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Christopher Carter digs deep daily on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL with his daily podcast Locked on Steelers, part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl
6-1-2020 - All-NFL Under 25 List / Steelers Won...
Chris looks at the only Steeler to make the all-NFL under 25 list and more Steelers topics.
29 min
5-29-2020 - NFL Rule Changes / Fantasy Draft Fr...
Chris is joined by Tony and Josh to debate the new rules and the all-time Steelers regular season games.
67 min
5-28-2020 - Johnson played 2019 injured / How t...
Chris talks about Diontae Johnson's latest reveal and does a throwback thursday.
30 min
5-27-2020 - NFL Facilities Open Next Week? / Fi...
Chris breaks down the latest news with the NFL returning, Minkah Fitzpatrick and more.
32 min
5-26-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Tomlin talks Rooney...
Chris and Tony talk about the COVID-19 update, Tomlin speaking out for minority coaches and power rankings.
39 min
5-22-2020 - Minkah and Ben not Top 100? / Fanta...
Chris, Tony and Hunter debate the best Steelers that weren't drafted by the team.
45 min
5-21-2020 - Ike Taylor Joins the Show! / Ike on...
Chris Carter interviews former Steelers' cornerback Ike Taylor on today's Steelers and his career.
30 min
5-20-2020 - Enough is Enough on Ben / Ramon Fos...
Chris Carter talks about the latest hate on Roethlisberger, a review on Rudolph and Conner's latest.
32 min
5-19-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Big Ben is Back / E...
Chris is rejoined by Tony to talk about Ben Roethlisberger's big update.
32 min
5-18-2020 - Harrison Says No Bountygate / NFL E...
Chris talks about James Harrison's updated Tomlin comments and the newly proposed coaching rule.
35 min
5-15-2020 - Harrison Payoff Controversy / Fanta...
Chris, Hunter and Wesley tackle Harrison's comments on Tomlin and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
49 min
5-14-2020 - Colbert Speaks to Madden / Steelers...
Chris breaks down Colbert's latest comments and has a crossover with Locked on Texans.
49 min
5-13-2020 - Is 2020 a Big Injury Year? / Steele...
Chris and Tony Wiggins of Locked on Jaguars do their crossover episode.
32 min
5-12-2020 - Big Ben vs. Jay Glazer / Bruce Aria...
Chris speaks on Jay Glazer's comments on Ben Roethlisberger and the fallout in the media.
31 min
5-11-2020 - Steelers x Titans Crossover / JuJu ...
AFC South crossover week begins with Steelers vs. Titans.
43 min
5-8-2020 - Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 Schedule Re...
Chris dedicates the whole show to talking about the schedule release.
34 min
5-7-2020 - Schedule Release Preview / Devin Bus...
Chris Carter previews the NFL schedule release and talks about the latest Steelers news.
31 min
5-6-2020 - Steelers x Redskins Crossover / Quar...
Chris Carter and Chris Russell talks Steelers and Redskins in today's crossover.
35 min
5-5-2020 - Steelers x Giants Crossover / Young ...
Chris Carter is joined by Patricia Traina of Locked on Giants in a crossover episode.
31 min
5-4-2020 - Steelers x Cowboys Crossover Episode...
Chris is joined by Marcus Mosher of Locked on Cowboys for a crossover episode.
35 min
5-1-2020 - Joey Tuscano Joins the Show! / Andy ...
Chris is joined by Tony Serino, Hunter Homistek and Joey Tuscano for a fun show and fantasy draft.
36 min
4-30-2020 - Jon Ledyard Returns / Winston Deal?...
Chris brings back Jon Ledyard to give his draft expertise on the show.
42 min
4-29-2020 - Welcome Wesley Uhler! / TJ Watt 5th...
Chris brings Wesley Uhler of Steelers Nation Radio on the show to discuss TJ Watt and more!
38 min
4-28-2020 - Tony Tuesday / Did Steelers Offer W...
Chris and Tony talk about the draft, more Jameis Winston rumors and best rookie jersey numbers.
42 min
4-27-2020 - 2020 NFL Draft Recap / Chase Claypo...
Chris gives an initial recap of the Steelers' 2020 draft haul and an in-depth breakdown of Chase Claypool.
37 min
4-25-2020 - *Special Draft Edition* / Steelers ...
Chris puts in a bonus episode with an update on the Steelers' first two draft picks.
11 min
4-24-2020 - First Round Picks / Positions Left ...
Chris reviews the first round picks and goes over who the Steelers should target in the 2nd round.
37 min
4-23-2020 - JuJu Trade Rumor / Draft Day / Full...
Chris unloads on the JuJu trade rumors and gives his mock for draft day.
31 min
4-22-2020 - Hunter Homistek Joins Show / Matt C...
Chris is joined by Hunter to talk Matt Canada, Benny Snell and Rob Gronkowski's return.
39 min
4-21-2020 - Tony Tuesday / Tomlin and Colbert P...
Chris and Tony discuss Tomlin and Colbert's press conference and a potential trade rumor.
36 min
4-20-2020 - NFL Players Sound Off on Ben / NFL ...
Chris discusses the latest remarks on Big Ben, then gives some draft sleepers and has the final Mock Draft Monday.
40 min
4-17-2020 - Roethlisberger is Pumped. / Fantasy...
Hunter Homistek and Tony Serino return to talk Ben Roethlisberger and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
55 min
4-16-2020 - NFL Keeping Schedule Despite CoVID1...
Chris breaks down the latest on how the NFL is handling the virus, some draft talk and throwback thursday.
31 min
4-15-2020 - Adam Crowley Returns / Troy Story: ...
Former host Adam Crowley returns to the show to talk Steelers with Chris Carter.
43 min
4-14-2020 - Tony Tuesday / QB Prospects / Sleep...
Tony joins the show to talk about QB prospects and sleeper picks.
39 min
4-13-2020 - Nix to Colts / Jaylen Samuels Heade...
Roosevelt Nix joins the Colts and Chris talks about the future of Jaylen Samuels. And Mock Draft Monday!
36 min
4-10-2020 - Terry Bradshaw Comments. / Fantasy ...
Hunter and Tony rejoin the show to talk Terry Bradshaw and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
46 min
4-9-2020 - Schefter's Draft Problems / 12 Perso...
Technological issues threaten the NFL Draft date, while Chris reviews how 12 personnel formations could benefit the Steelers.
40 min
4-8-2020 - Jeff Hartman Joins the Show./ No Ste...
Jeff Hartman of BehindtheSteelCurtain.com joins the show!
40 min
4-7-2020 - Tony Tuesday / All-Decade Team / Nic...
Tony returns talking NFL all-decade team, Nick Vannett and a special appearance on Chris' March Madness run.
42 min
4-6-2020 - NFL Pushes to Stay on Schedule / Loc...
Locked on Podcast Network does a whole mock, and who won Mock Draft Monday?
35 min
4-3-2020 - Will JuJu Stay? / Fantasy Draft Frid...
Hunter Homistek and Tony Serino join Chris to talk about JuJu and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
48 min
4-2-2020 - Welcome Nubyjas Wilborn to the Show ...
Nubyjas Wilborn of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette joins the show to talk NFL draft and Steelers.
40 min
4-1-2020 - NFL Expands Playoffs / How Steelers ...
Chris talks about the NFL's official playoff expansion and recent comments form Kevin Colbert.
30 min
3-31-20 - Tony Tuesday / Ebron's Friendly Deal ...
Chris and Tony talk about Eric Ebron's friendly deal, questionable power rankings and compare defenses.
39 min
3-30-20 - NFL Power Rankings / Another Great Po...
Chris goes over recent NFL power rankings and a great story on Troy Polamalu with Bryant McFadden.
33 min
3-27-20 - Derek Watt Speaks / Welcome Hunter Ho...
Chris is joined by Tony Serino and Hunter Homistek to talk Derek Watt and play fantasy draft Friday.
53 min
3-26-20 - Jon Ledyard Returns / Steelers Draft ...
Former Locked on Steelers host Jon Ledyard returns to the show to talk draft and more.
45 min
3-25-20 - NFL Draft Day Won't Move / Todd Haley...
Chris talks NFL Draft updates, Cam Newton, Todd Haley and the all-2010s defense.
37 min
3-24-20 - Tony Tuesday / Jameis Winston Rumors ...
Tony Serino returns for debate on free agency, Jameis Winston and the 2010s all decade team.
73 min
3-23-20 - Steelers Sign Ebron / Colbert Leaves ...
The Steelers made more moves this weekend, Chris addresses them all and reveals this week's Mock Draft Monday winner.
34 min
3-20-20 - Steelers sign G/C Stefen Wisniewski /...
Chris breaks down the newest signing, then is joined by reporter Josh Taylor.
41 min
3-19-20 - Nix Released / Update on Top Steelers...
Chris talks about Nix being released and where the top Steelers needs are after early FA moves.
35 min
3-18-20 - Steelers sign Derek Watt / Hilton and...
Chris and Tony breakdown the Steelers newest signee and talk about more free agency frenzy.
50 min
3-17-20 Bud Tagged / Steelers make Cuts and Res...
The Steelers made their moves, Chris recaps them and the rest of the NFL.
32 min
3-16-20 - NFL CBA Approved, Steelers Moves? / N...
The NFL CBA is approved so what can the Steelers do? Also, Chris covers big NFL moves along with mock draft Monday.
34 min
3-13-20 - Steelers Recall Scouts. - Mailbag Friday
Steelers take extra steps to counter the coronavirus, and Chris takes your questions on mailbag Friday.
56 min
3-12-20 - Coronavirus changes Steelers' Plans /...
Steelers alter scouting plans to coronavirus and Chris talks QBs in the draft.
45 min
3-11-20 - Steelers Comp Pick is in / Steelers P...
Steelers get compensatory pick and an extra preseason game along with more time to tag Bud Dupree.
29 min
3-10-20 - Tony Tuesday / Minkah Fitzpatrick's J...
Tony Serino returns to the show as they discuss Minkah Fitzpatrick, Le'Veon Bell and NFL free agency.
42 min
3-9-20 - Which free agents do Steelers keep? / ...
Restricted and unrestricted free agent choices for the Steelers, and Mock Draft Monday contest.
32 min
3-6-20 - NFLPA Begins CBA Voting / James Washin...
Voting on the CBA begins while James Washington looks ahead to what's needed.
28 min
3-5-20 - Conner: 'Best is yet to come' / Steele...
James Conner lets everyone know not to doubt him, while oddsmakers doubt the Steelers.
36 min
3-4-20 - Why Vance McDonald Must Stay / Steeler...
The case for Vance McDonald, review on recent NFL trades and why the Steelers should say no to Winston.
29 min
3-3-20 - Tony Tuesday / Bud Dupree to be Tagged...
Tony returns talking Bud Dupree, XFL updates and debates with Chris on the Steelers' priorities.
42 min
3-2-20 NFL Combine Complete / CBA and Free Agen...
Chris Carter reviews the NFL Combine results and goes over another Mock Draft Monday
33 min
2-28-20 - Steelers to Play Hall of Fame Game / ...
Steelers back in the Hall of Fame Game and Chris breaks down the combine
36 min
2-27-20 - Combine Begins QB-WR-TE Day Preview /...
Chris gets you ready for the combine's opening day and goes over the latest CBA talks.
45 min
2/26/20 - A 'Better Ben?" / Pre-Free Agency Hyp...
Colbert talks on Ben Roethlisberger and Bud Dupree. And Chris Carter covers NFL free agency hype.
29 min
2-25-20 Tony Tuesday / Ben Talk / NFL Free Agen...
Tony's back with Chris for a fun show on the XFL, Ben Roethlisberger and NFL free agency.
62 min
2-24-20 - Ben is Back to Throwing / Free Agency...
Big news on Ben, more free agency prep and mock draft Monday!
40 min
2-21-20 - Hargrave Award / Steelers Coach Passe...
Steelers news updates and a breakdown on the top running backs in this year's draft class.
32 min
2-20-20 - New 17-Game Season? / 14-Team Playoff...
All these proposed new changes to the NFL can get confusing. Chris Carter untangles it all.
28 min
2-19-20 - Ike Hilliard official WR coach / NFL ...
Steelers finally settle WR coach, and we get started on NFL free agency.
29 min
2-18-20 - Tomlin goes in on ESPN / Tony's Tuesd...
Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin lets ESPN have it. And Tony brings his takes.
27 min
2-17-20 - Bryan McClendon out as Steelers WR Co...
New WR Coach? Myles Garrett accuses Mason Rudolph again? Mock Draft Monday!
40 min
2-14-20 - Kevin Colbert backs Ben / Ultimate Di...
Colbert opens up on Roethlisberger's status and we finish the Ultimate Division Crossover Week
39 min
2-13-20 - AB Apologizes to Ben / Myles Garrett ...
Too late to say sorry AB. Garrett being back early is typical NFL, and Ultimate Division Crossover week continues
54 min
2-12-20 - National media on Ben has it wrong / ...
Why the national media continues to get it wrong on Ben Roethlisberger and Ultimate Division Crossove week continues
44 min
2-11-20 - Fitzpatrick talks versatility / Ultim...
Minkah Fitzpatrick says he wants to be more versatile for Steelers defense and AFC North talk focuses on the Steelers
40 min
2-10-20 - Steelers hire New Wide Receivers Coac...
Bryan McLendon is the new WR coach, and Ultimate Division Crossover Week begins
23 min
2-7-20 - Diontae Johnson Hospitalized? / AB Int...
Diontae Johnson in the hospital, Antonio Brown apologizes to the Steelers, and a study on the Steelers' broken tackle issue.
28 min
2-6-20 - Kevin Colbert Extension / Throwback Th...
Kevin Colbert extended as team general manager and Chris shows the Steelers' part in black history
34 min
2-5-20 - AB Apology Tour / Next Steelers to HOF...
Antonio Brown apologizes and Chris Carter debates next Steelers to make the Hall of Fame. Should Rooney Rule be expanded?
35 min
2-4-20 - Roethlisberger Injury Update / Peter K...
News on Roethlisberger's elbow and more reactions on Polamalu's Hall of Fame voting.
42 min
2-3-20 - Chiefs win Super Bowl / Troy Polamalu ...
Chris recaps Super Bowl and Polamalu to the Hall of Fame
33 min
1-31-20 - Colbert Staying? / Super Bowl Predici...
Kevin Colbert may have another year in Pittsburgh/Super Bowl preview
36 min
1-30-20 - Suggs on Ben / Build around Fitzpatri...
Terrell Suggs comments on Roethlisberger's future and we analyze how to build around Fitzpatrick.
38 min
1-29-20 - BJ Finney Insider / Polamalu and Fane...
Chris Carter talks about BJ Finney's potential return, Terrell Edmunds and the HOF upcoming vote
38 min
1-28-20 - Sanders fires at Ben / Mock Draft Man...
Chris Carter talks about Emmanuel Sanders' recent shots at Ben Roethlisberger
28 min
1-27-20 - Pro Bowl and Senior Bowl Recap / Anto...
Chris Carter on Pro Bowl and Senior Bowl results, Antonio Brown's arrest, and Kobe Bryant's impact on sports
26 min
1-24-20 - Previews of Pro Bowl and Senior Bowl ...
Chris Carter gets you ready for the weekend with previews and Steelers talk
35 min
1-23-20 - Steelers top PFF grades - Warrant for...
Updates on the Antonio Brown situation, Steelers on top of PFF grades and where Ben ranks in his QB class
31 min
1-22-20 - Antonio Brown a Suspect - Front Offic...
Chris Carter talks latest Antonio Brown incident, new front office changes and how close the Steelers are to being contenders
34 min
1-21-20 - DeCastro's surgery - Mock Draft talk
Chris Carter updates you on David DeCastro's recent surgery and reviews an early mock draft
30 min
1-20-20 - Conference championship recap / NFL c...
Chris Carter talks about playoffs results, the direction of offenses and insider news on the WR coach
26 min
1-17-20 - Vince Williams makes Cuts Easier / Sh...
Chris Carter talks about presumed Steelers cuts, an update on Ryan Shazier and his playoff predictions.
32 min
1-16-20 - Donnie Shell to HOF / New QB Coach Ma...
Chris Carter talks about Donnie Shell finally making the Hall of Fame, as well as the Steelers' new QB coach.
29 min
1-15-20 - Devin Bush makes PFWA All-Rookie Team...
Chris Carter talks Steelers Tackle Awards
27 min
1-14-20 Steelers to Play Hall of Fame Game? / L...
Chris Carter talks Steelers chances of Hall of Fame Game and HBO's Hard Knocks
31 min