Scammers, swindlers, and con-artists: they’re all woven into the fabric of what it means to be an American. We even live in a time where a reality TV star can scam his way into the White House! ScamWow is the gripping podcast about infamous cons that will make you angry and awestruck at the same time. Comedians Sue Smith and Caitlin Brodnick walk you through the best scams ever, from current events to historic mobsters, and everything in between. Above all, the podcast focuses on great storytelling, with a fascination on fraud that might be… unhealthy?

True Crime
Society & Culture
46. The Scam Is Coming From Inside the House
29 min
45. Gold Is A Scam? w/ Yuri Beckelman
Right after the financial collapse, everyone thought the world was going to end and they all dealt with their fears in different ways. Some people made fruit cellars, some people bought seeds, and some people, like Glenn Beck, told everyone to invest in a scammy company called Goldline and buy fake gold coins. We all have different coping mechanisms! Professional politician and the actual government, Yuri Beckelman, joins Caity and Sue in the studio to talk about his love of scams and break down this gold stuff. Enjoy!
49 min
44. Mini-Ep. Caity Got Scammed!
Surprise! Here’s a quick little story for ya. Sometimes you might get to the airport in a random city and think it’s fun and quaint to take a cab instead of a rideshare app. Ya gotta support small businesses after all. But let Caity be a lesson to you: always use technology and never trust actual people.
11 min
43. Poop Tea Is A Scam w/ May Wilkerson
We all know that pooping is a healthy bodily function, but poop tea? Now that’s a scam. (Unless you’re Sue and your bowels aren’t quite right.) May Wilkerson of the Crazy; In Bed podcast swings by to talk to Caity and Sue about body positivity, weight loss, and scammy advertising. If you deal with weight stuff, then this episode might be kind of triggering for you, but it’s honestly a very fun one, despite the heavy subject matter! Adam And Eve Discount Code: SCAMWOW
45 min
42. The Jonestown Massacre w/ Odd From Frau Pow
Cults are scams! Odd from the Frau Pow podcast joins Sue and Caity to talk about their obsession with the Jim Jones, the Jonestown Massacre and The Peoples Temple. They learn to always question their religious leaders and that faith healings are a total scam. Here are some signs that you’re in a cult: the leader makes you call him father, you black out and wake up with a sudden cast on your leg, and he shoots you if you leave. Also, daddy fucks. xoxo
68 min
41. Chrisley CLEARLY Doesn’t Know Best
Sue and Caitlin said they were going to take the week off for Labor Day, but they just can’t stop laboring. They’re too addicted to scams! Today, they’re bringing you a mini-episode about one of their favorite subjects: reality television. Specifically, Todd Christley and his family of blonde-haired Stepford robots. Hope you love it because these people are truly nuts.
21 min
40. Catfishing For Babies on Instagram
Well hello! Caitlyn and Sue are both on the East Coast, reporting from their family homes, wrapped in blankets and soundproofing foam like the delicate, fragile angels they are. First, Caity gives you a little update on super cool Swedish Sofia and her small sister, La Petit. Then, Sue tells you all about how some psychopath who sells slime to hopeful adoptive families on Instagram. It’s wild. Then, Sue and Caity talk to Naomi Pallas from the BBC all about this emotional, slimy scammer. Enjoy!
50 min
39. Is Jeffrey Epstein Even Dead, and Who Sulli...
Did Jeffrey Epstein even die? Or is the government trying to conceal an international sex trafficking ring comprised of several foreign leaders? Sue and Caity explore some serious conspiracy theories on today’s episode. Plus, the return of the vintage con! We deep dive into Sweden history and have never felt smarter! Find out which ruler was the disgrace of a nation, and what con artist used that to her advantage in a scam we are proud of!
44 min
38. Caroline Calloway Gave Mackenzie Thomas a T...
Are we being scammed by Tana and Jake Paul? What about by Caroline Calloway? First, we’re catching up on Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s scammy wedding and livestream. (We love garbage content.) Also what is Tik Tok and should Mackenzie be on it?
62 min
37. Cambridge Analytica & The Great Hack w/ Pro...
We’re reading your emails, playing your calls, and talking about propaganda.Producer Cait, aka Caitlyn Moldenhauer, aka Pod Mom, aka the founder of More Banana, joins us in the studio to talk about PROPAGANDA. Turns out, she has a college degree in it. Can you believe? She watched The Great Hack, the new Netflix documentary that analyzes Cambridge Analytica’s role in the 2016 election and the way in which they peppered propaganda into our newsfeeds, and has THOUGHTS. It’s a legit scam, folks!
55 min
36. Fundamentalist Christianity w/ Rachel Overvoll
Trigger warning: this is an episode about feminism, Christianity, and a little bit of abuse. Author Rachel Overvoll joins Sue and Caitlin to discuss her new memoir, Finding Feminism. She talks about purity balls in fundamentalist Christianity, Joshua Harris, and the way in which some churches tend to scam women into believing that they should be subservient to men. It’s difficult, it’s frustrating, but it’s an enlightening episode with a wonderful author. Enjoy!
39 min
35. Gambling w/ Austin Rodrigues
Austin Rodrigues (a comedian and also Sue’s husband!) joins us today to share his expert insight on gambling. And he’s been playing cards since he was a mere baby, so he’s truly an legendy. He even fondly recalls being given free cigarettes in a casino at the ripe young age of 15. He’ll tell you about ways to lightly get away with some tricks while playing cards (lightly!), how the casino scams you to stay longer and spend more money, and he’ll even talk about some legendary casino scammers. (Also, my audio isn’t this great because I don’t know how to use one microphone with two people please forgive me! —Sue ) We’re not worthy!
61 min
34. This Is Kids: The Hipster Grifter & Threatin
Before there was Anna Delvey, Elizabeth Holmes, or even Tana Mongeau, there was an early-aughts Brooklyn scammer by the name of Kari Ferrell. Also known as The Hipster Grifter. Today, we’re bringing you two delusional rock and roll scams that will make you be like, “What the actual eff?” The second one is about a band called Threatin, led by a Tommy Wiseau type of character and it’s fascinating. Hope you have as much fun listening to the episode as we had making it! xoxo, Sue & Caity
35 min
33. I Looked Aunt Becky in The Eyes: The Lori ...
In this episode, Caitlin and Sue break down the fresh-out-of-the oven college admission scam led by Rick Singer, with comedian, current college student, and scam-spondent Mackenzie Thomas. The scam got the children of celebrities and various other rich people accepted to top universities through an elaborate bribery and cheating ring. Mackenzie was outside the Boston courthouse during Lori Loughlin’s indictment. Mackenzie shares every detail about her now-infamous exchange with Aunt Becky and the media frenzy that followed. They’ll also learn about the Dote girls and find out where Felicity Huffman gets all her great ideas.
50 min
32. It’s A Mish Mosh
Listen, this episode is a mish mosh of lots of stuff. We’re talking about bits and pieces of lots of little things. We have a listener email from Texas, an interview with Maria Kowalski, an actual event planner with opinions on Tanacon, and a casual summation of the most popular YouTube drama with Mackenzie Thomas. Plus, Sue almost got scammed this week, you guys! Enjoy and be careful out there.
40 min
31. Tanacon Part 2: It’s Like Fyre Festival, Bu...
Ok, we are BACK with Part 2 of this epic shitshow. First of all, happy 21st birthday, Tana! And congrats on your engagement to Jake Paul! Unfortunately, you’re a scammer. This time, we’re taking a look at what exactly went wrong and caused Tanacon to be complete and utter chaos. And take it from Caity and Sue: real life is not iconic. Enjoy!
37 min
30. Tanacon Part 1: It’s Like Fyre Festival, Bu...
IS THIS REAL LIFE!!!?? Sue and Caitlin are in the studio together and are so excited to be in the same place at the same time to talk about something that was a total shitshow. It was like the Fyre Festival of YouTube, people. Sue and Caitlin are talking about Tana Mongeau’s very own Tanacon. The YouTube celeb created an enormous festival/meet up/rhythmic dance performance after being snubbed by the infamous Vidcon, and things went real bad right away. It was fascinating.
38 min
29. Infomercial King Kevin Trudeau (w/ Maggie S...
Mega Memory: ever head of it? Today, Caitlin and Sue are talking to SPIN reporter, Maggie Serota, about the legendary infomercial salesman slash conman, Kevin Trudeau. You may remember him from such hits as Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About, the non-surgical facelift, the International Pool Tour, and his various legal proceedings. To be honest, this guy was the original Goop. And also? If Gwyneth Paltrow is your guru, then you’re gonna eat dust. Fact.
37 min
28. RICO, The Five Families & The Concrete Club...
Goons are gonna get whacked! Investigative journalist, Allen Arthur, is back and this time he’s talking about the mob. The mob did this thing where they monopolized the concrete market in New York City and then they scammed the windows in public housing. Public housing! Today’s topics also include ready mix concrete, the Five Families, and big chins. If you aren’t into organized crime, then fuggedaboutit.
63 min
27. Barbara Gray Conjures "The Queen of the Und...
Ride or die listeners will remember Marm Mandelbaum, the godmother of American scammers from our very first episode. But Marm wasn’t the only boss lady at her school for aspiring thieves. She couldn’t have done it without her second-in-command Sophie Lyons and, well, Sophie lived a wild one. She went from hardcore con artist to radically progressive do-gooder over the course of a truly unique life. One day she was snagging pocket watches, and the next she was building supportive housing for disadvantaged youth. (Ok it wasn’t really that quick, but it was still a huge change.)
67 min
26. Anna Delvey : How to Scam in Supreme
Today’s guest is the ultra cool journalist Alexis Cheung. She and our hosts Sue and Caitlin dive into the Anna Delvey case. Anna Delvey (Sorkin) is known as the SoHo Grifter, she made headlines by running out on checks, forging bank documents, and infiltrating the fashion elite. Anna’s arrest and court appearances gained notoriety when a stylist was hired to make her look “less inmate” more scorned socialite.
64 min
25. Sue Worked For A Scammer
Once upon a time, right after this podcast was born, Sue moved her entire life to Los Angeles for a job that she knew would be only medium. It was not going to be exciting: she understood that. She recognized that the job would only serve the purpose of paying her bills and transforming her from a black-uniformed New Yorker into a sun-kissed West Coast girl. What she didn’t know was that she’d actually be helping a serial con-man scam small businesses in Southern California. 😱
58 min
24. Is Disney A Scam? w/ Carlye Wisel
Sue and Caity chat with theme park journalist (yes, that’s her job), Carlye Wisel. Carlye spends all day, every day at Disney so she breaks down some of the park’s most common scams. Sue takes a vehement stance against Fast Pass and blames her childhood therapist for stealing a runner’s bib. (It wasn’t her, though. Sorry, Patty!) And this time? Caity get to Skype into the call in pajamas. My how the tables have turned. Enjoy!
59 min
23. Did Patty Hearst Scam Us? w/ Let’s Get Civical
Hey, did you know that ScamWow is on an all-female podcast network calle More Banana? It’s true! We are. It’s run by our awesome producer, Cait Molden. In addition to ScamWow, More Banana also has a show called Let’s Get Civical, which is hosted by Lizzie Stewart and Arden Walentowski. Lizzie and Arden stopped by to tell Sue and Caity all about Patty Hearst’s kidnapping, robbery, and subsequent Presidential pardon. Listen to find out whether she was in on it the whole time or just an innocent victim of Stockholm Syndrome.
49 min
22. Avoiding Financial Scams w/ Paco de Leon
Today’s episode features the coolest financial advisor on the planet, Paco de Leon, and she’s truly THE BEST. Found of The Hell Yeah Group, Paco is the co-host of Refinery29’s Money Diaries and considers herself to be your financial friend. And she is! She’s the easiest person to talk to about money that Sue and Caity have ever met.
51 min
21. TargeTED
This week Sue and Caitlin talk to Ted Limpert, Comedian who just might be the kindest man in West Hollywood. Ted, a filmmaker and comedian, also happens to be Caitlin's TV husband. He is also the perfect Target inside a Target, has a bad habit of getting scammed. See ya next week for more scams! And as always call our Hot Tip Hotline with any juicy scams 347-509-9414 or email them in to! Our Patreon, social media channels, and more! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon.
41 min
20. Audrey Kitching, The Myspace Energy Scammer...
Wow. We all occasionally suspect that energy healers and new age stuff is kind of BS, but investigative journalist for the Daily Dot, Nayomi Reghay, proved that our suspicions are sometimes correct, unfortunately. Nayomi went down a rabbit hole (or a 5D portal, if you prefer) to uncover the truth behind the proprietor of Crystal Cactus, Audrey Kitching. Kitching runs an online store selling spiritual goods like candles, butterfly pins, and crystal dildos that are actually just cheap products repurposed from AliExpress. She also used to be big on Myspace and dated Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, which may or may not be how she started scamming people. Caity and Sue don’t know! But they do know that Audrey Kitching is a scammy witch who burped at somebody to align their chakras and heal their energy. Also, this turns into a conversation about spirituality and feminism as a whole so you’re gonna want to tune in!
62 min
19. Scams of The Real Housewives: Part 2
Sue & Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and writer, Caitlin Bitzegaio once more for the second half of Scams of The Real Housewives! Their coverage of The Housewives franchise continues with a deep dive into the historic “Fake Cancer”  schem...
59 min
18. Scams of The Real Housewives: Part 1
Sue & Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and writer, Caitlin Bitzegaio. Caitlin has written for shows on BET, Bravo, ESPN, MTV, CMT, truTV, A&E Lifetime, Nickelodeon, PBS, and The Travel Channel, so she’s a television connoisseur. And yes,
52 min
17. Felicity Huffman, Aunt Becky Are Going to J...
*BREAKING NEWS* We interrupt your regularly scheduled scam to discuss COLLEGE ADMISSIONS-GATE 2019! Sue & Caity dropped everything for a bi-coastal skype to talk about Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and their dirty college entrance schemes.
15 min
16. H.H. Holmes w/ Jiji Lee: Don’t Get Trunked!
This week, Caitlin and Sue welcome JiJi Lee, whose writing has appeared in Reductress, McSweeney’s, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. JiJi comes to the studio bearing significant research and brought extensive notes on the mysterious scam artist ...
35 min
15. DoTerra, Young Living & Caitlin’s Infomerci...
Listen, if an MLM (multi-level marketing) company thinks that they are going to get by Caitlin and Sue without being ridiculed, then they have another thing coming. These two girls will mock them all! Today,
53 min
14. The Government Won’t Tell You to Get A Cab:...
Sue and Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and Lady Parts Justice League activist, Abby Holland. You may also recognize Abby from a popular gif that was once retweeted by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda himself!
54 min
13. Isaac Newton & 90 Day Fiancé: The Real Vale...
Hello, scammers! In honor of Valentine’s Day, Caitlin and Sue are talking about the cons that they’re truly in love with: Sir Isaac Newton and 90 Day Fiancé. Did you know that, in addition to proving the existence of gravity,
52 min
12. FYRE Festival : Part 2
“I need you to take one for the team.” This is a directive from con-artist Billy McFarland to his loyal employee, Andy King. At the time, Billy was asking Andy to go to the Bahamian Customs Office and suck the official’s dick so he would release cases ...
62 min
11. FYRE Festival : Part 1
It’s HERE! The Fyre Festival. The entire reason Sue and Caitlin started this podcast. Fyre – a legendary tale of white male arrogance, social media branding, and rich kids trapped on an island as the world laughed.
56 min
10. Baby Scams at the Magic Castle
Sue and Caitlin do a bicoastal call for a mini-scamisode about Sue’s trip to the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood. Yes, it’s a real place! And Caitlin lets go of a scam-struggle to give her family a happier home. Also,
28 min
9. Magical Scams w/ Mark Philip Lichtenstein
Wow, wow, wow. Who knew that magic could be so intense and controversial? We sure didn’t. That was until magician Mark Philip Lichtenstein joined us in the studio to explain some classic magic tricks to us.
39 min
8. Baron von F**k: Clark Rockefeller w/ Anna Dr...
Saturday Night Live writer and hilarious comedian, Anna Drezen, takes a break from 30 Rock to stop by the studio and talk to us about the amazing con-artist, Clark Rockefeller. aka Christopher Chichester. aka Christian Gerhartsreiter. aka Chip Smith.
43 min
7. Bloody Scams! Theranos & MacGregor Island
We didn’t mean to get bloody and gruesome, but we couldn’t help it. First we dive into the billion dollar blood-testing company, Theranos, and get REAL personal about genetic testing. Then, we take a trip to MacGregor Island,
51 min
6. Don’t Get Relished: Moviepass With Carolyn B...
Wow, wow, wow what a show! First, Sue and Caitlin receive an amazing anonymous tip from a caller who experienced serious personal at the hands of self-help group, Life on Fire. Then, Carolyn Bergier is in the studio to talk about her relationship with ...
50 min
5. NXIVM Update: They’re Sponsoring Our Songs!
Raniere’s request for bond has been denied, and, also, NXIVM is really into a capella. A Capella Drama Raniere’s Request For Bond https://www.docdroid.
10 min
4. NXIVM Not Nexxus: Marie Antoinette’s Diamond...
Ooh la la! Caitlin and Sue take a trip to France to learn about Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy ds using Marie Antoinette’s name to get her hands on some diamonds. Badass! Then they explore the infamous sex cult, NXIVM and, well, yikes. Enjoy!
38 min
3. The Vegan Pizza Fiend: One Lucky Duck w/ All...
Sue and Caitlin are joined by criminal justice reporter Allen Arthur (USA Today, Documented, The Tennessean), who brings them delicious details about the vegan chef who was swindled out of her fortune by a cunning conman.
44 min
2. The Funky Internet Boys: Baby Scams w/ Adrie...
Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for a tasty little baby scam. On this episode of ScamWow podcast, Adrienne Cooper tells us about the time she was scammed via email. If you even THINK of dark-webbing her, she’ll sic the FBI on ya. Plus,
53 min
1. Scammed by Leggings & The First Feminist Gan...
Caitlin Brodnick and Sue Smith are obsessed with scams. Caitlin confesses she was a child con artist and Sue gets scammed by leggings! They could be getting scammed during this podcast! Who knows!?
46 min
ScamWow – with Caitlin Brodnick & Sue Smith
Introducing Scam Wow with Caitlin Brodnick & Sue Smith! Caitlin and Sue loves scams! Multi-level marketing, cults, con-men, snake oil, you name it! Each episode they bring a new scam with guest experts who do scams, have been scams,
0 min