch joins Talking Business Now to discuss his latest book, "The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business."
31 min
Entrepreneur Powers Cell Phones, Brightens Live...
Conner Hazelrigg joins Talking Business Now to discuss her mission to provide solar power and create jobs in developing countries.
23 min
The Success Intersection, with Orlando Magic Co...
Orlando Magic founder Pat Williams talks about combining talents with passion to discover your success intersection.
23 min
Salespeople With These 7 Traits Achieve Faster ...
Ron Karr, author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, shares the seven traits of great salespeople.
19 min
A Pioneer of Early Silicon Valley on Lessons Le...
21 min
How Companies Can Help New Executives Succeed
Ron Carucci shares insights for helping new executives rise to power and avoid failure
18 min
Tiege Hanley: The Entrepreneurial Company Chang...
Founder and CEO Kelley Thornton shares the secrets behind the success of men's skin care company Tiege Hanley.
24 min
How the Country’s Oldest Peanut Butter Company ...
Entrepreneur Kimmi Wernli discusses how buying Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company from her father and her strategies for reshaping it into a 21st century company.
31 min
Embracing a Healthy Disregard for the Impossible
Tina Seelig talks about creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and life lessons from her book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20.
22 min
Is Your Business Strangled By Conflict Debt?
Liane Davey discusses how to use productive conflict to get your team and your organization to be more productive.
22 min
School Principal and Father Turns Entrepreneur ...
Former school principal starts company to protect against active shooters.
17 min
No Dumbing Down: Aligning Your Organization for...
Karen Walker discusses how senior company leaders can create and align internal processes to support profitable and sustainable growth.
16 min
Discovering Your Extraordinary Talent Through D...
Bradley Charbonneau talks about how the power of habit can unleash your potential.
27 min
What Leaders Today Can Learn From 52 Critical D...
Greg Bustin talks about the leadership lessons we can learn from key historical decisions.
23 min
McClure's Pickles: From Family Tradition to Nat...
Bob McClure, co-founder of McClure’s Pickles, talks about growing a family tradition into a specialty pickle brand with raving fans—and the lessons learned.
25 min
The Real ROI You Should Be Measuring: Return on...
Ronan Leonard, the founder of Eccountability, discussees how to leverage what you already know to get a better Return on Intellect.
20 min
Business Secrets of the Monastic Monks
Entrepreneur and book author August Turak discusses the business lessons he learned from the Trappist monks.
40 min
Leading the the Future of Work
Cheryl Cran discusses how business leaders can prepare for and lead the workplace change that's occurring due to digital disruption.
21 min
Workplace Lessons from Corporate Communications...
Corporate communications professionals Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss share the behind-the-scenes stories that inspired their business novels.
25 min
Rising to Power: Why So Many Executives Fail an...
Ron Carucci discusses why so many newly appointed executives fail and how to avoid that challenge.
19 min
The Coaching Effect: The Missing Piece in Leade...
Sarah Wirth provides a roadmap for getting people to perform at peak capacity.
19 min
What an Orchestra Conductor Can Teach Organizat...
Maestro Roger Nierenberg discusses The Music Paradigm.
17 min
How Mastering Wit Can Lead to Business Innovations
James Geary discusses how developing wit can lead to discovery and innovation.
19 min
Building a Looking Forward to Monday Company Cu...
Don Rheem discusses how to use the principles of neuroscience to drive employee performance and engagement.
22 min
Leveraging Influencers to Take Your Marketing t...
Stacy Jones explains the ins and outs of Influencer Marketing and how your company can benefit if you work with the right people.
25 min
Developing Your Executive Presence to Get in th...
Pamela J. Green discusses how to develop executive presence and become a more successful leader.
22 min
Personal Branding for Everyday Professionals
Athlete and celebrity brand expert Frances Reimers
19 min
Creating a Non-Stop Sales Boom
Colleen Francis discusses how to create a nonstop sales boom.
17 min
Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Creating Comp...
Mikki Williams discusses how to gain a competitive business advantage through storytelling.
19 min
The 4 Things That Purpose-Led 21st Century Comp...
Shannon Adkins discusses the four things that socially conscious, purpose-led companies of the 21st century do well.
26 min
Tom Hill’s Four Mantras to Life and Business Su...
Dr. Tom Hill discusses the four mantras that have led him to a successful and fulfilling life.
20 min
How Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good, with ...
Amanda Brinkman of The Small Business Revolution talks about what stokes her enthusiasm for small business.
24 min
Packaging People: How Leaders Can Impress
Sylvie Di Giusto discusses how leaders can make a good first impression and control the message they send to others.
20 min
The Story of Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf co-founder Chanda Bell explains how a family holiday tradition became a commercial success.
16 min
Creating Gender Parity at Work, with Rania Ande...
Rania Anderson discusses a formula for leading with women and creating gender parity in the workplace.
30 min
How to Present a Message That Matters, with Dia...
Diane DiResta shares tips for delivering presentations with power, punch and pizzazz
22 min
Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988—30 Years...
H.R. 5050 changed women's business ownership, and it's still making a difference today as it marks its 30th anniversary.
31 min
HMS Hones Success With Surgical Precision
Jon and Teresa Andrade are leading Heartland Medical Solutions on a strategic path to sustainable growth.
11 min
Behind the Scenes with Season 3 of The Small Bu...
Amanda Brinkman gives behind-the-scenes insights into what viewers can expect from Season 3 of The Small Business Revolution - Main Street.
19 min
Going Places: How Bill George is Driving Change...
Bill George, CEO of Kansas City Transportation Group, is creating innovation in ground transportation.
16 min
How to Run Your Business Like Clockwork—Without...
Mike Michalowicz discusses the formula in his book Clockwork that allows business owners to grow their companies while stepping away from the daily grind.
27 min
Lessons in Leadership from the Colonel's Daught...
Lauren Schieffer offers leadership solutions for resolving workplace conflicts.
25 min
Bullseye Marketing Tips for Growing Your Busine...
Louis Gudema shares best practices and actionable tips for increasing your company's revenue.
25 min
Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life, with Joe D...
Joe Deitch provides insights into leading a life filled with meaning and happiness.
27 min
Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way! with Ron Karr
Ron Karr discusses how to dramatically increase your company's market share, sales and profits.
21 min
Vintage As a Venture, with Dale Scott of Vintag...
Dale Scott has channeled his passion for vintage homes into several lucrative businesses.
19 min
Advice From the Longest Serving CEO of a Public...
Ray Zinn, founder of Micrel, best-known as the longest-serving CEO of a publicly traded Silicon Valley company, serves up business advice.
27 min
What Cryptocurrency Can Mean for Businesses, wi...
Joshua Dewitt discusses how businesses can use cryptocurrency.
20 min
Six Generations Strong: How Pioneer Music Has E...
Alec Haight discusses the secrets behind how his family's business, Pioneer Music Company, is still going strong after six generations.
25 min
AMG Is Changing the Property Management Game, w...
Founder Zach Batson discusses how putting an emphasis on relationships over transactions has fueled Asset Management Group’s growth.
12 min
Tips for Achieving Managed Year-Over-Year Reven...
Freedom Interiors founder Carol Espinosa talks about building a successful company.
20 min
Why Mobile Technology Is Important to Every Bus...
Ryan Wyse, founder of Code Koalas, discusses how to companies can avoid technology stagnation and project a fresh web presence.
16 min
Loading Money to Make Money: How ATM Operator P...
G. Jason Schnellbacher discusses how Prineta, the independent ATM service provider he founded, has become an industry leader.
24 min
Leveraging Technology for Business Communicatio...
Network Innovations' founder Brian Gregory discusses how technology can help your business communicate better.
16 min
Piloting Your Business to Success, with Michael...
Michael Hendricks shares how he's applied the lessons he's learned from flying a helicopter to his business and discusses other lessons learned.
29 min
From Entry-Level to Company President, with MTI...
Find out how MTI Events owner Melissa DeLeon has shaped the company since taking it over from her mother in 2006.
21 min
Diamond Quality Service and Values Drive DMC Se...
Karen Crnkovich, owner of DMC Service, shares her entrepreneurial journey.
20 min
How the Better Business Bureau Can Help Your Bu...
Learn how the Better Business Bureau can help your business.
19 min
Successful Sales Career Leads to Business Owner...
Partners N Promotion founder Vicki Clayman shares her entrepreneurial story, from stay-at-home mom to successful sales career to business owner.
19 min
Investment in Education Boosts Entrepreneur's J...
When he was just seven years old, real estate entrepreneur Justin Brooks told his mother he was going to be a real estate mogul. He's been working on that dream
17 min
Life Happens, But It Doesn't Squelch Entreprene...
Real estate developer Kalon Breckenridge shares his entrepreneurial journey from candy vending machines to real estate developer, all while battling leukemia.
18 min
Connecting Kansas Citians to Fashion, with Call...
Calli Green and her team at Local Fashion Link have a passion for connecting Kansas Citians to the local fashion scene.
16 min
High Prairie Landscape Group: Sculpting the Lan...
High Prairie Landscape Group founder Robyn Schmitz discusses her passion for educating consumers and landscaping professionals and how she's grown her own lands
21 min
Not Just Along for the Ride, with pediatrican &...
Whether it's building his pediatric practice or racing cars, Dr. James McEntire is out to win.
24 min
The Think Big Movement, with Jon Dwoskin
Jon Dwoskin discusses the business growth principles from his book "The Think Big Movement."
21 min
Success Tips From Serial Entrepreneur Cliff Col...
More Floods founder Cliff Cole shares his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he's learned along the way.
21 min