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Christopher Carter, NFL and college football analyst and writer, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Ethan Smith! / Analysis on all angles of David ...
Chris Carter and Ethan Smith dive deep on the change of guard, literally and figuratively, for the Steelers.
33 min
BONUS EPISODE: Jenna and Dean! / Steelers train...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Jenna Harner discuss the impact of the Steelers having training camp at Heinz Field again.
12 min
Jenna and Dean! / David DeCastro out, Trai Turn...
Chris Carter, Jenna Harner and Dean Iampietro explain the David DeCastro release and play the first edition of Fantasy Draft Friday.
40 min
Brian Batko! / All the details on the coming St...
Chris Carter and Brian Batko dive into what, and who, the Steelers need to emerge at slot cornerback.
34 min
Dean and Josh! / Ranking top five Steelers all-...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod debate all-time Steelers running backs.
32 min
Tony Tuesday! / Le'Veon Bell retiring? Legacy t...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino debate the best and worst matchups for the Steelers' offensive line.
40 min
Adam Bittner! / Trai Turner visit mean change a...
Chris Carter and Adam Bittner weigh in on the meaning of Trai Turner's visit to the Steelers and more.
30 min
Jenna Harner! / Dwayne Haskins speaks on humili...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner discuss Dwayne Haskins and the Steelers environment.
30 min
Tony Thursday! / James Pierre hype train builds...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino talk about the Steelers' top standout at minicamp and other questions about the team.
33 min
Dean and Josh! / What Matt Canada really means ...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod go over the Steelers' coordinators comments after day 1 minicamp.
35 min
What to actually expect from Steelers minicamp ...
Chris Carter gets you ready for Steelers minicamp as it starts Tuesday.
25 min
Weighing the Malik Hooker hype / Chill, Le'Veon...
Chris Carter explains why fans have been excited about Malik Hooker with realistic perspective, and dishes on Le'Veon Bell, and the Steelers' offensive future.
29 min
Jenna Harner! / Robert Spillane and Devin Bush ...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner wrap up Steelers OTAs talking about their preferred linebacker pair and Minkah Fitzpatrick forming into a true leader.
26 min
JuJu Smith-Schuster needs to line up everywhere...
Chris Carter goes over JuJu Smith-Schuster's Wednesday comments and explains why Devin Bush expects to cover receivers.
30 min
Dean and Josh! / Baker Mayfield vs. Ben Roethli...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod debate QB talk and the latest wild national media take on Najee Harris, as well as Mason Rudolph.
28 min
Tony Tuesday! / Ranking Steelers position group...
Tony Serino returns to talk with Chris Carter about where the Steelers' position groups rank around the AFC North.
35 min
Tony ... Monday?! / Ben Roethlisberger a funny ...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino reunite to talk about Steelers QBs and conspiracies in OTAs.
29 min
Tunch Ilkin: Amazing man retires from Steelers ...
Chris Carter explains how amazing Tunch Ilkin is, why Cameron Sutton shouldn't be overlooked, and shares funny stories.
29 min
Adam Bittner! / Balance Matt Canada's style wit...
Chris Carter and Adam Bittner examine how Ben Roethlisberger's chemistry with his new offensive coordinator might play out.
36 min
Dean and Josh! / Ben Roethlisberger saying all ...
Christopher Carter is joined by Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod to talk about Ben Roethlisberger's latest comments.
29 min
Brooke Pryor! / Chip on Alex Highsmith's should...
Christopher Carter and Brooke Pryor talk about Alex Highsmith not liking being overlooked this offseason and some of the Steelers' best personalities.
32 min
Jenna Harner! / Steelers' search for new leader...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner wrap up the final week of Steelers OTAs.
23 min
ESPN's Brooke Pryor! / Steelers' O-line embrace...
Chris Carter and Brooke Pryor talk about the latest at Steelers OTAs and why so many in national media are down on Pittsburgh.
32 min
Dean and Josh! / Cam Heyward steps up for Ben R...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod discuss Cam Heyward's comments defending his quarterback.
35 min
Steelers OTAs begin today / How Buddy Johnson c...
Chris Carter gets you ready for Steelers OTAs, and gives you some Buddy Johnson film study notes.
29 min
Adam Crowley! / OT vs. CB vs. EDGE in Steelers ...
Chris Carter and Adam Crowley talk about the Steelers' needs and which take priority as OTAs start.
31 min
Jenna and Dean! / Dick LeBeau presenting Troy P...
Chris Carter, Jenna Harner and Dean Iampietro talk about Troy Polamalu and Dick LeBeau, and debate who has the best playoffs.
36 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked on Steelers meets Lo...
Chris Carter and Cole Thompson talk about the Steelers' two fourth round picks from Texas A&M.
33 min
Dean and Josh! / Najee Harris quickly becoming ...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod talk about Najee Harris' early likability, tight ends and AFC North odds.
35 min
Steelers shopping for real veteran edge rushers...
Chris Carter explains what the Steelers could be looking for in free agency and answers a question on how teams prepare for games.
29 min
Najee Harris jokes with Steelers media, making ...
Chris Carter goes into Najee Harris' continuing to be exciting interacting with media and looking good at rookie camp.
29 min
Jenna Harner! / Best Steelers home games to att...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner look at the best home games for Steelers fans to attend and talk about JuJu's latest comments.
28 min
Steelers schedule release breakdown / THEY AIN'...
Chris Carter breaks down the Steelers' schedule with players' reactions and why the tough run at the end could be good for the team.
31 min
Dean and Josh! / National media vs. Steelers ne...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod take on the national media dissing the Steelers again, and look ahead to the schedule release.
35 min
Tony Tuesday! / Kevin Colbert's comments on Ben...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino talk about Kevin Colbert's latest comments and rank the Steelers' rookie jersey numbers.
33 min
Who's Arthur Maulet? What's the Steelers' plan ...
Chris Carter breaks down the Steelers' new defensive back and looks at top remaining free agents.
28 min
Jenna Harner! / Alejandor Villanueva for real w...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner go over Alejandro Villanueva's comments about the Steelers and the amazing journey of Najee Harris.
31 min
Jeff Hartman! / Steelers overlooking secondary ...
Chris Carter and Jeff Hartman look at weaknesses on defense for the Steelers to address.
33 min
Dean and Josh! / Alejandro Villanueva joins the...
Chris Carter is joined by Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod on the latest Steelers news and debate questions.
37 min
Tony Tuesday! / Tony's conspiracy on Terrell Ed...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino analyze the decision not to use Terrell Edmunds' 5th-year option and other aspects to the NFL Draft.
32 min
STEELERS DRAFT ANALYSIS: It's all about the run...
Chris Carter analyzes the Steelers' eight draft picks top to bottom.
28 min
Jenna and Dean! / STEELERS PICK NAJEE HARRIS / ...
Chris Carter, Jenna Harner and Dean Iampietro break down the Steelers' first round pick of running back Najee Harris.
28 min
Ethan Smith! / NFL DRAFT DAY IS HERE! / Don't f...
Chris Carter and Ethan Smith get you ready for the NFL Draft with their final reviews on who the Steelers might pick.
28 min
Dean and Josh! / Steelers use fifth-year option...
Chris Carter is joined by Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod on Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers and the NFL Draft.
30 min
Tony Tuesday! / Read between the lines on Mike ...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino give you their takes after Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert held their pre-draft press conference.
32 min
Dave Dameshek! / Steelers trajectory talk / Dav...
Chris Carter and Dave Dameshek go back and forth on the Steelers' trajectory moving forward and do some final mocks.
34 min
Jenna Harner! / Big picture look at Steelers, M...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner get you ready for the week of the NFL Draft with a big picture look at the Steelers.
29 min
Why Steelers getting the right center is so imp...
Chris Carter breaks down his center rankings and why it could be vital this year, and answers a question on trading up.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / All the reactions to the Steel...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod examine all the angles of the Steelers re-signing Mike Tomlin.
32 min
Tony Tuesday! / Alejandro Villanueva, and the R...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino discuss the former Steelers lineman visiting a rival and compare top picks at positions outside running back.
36 min
BONUS EPISODE: Ultimate Mock Draft 2021 Picks 1...
A sneak peek at the first episode of the Locked On Podcast Network and Audacy collaboration: The Ultimate Mock Draft 2021.
25 min
Are Steelers bad at drafting running backs late...
Chris Carter looks at the Steelers' late picks at running back the past 4 years and goes over this week's winner of Mock Draft Monday
30 min
Jenna Harner! / Mike Tomlin's 'volunteers not h...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner talk about the Steelers' players sticking together, free agency comparisons and debate Julian Edelman's legacy vs. Steelers who should be in the Hall of Fame.
28 min
Vince Williams and Josh Dobbs are back! / Steel...
Chris Carter breaks down the Steelers getting back two veterans and the OTA debate between the NFL and the players.
28 min
Dean and Josh! / James Conner's Pittsburgh lega...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod discuss James Conner joining the Cardinals and Ben Roethlisberger's leadership skills.
34 min
Tony Tuesday! / Chris rants against latest nati...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino defend the Steelers' pass rush against a diss, talk free agency and NFL Draft cornerbacks.
34 min
Mock Draft Monday / Top 3 quarterback pick hist...
Chris Carter plays Mock Draft Monday, looks at cornerbacks with a Topic Bag segment, and explains why top QB picks haven't worked out.
28 min
Tony Friday! / JuJu Smith-Schuster says Steeler...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino talk about JuJu's latest comments on the radio, Ben Roethlisberger, and maybe a surprise signing in the near future.
31 min
Why Steelers picking QBs late in the first is a...
Chris Carter talks about the latest national media narratives that have the Steelers reaching for QBs, and who they could trade up for.
29 min
Dean Iampietro! / Steven Nelson strikes back / ...
Chris Carter and Dean Iampietro get into it over Steven Nelson, who the Steelers' backup running back will be and Najee Harris.
32 min
Josh Axelrod! / Good that Steelers stayed away ...
Chris Carter and Josh Axelrod talk about Sam Darnold's trade, Steven Nelson fallout, and introduce a new segment.
30 min
Real reason Steelers cut Steven Nelson tied to ...
Chris Carter explains the new report on why the Steelers let go of Steven Nelson, gives his new mock draft and announces the Mock Draft Monday winner.
27 min
Jenna and Dean! / Steelers locking into draftin...
Chris Carter, Jenna Harner and Dean Iampietro talk about the Steelers' draft needs zeroing in, and some insight from Robert Spillane.
28 min
Wes Uhler! / Debunking pro day myths / Steelers...
Chris Carter and Wes Uhler discuss what's real and what's fake at pro days and how Steelers are playing the long game on certain players.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Kalen Ballage doesn't change R...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod discuss the Steelers' RB room and QB search.
29 min
Tony Tuesday! / Steelers moves on the horizon? ...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino chop it up about some moves by the Steelers and which moves they shouldn't make.
29 min
Tyson Alualu's return means more than you think...
Chris Carter discusses Tyson Alualu's return, the Steelers' new opponent and Mock Draft Monday.
29 min
Jenna Harner! / Art Rooney II says fans back / ...
Chris Carter and Jenna Harner discuss the latest comments from Steelers owner Art Rooney II.
27 min
Chase Claypool fight, needs to check himself / ...
Chris Carter discusses Chase Claypool's fight and a reasonable take on how the rookie must press forward, as well as what Kevin Colbert's been doing.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Steven Nelson cut! / Are the S...
Chris Carter, Dean Iampietro and Josh Axelrod examine the move to cut Steven Nelson and whether the Steelers are handling this season the right way.
36 min
Tony Tuesday! / Tony's 'Stone Cold Lock' came t...
Chris Carter and Tony Serino examine the Steven Nelson trade and play Mock Draft (Tuesday)!
32 min
Welcome Yinzhers Podcast! / JuJu Smith-Schuster...
Chris Carter is joined by Jordan DeFigio, Morgan Urtso and Samantha James of the Yinzhers Podcast. They talk JuJu, Steven Nelson and more.
49 min
JuJu Smith-Schuster is back with the Steelers /...
In this emergency podcast, Chris Carter goes into why the Steelers deal to bring back JuJu Smith-Schuster is huge.
18 min
Jon Ledyard! / Are the Steelers overlooking a k...
Chris Carter talks to Jon Ledyard about the direction the Steelers have taken
39 min
Think Steelers are losing a lot? They've recove...
Chris Carter breaks down why the Steelers' situation isn't that bad, talks with Tyler Rowland of Locked on Titans and more.
29 min
Dean and Josh! / Zach Banner signed, Mike Hilto...
Chris, Dean and Josh discuss the latest moves and a real outlook on the Steelers' situation. Are fans tripping over nothing?
33 min
Tony Tuesday! / CAMERON SUTTON STAYS / Bud Dupr...
Chris and Tony chop up the team keeping Sutton and Colbert in the start of free agency.
29 min
Robert Spillane is back, but is Alejandro Villa...
Chris discusses the move to bring back Robert Spillane and other pending moves, while also playing Mock Draft Monday.
34 min
Jenna Harner! / Free agent frenzy / John Brown,...
Chris and Jenna get you ready for the pending free agency period, John Brown and Travis Etienne, and pro days.
41 min
Salary Cap at $182.5M, what will Steelers do no...
Chris talks about the new salary cap, the Steelers' comp pick received, and what to do at tight end.
32 min
Dean and Joshua! / Steelers don't use franchise...
Chris, Dean and Joshua talk about the latest franchise tag news and potential salary cap situations.
41 min
Tony Tuesday! / Conspiracy to keep JuJu? / Is C...
Chris and Tony talk about JuJu, Claypool and proposed new NFL overtime rules.
34 min
Adam Crowley! / Mock Draft Monday / Ben talk / ...
Chris and Adam talk about Ben's new deal and different draft strategies for the Steelers.
42 min
Ben Roethlisberger's new contract saves Steeler...
Chris talks about Ben's new deal and how it puts the Steelers in a great position.
33 min
Locked on Steelers Mailbag Thursday! Calm befor...
Chris takes your questions and answers them on air!
45 min
Dean and Joshua Axelrod! / Who's the face of th...
Chris, Dean and Joshua debate about leadership on the Steelers' roster.
50 min
Tony Tuesday! / J.J. Watt to the Cardinals / Ra...
Chris and Tony discuss the J.J. Watt signing, and rank NFL Draft running backs.
37 min
Joey Bag of Donuts! / Mock Draft Monday / Power...
Chris and Joey discuss the Steelers' priorities and play Mock Draft Monday.
37 min
Jenna Harner! / QB market continues to shake / ...
Chris and Jenna discuss the impact of the QB market on the Ben discussion, J.J. Watt conspiracy theories and older Steelers to keep.
33 min
Wesley Uhler! / Ben's return good or bad? / Why...
Chris and Wesley discuss Ben Roethlisberger, draft strategy, and JuJu's future.
49 min
Dean Iampietro! / Ben's back! / Why Kevin Colbe...
Chris and Dean discuss Ben being back, Kevin Colbert and Hines Ward.
45 min
Josh Taylor! / Cam Heyward's restructured contr...
Chris and Josh talk about how Heyward's restrcture helps the cap space and how the defense could use a change.
51 min
Mock Draft Monday / Chris Carter's Mock Draft 1...
Chris gives you his first Steelers mock draft and picks the winner for Mock Draft Monday and includes some Ben talk.
44 min
Jenna Harner! / Salary cap floor is GOOD for St...
Chris and Jenna break down Kevin Colbert's words on Ben Roethlisberger and the team, as well as the salary cap floor.
34 min
Crossover Thursday: Locked on Steelers meets Lo...
Chris and Ross talk about the similar situations the Steelers and Saints find themselves in 2021's offseason.
41 min
Dean Iampietro! / Steelers WR history is why yo...
Chris and Dean debate Steelers priorities moving forward and whether Maurkice Pouncey deserves the Hall of Fame.
41 min
Tony Tuesday! / Exploring salary cap situations...
Chris and Tony discuss the latest Steelers news and look at different Steelers salary cap scenarios and how they could play out.
41 min
Brooke Pryor! / Maurkice Pouncey's retiring / J...
Chris is joined by ESPN's Brooke Pryor talking Pouncey, Watt, and having fun with mock drafts.
50 min
Jenna Harner! / Why Steelers must prioritize ce...
Chris and Jenna talk about the Steelers' needs at offensive line and why certain positions will take priority, and how to look at free agency.
38 min
Why the Steelers must invest in more creative r...
Chris goes into the film room to show why the Steelers must move beyond mediocre running backs, Ike's thoughts on Ben, and Bruce Arians digging up the past.
29 min