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The mantra of this podcast is simple: WE is greater than Me...

NFTs 365 is a daily podcast hosted by Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz. Brian is a Digital Futurist and Web 3.0 Visionary with a passion for exploring the world of NFTs and the creator economy.

In this podcast, we will be sharing evergreen educational episodes, breaking news, emerging trends, and exclusive interviews with top creators and experts in the field. Whether you are new to NFTs or an experienced geek, this podcast is for you.

Our goal is to help you understand and navigate the complex world of NFTs, web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. We believe that the WE is greater than the ME, and we want to empower you to join us in re-imagining the digital future together.

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326. NFT Partnerships Require More or Less DYODR?
DYODR 8 months ago meant researching the founders, the roadmap and checking if the utility was even possible. Today that DYODR has escalated quickly and one of the reasons is the rise of partnerships for new NFT projects and it can be a great thing but also a curse!
33 min
325. Gabe Weis: The Stoics, the harmony of arti...
Gabe is San Francisco-based mixed media artist well known for his work in cubism portraiture
56 min
324. Avoiding the Point of No Return in Web 3
If an NFT project or Metaverse or DAO are built from scratch in Web 3.0 they shouldn't have to worry about reaching a point of no return or boxing themselves in but for many NFT projects they have done just that.
17 min
323. Sabet: NFT Art is the Utility and LOVE is ...
Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American artist and designer. His work shines with vibrant optimism, love and beauty in the face of the profane
69 min
322. What Trends and NFT Project Utility NFT In...
Just because the market is bear doesn't mean there isn't a lot to learn around trends in regards to utility plays, buying and selling and even the psychology around things like staking and IRL events.
27 min
321. Zeneca, Why NFT Education Must Think Like ...
Today's guest is Zeneca founder of ZenAcadamy and he sits down with host Fanzo to discuss his journey into NFTs,
47 min
320. Why is Putting Yourself Out There in New W...
Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous and alittle worried about putting a new side of me out to the world while at the same time it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for Web 3.0, NFTs and Artificial Intelligence which excites me in every way!
31 min
319. Remember The Time
Why don’t we spend more time revisiting the happy and joyful memories of our past yet we will spend hours and sometimes days dwelling on the sad times or the mistakes we make or those types we got rugged…
17 min
318. Ten NFT Projects I Recommended A Friend To...
Before we recommend an NFT project to a friend its important to DYODR on what they are looking for and really dial in what is more important to them and for me it comes down to the people I trust behind the projects!
22 min
317. 8 C's: Re-Imagining NFT Web 3 Community!
If content was a key pillar in NFT Project community building would we shift our focus towards conversations around content vs random discord noise & group chat?
22 min
316. NFT Rollercoaster Requires Us To Shift Our...
here’s much to be done and in this bear market it’s difficult to maintain momentum and consistency. The risk of burnout is high and we must give grace to both ourselves and others.
15 min
315. The Web 3.0 Challenge of Embracing Change
“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” -Walt Disney
26 min
314. How Opensea’s Update Changes Everything!
Why Opensea Adding a New Launchpad, Creator Fees, % Listed and more, Changes Everything!
35 min
313. NFT Day: Why Drew & Fanzo Take Pride in Kn...
Knowing our history and where we have come is essential, especially within the early adoption phase of innovation and although its less than a year ago the context of Nov 2021 is essential for the history NFTs.
69 min
312 Storytelling NFTs: The Art of Story Structu...
Yes stories matter but what makes a great story and what are the different aspects that we must factor in and embrace around storytelling.
35 min
311. A Beautiful Disaster
The Web2 way: if you can’t beat ‘em, buy em, and if you can’t buy ‘em, copy ‘em.
17 min
310. Business 101 for NFT Project Founders
We preach today within the Web 3.0 community that NFTs are much more than a project but are we outlining what that means or what are the things we need to factor in when building a business instead of just a project. On this episode we tackle business 101 in web 3.0
34 min
309. What Content Marketers are Saying About NF...
After speaking at the largest content marketing event in the world known as Content Marketing World, I thought it was important to report back the pulse and narrative I was hearing from many of the biggest leaders in this space and what we in NFTs must remember.
26 min
308. Ed3 Educators: The Role that Each of us Pl...
“The average person is not comfortable with getting involved with a concept that will take 10 years to stabilize or to get involved in a down bear market.”
60 min
307. Language Matters: What is Starbucks Brewing?
Is it really Web 3 Technology if you aren't using crypto currency or decentralized wallets? Starbucks is doing great things but is it adding more confusion to newbies in the space.
28 min
306. Is Artificial Intelligence Art actually Ar...
What is art and should anyone tell anyone else what art is? If you say it should be something not everyone can create or if you believe it shouldn't be as easy as pressing one button then I challenge you to listen to this episode!
32 min
305. The Ethereum Merge: 5 Questions every $ETH...
In this episode, Brian answers this and other questions like “why is the ETH merge such a big deal?” and “is there any impact on other blockchains?” Once the 3 day window and the merge is complete is that the last step?
28 min
304 Maggie Xu: Building a CPG DAO for community...
How do I draw the parallel with this technology and my day to day? This is the best way for anyone to understand the space for mainstream adoption
42 min
303. What to do if NFT Project doesn’t Mint Out...
Most NFT projects won't sell out on launch day. So what is best for the NFT founders and community? Embrace a slow burn and give it time to mint out?
36 min
302. Eric Ebron, NFL Tight End and Co-founder B...
“I just wanted to do something that would resonate with everyone and create a story that all could attach themselves to with the balloon-centric characters.”
42 min