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The mantra of this podcast is simple: WE is greater than Me...

NFTs 365 is hosted by Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist, Keynote Speaker, and Web 3 Visionary that has worked with brands like IBM, Dell, Samsung, Twitter, SAP, Adobe, Oracle, UFC, AWS and MGM while also working in cyber security for the department of defense for a decade.

The first DAILY NFT Podcast focused on creating evergreen educational episodes, breaking news, emerging Web 3.0, metaverse, creator coins and cryptocurrency trends and exclusive interviews. When it comes to learning technology, Understanding Non Fungible Tokens as Newbies or Geeks. Brand adoption of web 3.0, blockchain, the metaverse, digital transformation, future of work, cryptocurrency, creator coins within the creator economy and technology innovation is the podcast for you. If you are struggling to understand NFTs, don't know where to start with NFTs or maybe looking for NFTs for newbies, this is the podcast for you.

There will be founders of projects, collectors of art both traditional art and visual art, creators looking to find developers to managers and executives looking to understand who they need to hire in the web 3.0 digital world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer already playing in the metaverse or a parent looking to understand the trends your kids are entering in with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social tokens we will cover it all with this daily form.

NFT 365 is focused on translating the geek-speak around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency and the metaverse with the goal of helping the audience HEAR the harmony between technology and humanity, empowering us to re-imagine the digital future together.

326. NFT Partnerships Require More or Less DYODR?
DYODR 8 months ago meant researching the founders, the roadmap and checking if the utility was even possible. Today that DYODR has escalated quickly and one of the reasons is the rise of partnerships for new NFT projects and it can be a great thing but also a curse!
33 min
325. Gabe Weis: The Stoics, the harmony of arti...
Gabe is San Francisco-based mixed media artist well known for his work in cubism portraiture
56 min
324. Avoiding the Point of No Return in Web 3
If an NFT project or Metaverse or DAO are built from scratch in Web 3.0 they shouldn't have to worry about reaching a point of no return or boxing themselves in but for many NFT projects they have done just that.
17 min
323. Sabet: NFT Art is the Utility and LOVE is ...
Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American artist and designer. His work shines with vibrant optimism, love and beauty in the face of the profane
69 min
322. What Trends and NFT Project Utility NFT In...
Just because the market is bear doesn't mean there isn't a lot to learn around trends in regards to utility plays, buying and selling and even the psychology around things like staking and IRL events.
27 min
321. Zeneca, Why NFT Education Must Think Like ...
Today's guest is Zeneca founder of ZenAcadamy and he sits down with host Fanzo to discuss his journey into NFTs,
47 min
320. Why is Putting Yourself Out There in New W...
Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous and alittle worried about putting a new side of me out to the world while at the same time it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for Web 3.0, NFTs and Artificial Intelligence which excites me in every way!
31 min
319. Remember The Time
Why don’t we spend more time revisiting the happy and joyful memories of our past yet we will spend hours and sometimes days dwelling on the sad times or the mistakes we make or those types we got rugged…
17 min
318. Ten NFT Projects I Recommended A Friend To...
Before we recommend an NFT project to a friend its important to DYODR on what they are looking for and really dial in what is more important to them and for me it comes down to the people I trust behind the projects!
22 min
317. Re-Imagining NFT Project Community with th...
If content was a key pillar in NFT Project community building would we shift our focus towards conversations around content vs random discord noise & group chat?
22 min
316. NFT Rollercoaster Requires Us To Shift Our...
here’s much to be done and in this bear market it’s difficult to maintain momentum and consistency. The risk of burnout is high and we must give grace to both ourselves and others.
15 min
315. The Web 3.0 Challenge of Embracing Change
“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” -Walt Disney
26 min
314. How Opensea’s Update Changes Everything!
Why Opensea Adding a New Launchpad, Creator Fees, % Listed and more, Changes Everything!
35 min
313. NFT Day: Why Drew & Fanzo Take Pride in Kn...
Knowing our history and where we have come is essential, especially within the early adoption phase of innovation and although its less than a year ago the context of Nov 2021 is essential for the history NFTs.
69 min
312 Storytelling NFTs: The Art of Story Structu...
Yes stories matter but what makes a great story and what are the different aspects that we must factor in and embrace around storytelling.
35 min
311. A Beautiful Disaster
The Web2 way: if you can’t beat ‘em, buy em, and if you can’t buy ‘em, copy ‘em.
17 min
310. Business 101 for NFT Project Founders
We preach today within the Web 3.0 community that NFTs are much more than a project but are we outlining what that means or what are the things we need to factor in when building a business instead of just a project. On this episode we tackle business 101 in web 3.0
34 min
309. What Content Marketers are Saying About NF...
After speaking at the largest content marketing event in the world known as Content Marketing World, I thought it was important to report back the pulse and narrative I was hearing from many of the biggest leaders in this space and what we in NFTs must remember.
26 min
308. Ed3 Educators: The Role that Each of us Pl...
“The average person is not comfortable with getting involved with a concept that will take 10 years to stabilize or to get involved in a down bear market.”
60 min
307. Language Matters: What is Starbucks Brewing?
Is it really Web 3 Technology if you aren't using crypto currency or decentralized wallets? Starbucks is doing great things but is it adding more confusion to newbies in the space.
28 min
306. Is Artificial Intelligence Art actually Ar...
What is art and should anyone tell anyone else what art is? If you say it should be something not everyone can create or if you believe it shouldn't be as easy as pressing one button then I challenge you to listen to this episode!
32 min
305. The Ethereum Merge: 5 Questions every $ETH...
In this episode, Brian answers this and other questions like “why is the ETH merge such a big deal?” and “is there any impact on other blockchains?” Once the 3 day window and the merge is complete is that the last step?
28 min
304 Maggie Xu: Building a CPG DAO for community...
How do I draw the parallel with this technology and my day to day? This is the best way for anyone to understand the space for mainstream adoption
42 min
303. What to do if NFT Project doesn’t Mint Out...
Most NFT projects won't sell out on launch day. So what is best for the NFT founders and community? Embrace a slow burn and give it time to mint out?
36 min
302. Eric Ebron, NFL Tight End and Co-founder B...
“I just wanted to do something that would resonate with everyone and create a story that all could attach themselves to with the balloon-centric characters.”
42 min
301. Rob Richardson: Simplifying the Onboarding...
When it comes to onboarding newbies into the NFT space we need to keep it simple while also not being passive or just providing a simple POAP. What role do marketplaces play in this onboarding?
37 min
300. WE > me: Time to celebrate ourselves and b...
We need to give ourselves grace and stop with the negative self talk and move towards celebrating the fact that we are here and we are focused on doing great things together!
23 min
299. How the Failure of NFT Alpha Groups, Expo...
22 min
298. Elliott Foote MM3: Extending Iconic IP to ...
MM3 the first collection endorsed by Marilyn's Estate is leveraging the EIP 3665 standard to create modular NFTs that allow you to build your own custom avatar and use it in the metaverse
32 min
297. Looking to Get a Job in Web 3.0 or Launch ...
26 min
296. Rachel Friedman, Carson Jones: Creating Im...
52 min
295. How NFTs Solve The One Thing We Suck at as...
Self care and self love don't make you selfish as it actually allows you to be the best you that you can be... but for those us looking to be part of a greater WE the question we must ask ourselves is where in our lives are we prioritizing making friends and building connections.
15 min
294. Manouschka: Why We Must Take Ownership of ...
Manouschka Guerrier is no stranger to anyone who has been in the Web3 space for long. She found NFTs early during the pandemic, when her career as a chef took a downturn.
67 min
293. How NFT Media Got Things Twisted: Snoop Do...
All press isn't good press when it comes to web 3.0, crypto and NFTs but that doesn't mean that all media coverage or exposure can't be looked at from the macro level and thats what we have to do with MTV VMAs with Snoop Dogg and Eminem and Zuck on Joe Rogan!
37 min
292. Mikey Piro: Talking Club CPG, 2cents Audio...
How much would you be wiling to pay to have access to a group of people that inspire, motivate and support you in every aspect of your life? There are NFT communities doing just that and Mikey share his journey on this episode including 2cents Audio App and COO of ClubCPG
69 min
291. A Bear Hug in a Bear Market
You’re Doing Better Than You Think!
27 min
290. What MUST the Future of NFT Marketing Embr...
30 min
289. How to decide which Blue Chip NFT Project ...
Just because an NFT Project was the darling of 2021 doesn't mean the future will equal a return to glory and cutting through the noise requires more detailed and methodical research than what most realize.
33 min
288. How Stand-Out When First Joining a New NFT...
Bought a new NFT, great now what? How do you maximize the value of that NFT, how do you standout in the community while networking and staying in the new on upcoming utility and announcements?
38 min
287. How the Sept 15th ETH Merge will Impact th...
What is the ETH merge? Why should the NFT community care? Let's break it down!
26 min
286. NFT Community, No Better Time Than Right N...
Take a break, go touch some grass and please protect your mental health by giving yourself grace and remembering its ok to not be ok!
17 min
285. What Makes Building an NFT Community in We...
Community building in Web 3.0 will truly change the world but that doesn't mean it is easy and doesn't create more problems when it comes to scaling trust, onboarding new members and building inclusive spaces while understanding importance of exclusivitiy!
29 min
284. Back from the dead: Signs to HODL a projec...
Knowing which projects to hold thru the bear market vs selling now for liquidity is really just a guessing game but I do believe there are some signs to look for to make that guess a little more educated!
22 min
283: Future of NFT Derivatives, Expansion NFT p...
Nothing breeds copycats like success… And in the early adoption space if the goal is mass adoption or onboarding whatever can be used to shrink the learning curve relies on relatability!
41 min
282. Zach Bruch: Onboarding Brands with NFTs vi...
How creating a centralized portal for brands to launch NFTs while also providing a seamless way for those NFTs to be exchanged across blockchains is what Recur is moving all in on
52 min
281. Blockchain chaos & NFT Marketplace Mania: ...
So much data available for us with buying an NFT every day for a year for our Mint 365 collection and one of them is minting across 28+ blockchain marketplaces
33 min
280. Gigi Skarlett, Crypto Tech Woman: What it ...
This episode is for those that want to understand and learn what does it take for a latina women software engineer to launch her own NFT project and lift up the NFT community!
50 min
279. FIve Mindset Hacks for NFT Investors to Ma...
Buying and selling NFTs seems easy and yes the basics aren't that complex but there are some hacks
16 min
278. What does building an Authentic Personal B...
Lets go beyond using buzzwords like authenticity and being yourself and talk about how we can do that in web 3.0 and why it's important!
40 min
277. The NFT Promotion Strategy to Market Your ...
Lots of people argue about the differences between marketing and branding or PR or even sales but truth is we need to focus on strategy and defining success first the rest will fall into place!
27 min
276. Designing Your NFT Project Team and Royalt...
43 min
275. WRONG! Web 3.0 Doesn’t Have a Short Attent...
How to Capture the Attention of the NFT Community and no the answer isn't focusing on twitter and discord or creating just free mint NFTs.
31 min
274. Ashur cofounder Lazy Lion: Why It’s good t...
Ashur the founder of Lazy Lions joins the podcast to talk about the project, the journey and the sustained success they've had for the last 12 months!
55 min
273. Getting naked in Web3.0
Getting naked online especially in Web 3.0 will exposure your vulnerabilities and often put you in a place where you have to handle comments and access that you've never before dealt with but the benefits outweigh all of that!
39 min
272. Danielle Petty, 90s Babes: NFT Projects De...
NFT Projects Delivering Value During. a Slow Burn with Danielle Petty, 90s Babes & Self Love Club!
51 min
271. NFT Attention Economy: Time to Pay Attenti...
It's time we come together to shift from CryptoBro FOMO negative energy to Innovative NFT Projects and People energy.
31 min
270. The NFTs Have A Business Model Problem Pre...
If NFT projects with high percentage of unique wallet holders generate less profit and the loyal holders of NFTs see little return then something has to change!
25 min
269. Top 3 NFT investor strategies from Alpha G...
The value of alpha groups is in the fact that you have people that are all in on NFTs and Web 3.0 that are active in different corners of this space sharing experiences and projects they care about!
18 min
268. Fool me once... I'm frustrated and pissed...
It's not the rug pulls and the hackers/scam artists that are frustrating me.... its the fact that so many great people are getting screwed over by lazy founders and people in this space hiding behind alias with nothing to lose!
36 min
267. Exploring CC0 & IP Rights in NFTs with Maj...
43 min
266. What’s Rarity Got To Do with NFTs?
Just because you got a rare NFT doesn't mean it will be easy to sell or even sell above the floor but rarity does come into play with many collections and it's important to understand how it's measured
24 min
265. Creating a Strategy For The Next 100 Days ...
We've been buying an NFT for 265 days in a row and that means we have 100 days left till we sell our mosaic time-capsule collection on November 11, 2022
39 min
264. How we must change and embrace the negativ...
To change the future we must be willing to open the minds of those stuck in the ways of the past by motivating, educating and inspiring
34 min
263. What you need to know before you hire a NF...
Launching an NFT project? Are you curious about what you need to know before you hire a NFT advisor or agency or join an incubator... this episode is for you
31 min
262. Web 3.0 Has a Manel Problem
30 min
261. The Power and Disruption of Soulbound Toke...
Creating NFTs that aren't able to be transferred or sold yet can hold personal data without the need to be connected to a persons name are referred to as Soulbound Tokens
34 min
260. NFTs aren’t dead, but they are BURNING!
How do you shrink the supply of NFTs, What does gamification look like with NFTs stuck on the blockchain.... The burn mechanic might just be the future!
28 min
259. Metaversity: GenZ reimagining the future o...
Theres no question after listening to this interview that you will believe as I do that the future is bright for NFTs and Web 3.0 thanks to Gen Z leaders like these 3!
70 min
258. The Web 2.0 Marketing, Sales and Comms Str...
Web 3.0 Marketing, PR and Comms needs to be leveled up but not all aspects of Web 2.0 will work in this NFT and Metaverse environment…
45 min
257. STOP! Don’t create your own NFT project un...
For so many the excitement of NFTs starts when we hear a use-case that connects with something we could use. But we must do this before we create our own project.
30 min
256. What NFT Projects Can Learn From NFT World...
With Minecraft cutting ties with blockchain and NFTs what does that mean for projects like NFT worlds and how NFT Worlds has responded is a great example in itself!
32 min
255. TWO things every NFT project should includ...
Community growth and nurturing doesn't have to be hard or boring or all business... Actually it can't be if you want it to scale!
28 min
254. Spottie WiFi NFT rapper: keeping it real i...
The power of music NFTs is in the access to musicians as Spottie Wifi who opened for Snoop Dogg and Eminem explains!
45 min
253. Innovative NFT Use Cases Powered by Web 3....
How can we think differently about the power of NFTs beyond web 3.0 solving web 2.0 problems. I believe the answer is in collaboration
25 min
252. Gregarious co-founder Zealous: Power of Am...
Content and Storytelling are important in Web 3.0 but conversations may be the most important for community growth
66 min
251. Brands are taking notice! Nickelodeon rais...
What the Nickelodeon Rugrats NFT launch means for Web2!
19 min
250. 3 Things To Research Before You Mint Your ...
Buying an NFT Everyday Has Helped Us Know Exactly How To Do Your Own Damn Research
23 min
249. NFT Security and Best Practices for Web 3....
NFT security and safety practices in Web3 can be intimidating.  And if you happen to become a target of an exploit, it can be overwhelming to determine next steps.  In this episode, Brian discusses best practices in mitigating risks in Web3,...
47 min
248. Tactics for Community Building & Nurturing...
In the current market, it’s no surprise that engagement in NFTs and projects has leveled off, and in some cases fallen off completely.  NFT volume is down, as is Discord and social engagement.  Whether it's due to a bear sentiment, or the...
38 min
247. Sahar Afrakhan, ChoiceDAO Using the DAO s...
Join Brian as he interviews a founding member of the ChoiceDAO Sahar (@saharfyi) as she discusses global activism and engagement of Web3 to mobilize for reproductive rights. The ChoiceDAO is a global community of activists and Web3 enthusiasts coming...
34 min
246. Joe and Josh Crypto Holdem NFT: Truth Abou...
Fanzo welcomes the co-founders Joe Cameron & Josh Wilson of Crypto Holdem NFT for a live recording of the NFT365 Podcast. Crypto Holdem NFT is the first live no-limit texas holdem NFT community.Crypto Holdem NFT was minted as part of Mint 365 project...
77 min
245. Next 120 Days of NFTs #Mint365
Today is Day 245, which means there are 120 days left for the Mint365 project. It’s a pretty decent milestone and we’re dedicating today’s podcast to celebrate! Brian takes some time to look back, review how far we’ve come, and maybe even sing...
35 min
244. NFTignition of Fame Lady Squad: Talking NF...
Join Fanzo as he welcomes guest @NFTignition (host of "From The Blockchain" podcast, co-owner of Fame Lady Squad), as they discuss NFTs, Web3, rebuilding communities, and the bear market.  They also explore how leveraging tools like podcasting...
36 min
243. How to find your role in Web 3.0! WeMe
The struggle is real when it comes to being an early adopter and attempting to change and find a role in a new space...   But the truth is you aren't alone and WE need YOU and your experience in this space.  I challenge you to RAISE...
18 min
242. Do you believe crypto is a scam, & that NF...
Still, having trust issues in Web3? If you’re struggling to trust the tech, the founders, and are starting to believe the NFT space is dying, this is the episode for you! Learn how to stop using words like “community” and “utility” as...
29 min
241. 3 Changes the NFT spaces needs to empower ...
Within the early adoption stage it's easy to point out the missing technology or what we wish existed but I feel it's important to have solutions and ideas, not just complaints.  In this episode, I share 3 of the changes I feel need to happen...
27 min
240. NFT Utility Today Vs. NFT Utility a Year Ago
In today’s episode, we are breaking down the buzz of NFT utility. What the popular trends are right now and what it looked like a year ago. This is a significant factor to web3.0, as many are curious as to what are the benefits to obtaining digital...
33 min
239. NFT Founders: How to Maximize NFT Marketin...
Attention NFT founders and/or soon-to-be founders!!!! This one's for you. We sat down today to record an episode to help you understand the key components of how to market to early adopters and how to market to those who need a little more trust and...
32 min
238. Molly Dickson Computer Cowgirls: NFTs Maki...
We are joined today by Molly Dickson, fashion photographer and founder of Computer Cowgirls. Computer Cowgirls is a 201-piece genesis collection but also a launchpad for other collections that are raising funding for social movements they believe in....
31 min
237. How you do this one thing may determine if...
I'm a huge fan of studying the human condition and really enjoy breaking down the sales psychology and emotional marketing triggers that exist in our world today.   And during these current times of free mints and many having to sell of...
19 min
236. Before You F.U.D. or Sell, Remember This!
What does “FUD” mean? FUD is an acronym that stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. This acronym describes a negative feeling about a certain NFT collection or token. This feeling can stem from the founding team failing to deliver and...
31 min
235. Limitations Inspire Creativity
When it comes to creativity and innovation, for some reason, NFT projects haven’t seen massive rewards, but I believe those times are changing, and part of that change is happening as we speak.   There’s no doubt the current state of the...
33 min
234. David Bianchi: Don't Quit Before the Mirac...
Prepare yourselves for a serious dose of motivation and we welcome David Bianchi on the show as today’s guest. A classically trained actor who holds a BFA in Theatre from Arizona State where he carried lead roles in multiple main stage shows and...
59 min
233. Want to Launch Your Own NFT Project in the...
After 230+ episodes and meeting a ton of new people in the rise of web3, there is one glaring common theme. Almost everyone has great ideas for a new NFT project. So we are pressing record today to chat about what are the factors you need to consider...
31 min
232. Ed Vincent: Creating a Digital NFT Communi...
A live event enthusiast, an avid listener of the NFT365 podcast, and founder of Festival Pass, Ed Vincent joins us as our guest today. From servicing others in the banking industry to creating & selling his own marketing agency supporting film...
48 min
231. The Blockchain Doesn't Lie
The blockchain doesn't like but I will admit I've been lying to myself far to many times over the last many months knowing that I need to protect my energy and prioritize my own self-care while instead refreshing Opensea and getting stuck in hour long...
21 min
230. Two New NFT Analytic Tools For NFT Investo...
I know what you are thinking...  Brian how is an episode about 2 NFT tools still 20+ minutes long..   Now I know I joke about me struggling sometimes to keep things short but in this case its strategic as I don't like to give tool...
28 min
229. Why Web 3.0 Must Take PRIDE in Celebrating...
Today is International Pride Day and we’re insanely blessed to have the opportunity to speak with not one, not two, but three AMAZING humans for today’s podcast. Three incredible humans, one great conversation that will hopefully not only educate...
51 min
228. We don't need MORE NFT projects we need mo...
Why do most communities fail when scaling? What are they doing wrong that successful projects are getting right? In a time when everyone is looking to create their own projects, is the better play to bring your talents to Web3 and work across multiple...
20 min
227. What NFT Projects Can Learn from IRL Events
There were lots of people at NFT NYC almost bragging that they never picked up their badge or that they never attended a single panel or talk as they were too busy at side events or meetups.   The thing is even as a full-time professional...
22 min