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Christopher Carter, NFL and college football analyst and writer, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Dean and Josh! / James Conner's Pittsburgh lega...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod discuss James Conner joining the Cardinals and Ben Roethlisberger's leadership skills.
34 min
Tony Tuesday! / Chris rants against latest nati...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino defend the Steelers' pass rush against a diss, talk free agency and NFL Draft cornerbacks.
34 min
Mock Draft Monday / Top 3 quarterback pick hist...
Chris Carter plays Mock Draft Monday, looks at cornerbacks with a Topic Bag segment, and explains why top QB picks haven't worked out.
28 min
Tony Friday! / JuJu Smith-Schuster says Steeler...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino talk about JuJu's latest comments on the radio, Ben Roethlisberger, and maybe a surprise signing in the near future.
31 min
Why Steelers picking QBs late in the first is a...
Chris Carter talks about the latest national media narratives that have the Steelers reaching for QBs, and who they could trade up for.
29 min
Dean Iampietro! / Steven Nelson strikes back / ...
Chris Carter and Dean Iampietro get into it over Steven Nelson, who the Steelers' backup running back will be and Najee Harris.
32 min
Josh Axelrod! / Good that Steelers stayed away ...
Chris Carter and Josh Axelrod talk about Sam Darnold's trade, Steven Nelson fallout, and introduce a new segment.
30 min
Real reason Steelers cut Steven Nelson tied to ...
Chris Carter explains the new report on why the Steelers let go of Steven Nelson, gives his new mock draft and announces the Mock Draft Monday winner.
27 min
Jenna and Dean! / Steelers locking into draftin...
Chris Carter, Jenna Harner and Dean Iampietro talk about the Steelers' draft needs zeroing in, and some insight from Robert Spillane.
28 min
Wes Uhler! / Debunking pro day myths / Steelers...
Chris Carter and Wes Uhler discuss what's real and what's fake at pro days and how Steelers are playing the long game on certain players.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Kalen Ballage doesn't change R...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod discuss the Steelers' RB room and QB search.
29 min
Tony Tuesday! / Steelers moves on the horizon? ...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino chop it up about some moves by the Steelers and which moves they shouldn't make.
29 min
Tyson Alualu's return means more than you think...
Chris Carter discusses Tyson Alualu's return, the Steelers' new opponent and Mock Draft Monday.
29 min
Jenna Harner! / Art Rooney II says fans back / ...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner discuss the latest comments from Steelers owner Art Rooney II.
27 min
Chase Claypool fight, needs to check himself / ...
Chris Carter discusses Chase Claypool's fight and a reasonable take on how the rookie must press forward, as well as what Kevin Colbert's been doing.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Steven Nelson cut! / Are the S...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod examine the move to cut Steven Nelson and whether the Steelers are handling this season the right way.
36 min
Tony Tuesday! / Tony's 'Stone Cold Lock' came t...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino examine the Steven Nelson trade and play Mock Draft (Tuesday)!
32 min
Welcome Yinzhers Podcast! / JuJu Smith-Schuster...
Chris Carter is joined by Jordan DeFigio, Morgan Urtso and Samantha James of the Yinzhers Podcast. They talk JuJu, Steven Nelson and more.
49 min
JuJu Smith-Schuster is back with the Steelers /...
In this emergency podcast, Chris Carter goes into why the Steelers deal to bring back JuJu Smith-Schuster is huge.
18 min
Jon Ledyard! / Are the Steelers overlooking a k...
Chris Carter talks to Jon Ledyard about the direction the Steelers have taken
39 min
Think Steelers are losing a lot? They've recove...
Chris Carter breaks down why the Steelers' situation isn't that bad, talks with Tyler Rowland of Locked on Titans and more.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Zach Banner signed, Mike Hilto...
Chris, Dean and Josh discuss the latest moves and a real outlook on the Steelers' situation. Are fans tripping over nothing?
33 min
Tony Tuesday! / CAMERON SUTTON STAYS / Bud Dupr...
Chris and Tony chop up the team keeping Sutton and Colbert in the start of free agency.
29 min
Robert Spillane is back, but is Alejandro Villa...
Chris discusses the move to bring back Robert Spillane and other pending moves, while also playing Mock Draft Monday.
34 min
Jenna Harner! / Free agent frenzy / John Brown,...
Chris and Jenna get you ready for the pending free agency period, John Brown and Travis Etienne, and pro days.
41 min
Salary Cap at $182.5M, what will Steelers do no...
Chris talks about the new salary cap, the Steelers' comp pick received, and what to do at tight end.
32 min
Dean and Joshua! / Steelers don't use franchise...
Chris, Dean and Joshua talk about the latest franchise tag news and potential salary cap situations.
41 min
Tony Tuesday! / Conspiracy to keep JuJu? / Is C...
Chris and Tony talk about JuJu, Claypool and proposed new NFL overtime rules.
34 min
Adam Crowley! / Mock Draft Monday / Ben talk / ...
Chris and Adam talk about Ben's new deal and different draft strategies for the Steelers.
42 min
Ben Roethlisberger's new contract saves Steeler...
Chris talks about Ben's new deal and how it puts the Steelers in a great position.
33 min
Locked on Steelers Mailbag Thursday! Calm befor...
Chris takes your questions and answers them on air!
45 min
Dean and Joshua Axelrod! / Who's the face of th...
Chris, Dean and Joshua debate about leadership on the Steelers' roster.
50 min
Tony Tuesday! / J.J. Watt to the Cardinals / Ra...
Chris and Tony discuss the J.J. Watt signing, and rank NFL Draft running backs.
37 min
Joey Bag of Donuts! / Mock Draft Monday / Power...
Chris and Joey discuss the Steelers' priorities and play Mock Draft Monday.
37 min
Jenna Harner! / QB market continues to shake / ...
Chris and Jenna discuss the impact of the QB market on the Ben discussion, J.J. Watt conspiracy theories and older Steelers to keep.
33 min
Wesley Uhler! / Ben's return good or bad? / Why...
Chris and Wesley discuss Ben Roethlisberger, draft strategy, and JuJu's future.
49 min
Dean Iampietro! / Ben's back! / Why Kevin Colbe...
Chris and Dean discuss Ben being back, Kevin Colbert and Hines Ward.
45 min
Josh Taylor! / Cam Heyward's restructured contr...
Chris and Josh talk about how Heyward's restrcture helps the cap space and how the defense could use a change.
51 min
Mock Draft Monday / Chris Carter's Mock Draft 1...
Chris gives you his first Steelers mock draft and picks the winner for Mock Draft Monday and includes some Ben talk.
44 min
Jenna Harner! / Salary cap floor is GOOD for St...
Chris and Jenna break down Kevin Colbert's words on Ben Roethlisberger and the team, as well as the salary cap floor.
34 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked on Steelers meets Lo...
Chris and Ross talk about the similar situations the Steelers and Saints find themselves in 2021's offseason.
41 min
Dean Iampietro! / Steelers WR history is why yo...
Chris and Dean debate Steelers priorities moving forward and whether Maurkice Pouncey deserves the Hall of Fame.
41 min
Tony Tuesday! / Exploring salary cap situations...
Chris and Tony discuss the latest Steelers news and look at different Steelers salary cap scenarios and how they could play out.
41 min
Brooke Pryor! / Maurkice Pouncey's retiring / J...
Chris is joined by ESPN's Brooke Pryor talking Pouncey, Watt, and having fun with mock drafts.
50 min
Jenna Harner! / Why Steelers must prioritize ce...
Chris and Jenna talk about the Steelers' needs at offensive line and why certain positions will take priority, and how to look at free agency.
38 min
Why the Steelers must invest in more creative r...
Chris goes into the film room to show why the Steelers must move beyond mediocre running backs, Ike's thoughts on Ben, and Bruce Arians digging up the past.
29 min
Dean Iampietro! / Ben Roethlisberger's contract...
Chris and Dean talk quarterbacks galore including Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Kordell Stewart and Tom Brady.
44 min
Tony Tuesday! / Can Steelers' defense look like...
Chris and Tony talk about the Buccaneers' defense and if the Steelers could learn from it, and Kordell Stewart.
46 min
T.J. Watt snubbed? Or Aaron Donald deserving? /...
Chris goes over all the Steelers news from Super Bowl weekend with T.J. Watt getting no Defensive Player of the Year and two more Steelers in the Hall of Fame.
32 min
Jenna Harner! / Bruce Arians on Ben Roethlisber...
Chris and Jenna talk about Antonio Brown, Bruce Arians, T.J. Watt, Alan Faneca and the Super Bowl in a packed show.
48 min
Mailbag Thursday! Chris Carter answers Locked o...
Chris takes your questions and answers them on air!
42 min
Dean Iampietro! / Retired and current Steelers ...
Chris and Dean address the Steelers' defense of hiring Adrian Klemm for OL coach and more.
47 min
Tony Tuesday! / Adrian Klemm Steelers new offen...
Chris and Tony discuss the Steelers' new hire, top players from the Senior Bowl and if the Steelers should trade back for more picks.
43 min
Mrs. Patricia Rooney passes away / Crazy Matt S...
Chris looks at the Rams/Lions trade as a reason why the Steelers shouldn't make aggressive trades for quarterbacks.
26 min
Jenna Harner! / Art Rooney II says Ben Roethlis...
Chris and Jenna analyze what Art Rooney II said Thursday and what it means for the Steelers moving forward.
41 min
Adam Crowley! / Steelers far behind in QB race?...
Chris and Adam debate if the Steelers really are so far behind the NFL teams with young QBs, as well as who the new OL coach should be and Matt Canada's priorities.
29 min
Dean Iampietro! / T.J. Watt strikes back on rum...
Chris and Dean talk about new developments on the T.J. Watt rumors, as well as why Ben Roethlisberger shouldn't be discarded so easily.
47 min
Tony Tuesday! / Matt Canada is officially offen...
Chris and Tony discuss Matt Canada being official and the T.J. Watt rumor.
45 min
Maurkice Pouncey, Vance McDonald to retire / Tr...
Chris discusses the retirement of McDonald and the report on Pouncey, as well as the potential of a QB trade and the Super Bowl.
42 min
Jenna Harner! / Dwayne Haskins is a Steelers?! ...
Chris and Jenna talk about the Steelers' new quarterback, the offensive coordinator search and pick the conference championship games.
33 min
Chris Carter answers your mailbag questions, pa...
Chris Carter answers questions from Locked on Steelers listeners.
47 min
Dean Iampietro! / Good decision to keep Keith B...
Chris and Dean debate defensive coordinator decisions and how to handle the Steelers' cornerback situation.
46 min
Tony Tuesday! / Offensive line coach search / S...
Chris and Tony chop it up about the Steelers' coaching searches, backup quarterbacks, and why Devin Bush deserves more praise.
32 min
Wesley Uhler! / Is Matt Canada the right offens...
Chris and Wes discuss the pros and cons of the Matt Canada promotion to offensive coordinator and how to best change the Steelers' roster.
46 min
Jenna Harner! / Randy Fichtner is GONE, other S...
Chris and Jenna talk about the coaching changes for the Steelers, JuJu, and pick this weekend's games.
33 min
Kevin Colbert's not going anywhere / Mailbag Ep...
Chris addresses the rumor of Kevin Colbert leaving for the Lions and answers your questions from the mailbag!
35 min
Dean Iampietro! / Tim Lester passes away / Chil...
Chris and Dean chop up more looks at the Steelers' playoff loss and remember Tim "the Bus Drive" Lester.
51 min
Tony Tuesday! / Maurkice Pouncey retired? Not y...
Chris and Tony have a lot to look at in assessing the Steelers' performance and finding where they can go from here.
59 min
Steelers lose 48-37 / Well, that happened / No ...
Chris helps Steelers fans after the embarrassing playoff loss, looking for answers before a long offseason.
45 min
Jenna Harner! / JuJu Misquoted / Leaders Helpin...
Chris and Jenna get you ready for Steelers vs. Browns in the playoffs looking at all aspects about this game.
47 min
Playoff Crossover Thursday: Locked on Steelers ...
Chris and Jeff preview Steelers vs. Browns and the urgency of a playoff game.
42 min
Dean Iampietro! / Browns outbreak grows, Kevan ...
Chris and Dean explain the latest news and what's happening with the Browns' outbreak, as well as the Steelers' good news and the keys to the game.
38 min
Tony Tuesday! / Tony's hot takes / Snap Count R...
Chris and Tony look at who the Steelers need to be in the playoffs and just what the strategy was in resting certain players, even ones who played.
52 min
Steelers Lose to Browns but LOL / Mason Rudolph...
Chris goes over all the good and bad in the Steelers' backups losing to the Browns, and especially how it looks good for the playoffs.
29 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked on Steelers meets Lo...
Chris and Jeff preview Steelers vs. Browns.
50 min
Dean and Jenna! / Ben Roethlisberger sits vs. B...
Chris, Dean and Jenna debate the Steelers' resting Ben Roethlisberger, and Chris pays up on a tequila shot bet.
54 min
T.J. Watt HAS to get Defensive MVP / Steelers v...
Chris argues why T.J. Watt must be NFL Defensive MVP, gives the snap count report, and explains what actually is happening between Ben and Fichtner.
34 min
AFC NORTH CHAMPS! / Steelers Beat Colts / Ben R...
Chris breaks down the Steelers' comeback win over the Colts and Ben Roethlisberger's return to elite play in the 2nd half.
35 min
Jenna Harner! / Vince Williams Back / JuJu Stop...
Chris and Jenna wrap up week 16 news on the Steelers and get you ready for the huge game against the Colts.
48 min
Dean Iampietro! / Mike Tomlin on Steelers' Stru...
Chris and Dean go over Mike Tomlin's latest comments, the snap counts and look at how the Steelers haven't played well in December the last 3 seasons.
42 min
Chris explores how serious the Steelers' problems are right now after the loss to the Bengals.
26 min
Joe Haden IN, Kevin Dotson out for Steelers vs....
Chris gives final updates for Steelers football before playing the Bengals Monday night and answers YOUR questions!
36 min
Jenna Harner! / No, the Steelers Ain't Soft / W...
Chris and Jenna explain why the 'Steelers are soft' narrative is a joke, and pick all the games.
43 min
Ben Roethlisberger Clears the Air / Crossover T...
Chris goes over Ben Roethlisberger's comments and does Crossover Thursday with James Rapien of Locked on Bengals.
42 min
Joey and Dean! / Ben Roethlisberger Debate: Is ...
Chris is joined by Dean and Joey to debate Ben Roethlisberger's future, where the defense ranks in the NFL and what's the best approach to JuJu's dancing.
46 min
Tony Tuesday! Matt Feiler to IR, but Joe Haden ...
Chris and Tony keep you up to date on Steelers news, analyze the snap count report from the last game and discuss a new conspiracy theory from Tony.
38 min
Somebody Wake the Offense Up / Steelers Lose to...
Chris helps Steelers fans understand and move on from the Bills loss. It's a rough Monday, but he helps you through it,.
33 min
Jenna Harner! / Vince Williams on COVID List, S...
Chris and Jenna update you on the latest Steelers news with Vince Williams to the COVID List and how the Steelers can adapt with so many players missing.
42 min
Steelers get James Conner and Chris Boswell Bac...
Chris discusses the importance of Conner and Boswell returning, and does crossover Thursday with Joe Marino of Locked on Bills.
40 min
Dean Iampietro! / How Does Mike Tomlin 'Wake Up...
Chris and Dean address how Tomlin must handle Steelers after loss, the snap count numbers and how to fix the offense.
48 min
Reaction to Steelers' First Loss 23-17 to Washi...
Chris and Tony react to the Steelers' loss to Washington, discuss Randy Fichtner and what the biggest hurdles are to finish the season.
39 min
Crossover Monday: Locked on Steelers Meet Locke...
Chris Carter meets Chris Russell and the two do a Crossover Monday episode to get you ready for Steelers vs. Washington.
45 min
Jenna Harner! / Why such a Strong Anti-Steelers...
Chris and Jenna discuss the hate on the Steelers nationally and pick all week 13 games.
48 min
STEELERS SWEEP RAVENS! 11-0! / OK, Bud Dupree's...
Chris recaps the latest Steelers win, its sloppiness, Dupree's injury, and the drops that were huge in that game.
30 min
STEELERS VS. RAVENS FINALLY / Dean Iampietro! /...
Chris and Dean get you ready for Steelers vs. Ravens on a Wednesday.
39 min
Chris and Tony help Steelers fans cope with ANOTHER postponement, explore conspiracy theories and media bias.
46 min
Steelers vs. Ravens Still on For Tuesday / Why ...
Chris gets you up to speed on all the Steelers vs. Ravens news and looks at Sunday's games.
30 min
BREAKING: Lamar Jackson OUT vs. Steelers / Jenn...
Chris and Jenna go over the craziness of Steelers vs. Ravens with all the players that are out, including Lamar Jackson. Get the full preview here.
40 min
UPDATE: Steelers vs. Ravens POSTPONED! No Thank...
Chris gives a brief update on why the Steelers vs. Ravens game for Thanksgiving was postponed and its impact on the Steelers' week.
7 min
Crossover Wednesday: Locked on Steelers meets L...
Chris and Kevin preview the Thanksgiving Day matchup and keep you updated on the Ravens' COVID outbreak.
54 min