NFT 365 Podcast with Fanzo

The mantra of this podcast is simple: WE is greater than Me...

NFTs 365 is a daily podcast hosted by Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz. Brian is a Digital Futurist and Web 3.0 Visionary with a passion for exploring the world of NFTs and the creator economy.

In this podcast, we will be sharing evergreen educational episodes, breaking news, emerging trends, and exclusive interviews with top creators and experts in the field. Whether you are new to NFTs or an experienced geek, this podcast is for you.

Our goal is to help you understand and navigate the complex world of NFTs, web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. We believe that the WE is greater than the ME, and we want to empower you to join us in re-imagining the digital future together.

Business News
Visual Arts
351. Creator Economy: Content or Community?
32 min
350. It's time for 2 of 2 NFTs
Limitations Inspire Creativity and funny enough in Web 3.0 most of these limitations have more to do with technology than anything else but we feel limited because we aren't willing to open our minds to whats possible.
16 min
349. Building in Public
40 min
348. 365 Days of NFTs & Web3
64 min
347. How to Spot Macro Trends in NFTs
24 min
346. Where Brand Meets Community w/ Drew Cohen
65 min
345. The One Thing You Must Do to Sell NFTs In ...
In this episode, we discuss selling your NFTs in a bear market.
13 min
344. NFT Strategy Must Go Beyond Paper & Diamon...
39 min
343. Holiday Season Themed NFTs
How can we have altered experiences in the NFT collecting world? It can't just be airdrops and new collections. I think there's beauty in getting away from static experiences and innovate the art and meta data to bring conversations and high energy in the community.
30 min
342. How Red Beard Ventures is Supporting Web3 ...
Red Beard Ventures has developed an ecosystem of platforms, investment vehicles, Web3 properties, DAOs, and influencer relationships, to ultimately further the adoption of Crypto and Web3 platforms.
48 min
341. How Ledger is Protecting Our Digital Asset...
Ariel debunks some myths and shares a ton of great insight from the Ledger team.
47 min
340. Web 3.0 to Niche or Not to Niche
Are the riches really in the niches?
32 min
339. NFT Project Research, Past & Future
Connecting the dots on what has occurred and where we are headed
36 min
338. Reimagining Creativity with AI Art and Kin...
Fanzo welcomes Kin Gape, the mysterious founder of the AIPES NFT project.
90 min
337. Here's How I Introduce & Champion Change i...
New paths to find the harmony between tech and humanity
9 min
336. Why we must address the NEW Pressures of ...
Pressure's what you make of it. Daniel Ricciardo
40 min
335. NFT’s from the floor Vs on The Floor
Rolling with the punches in Web 3.0 and on the floor in the airport
12 min
334. The One Thing Every NFT Project Must Consi...
Activating your biggest fans can turn them into your most outstanding marketers and the greatest promoters of what you’re building. Are you doing everything you can to enable such activation?
13 min
333. Being on the right side of NFT History mig...
‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’
20 min
332. Consistency: First of the 8 C’s of Web 3 C...
Consistency is much more than showing up and it impacts every aspect of trust building and in many cases can be the difference between someone trusting you vs someone having to do more research.
21 min
331. No matter Bull or Bear, Filter the Noise!
Give yourself permission to adapt and change your style of engagement. It’s ok not to degen into every project. It’s ok to pick only one or two NFT projects to go all in on.
19 min
330. Why we all stand to benefit from marketpla...
Innovation is happening in this bear market, Magiceden supports SOL and ETH, Metamask rolled out portfolio pages, Opensea adding featuers to mobile app and Manifold just jumped into the NFT Marketplace game
30 min
329. Understanding NFT History and Timeline of ...
We shouldn't judge a book by a cover or the knowledge of someone based on the monkey pfp they have on twitter. The truth is even BAYC only launched in May of 2021
29 min
328. Shira Lazar: Creators Know Your Damn Worth...
My good friend @shiralazar joined the @NFT365podcast today, and we got real around the topic of creator monetization and what web 3.0 authenticity looks like...
58 min
327. When is the RIGHT time to Pause or Slow Do...
How are you filling your cup in the NFT space so you can be prepared to fill others' cups when they are ready?
20 min