Scammers, swindlers, con artists: unethical rogues who should be brought to justice? Or brilliant players in the game of capitalism that can help you get a free mattress? Comedian and author Caitlin Brodnick can’t always decide. Each week, join Caitlin and a special guest as they dive into current and historic scams, from skillful mobsters to Real Housewives fraudsters, from MLMs to YouTube grifters. Together, they’ll explore the thin line between swindle and survival, between fleecing an easy mark and just launching a startup. Listen and embrace the art of the dupe with true crime’s less-disturbing sister: the true con. 

True Crime
Society & Culture
S02E33 - Special Announcement & Special Mailbag...
With over 180 episodes of ScamWow (HELL YEAH) we can’t thank you enough!!!!!! Thank you so all our listeners and fans and guests who have supported ScamWow from the beginning! We are not going anywhere, don’t worry. We explain it all in the episode and how you can have special and additional access to even more! We covered so much today, so let’s start with our listener Dabney’s Book! And sadly Caitlin does not understand that Shopkins are not Neopets. For a great resource everyone should check out the podcast What The Hack with Adam Levin with great tips and tricks to protect yourself from scams. Caitlin receives a visit from The Fly that sucks, the invasive insect all New Yorkers hate. We have important questions being asked about our Summer Of Scam Movies: Never Been Kissed or Never Been Convicted? With Sarah Grace Welbourn. And some extra NFT help as you attempt to venture into the world of NFTs from another brilliant friend of the pod. Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
35 min
S02E32- I Want My Chickens To Be Sexually Activ...
This week Caitlin is joined by comedians Priya Patel and Chet Siegel, hosts of their own podcast, Nibbles and Bits. This episode covers so many scams. Without exaggeration, the wild ride of today’s episode includes: Food marketing scams Modern gathering and foraging 30-minute meals Crude animal protein PSAs Sexual chickens The Tara Reid of Pittsburgh Mommy bloggers Diet culture Pink Sauce TikTok Animal shelters Childbirth And Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Enjoy! Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Nibbles and Bits Podcast Add to Cart Podcast, with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin Pak Trader Joe’s Baby Chicks! TikTok’s Pink Sauce Is a Gooey, Pepto-Colored Mystery Forbes, Food Scams You Need To Avoid Darius Cooks @niceonepriya @chetsiegel @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
60 min
S02E31 - The Worst Catfish In The World W/ Cara...
One of the nicest people in New York City and also one of the funniest comedians, Cara Devins joins Caitlin to discuss the time her entire family was catfished in person by a lonely soldier. Did he want to marry Cara’s dad or did he just want to buy everyone a round of drinks?
45 min
S02E30 - Queenpins Movie, Is It A Scam ? W/Anna...
Caitlin and actress Anna Callegari watched the movie Queenpins and discovered how easy it is to create a coupon conglomerate in your own backyard! Unfortunately this movie was neither a comedy or documentary, and it did not have enough Kirby Howell-Baptiste for both of them. But hey, Bebe Rexha is a hacker in super uncomfortable pants, so if she can do it anyone can! Also is couponing a scam, or is it only a problem after you begin to launder money through weapon sales? Who’s to say? So grab your smoothie, slam it on the table, and get ready to hear about this ridiculous movie they watch so you don’t have to! Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Queenpins Dinour Callegari Team Anna’s Triumph Page @bananascalamari @annasellsbrooklyn @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
39 min
S02E029 - The Money App scams that could make y...
Who knew you could have so much fun talking about Venmo, Zelle, and other money app scams? Ariel Elias is back this week with Caitlin and they discuss the trening scams that are fooling millions. Did you recently get a random $5000 payment for “an antique doll” that you know nothing about? Well guess what- you’re rich baby!Hold on to your voicemails, because this episode might be the most fun you will ever have hearing about bank tax write off! Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: @ariel_comedy insta @Ariel_comedy twitter @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
56 min
RERUN! Oh No? More like, Au Pair!
She’s a talent scout, devoted babysitter, and sometimes impersonates Florida judges: It’s Australian con artist Samantha Azzopardi.
48 min
02E028 - Recycling
This week Caitlin is joined by comedian and actress Cody Lindquist to discuss plastics and the scam of recycling. Of course, Caitlin begins with her latest obsession (veneers), but all roads quickly lead to the heaps of plastic trash bags piled throughout New York City. All you 80’s babies gather ‘round with your Capri Suns and candy cigarettes as Caitlin and Cody reveal the real enemy in America’s battle with plastics (hint: they’re the villain in just about everything). From billiards to Gatorade bottles, there are plenty of lies and coverups to go around. But hey: The Bronx has dolphins now, so things are looking up! Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Two Beers In: A Tipsy Political Round Table Podcaast How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work and Will Never Work ‘Sightings of a lifetime’: Whales and dolphins flock to NYC waters @Codylindquist @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
53 min
S02E027 - MOVE Over Ann Hathaway, This is a Ban...
Caitlin is joined by comedians and podcasters Caitlin Bitzegaio and Lauren Brickman of the hit podcast We Stan Together to discuss the scams percolating percolating scams in pop culture. Whether it’s Dane Cook’s brother, Jen Shah, or your own nightmares, these three are ready to dissect them. Also, did you offend Ann Hathaway at a child’s birthday party? Plus: Wwatch out for those improv comedians;, they will sneak into your dreams and blow up your marriages. This completely bananasis the funniest episode is brought to you by the soon-to-failnewest members of the Varsity Comedy Club. Plus hear exclusive episodes on our Patreon. RESOURCES: The Ekin-Su Transformation Caity is Obsessed With This Week Natalia Dyer weird makeover TikTok thing A Fraud Case Study: Dane Cook and Darryl McCauley Victoria Beckham Coming To America - Part 1/3 @westansocial Twitter @westansocial @laurenabrickman @caitorade @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
57 min
RERUN! The Inaugural Scammer with Dartanyon Wil...
69 min
S02E026 - BLANK CHECK Summer of Scam Movies W/ ...
The ‘90s: where $1 million feels like $100 million!!! This week, we’re joined by comedian and Caitlin’s former college roommate Victoria Montalbano. Together, they rewatched the scammy classic Blank Check. The movie, a Blockbuster favorite of millenials, just might have inspired a generation of catfish. Falling madly in love with Karen Duffy and being terrified of Miguel Ferrer were pretty common back then, so what else can a ten-year-old do? Caitlin and Victoria discuss all these formative moments with no detail (like that… um… kiss) spared.
56 min
S02E025 - Don’t Incriminate Yourself with Stick...
Journalist and husband extraordinaire Allen Arthur joins Caity to explore a top cop con job. They discuss the recent scam pulled by former NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins, in which he (allegedly) used around $1 million of his union’s money to fund his grocery shopping and steakhouse dinners. Not only did this special boy in blue (allegedly) defraud his own union members, but he found the time to dox former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter on Twitter! (That’s not allegedly. That one definitely happened.) There’s really nothing like a guy tweeting about the dangers of crime while skimming a few hundred grand of cop money. And the way this hero does it (allegedly) is jaw-dropping. Because hey, if you can expense a dinner for $50.00 why not make it $500? They’re just numbers guys! Plus hear all our uncut bits and more on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Dept. of Justice press release Full indictment ProPublica reporting on Ed Mullins’ history Now he’s getting sued So don’t you want to think beyond police? @lissomelight @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
59 min
S02E024 - Jen Shah’s Shamazing Shocker W/ Ellen...
ScamWow’s fan favorite Ellen Haun is back to discuss our beloved Jen Shah. Nothing about this case quite adds up from last season's canceled uber rides to her recent guilty plea, she keeps us guessing. Jen Shah is one of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City who has lived a life of luxury, and much of that luxury was from a scheme in which she sold and traded personal information of the elderly. Shah who has claimed she was innocent appeared in front of US District Judge Sidney Stein this month to change her plea to guilty.
53 min
S02E23 - Chrisley Knows House Arrest w/ Molly T...
Have you ever watched Chrisley Knows Best, because we sure haven’t! But that is not an issue because this reality star scam is so transparent you could write it yourself. Comedian Molly Thomas joins Caitlin to discuss this trainwreck of a family, their go-to scheme, and their fraud conviction... which apparently will be airing on USA Network next season! Nothing is sacred in reality television, except for uber-religious people lying about their taxes. Also, for all you Chrisleyheads, if your dad is threatening you with a sex tape — time to get a new dad!
59 min
S02E022 - “Your Beanie Baby is Worthless” W/ B...
Did your mom collect beanie babies with hopes it would become your 401k? Well so did everyone! And this investment went the way of the tomigachi. Sit back and enjoy this journey through the many lies we’ve told ourselves about millions of plush toys. Becky Chicoine, comedian, and actress, dissects her own personal beanie baby collection. Her mother is still convinced it could one day pay off. If only she had collected cool edgy toys like comic books, she would be rolling in dough.
65 min
S02E021 - “Scam Calls Are Ramping it up For Sum...
Are you a creative engineer who recently lost a job? Are you an unemployed actor? Are you looking to get back at the “man”? Well this is your summer because scam call centers need smart, self-starters, and creatives like you!
50 min
S02E020 - You’re Being Lied To About Baby Formu...
Comedian and Producer Dara Katz joins Caitlin to discuss her coverage on the current baby formula shortage. In her recent article for Pure Wow “I Need You to Care About the Baby Formula Shortage” Katz addresses the major problems with this crisis. It involves a cover up, whistle blowers, and babies. You can blame the shortage on supply chains but that is only a fraction of the story. This episode is packed with shocking facts and upsetting truths that can no longer be ignored. And for all the parents out there, we see you. Plus hear more on our Patreon. RESOURCES: I Need You to Care About the Baby Formula Shortage by Dara Katz. FDA Infant Formula Recall CNBC Abbott Nutrition restarts baby formula production in reopened Michigan plant ByHeart Bobbie Hipp Baby Formula The Hill, House passes bills to address baby formula shortage CNN Senate passes bill to improve access to baby formula for families in need President Biden Enacts Bipartisan Law to Address Baby Formula Shortage @Kdara @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Find us on Patreon Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
63 min
S02E019 - The Great Muppet Caper with Chelsey W...
The Summer of Scam Movie of The Week is the iconic Great Muppet Caper. And this week’s guest, performer Chelsey Whitelock, is not only an actor/singer/dancer, but also a muppet expert. The gang’s all here, from Kermit and Miss Piggy to Lady Holiday and Charles Grodin. Caity and Chelsey unpack the actual caper while indulging in 80’s nostalgia and tallying the benefits of being a blonde. Is lying about your occupation to infiltrate a prison to visit your love who’s in there because she lied about her occupation also and possibly stolen her boss's diamonds a romantic gesture? Find out how this beloved movie (and Miss Piggy’s glamorous grifts) shaped them into the “weirdos” they are today. Plus, you guys think cartoon fox Robin Hood is hot too right???
59 min
S02E018 - Happy Birthday Conor! Throwback Episo...
This week is Caitlin’s brother Conor’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than to listen to him talk about a super creepy cult/religion/belief system ?! Sit back, relax and learn all about the Hermetic Order of the Gold Dawn, with Conor Brodnick!
54 min
S02E019 - To Scam Is to Love, with Angel Yau
Artist, actress, and filmmaker Angel Yau shares her lifelong journey of pulling the kindest scams you’ve ever heard of. Is loving your family so much that you simply lie to them about your life such a bad thing? Maybe it’s secretly the answer to a peaceful home! The emotional level of these scams pushes us closer to “very special episode” territory than we’ve ever been. Should ScamWow sell “Love. Laugh. Lie” throw pillows? Probably not, but this episode covers all that anyway. Plus hear more on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Angel on BBC More Angel @yauangel @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Find us on Patreon Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
61 min
S02E018 - Hey Hustlers! Money is Meaningless So...
Comedian and writer Laura Willcox and Caitlin rewatch the iconic movie Hustlers. Though Hustlers and JLo have been celebrated in past episodes, this conversation takes a sharp turn. They discuss rhinestone thongs, economic challenges, and chinchilla coats. Laura and Caitlin roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty to discuss their new manifesto: Money is worth shit. Plus hear more on our Patreon. RESOURCES: Read Laura’s Book! @laura_willcox @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast Find us on Patreon Get those couch DISCOUNTS!!! DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
73 min
S02E017 - Weekend at Bernie’s or A Colonizer's ...
The Summer of Scam Movies is alive and thriving, and the best actor in this week’s film is dead. And that is where this episode starts. Comedian and artist Suni Reyes joins Caitlin to dive into the beloved 1989 classic, Weekend at Bernie’s. We’re the 80’s is so coke riddled that to die is to thrive? Even though it was a box office success, Suni and Caitlin are absolutely baffled by this scam story that has become a cult classic. This movie asks important questions like: can you have an affair in front of an open window? Do butts jiggle, and would your face fall off if you were dragged behind a boat?
52 min
S02E016 - Never Been Kissed or Never Been Convi...
Oh we’re back for part two because this movie can and should haunt us all. The META scam is finally revealed in our Summer of Scam Movie: Never Been Kissed. Sarah Grace Welbourn and Caity can’t quite figure out where they land and might be questioning all their middle school memories.
37 min
S02E015 - Never Been Kissed or Never Been Conv...
Were you alive in 1999? Were you also watching every teen romcom you could get your greasy little popcorn fingers on? Have you ever been kissed by a senior citizen? These important questions and more are discussed in today’s episode, as comedian and actor Sarah Grace Welbourn joins Caity to talk about this week’s Summer of Scam Movie: Never Been Kissed, starring Drew Barrymore. They’ll cover the various scams in the movie, the preposterous costumes, and the spy equipment while wondering, “Why does David Arquette, playing a 17-year-old, have a five-o-clock shadow?” Maybe the producers were scamming us too.
42 min
S02E014 - Get out of the Scam Schedule w/ Janie...
This week, comedian and writer Janie Stolar joins Caity to discuss a scam rooted in the most iconic con of all: The American Dream. No matter what your thoughts and feelings are on that picture perfect lifestyle, the pressure still manages to seep into our daily lives. Do I have a car and two kids and a great IRA by the time I’m 30? Isn’t owning a home a scam, but aren’t you also expected to own a home? Janie joins to confront all the hidden judgements we battle as we age, and the ways we fool ourselves to believe not hitting these imaginary targets makes us flawed. So stop scamming yourselves guys, you are doing great!
81 min
S02E013 - Summer of Scam Movies: The Eyes of T...
The Summer of Scam Movies starts strong with this week’s scam movie of choice: The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Hysterical comedian and writer, Corinne Caputo joins Caitlin this week to explain this film, or do their best to try. While discussing many scams inside and around this movie, they cover prosthetic cheeks, puppets,and the men Tammy should be having sex with. This episode is full-joy-10 and the most fun you can have while discussing exploitive religious organizations, manifesting with glasses of water, and children peeing their pants.
61 min
Scam-free ways to donate : HOW TO SUPPORT UKRAINE
This week is about actions we can take to help others. Caitlin has gathered a ton of resources for supporting and donating to people in or fleeing Ukraine. She has combed through organizations and charities to find the ones that will directly benefit those in need. Has the fear of scammy charities or misused funds prevented you from giving? Now you can rest assured that your help will make a difference.
33 min
S02E011 - It Takes a Village - Mail Bag Ep w/ M...
Sit down and grab a cozy beverage and cuddle close with Caity and her special guest, her sister, McKenzie Brodnick! Join two sisters having the best time ever so you might need to slow down to 1/2x because the JOY is coming at ya FAST! And thanks to our incredible listeners we have more scams to pack in one episode then ever before. Caity reads your emails that run the gamut of scams with everything from fruitcake to tax prep. And hot tip: if you are bad at flipping houses don’t sign yourself up for a tv show.
77 min
S02E010 - So Many Dinos Have Credit Card Debt! ...
Do you know what isn’t resolved yet? Caitlin’s credit card debt!! But Producer Cait comes to the rescue this week to share all the tips, tricks, and phone numbers you need to help you get out of credit card chaos. Which organizations can you turn to for help, and what scams are keeping you in debt? And how does someone go from being 35K in debt to becoming a homeowner? All of this and more as Producer Cait shares her receipts, and shows us how it’s possible! Plus find out how Producer Cait’s mom is crushing the credit score game?
74 min
S02E09 - Before #METOO “Catch Me If You Can” Ma...
Trigger Warning: This episode covers sexual assault, consent, and sexually explicit situations. This week Caitlin and comedian Molly Thomas continue the conversation about con artist Frank Abagnale. Their conversation in part one focused on the scams and lies told by the Catch Me If You Can author, and quickly to the effect his scams and stories must have had on the women in his life. Caitlin and Molly shine a bright honest light on what the women of that era must have felt and struggled with during these experiences. It was unexpected and unavoidable, and possibly the most honest conversation yet.
42 min
S02E08 - That Damn “Catch Me If You Can” Man Wi...
This week comedian Molly Thomas joins Caitlin to discuss liar extraordinaire Frank Abagnale. Remember the book and hit movie Catch Me if You Can? Turns out most of it is fake and we can’t trust anything this scammer has proudly reported. He conned people into thinking he conned people. It’s a nesting doll of cons! Molly brings copious notes about fake stewardesses and summer camps.
38 min
S02E07 - “Kate Spencer is Our High Priestess” &...
Welcome to all of our new listeners! On today’s very special episode, the incredible Kate Spencer, from the award-winning podcast Forever35, is our guest. We briefly discuss the Netflix hit, The Tinder Swindler but then the conversation takes a turn to run the gamut from Kristen Stewart’s Oscar nomination, Olestra chips, and the weaponization of romance novels. Join us on this wild ride where we unpack toxic friendships, Instagram influencers, and pampering ourselves. Also, Kate’s debut novel, In A New York Minute, is available for preorder wherever books are sold.
52 min
S02E06 - The Government Won't Use Emojis: Whats...
New York State probably won’t email you a holiday card or ask you to share a stimulus opportunity with 10 of your family members to get paid. Journalist Rommel Ojeda from Documented digs into a story (co-reported with Telemundo) about how scammers target immigrants with fake government benefits in WhatsApp chat groups and chains. Caity’s husband and journalist Allen Arthur (a Documented alum) joins into find out just how these spread so easily and how they exploit genuine confusion around resources available to immigrants with an official looking message. Hint: If the government uses emojis in the message, delete it ASAP. Hopefully this can help you or your loved ones avoid getting scammed!
53 min
S02E05 - If You Like Acappella, You’ll Love Our...
Investigative journalist and VICE contributor Sarah Berman joins Caitlin this week to talk about Keith Raniere and NXIVM. Sarah has been at the forefront of this story since the beginning, but she’s here to discuss another surprising side to the saga for the first time. It’s creepy, it’s convoluted, it's acapella. It’s also the subject of an episode of the HBO show How To with John Wilson, titled How to Appreciate Wine. Caitlin and Sarah unpack the messy story involving a cult leader, Allison Mack, and a choir.
48 min
S02E04 - Bishop Sycamore on ESPN with Investiga...
Why not go to a fake boarding school that costs real money??! What could go wrong? This week investigative journalist, and Caity’s husband, Allen Arthur brings a scam hot off the ESPN broadcast! That’s right, even Disney can get in the scam game. Allen is covering the fraudulent boarding school and sports program, Bishop Sycamore. The Ohio High school, Bishop Sycamore is the perfect boarding school for parents with imaginary children that they want to pay to board and educate exactly nowhere at all.
63 min
S02E03 - Part 2: Keeping Up With The Digital Jo...
This week is the 2nd half of our Crypto, shmipto, bipto episode. This episode is about NFTs and how to make them, sell them, and become obsessed. Are NFTs the new answer to financial stability as an artist? Do you trust yourself with a digital wallet? And can your automatic password be actually a foreboding sign to: STOP AND WALK AWAY! Sabra and Stephen Boyd share their own digital creation, video game worlds, and how they are navigating the arbitrary value of an NFT. And if you’re already an expert at this, call us on the Hot Tip Hotline (347-509-9414) and share your wisdom, feelings, or encouraging words while we struggle to decode this new world. Let’s all collectively agree this is confusing.
49 min
S02E02 - Keeping Up With The Digital Joneses, C...
Did you know that you can buy a 600k dollar invisible yacht? The incredibly kind, brilliant, and generous Sabra and Stephen Boyd join Caitlin Brodnick today to explain cryptocurrency and NFTs! Bitcoin. Ethereum. Crypto ATMs? Hear this explanation for the lay-woman and Caitlin finally understanding the world of scamming fake money. What is a crypto? How to not be scammed by a crypto-bro? Where is my password?! Keep up with the crypto-NFT-moneylaundering breakdown of the confusing and vast world of a digital wallet. If not this is the episode for you! And if you’re already an expert at this, call us on the Hot Tip Hotline and share your wisdom, or feelings, or encouraging words while we struggle to decode this new world. Let’s all collectively believe this is confusing. Check out Sabra’s previous episode: S01E124: When Cults Become Comforting w/ Sabra Boyd ‎ScamWow: 124: When Cults Become Comforting w/ Sabra Boyd on Apple Podcasts
44 min
S02E01 – That’s One Salty Jen Shah W/ Ellen Haun
Happy New Year from Caitlin Brodnick and Ellen Haun. Ellen joins Caitlin to discuss the trial of Real Housewife of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah. They discuss the Hulu documentary, The Housewife and the Shah Shocker, and all of the court transcripts they can get their hands on. Find out about how many companies Jen Shah is tied to, how she screams at her employees, and the influence of mormon perfectionism. Also is Whitney a secret detective/ true-crime junky we should all be listening to? Spoiler: Her case did not get dismissed and Jen Shah headed to court!
48 min
S01E148. Producer Cait's Favorite Scam Moments!
Caity is off living her best holiday life, celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, and time with family. Producer Cait is stepping in to reminiscence about the last year of scams and great scam episodes. Producer Cait reads bad reviews AND supportive messages from our scam family. Then she plays some of her favorite clips from the most popular episodes and best scams of the year. Have a quick listen for some holiday cheer and check out our long and incredible catalog of great episodes. Thank you for listening and Happy Holidays! If you want to hear more episodes we have two special Patreon episodes out this month if you are interested in becoming a ScamWow Patreon! @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
30 min
S01E147: Just a bunch of Phonies! Cell Sales Sc...
This week Caitlin is joined by Scamspondant , resident Magician, and friend of the pod, Kevin Smith! Kevin shares his experience as a salesperson at a noted cell phone provider store, and all the cons involved. They discuss how a sales team is trained to lead the shopper into certain purchases and the emotional connection that gives each sales pitch an “X-Factor!” YUCK. It’s interesting, it’s creepy, and it is probably going to save you a lot of money next time you need an upgrade. Plus Kevin explains the easiest way to create a password that might be the most un-hackable option. And guys here’s a Hot Tip: If you start talking to a salesperson for over 45 minutes you might end up marrying them!
49 min
S01E146: A Cocky Christmas Romance: Holiday Boo...
Happy holiday shopping season! Have no fear with all the ways you can be bamboozled in gift giving this year, we are here to guide you down the right path. Author and comedian Carrie McCrossen is here to discuss book scams. Covering everything from publishing to promotion, Caitlin and Carrie go over the hottest romance novel scams to ever hit your tablets and the drama behind #CockGate. Why are romance novel readers so angry about a court case involving cocky doctors and cocky firefighters? Find out this and why you should be reviewing books on Barns&Noble over Amazon.
44 min
S01E145: Sextortion Scam Club with Josh Gondelman
Josh Gondelman joins Caity to discuss the ever popular sextortion scams that are probably sitting in your junk folder as you read this. Josh is a comedian, writer, kind human, and quite possibly the perfect guest. His other credits include being a writer and producer for Desus & Mero on Showtime, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, as a staff writer. He’s earned four Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, and three WGA Awards, and has performed on Conan (TBS), Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC) and The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS). Also get yourself an early gift and grab his hysterical book, an essay collection Nice Try: Stories of Best Intentions and Mixed Results !
38 min
S01E143: Caitlin Comes Clean: How To Scam Yours...
Oh geeezzzz this episode is maybe too up close and personal? But Caitlin gets incredibly honest about her current state of financial affairs. Something has to change quickly before she becomes so desperate she creates a new MLM. Talking about money is so hard, but scammers it’s important to talk about it so you don’t end up like Caity! So after listening to how you can scam yourself into credit card debt (so easy btw) then send us your stories and advice about your own money woes. RESOURCES: I wish I had any. @caitybrodnick @scamwowpodcast DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
28 min
S01E142: Is Horse Therapy A Solution Or A Scam?...
Caitlin is welcomed by Comedian and writer Jess Keefe and they’re talking about scams inside addiction treatment centers. Treatment centers vary wildly between services and prices, but when the bill is 60k a month for “brushing a donkey” could it also be a scam, or the very thing that cures ya?
61 min
S01E141: LulaRich Bitch : A Scam Classic with S...
That’s right, Sue’s back! And she’s brought an absolute scam classic, the documentary LulaRIch on Amazon Prime. True scammers will know that this was literally the very first episode of ScamWow covered by Sue and Caity ages ago, but now it’s back and fresh with new details. Caity and Sue discuss the best characters from the documentary, analyze the depositions, and talk about the crappy scam tactics by the founders. They also catch up about mommy outfits and that Caity has started putting on makeup to scam herself into feeling hawt!
63 min
S01E140: The Cult of Theranos : Elizabeth Holme...
Little bit of blood but a lotta bit of trouble! Rebakah Sebastian guest on this week’s episode to update us on the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos trial. Caity and Rebekah go over the new evidence, the basis of the case, and the absolutely unbelievable gall of starting a medical company without any background in medicine. Caity shares her own experience with blood testing and genetics counseling and why it’s SO important for accurate, informed work in this industry for the sake of patients. Rebekah and Caity speculate how Elizabeth Holmes used cult-like tactics to scam and misrepresent her company and her investors.
74 min
S01E139: College is a Scam! Operation Varsity B...
Comedian, writer, Harvard graduate and college prep tutor (YES SHE DOES IT ALL) Taylor Kay Phillips, joins Caitlin to break down the nitty gritty details behind college admissions scams. Taylor and Caitlin revisit the infamous Operation Varsity Blues college admission scam, ane look at in from an entirely new perspective. Move over Aunt Becky, this story isn’t focused on influencer Olivia Jade, but on the details behind college admissions. They discuss unfair rules and NCAA restrictions inflicted on student athletes, new Supreme Court rulings and what makes a great essay. (Hint it might be your bathroom.)
66 min
S01E138: Scamspondants Sound Off! It’s a Mailba...
Producer Cait is back for the second half of our special mailbag episode. We learn about fraudulent archaeology, creepy kinks, and the power of pig GIFs. Learn how to protect yourself with cash lending apps like Paypal and the best ways to scam a small pizza shop. These tips and tricks from our listeners and so much more!
33 min
S01E138: Scamspondants Sound Off! It’s a Mailba...
Producer Cait is our special guest this week, and gives all the tips and tricks to avoid your homework! We are having a big catch up, but don’t get too close- one of them unfortunately smells like a hotdog. Did you have a crazy emotional experience during Covid? If so you better share because that is the only way to build a relationship. Sit back, relax, share all your feelings and emote like crazy so Cait and Caity can become your new best friends. Just think of it as a mental health day, much like the many many days Caity stayed home from school growing up
40 min
S01E137: The Man Who Hacked A Game Show w/ Rekh...
Comedian, writer, and pictionary enthusiast Rekha Shankar, joins Caitlin to discuss the savant who destroyed the Press Your Luck game in 1984. Michael Larson single handedly brought down an entire network by simply being very focused, very obsessed, and very weird. His obsession over Press Your Luck won him $110,237 ($283,000 in today’s dollars) plus trips to the Bahamas, Kauai and a sailboat. Was it a scam, was it great work, or was it just too many TV’s?
36 min
S01E136: Hottie with a Body or Bot with a Twat...
We’re on the line with Stasia, a former professional catfish! Caitlin asks Stasia about what is was like working for a dating website. The dig into what exactly is the almost mathematical process to capture a heart. There’s vague rules and juicy topics, where you can learn how people were just freely giving away their secrets for a little love (and sexting, let’s be honest). Get up close and personal with an incredibly honest, sweet woman who also happens to be a professional liar.
62 min
S01E135: The Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of Phil...
Cozy up with a hot cup of choice and settle down for a great discussion as Caity is joined by special guest Lindsay- Elizabeth Hand. Lindsay is a three time Emmy nominated producer, actor, writer and one of the kindest guests on ScamWow. Lindsay is also an owner and founder of Edge In Motion Productions, a full-service production company specializing in comedic tv, pilots, and viral internet content, wow wow wow. Caity and Lindsay share stories from the stage and times they’ve been scammed as performers. Lindsay tells us about a fake modeling school in Philadelphia claiming to be affiliated with Whilimenia. And they discuss prestigious Universities claiming to have professors who aren’t creeps. And last but not least: the self-inflicted scam of perfectionism.
46 min
S01E134: Lie like a Superhero! Catfishing and C...
Two scam crazed worlds collide this week as Caitlin welcomes the hosts of “What The Hack Podcast, With Adam Levin” . Adam Levin, Beau Friedlander, and Travis Taylor help breakdown cyber hackers and catfishing. What are the fundamentals for keeping your privacy safe? Why is it good to lie about where you went to high school and your mother's maiden name? Do you really need help with carrying your bags from Penn Station or are you just a tourist who might get shived? These and SO many more questions just clamoring to be answered, on this super fun episode!
52 min
S01E133: “I Think I Was Almost Kidnapped?” A Br...
Fumi Abe, comedian and writer for the Late Late Show with James Corden, joins Caitlin to reminisce about all the times they have been scammed. Fumi is an hysterical host of the “Asian Not Asian Podcast” and has had plenty of experience, maybe too much experience, with scams! This episode gets really deep really quick. TW they talk about the time Caitlin was almost kidnapped and that one time Fumi was alone in Japan when things got real weird, so it’s a little stressful in case you need to skip it. This is a fun and uber personal episode filled with the kind of scams that make ya think “WOW, how are they still alive?!”
60 min
S01E132: Ding Dong It’s The Donners For Dinner!
Caitlin is joined by the iconic Maggie Brodnick, AKA her mother, as they discuss The Donner party. That’s right, the cannibals! Although that should be debated, because cannibalism was just an itsy bitsy part of the whole story. Caity’s Mom, the goddess and obvious historian, details the specifics of the Donner party history, including that SCAMS that led them to suffering, failure, and oof… eating each other. They explain why the “Hastings CutOff” was a total scam, built on male hubris OF COURSE. They dig into how the idea of Manifest Destiny itself was a scam, because there’s no such thing as free land. Finally they talk about what happened to the survivors of the Donner Party, and what Caity might have done if she was stuck on a Conestoga wagon in a blizzard.
54 min
S01E131: Fraud or Financial Abuse? The Saga of ...
Scamspondant Ellen Haun is back! She brings us breaking housewives news about the Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi divorce, bankruptcy, and embezzlement scandal. You guys, this story has now evolved to Tom being in a conservatorship a la #freebritney and Erika has to learn how to do her own laundry. Ellen breaks down the history of Tom’s law firm, between the famous cases and some of the dubious practices that should have tipped people off earlier. More importantly, Caity and Ellen debate DID ERIKA KNOW?
74 min
S01E130: This Is A Robbery and a Podcast! Part ...
You didn't think Caitlin could contain her excitement with the first inperson guest in over a year to just one episode, did ya???? Good! Because this is part 2 of one of the most gripping unsolved cases of our time. We’ve got the Mafia, bad cops, priceless art, hilarious Mafia sisters, and Boston being Boston. Caitlin and Brandon continue their discussion about the Isabella Stewart Garder Museum Art heist, based on the Netflix doc. They both dive deep into the actual crimes committed, and what they would do if given the chance to take a tiny piece of tapestry. If you could get away with it, would you?
45 min
S01E129: This Is A Robbery and a Podcast! Part...
The comeback kid- Brandon Saloy is the first guest post-break and in-person! Caitlin hasn't been able to sit next to a guest in, well, what feels like forever. Up first, Caitlin shares her most recent scam experiences, including being a one-woman Etsy bridesmaid in a knockoff dress. Then Brandon and Caitlin discuss a juicy juicy heist! This episode is about the infamous 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist which remains UNSOLVED to this day. You’d think $500 million dollars worth of historic art would be difficult to steal, but if it’s St. Patrick's Day in Boston, anything is possible! Hey guys, let's grab sum AHT.
36 min
S01E128: We’re Back BABY! It's a Mailbag Episode!
After a long hiatus, Sue and Caitlin are back in the studio with all of your incredible emails and messages to share to the world! In just two months Caitlin was scammed, listeners were scammed, and Sue’s son is traveling all over this country before he can even walk. Get ready for everything that MUST BE discussed. Why is Caroline Calloway selling snake oil? Why is Caitlin desperate to be a bridesmaid? And who do they agree is a “sweaty piece of turd?” These and many more questions on this week's episode!
65 min
S01E127: How to Scam the Lottery w/ Murf Meyer
Murf Meyer, an old UCB comedy friend and host of the Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated podcast, joins us to talk about a legendary lottery scam that happened in the ‘80s in Pennsylvania. Honestly? This scam is genius and more people should pull it because scamming the lottery is a great idea.
52 min
S01E126: All The Scams w/ Gabrielle Bluestone
The queen of scam reporting, Gabrielle Bluestone, joins us this week to talk about all of our favorite scams.
58 min
S01E125: Cult Linguistics w/ Amanda Montell
Girlboss. Oily Mamas. Bridesmaid fonts. Linguist Amanda Montell joins us to discuss the languages cults use to control you. Check out her new book, Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, coming to bookstores everywhere this June. Plus, an update on Sue’s stepdad’s rifle scope scam. And, should adult friends really be expected to remember each other’s birthdays? Is it just too much?
72 min
S01E124: When Cults Become Comforting w/ Sabra ...
This week Sue and Caity realize they've always been one tupperware party away from joining a cult. Luckily, journalist Sabra Boyd, schools them on how to graduate from college and a cult, simultaneously. Sabra shares her experience as a child actor, homeless teen, and her susceptibility to scams. Also if your co-worker invites you to a meeting held inside a hotel conference room- RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.
62 min
S01E123: Fraud Masterclass w/ David Fleck PLUS ...
Sue and Producer Cait are joined by legendary LA prosecutor, David Fleck, to discuss the legacy of legendary scammer, Mickey Henschel.
58 min
S01E122: I’d Fu#K That Butter: Armie Hammer and...
This week Caitlin and Sue kidnap Cait as she tries to flee the city, to discuss a scam which has the entire team completely divided. First they cover the complicated, shady, provocative and creepy lineage that has brought us Armand Hammar, and how his sinister relatives used chairs. Then we cover “Made You Look” the Netflix documentary on the infamous Knoedler Gallery and the con that closed its doors. And finally the most sexual painting we have ever viewed arrives at Caitlin’s house. And hey Armie, all we got to say is “you first!”
52 min
S01E121: Billy McFarland & Survivor Scams w/ Je...
Comedian, actor, and Emmy-nominated producer, Jenny Gorelick, joins Sue and Caitlin to discuss the scams pulled by contestants on the legendary show Survivor. Jenny is the host of the Receipts podcast AND co-host of the new More Banana show The Women’s Alliance: A Survivor Podcast. She was also personally scammed by Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland and spills all the tea on her old high school classmate. Oh, and if you’re free, join us every Friday night on Stereo for an aftershow chat. . RESOURCES: The Women’s Alliance - DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
55 min
Feed Drop - We Stan Together Podcast with Pat R...
Caitlin and Sue are taking a much needed week off and will be back next week with more scammy cons and Anna Delvey updates!
82 min
S01E120: Mailbag: The Podcast That Survived Covid
It’s been a minute, but we are finally sitting down to read your emails, voicemails, and Instagram messages. What’s up, everyone? Sue here and man am I loopy! We’re talking about such a range of stuff today, from fillers to egg donation, Anna Delvey and more. Be sure to join us on the Stereo app on Friday night at 9pm EST for our aftershow so we can spill some more tea. Ok, I literally have no words left in my brain, but I love you and I love podcasting thanks for listening to our show!
55 min
S01E119: Free Britney.
We’re talking to #FreeBritney expert, Brennen White, about everything that the Framing Britney Spears documentary left out. Turns out, Britney is being scammed by SO MANY people, including her business manager, her dad, her ex-husband and even her lawyer!
52 min
S01E118: ScamWow x Heist Podcast Crossover
Sue and Caitlin are joined by Matt and Simon from the Heist podcast to discuss some juicy scams.
56 min
S01E117: Jason Collier and the Texas Sister Wives
Sue and Producer Cait delve into the scam Jason Collier, the police chief of Stinnett, Texas who is apparently engaged to like eight women in several states, despite being married with four children. It’s truly the internet mess slash Hilaria Baldwin-level scam we need this week. And we’d like to thank Brandy’s Internet for providing it! Please note that the original Facebook thread has been removed but you know we’ll have some juicy screenshots on our IG! @scamwowpodcast
47 min
S01E116: Mary Cosby & Erika Jayne w/ Sarah Galli
48 min
S01E115: Confident Women w/ Tori Telfer
Feminist author, Tori Telfer, stops by to discuss her new book, Confident Women: Swindlers, Grifters, and Shapshifters of the Feminine Persuasion. It’s chock full of stories about the type of historical con artists we just love. Today, we’re focused on the legendary Candian who came to America to scam on a much larger level, Cassie Chadwick. Plus, is it imposter syndrome if you’re actually an imposter?
54 min
S01E114: Spotting Celebrity Plastic Surgery w/ ...
Grab a seltzer, sit back, relax and let’s talk about something completely superficial: plastic surgery!
62 min
S01E113: You Look Great & You’re Perfect! w/ El...
Diets are a scam, so tell your New Year's resolution to suck it. Caitlin brings on special guest host, Ellen Haun, to talk about the diet trends that have clawed their way into our lives.
67 min
S01E112: ¡ESCANDALITO! Hilaria Baldwin
This week, Sue bursts forth from maternity leave to talk about Hilaria Baldwin with Caitlin. You know her: the famous mom, yogi, wife, and admirer of all things Spanish. Sue and Caitlin discuss the current headlines and Reddit threads buzzing over this grift. If you travel to Spain a few times and come back with a full accent and a spray tan, forgetting the English word for cucumber ... you might be the Latina Rachel Dolezal?
47 min
Happy Holidays from Scam Wow!
See you in 2021!
3 min
S01E111. Jesus Will Dropship You A Horse Mask
Why was Newsweek raided? Is Olivet University trying to sell you mealworms?
63 min
S01E110. Ding Dong, it’s the Cops! With Josh Go...
Comedian and writer Josh Gondelman is this week’s guest, and he just might be the nicest comedian in New York City. Plus, if you are a scammer, you will love this guy.
58 min
S01E109. Oh No? More like, Au Pair!
She’s a talent scout, devoted babysitter, and sometimes impersonates Florida judges: It’s Australian con artist Samantha Azzopardi.
46 min
S01E108. Thanksgiving Mailbag
Gobble, gobble! To show our thanks for you and all of our fans, we’ve put together a very special mailbag episode.
58 min
S01E107. Big Bertha Heyman w/ Lauren Brickman
The fabulous Lauren Brickman joins us today to talk about a few classic conwomen, including Susanna Mildred Hill and Big Bertha Hayman.
58 min
S01E106. #FreeBritney w/ Clark Moore
We love Britney! Clark Moore, host of the Soul Balm podcast, joins us today to break down the #FreeBritney movement.
57 min
S01E105. Exposing Magic w/ Kevin Smith
You think magic is all just balls? Well, it’s pickles, too. Listener Kevin Smith joins us to explain some hot hot magic secrets, which we’ve always wanted. Tell us how you’re doing it! He goes over tricks, false transfers, casinos, card games, and even a special con artist language, called the Roth Memory System. And, we just can’t with David Blaine. That cold, cold man. Plus, Caity won a poker game against 80 guys once. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
66 min
S01E104. Ghost Adventures Is A Scam w/ Lawrence...
Happy halloween, ya creeps! We’re talking about a scammy bonkers show called Ghost Adventures, which has been on since 2004. Plus, the hosts all wear leather trench coats, so that’s definitely sus. We cover the spectral spectrum today and talk about ghost shows, mediums, and even Lawrenece’s childhood home. Plus, we learn about pareidolia, which has no relation to stromboli.
59 min
S01E103. Skincare Is A Scam w/ Lauren Adams
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Lauren Adams is here with some hot takes on skincare. You won’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She even claims that soap is a scam! Plus, what’s really the difference between Botox and gel nails? And are Vaseline and sunscreen all you need? Then, we’re talking about Chicago’s Dirty John, Matthew DeRolf, and the influencer he scammed, Samantha Hills. And don’t forget to get the boobs you want! Resources: More about Lauren: Weleda Skin Food: Skincare By Hyram - What’s on Vi’s Face - DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
55 min
S01E102. Sour Grapes & Fake Wine
The wine is fake! We’re covering the epic documentary Sour Grapes, made by a man with two very cute kids whom Sue used to babysit. If you’re looking for a film where one of the main characters wears sunglasses inside, another wallpapers his bathroom with wine labels, and they all spend egregious amounts of money on wine, then this is the one for you! Sue and Caitlin both agree: Rudy Kurniawan is a good scammer. He’s like Anna Delvey, but with wine. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
40 min
S01E101. Hey We’re 100! Part 2
Hello babies and gentlemen! We’re here to give you the extra special anniversary mailbag episode that your heart craves. We go deep into some dirty diaper scams and some super sad puppy stories. Seriously, who dyes their pup’s hair? And is art just one big scam? But most importantly, thank you so much for all of your calls, emails, and messages.
57 min
S01E100. We Turn 100, Part 1!
It’s our 100th episode, people! We’re so excited that we’re doing a special scam retrospective where we look back on our favorite episodes, hottest scammers, and even our least favorite episodes. Plus, good news! Caity’s Isaac Newton obsession has survived quarantine. AND we do great journalism. Tell your husbands. DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
50 min
S01E99. Teddi Mellencamp, Mary Trump, and The B...
Oy, what a shitshow, eh gang? If you live in America, things here are kind of a total nightmare. I mean, I guess it’s good that we have clean water (some of us) and electricity (for now) but wow, those presidential debates last night really took it out of me. I had to go to bed right after because they were so emotionally exhausting. ANYWAY, today we’re breaking news about The Borgen Project, a scammy internship farm masquerading as a non-profit that fights poverty using unpaid internships. We’re also talking about Mary Trump’s lawsuit against Donald Trump and the rest of the family as well as Teddi Mellecamp’s scammy All In diet, as a palate cleanser. But please, don’t pay anyone to starve you. It’s just too NXIVM. Love you all <3 - Sue
55 min
S01E98. Taylor Lorenz on Her Favorite Social Me...
The queen has arrived! Legendary New York Times reporter, Taylor Lorenz, joins us to talk about Tik Tok, her favorite internet scams, being Team Tati, and her controversial skincare routine. Plus, we touch down on some of our faves like Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and more. If you want to take your mind off of the trash fire that is America, then this is the episode!
58 min
S01E97. California City Land Scam w/ Emily Guerin
Real Estate is a scam. We all know that. But what about real estate that’s been bought and sold by the same people in the desert for the last 50 years? Definitely a scam. In her new eight-part podcast series, KPCC and LAist reporter Emily Guerin goes deep into the desert in California City to talk to people about the scam that’s happened underneath their noses for the last several years. And she’s here to tell us all about. Plus, she tells us all of the ways that she was gaslit when trying to uncover the truth. Our lady guests are back and they’re great!
63 min
S01E96. The Actual 2008 Financial Crash w/ Elle...
Sometimes you gotta send in a woman to do a job that a man started but truly couldn’t articulate, even though he made a six-part documentary about it. Ellen Haun is here to set the record straight about the 2008 financial crash. It’s very linear and all makes sense! Plus, Caitlin discovers that Bear Stearns is not an actual person. Also, Sue’s cat, Snacks, is totally a scammer.
60 min
S01E95. Honey Money: News & Mailbag, Part 2
Mailbag time! We’re reading some amazing listener emails about a skincare scam, gacha games, and even the rigged gubernatorial election in Georgia. (Hey FBI: you might want to get on this.) Thanks so much for your calls, emails, and support (especially to defend us against noted misogynist P*trick L*vell.) You really have our backs and we love you! Resources: Youth Renew Skincare Scam- June 2020 Election Problems: Quotes and Figures from Wikipedia: 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial Election: Femminist Book Club - Gigguk video about gacha games - More on gacha games - YouTube video about preying upon people with addictive personalities DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414
44 min
S01E94. Bannon, Blues, and Butthead Jake Paul: ...
From psoriasis troll Steve Bannon to the Varsity Blues scam, and even Jake Paul’s COVID-infested parties, we’re catching up on the ongoing pop culture scams in America. By the way, we were maybe the first people to report on Steve Bannon’s Build the Wall scam back in December where’s our Pulitzer? Also, Caitlin, Sue, and Producer Cait fetishize a painting about butter because, duh.
40 min
S01E93. The Inaugural Scammer with Dartanyon Wi...
Babes, it’s our first interview with an actual scammer and we are THRILLED! Back in the 90s, Dartanyon Williams began a massive identity theft ring that started in Louisiana and later branched out to many states in the South. This is juicy. He shares with us his incredible story of redemption, enlightenment, and courage. We fangirl'd hard you guys! Today, Dartanyon is running for Congress in Louisiana and you should all vote for him! We need more scammers in office. The good kind, anyway. Also if you are a scammer who would like to share your story, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US! We will praise and protect your identity, if you need. Resources: Dartanyon’s Book - The Master Identity Thief Dartanyon’s info on Ballotpedia Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon
65 min
S01E92. The Man Who Got Scammed By His Best Friend
Today, we talk to Johnathan Walton, of Reader’s Digest fame, about being scammed out of $75,000 by his neighbor, Mair Smyth. What we love about him is that Johnathan didn’t ashamedly slink into the shadows as a victim of this con artist. NO! Jonathan sought JUSTICE and we love anyone who fights for justice. It’s so rare these days! This is a deep dive into a juicy tale that you don’t want to miss. Plus, should you background check every person you meet?
59 min
S01E91. Scammy iPhone Games
Today, we’re joined by two dudes who are, fortunately, NOT mansplainers, Nick Bernardone and Bryson Pintard. Nick and Bryson tell us all about a scammy freemium Game of Thrones iPhone game that took Nick for $2000 and turned Bryson into an avatar named Sexy Lexi. Addicting games will change the very fiber of your being! Don’t get scammed. Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon.
51 min
S01E90. Sue & Caitlin Get Conned
Today, we’re talking about the corruption in capitalism that led to the 2008 financial crash, among other things. Our guest today is Patrick Lovell who made a five-part series about corrupt capitalism called, “The Con.” And, well, he sure conned us. Have a listen and find out what we mean. Resources: Visit for links to our Patreon, Instagram and more. Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon.
51 min
S01E89. Mailbag: Canine Antivaxxers Are A Thing
Thank you for all of your messages! Our listeners are the best. Today, we’re talking about SO MANY SCAMS! Including ones from Reader’s Digest, Postmates, doulas, MLMs, and way more. Just goes to show you that there are scammers EVERYWHERE and ya’ll better watch out. Plus, accidentally got the wrong monogram? Sue’s mom will take it. She doesn’t care. Also, practice your spells for 2021, people!
58 min
S01E88. Spooky Freemason Sh*t
First, a little update on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Also, Sue and Caitlin both wanted injuries and dabbled in Wicca as children. Who knew?! Then, Conor Brodnick joins us to discuss the Hermetic Order of the Gold Dawn, which was a branch of the Freemasons that included none other than Ann O’Delia Diss Debar! The connections are crazy. Plus, what is the Rosetta Stone, really?
56 min