Scammers, swindlers, con artists: unethical rogues who should be brought to justice? Or brilliant players in the game of capitalism that can help you get a free mattress? Comedian and author Caitlin Brodnick can’t always decide. Each week, join Caitlin and a special guest as they dive into current and historic scams, from skillful mobsters to Real Housewives fraudsters, from MLMs to YouTube grifters. Together, they’ll explore the thin line between swindle and survival, between fleecing an easy mark and just launching a startup. Listen and embrace the art of the dupe with true crime’s less-disturbing sister: the true con. 

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S01E135: The Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of Phil...
Cozy up with a hot cup of choice and settle down for a great discussion as Caity is joined by special guest Lindsay- Elizabeth Hand. Lindsay is a three time Emmy nominated producer, actor, writer and one of the kindest guests on ScamWow. Lindsay is also an owner and founder of Edge In Motion Productions, a full-service production company specializing in comedic tv, pilots, and viral internet content, wow wow wow. Caity and Lindsay share stories from the stage and times they’ve been scammed as performers. Lindsay tells us about a fake modeling school in Philadelphia claiming to be affiliated with Whilimenia. And they discuss prestigious Universities claiming to have professors who aren’t creeps. And last but not least: the self-inflicted scam of perfectionism.
46 min
S01E134: Lie like a Superhero! Catfishing and C...
Two scam crazed worlds collide this week as Caitlin welcomes the hosts of “What The Hack Podcast, With Adam Levin” . Adam Levin, Beau Friedlander, and Travis Taylor help breakdown cyber hackers and catfishing. What are the fundamentals for keeping your privacy safe? Why is it good to lie about where you went to high school and your mother's maiden name? Do you really need help with carrying your bags from Penn Station or are you just a tourist who might get shived? These and SO many more questions just clamoring to be answered, on this super fun episode!
52 min
S01E133: “I Think I Was Almost Kidnapped?” A Br...
Fumi Abe, comedian and writer for the Late Late Show with James Corden, joins Caitlin to reminisce about all the times they have been scammed. Fumi is an hysterical host of the “Asian Not Asian Podcast” and has had plenty of experience, maybe too much experience, with scams! This episode gets really deep really quick. TW they talk about the time Caitlin was almost kidnapped and that one time Fumi was alone in Japan when things got real weird, so it’s a little stressful in case you need to skip it. This is a fun and uber personal episode filled with the kind of scams that make ya think “WOW, how are they still alive?!”
60 min
S01E132: Ding Dong It’s The Donners For Dinner!
Caitlin is joined by the iconic Maggie Brodnick, AKA her mother, as they discuss The Donner party. That’s right, the cannibals! Although that should be debated, because cannibalism was just an itsy bitsy part of the whole story. Caity’s Mom, the goddess and obvious historian, details the specifics of the Donner party history, including that SCAMS that led them to suffering, failure, and oof… eating each other. They explain why the “Hastings CutOff” was a total scam, built on male hubris OF COURSE. They dig into how the idea of Manifest Destiny itself was a scam, because there’s no such thing as free land. Finally they talk about what happened to the survivors of the Donner Party, and what Caity might have done if she was stuck on a Conestoga wagon in a blizzard.
54 min
S01E131: Fraud or Financial Abuse? The Saga of ...
Scamspondant Ellen Haun is back! She brings us breaking housewives news about the Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi divorce, bankruptcy, and embezzlement scandal. You guys, this story has now evolved to Tom being in a conservatorship a la #freebritney and Erika has to learn how to do her own laundry. Ellen breaks down the history of Tom’s law firm, between the famous cases and some of the dubious practices that should have tipped people off earlier. More importantly, Caity and Ellen debate DID ERIKA KNOW?
74 min
S01E130: This Is A Robbery and a Podcast! Part ...
You didn't think Caitlin could contain her excitement with the first inperson guest in over a year to just one episode, did ya???? Good! Because this is part 2 of one of the most gripping unsolved cases of our time. We’ve got the Mafia, bad cops, priceless art, hilarious Mafia sisters, and Boston being Boston. Caitlin and Brandon continue their discussion about the Isabella Stewart Garder Museum Art heist, based on the Netflix doc. They both dive deep into the actual crimes committed, and what they would do if given the chance to take a tiny piece of tapestry. If you could get away with it, would you?
45 min
S01E129: This Is A Robbery and a Podcast! Part...
The comeback kid- Brandon Saloy is the first guest post-break and in-person! Caitlin hasn't been able to sit next to a guest in, well, what feels like forever. Up first, Caitlin shares her most recent scam experiences, including being a one-woman Etsy bridesmaid in a knockoff dress. Then Brandon and Caitlin discuss a juicy juicy heist! This episode is about the infamous 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist which remains UNSOLVED to this day. You’d think $500 million dollars worth of historic art would be difficult to steal, but if it’s St. Patrick's Day in Boston, anything is possible! Hey guys, let's grab sum AHT.
36 min
S01E128: We’re Back BABY! It's a Mailbag Episode!
After a long hiatus, Sue and Caitlin are back in the studio with all of your incredible emails and messages to share to the world! In just two months Caitlin was scammed, listeners were scammed, and Sue’s son is traveling all over this country before he can even walk. Get ready for everything that MUST BE discussed. Why is Caroline Calloway selling snake oil? Why is Caitlin desperate to be a bridesmaid? And who do they agree is a “sweaty piece of turd?” These and many more questions on this week's episode!
65 min
S01E127: How to Scam the Lottery w/ Murf Meyer
Murf Meyer, an old UCB comedy friend and host of the Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated podcast, joins us to talk about a legendary lottery scam that happened in the ‘80s in Pennsylvania. Honestly? This scam is genius and more people should pull it because scamming the lottery is a great idea.
52 min
S01E126: All The Scams w/ Gabrielle Bluestone
The queen of scam reporting, Gabrielle Bluestone, joins us this week to talk about all of our favorite scams.
58 min
S01E125: Cult Linguistics w/ Amanda Montell
Girlboss. Oily Mamas. Bridesmaid fonts. Linguist Amanda Montell joins us to discuss the languages cults use to control you. Check out her new book, Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, coming to bookstores everywhere this June. Plus, an update on Sue’s stepdad’s rifle scope scam. And, should adult friends really be expected to remember each other’s birthdays? Is it just too much?
72 min
S01E124: When Cults Become Comforting w/ Sabra ...
This week Sue and Caity realize they've always been one tupperware party away from joining a cult. Luckily, journalist Sabra Boyd, schools them on how to graduate from college and a cult, simultaneously. Sabra shares her experience as a child actor, homeless teen, and her susceptibility to scams. Also if your co-worker invites you to a meeting held inside a hotel conference room- RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.
62 min
S01E123: Fraud Masterclass w/ David Fleck PLUS ...
Sue and Producer Cait are joined by legendary LA prosecutor, David Fleck, to discuss the legacy of legendary scammer, Mickey Henschel.
58 min
S01E122: I’d Fu#K That Butter: Armie Hammer and...
This week Caitlin and Sue kidnap Cait as she tries to flee the city, to discuss a scam which has the entire team completely divided. First they cover the complicated, shady, provocative and creepy lineage that has brought us Armand Hammar, and how his sinister relatives used chairs. Then we cover “Made You Look” the Netflix documentary on the infamous Knoedler Gallery and the con that closed its doors. And finally the most sexual painting we have ever viewed arrives at Caitlin’s house. And hey Armie, all we got to say is “you first!”
52 min
S01E121: Billy McFarland & Survivor Scams w/ Je...
Comedian, actor, and Emmy-nominated producer, Jenny Gorelick, joins Sue and Caitlin to discuss the scams pulled by contestants on the legendary show Survivor. Jenny is the host of the Receipts podcast AND co-host of the new More Banana show The Women’s Alliance: A Survivor Podcast. She was also personally scammed by Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland and spills all the tea on her old high school classmate. Oh, and if you’re free, join us every Friday night on Stereo for an aftershow chat. . RESOURCES: The Women’s Alliance - DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
55 min
Feed Drop - We Stan Together Podcast with Pat R...
Caitlin and Sue are taking a much needed week off and will be back next week with more scammy cons and Anna Delvey updates!
82 min
S01E120: Mailbag: The Podcast That Survived Covid
It’s been a minute, but we are finally sitting down to read your emails, voicemails, and Instagram messages. What’s up, everyone? Sue here and man am I loopy! We’re talking about such a range of stuff today, from fillers to egg donation, Anna Delvey and more. Be sure to join us on the Stereo app on Friday night at 9pm EST for our aftershow so we can spill some more tea. Ok, I literally have no words left in my brain, but I love you and I love podcasting thanks for listening to our show!
55 min
S01E119: Free Britney.
We’re talking to #FreeBritney expert, Brennen White, about everything that the Framing Britney Spears documentary left out. Turns out, Britney is being scammed by SO MANY people, including her business manager, her dad, her ex-husband and even her lawyer!
52 min
S01E118: ScamWow x Heist Podcast Crossover
Sue and Caitlin are joined by Matt and Simon from the Heist podcast to discuss some juicy scams.
56 min
S01E117: Jason Collier and the Texas Sister Wives
Sue and Producer Cait delve into the scam Jason Collier, the police chief of Stinnett, Texas who is apparently engaged to like eight women in several states, despite being married with four children. It’s truly the internet mess slash Hilaria Baldwin-level scam we need this week. And we’d like to thank Brandy’s Internet for providing it! Please note that the original Facebook thread has been removed but you know we’ll have some juicy screenshots on our IG! @scamwowpodcast
47 min
S01E116: Mary Cosby & Erika Jayne w/ Sarah Galli
48 min
S01E115: Confident Women w/ Tori Telfer
Feminist author, Tori Telfer, stops by to discuss her new book, Confident Women: Swindlers, Grifters, and Shapshifters of the Feminine Persuasion. It’s chock full of stories about the type of historical con artists we just love. Today, we’re focused on the legendary Candian who came to America to scam on a much larger level, Cassie Chadwick. Plus, is it imposter syndrome if you’re actually an imposter?
54 min
S01E114: Spotting Celebrity Plastic Surgery w/ ...
Grab a seltzer, sit back, relax and let’s talk about something completely superficial: plastic surgery!
62 min
S01E113: You Look Great & You’re Perfect! w/ El...
Diets are a scam, so tell your New Year's resolution to suck it. Caitlin brings on special guest host, Ellen Haun, to talk about the diet trends that have clawed their way into our lives.
67 min
S01E112: ¡ESCANDALITO! Hilaria Baldwin
This week, Sue bursts forth from maternity leave to talk about Hilaria Baldwin with Caitlin. You know her: the famous mom, yogi, wife, and admirer of all things Spanish. Sue and Caitlin discuss the current headlines and Reddit threads buzzing over this grift. If you travel to Spain a few times and come back with a full accent and a spray tan, forgetting the English word for cucumber ... you might be the Latina Rachel Dolezal?
47 min