Scammers, swindlers, and con-artists: they’re all woven into the fabric of what it means to be an American. We even live in a time where a reality TV star can scam his way into the White House! ScamWow is the gripping podcast about infamous cons that will make you angry and awestruck at the same time. Comedians Sue Smith and Caitlin Brodnick walk you through the best scams ever, from current events to historic mobsters, and everything in between. Above all, the podcast focuses on great storytelling, with a fascination on fraud that might be… unhealthy?

True Crime
Society & Culture
18. Scams of The Real Housewives: Part 1
Sue & Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and writer, Caitlin Bitzegaio. Caitlin has written for shows on BET, Bravo, ESPN, MTV, CMT, truTV, A&E Lifetime, Nickelodeon, PBS, and The Travel Channel, so she’s a television connoisseur. And yes,
52 min
17. Felicity Huffman, Aunt Becky Are Going to J...
*BREAKING NEWS* We interrupt your regularly scheduled scam to discuss COLLEGE ADMISSIONS-GATE 2019! Sue & Caity dropped everything for a bi-coastal skype to talk about Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and their dirty college entrance schemes.
15 min
16. H.H. Holmes w/ Jiji Lee: Don’t Get Trunked!
This week, Caitlin and Sue welcome JiJi Lee, whose writing has appeared in Reductress, McSweeney’s, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. JiJi comes to the studio bearing significant research and brought extensive notes on the mysterious scam artist ...
35 min
15. DoTerra, Young Living & Caitlin’s Infomerci...
Listen, if an MLM (multi-level marketing) company thinks that they are going to get by Caitlin and Sue without being ridiculed, then they have another thing coming. These two girls will mock them all! Today,
53 min
14. The Government Won’t Tell You to Get A Cab:...
Sue and Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and Lady Parts Justice League activist, Abby Holland. You may also recognize Abby from a popular gif that was once retweeted by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda himself!
54 min
13. Isaac Newton & 90 Day Fiancé: The Real Vale...
Hello, scammers! In honor of Valentine’s Day, Caitlin and Sue are talking about the cons that they’re truly in love with: Sir Isaac Newton and 90 Day Fiancé. Did you know that, in addition to proving the existence of gravity,
52 min
12. FYRE Festival : Part 2
“I need you to take one for the team.” This is a directive from con-artist Billy McFarland to his loyal employee, Andy King. At the time, Billy was asking Andy to go to the Bahamian Customs Office and suck the official’s dick so he would release cases ...
62 min
11. FYRE Festival : Part 1
It’s HERE! The Fyre Festival. The entire reason Sue and Caitlin started this podcast. Fyre – a legendary tale of white male arrogance, social media branding, and rich kids trapped on an island as the world laughed.
56 min
10. Baby Scams at the Magic Castle
Sue and Caitlin do a bicoastal call for a mini-scamisode about Sue’s trip to the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood. Yes, it’s a real place! And Caitlin lets go of a scam-struggle to give her family a happier home. Also,
28 min
9. Magical Scams w/ Mark Philip Lichtenstein
Wow, wow, wow. Who knew that magic could be so intense and controversial? We sure didn’t. That was until magician Mark Philip Lichtenstein joined us in the studio to explain some classic magic tricks to us.
39 min
8. Baron von F**k: Clark Rockefeller w/ Anna Dr...
Saturday Night Live writer and hilarious comedian, Anna Drezen, takes a break from 30 Rock to stop by the studio and talk to us about the amazing con-artist, Clark Rockefeller. aka Christopher Chichester. aka Christian Gerhartsreiter. aka Chip Smith.
43 min
7. Bloody Scams! Theranos & MacGregor Island
We didn’t mean to get bloody and gruesome, but we couldn’t help it. First we dive into the billion dollar blood-testing company, Theranos, and get REAL personal about genetic testing. Then, we take a trip to MacGregor Island,
51 min
6. Don’t Get Relished: Moviepass With Carolyn B...
Wow, wow, wow what a show! First, Sue and Caitlin receive an amazing anonymous tip from a caller who experienced serious personal at the hands of self-help group, Life on Fire. Then, Carolyn Bergier is in the studio to talk about her relationship with ...
50 min
5. NXIVM Update: They’re Sponsoring Our Songs!
Raniere’s request for bond has been denied, and, also, NXIVM is really into a capella. A Capella Drama Raniere’s Request For Bond https://www.docdroid.
10 min
4. NXIVM Not Nexxus: Marie Antoinette’s Diamond...
Ooh la la! Caitlin and Sue take a trip to France to learn about Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy ds using Marie Antoinette’s name to get her hands on some diamonds. Badass! Then they explore the infamous sex cult, NXIVM and, well, yikes. Enjoy!
38 min
3. The Vegan Pizza Fiend: One Lucky Duck w/ All...
Sue and Caitlin are joined by criminal justice reporter Allen Arthur (USA Today, Documented, The Tennessean), who brings them delicious details about the vegan chef who was swindled out of her fortune by a cunning conman.
44 min
2. The Funky Internet Boys: Baby Scams w/ Adrie...
Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for a tasty little baby scam. On this episode of ScamWow podcast, Adrienne Cooper tells us about the time she was scammed via email. If you even THINK of dark-webbing her, she’ll sic the FBI on ya. Plus,
53 min
1. Scammed by Leggings & The First Feminist Gan...
Caitlin Brodnick and Sue Smith are obsessed with scams. Caitlin confesses she was a child con artist and Sue gets scammed by leggings! They could be getting scammed during this podcast! Who knows!?
46 min
ScamWow – with Caitlin Brodnick & Sue Smith
Introducing Scam Wow with Caitlin Brodnick & Sue Smith! Caitlin and Sue loves scams! Multi-level marketing, cults, con-men, snake oil, you name it! Each episode they bring a new scam with guest experts who do scams, have been scams,
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