Scammers, swindlers, con artists: unethical rogues who should be brought to justice? Or brilliant players in the game of capitalism that can help you get a free mattress? Comedian and author Caitlin Brodnick can’t always decide. Each week, join Caitlin and a special guest as they dive into current and historic scams, from skillful mobsters to Real Housewives fraudsters, from MLMs to YouTube grifters. Together, they’ll explore the thin line between swindle and survival, between fleecing an easy mark and just launching a startup. Listen and embrace the art of the dupe with true crime’s less-disturbing sister: the true con. 

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3 min
S01E111. Jesus Will Dropship You A Horse Mask
Why was Newsweek raided? Is Olivet University trying to sell you mealworms?
63 min
S01E110. Ding Dong, it’s the Cops! With Josh Go...
Comedian and writer Josh Gondelman is this week’s guest, and he just might be the nicest comedian in New York City. Plus, if you are a scammer, you will love this guy.
58 min
S01E109. Oh No? More like, Au Pair!
She’s a talent scout, devoted babysitter, and sometimes impersonates Florida judges: It’s Australian con artist Samantha Azzopardi.
46 min
S01E108. Thanksgiving Mailbag
Gobble, gobble! To show our thanks for you and all of our fans, we’ve put together a very special mailbag episode.
58 min
S01E107. Big Bertha Heyman w/ Lauren Brickman
The fabulous Lauren Brickman joins us today to talk about a few classic conwomen, including Susanna Mildred Hill and Big Bertha Hayman.
58 min
S01E106. #FreeBritney w/ Clark Moore
We love Britney! Clark Moore, host of the Soul Balm podcast, joins us today to break down the #FreeBritney movement.
57 min
S01E105. Exposing Magic w/ Kevin Smith
You think magic is all just balls? Well, it’s pickles, too. Listener Kevin Smith joins us to explain some hot hot magic secrets, which we’ve always wanted. Tell us how you’re doing it! He goes over tricks, false transfers, casinos, card games, and even a special con artist language, called the Roth Memory System. And, we just can’t with David Blaine. That cold, cold man. Plus, Caity won a poker game against 80 guys once. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
66 min
S01E104. Ghost Adventures Is A Scam w/ Lawrence...
Happy halloween, ya creeps! We’re talking about a scammy bonkers show called Ghost Adventures, which has been on since 2004. Plus, the hosts all wear leather trench coats, so that’s definitely sus. We cover the spectral spectrum today and talk about ghost shows, mediums, and even Lawrenece’s childhood home. Plus, we learn about pareidolia, which has no relation to stromboli.
59 min
S01E103. Skincare Is A Scam w/ Lauren Adams
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Lauren Adams is here with some hot takes on skincare. You won’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She even claims that soap is a scam! Plus, what’s really the difference between Botox and gel nails? And are Vaseline and sunscreen all you need? Then, we’re talking about Chicago’s Dirty John, Matthew DeRolf, and the influencer he scammed, Samantha Hills. And don’t forget to get the boobs you want! Resources: More about Lauren: Weleda Skin Food: Skincare By Hyram - What’s on Vi’s Face - DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
55 min
S01E102. Sour Grapes & Fake Wine
The wine is fake! We’re covering the epic documentary Sour Grapes, made by a man with two very cute kids whom Sue used to babysit. If you’re looking for a film where one of the main characters wears sunglasses inside, another wallpapers his bathroom with wine labels, and they all spend egregious amounts of money on wine, then this is the one for you! Sue and Caitlin both agree: Rudy Kurniawan is a good scammer. He’s like Anna Delvey, but with wine. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
40 min
S01E101. Hey We’re 100! Part 2
Hello babies and gentlemen! We’re here to give you the extra special anniversary mailbag episode that your heart craves. We go deep into some dirty diaper scams and some super sad puppy stories. Seriously, who dyes their pup’s hair? And is art just one big scam? But most importantly, thank you so much for all of your calls, emails, and messages.
57 min
S01E100. We Turn 100, Part 1!
It’s our 100th episode, people! We’re so excited that we’re doing a special scam retrospective where we look back on our favorite episodes, hottest scammers, and even our least favorite episodes. Plus, good news! Caity’s Isaac Newton obsession has survived quarantine. AND we do great journalism. Tell your husbands. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
50 min
S01E99. Teddi Mellencamp, Mary Trump, and The B...
Oy, what a shitshow, eh gang? If you live in America, things here are kind of a total nightmare. I mean, I guess it’s good that we have clean water (some of us) and electricity (for now) but wow, those presidential debates last night really took it out of me. I had to go to bed right after because they were so emotionally exhausting. ANYWAY, today we’re breaking news about The Borgen Project, a scammy internship farm masquerading as a non-profit that fights poverty using unpaid internships. We’re also talking about Mary Trump’s lawsuit against Donald Trump and the rest of the family as well as Teddi Mellecamp’s scammy All In diet, as a palate cleanser. But please, don’t pay anyone to starve you. It’s just too NXIVM. Love you all <3 - Sue
55 min
S01E98. Taylor Lorenz on Her Favorite Social Me...
The queen has arrived! Legendary New York Times reporter, Taylor Lorenz, joins us to talk about Tik Tok, her favorite internet scams, being Team Tati, and her controversial skincare routine. Plus, we touch down on some of our faves like Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and more. If you want to take your mind off of the trash fire that is America, then this is the episode!
58 min
S01E97. California City Land Scam w/ Emily Guerin
Real Estate is a scam. We all know that. But what about real estate that’s been bought and sold by the same people in the desert for the last 50 years? Definitely a scam. In her new eight-part podcast series, KPCC and LAist reporter Emily Guerin goes deep into the desert in California City to talk to people about the scam that’s happened underneath their noses for the last several years. And she’s here to tell us all about. Plus, she tells us all of the ways that she was gaslit when trying to uncover the truth. Our lady guests are back and they’re great!
63 min
S01E96. The Actual 2008 Financial Crash w/ Elle...
Sometimes you gotta send in a woman to do a job that a man started but truly couldn’t articulate, even though he made a six-part documentary about it. Ellen Haun is here to set the record straight about the 2008 financial crash. It’s very linear and all makes sense! Plus, Caitlin discovers that Bear Stearns is not an actual person. Also, Sue’s cat, Snacks, is totally a scammer.
60 min
S01E95. Honey Money: News & Mailbag, Part 2
Mailbag time! We’re reading some amazing listener emails about a skincare scam, gacha games, and even the rigged gubernatorial election in Georgia. (Hey FBI: you might want to get on this.) Thanks so much for your calls, emails, and support (especially to defend us against noted misogynist P*trick L*vell.) You really have our backs and we love you! Resources: Youth Renew Skincare Scam- June 2020 Election Problems: Quotes and Figures from Wikipedia: 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial Election: Femminist Book Club - Gigguk video about gacha games - More on gacha games - YouTube video about preying upon people with addictive personalities DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
44 min
S01E94. Bannon, Blues, and Butthead Jake Paul: ...
From psoriasis troll Steve Bannon to the Varsity Blues scam, and even Jake Paul’s COVID-infested parties, we’re catching up on the ongoing pop culture scams in America. By the way, we were maybe the first people to report on Steve Bannon’s Build the Wall scam back in December where’s our Pulitzer? Also, Caitlin, Sue, and Producer Cait fetishize a painting about butter because, duh.
40 min
S01E93. The Inaugural Scammer with Dartanyon Wi...
Babes, it’s our first interview with an actual scammer and we are THRILLED! Back in the 90s, Dartanyon Williams began a massive identity theft ring that started in Louisiana and later branched out to many states in the South. This is juicy. He shares with us his incredible story of redemption, enlightenment, and courage. We fangirl'd hard you guys! Today, Dartanyon is running for Congress in Louisiana and you should all vote for him! We need more scammers in office. The good kind, anyway. Also if you are a scammer who would like to share your story, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US! We will praise and protect your identity, if you need. Resources: Dartanyon’s Book - The Master Identity Thief Dartanyon’s info on Ballotpedia Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon
65 min
S01E92. The Man Who Got Scammed By His Best Friend
Today, we talk to Johnathan Walton, of Reader’s Digest fame, about being scammed out of $75,000 by his neighbor, Mair Smyth. What we love about him is that Johnathan didn’t ashamedly slink into the shadows as a victim of this con artist. NO! Jonathan sought JUSTICE and we love anyone who fights for justice. It’s so rare these days! This is a deep dive into a juicy tale that you don’t want to miss. Plus, should you background check every person you meet?
59 min
S01E91. Scammy iPhone Games
Today, we’re joined by two dudes who are, fortunately, NOT mansplainers, Nick Bernardone and Bryson Pintard. Nick and Bryson tell us all about a scammy freemium Game of Thrones iPhone game that took Nick for $2000 and turned Bryson into an avatar named Sexy Lexi. Addicting games will change the very fiber of your being! Don’t get scammed. Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon.
51 min
S01E90. Sue & Caitlin Get Conned
Today, we’re talking about the corruption in capitalism that led to the 2008 financial crash, among other things. Our guest today is Patrick Lovell who made a five-part series about corrupt capitalism called, “The Con.” And, well, he sure conned us. Have a listen and find out what we mean. Resources: Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon.
51 min
S01E89. Mailbag: Canine Antivaxxers Are A Thing
Thank you for all of your messages! Our listeners are the best. Today, we’re talking about SO MANY SCAMS! Including ones from Reader’s Digest, Postmates, doulas, MLMs, and way more. Just goes to show you that there are scammers EVERYWHERE and ya’ll better watch out. Plus, accidentally got the wrong monogram? Sue’s mom will take it. She doesn’t care. Also, practice your spells for 2021, people!
58 min
S01E88. Spooky Freemason Sh*t
First, a little update on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Also, Sue and Caitlin both wanted injuries and dabbled in Wicca as children. Who knew?! Then, Conor Brodnick joins us to discuss the Hermetic Order of the Gold Dawn, which was a branch of the Freemasons that included none other than Ann O’Delia Diss Debar! The connections are crazy. Plus, what is the Rosetta Stone, really?
56 min