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Art Rooney II: Will Steelers Focus Draft on Def...
Jenna Harner of WPXI spoke with Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II about the team's offseason plans and he revealed interesting notes on the NFL Draft. The Steelers might be planning to focus on their defense even more in the offseason than the offense in an effort to get younger players alongside Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick.
33 min
Why Steelers Can Buck Cornerback Draft Misses w...
The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't had the best luck with picking cornerbacks in the NFL Draft over the past several years. But is the 2023 NFL Draft cornerback class the perfect fix to that situation?
31 min
Steelers' Early Draft Target at Senior Bowl? | ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' last two first round picks have been Kenny Pickett and Najee Harris, both who played in the Senior Bowl. Now that Senior Bowl week has started, is there a target on the Steelers' NFL Draft Big Board as a first round pick who's at the Senior Bowl?
40 min
Can Steelers Keep Brian Flores on Staff? | Seni...
The Pittsburgh Steelers might lose Brian Flores to other teams looking for defensive coordinators and head coaching prospects. But Steelers beat writer at the Athletic Mike DeFabo thinks there's a chance Flores stays with Pittsburgh at least for another year to help with the T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick and the defense. How would that benefit the Steelers' 2023 campaign?
34 min
Steelers Should Seek Passing Game Coordinator f...
The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't letting go of offensive coordinator Matt Canada just yet. However, Art Rooney II left the door open for a chance to maybe make other coaching changes. The possibility of hiring a passing game coordinator is still on the table, and Mike Tomlin should look to that as an opportunity to help develop the offense around Kenny Pickett.
38 min
Art Rooney II: Steelers, Kenny Pickett Have Eno...
Pittsburgh Steelers Owner and President Art Rooney II said he liked the progress seen from Kenny Pickett and the team, which led to his being OK with the decision to keep Matt Canada at offensive coordinator. But that also leads Rooney to see the Steelers as real contenders in the coming years.
39 min
What Steelers Need George Pickens to Improve to...
The Pittsburgh Steelers know they have a special wide receiver in George Pickens. But what does he need to do to become a top 5 NFL wide receiver? The answer is in the details of his route running, and where in the formations he can line up for Kenny Pickett and beat opposing cornerbacks.
34 min
Should Steelers' Linebacker Plan Include Tremai...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' linebackers underperformed in 2022, so how should Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin address the group in 2023? Obvious questions about signing pending free agent and former Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds exist, but would that be the right move?
39 min
How Teryl Austin's Changing the Steelers' Defen...
The Pittsburgh Steelers made a switch at defensive coordinator with Teryl Austin. But how did he do? The defense finished in the NFL's top ten despite changes to how they relied on different groups. Studies showed the Steelers significantly increased their usage of man coverage in 2022 vs how much they relied upon zone coverage under Keith Butler.
33 min
Steelers' CB Plan Must Include Cameron Sutton ....
The Pittsburgh Steelers have some tough decisions to make this offseason, but cornerback shouldn't be one of them. Cameron Sutton's contributions to the secondary make him an offseason priority that Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin need to find a way to pay and fit him into the team's salary cap.
31 min
How Steelers Increase YAC for George Pickens, D...
Now that we know the Pittsburgh Steelers are keeping Matt Canada at offensive coordinator, it's time to go over some of their biggest goals for Kenny Pickett's development. One of those will be to increase YAC, or yards after catch for his receivers Diontae Johnson and George Pickens.
46 min
Steelers Keep Matt Canada | What Offense MUST S...
The Pittsburgh Steelers decided to keep Matt Canada at offensive coordinator, but was it the right call? The overall numbers aren't good, but Canada does take on extra blame that might not be accurate. Still, the Steelers' offense must show significant improvement with Kenny Pickett in his second year at quarterback, and the growth in Najee Harris, George Pickens and the unit as a whole.
44 min
Should Pittsburgh Steelers Target Wide Receiver...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have tough decisions about which position groups they should target in the 2023 NFL Draft. Some think that finding a wide receiver for Kenny Pickett should be a priority, and Jordan Addison would be the perfect fit.
43 min
Steelers Are Closer to Being AFC Contenders Tha...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are a lot closer to being real AFC contenders than many might think with their young offensive stars of Kenny Pickett, Najee Harris, George Pickens and Pat Freiermuth along with their star defensive players with T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. What are the steps to getting there in the NFL Draft, free agency and natural development that could put the Steelers on par with the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC?
42 min
Steelers Salary Cap Plans for Omar Khan, Mike T...
The Pittsburgh Steelers will have salary cap space to make moves in 2023 to be a more competitive roster. But how can Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin make big steps in the offseason to compete with other top AFC playoff teams?
34 min
Mike Tomlin's Steelers Headed in Right Directio...
Mike Tomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers avoided a losing season for a 16th straight year. But at 9-8 with missing the playoffs, is the franchise headed in the right direction? Chris Carter and Jenna Harner reveal clips from inside the locker room at the end of the season to hear from the players, and give their opinions on whether the future for the Steelers is bright or will remain about the same.
44 min
Steelers WR Diontae Johnson Rumors Overblown | ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't having problems with Diontae Johnson, despite any rumors you've heard on Twitter or social media. Here's why Johnson's just fine and could get a lot more production next season with Kenny Pickett and an improved offense.
37 min
Steelers' Ceiling for Kenny Pickett, George Pic...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top picks in the NFL Draft combined for some impressive stats in 2022. Kenny Pickett and George Pickens combined for a passer rating of 120 as rookies together and improved as the season continued. What was the biggest factor in their increased chemistry?
37 min
Steelers Have Matt Canada Replacement Plan? | K...
Mike Tomlin declined to talk about whether the Pittsburgh Steelers would replace Matt Canada at offensive coordinator. But Najee Harris defended Canada and said his play calls weren't the problem for the Steelers' offense. Will the Steelers find a new offensive coordinator?
42 min
Kenny Pickett, Steelers Show Important Growth i...
The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns 28-14 Sunday as Kenny Pickett led the team with three touchdown drives for the most points scored in a win this season. But despite the 7-2 finish on the season to be 9-8, the Steelers missed the NFL playoffs as the Miami Dolphins defeated the New York Jets 9-6
34 min
Steelers Stomp Browns 28-14 as Kenny Pickett, O...
The Pittsburgh Steelers finished strong with a 28-14 win over the Cleveland Browns, with the most points scored by the team in a win this season. But, the Miami Dolphins pull off a close 9-6 win over the New York Jets, ending the Steelers' season.
7 min
Can Mike Tomlin's Steelers Sneak into NFL Playo...
The Pittsburgh Steelers can still sneak into the NFL playoffs. But it will require Mike Tomlin's team to finish strong with a win over the Cleveland Browns, as well as losses from the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. Can it happen?
42 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett's Game-Winning Efforts ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen Kenny Pickett deliver four game-winning drives this season, including back-to-back fourth quarter comebacks against the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens. But has that been enough to be the future franchise quarterback without question?
37 min
Steelers' Plan for Najee Harris/Jaylen Warren 1...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are seeing the emergence of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren as a running back combination in their backfield. The plan makes the Steelers' future run game fearsome, but it also could be the design that aids in the development of Kenny Pickett, and helps extend the prime and both running backs for the Steelers' offense.
30 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett, Najee Harris, Kevin Do...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' 16-13 win over the Baltimore Ravens required some major performances from the right players at the right times on both sides of the ball. While the defense dominated with performances from Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick, the offense also had some elite performances as well. But where did Kenny Pickett rank? And why was Kevin Dotson the highest graded offensive lineman?
41 min
Steelers' 16-13 Win Over Ravens Shows Resilienc...
The Pittsburgh Steelers won another huge game 16-13 over the Baltimore Ravens to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Ravens took another 10-point lead, but this time Kenny Pickett leads a second half comeback and another last minute game-winning touchdown drive to seal the deal. This time it comes with a touchdown pass to Najee Harris, who also had a special night with 111 rushing yards on 22 carries. Are they developing into the Steelers' leaders of the future?
34 min
Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt Have Steelers' Run Defen...
The Pittsburgh Steelers need their run defense to show up in their rematch with the Baltimore Ravens. Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt, Alex Highsmith and company seem motivated to prove a point against J.K. Dobbins and the Ravens' ground game. What must the Steelers' defense hone in on to make sure they win up front this time around?
34 min
Steelers' Kenny Picket/Najee Harris Reflect 1st...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen their recent early round investments in the NFL Draft rise in big moments like Kenny Pickett's comeback win over the Las Vegas Raiders last week and how Najee Harris has rallied the Steelers' run game to better production. That change isn't just about their talent, but their character as leaders.
31 min
What Games Steelers Need for Playoffs | Ravens ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' playoff hopes are still alive. But what games do they need to make it? There's a clear path, and it requires the Miami Dolphins losing to the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, as well as the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Jets, and the Buffalo Bills to beat the Patriots. After that, the Steelers need to win out against the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. But of all those games, is this week's game against the Ravens the most unlikely thing to happen?
38 min
What Kenny Pickett's 3rd Game-Winning Drive Sho...
When Kenny Pickett threw his game-winning touchdown pass to George Pickens for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it became his third game-winning drive of the season, and his NFL career. But was it enough to show he's made true progress in his rookie season for the Steelers' offense?
36 min
Judge, Messi, Rams, Bengals, Ovechkin, Coach K,...
This is a bonus episode featuring a year's review from Locked on Sports Today. Locked on Steeler will return Tuesday, December 27,
30 min
Steelers' Tough Mentality Sparks 13-10 Win Over...
The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a win over the Las Vegas Raiders to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, and they got it. Kenny Pickett led a game-winning touchdown drive at the last minute with a pass to George Pickens, and Cam Heyward led maybe the best defensive effort from the Steelers this season as they shut down Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams and Derek Carr.
39 min
Steelers Must Play Old School Physical Style of...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have all talked about how Franco Harris still had an impact on them as players even 50 years after the Immaculate Reception. When talking to Kenny Pickett, Najee Harris, Pat Freiermuth, Cam Heyward and others, all of them talked about how they felt motivated to win against the Las Vegas Raiders even more after his passing.
36 min
How Steelers Must Ease Kenny Pickett Back in as...
The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to start Kenny Pickett against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Eve. But how can they ease him back in as a starter after his injury against a team with arguably the best wide receiver in Davante Adams and best running back in Josh Jacobs?
33 min
Pittsburgh Steelers Legend Franco Harris Passes...
Sad news for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as legendary running back Franco Harris passed away Wednesday morning, just three days before he would be honored as the third Pittsburgh Steeler to have his jersey retired by the organization on the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception.
10 min
Steelers' 1-2 Punch Run Game w/Najee Harris & J...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been styling their offense to focus on winning at the line of scrimmage with a strong running game that's led right now by Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. But is that the focus the team should have for the long term?
34 min
Steelers' Alex Highsmith a Real Deal Edge Rushe...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' Alex Highsmith dominated against the Carolina Panthers as he racked up his 11th sack of the season. He continues to prove he's among the NFL's best edge rushers, and should get a lot more respect than just being T.J. Watt's partner.
36 min
Steelers' 24-16 Win Over Panthers Sign of Found...
The Pittsburgh Steelers earned a physical win over the Carolina Panthers 24-16 on Sunday. But past Mitch Trubisky's game manager style of play, the offensive line's dominant day for Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren and the best version of the Steelers' run defense, is the winning foundation for the future of the Steelers.
31 min
Steelers Legend Alan Faneca Shares Insight into...
Hall of Fame former Pittsburgh Steelers guard Alan Faneca visited the Locked on Steelers podcast to talk about his campaign to raise awareness about epilepsy with the Steps Toward Zero campaign. But he also took some time to talk about what he, Jerome Bettis and the Steelers offense did to grow into a powerful unit under Bill Cowher that eventually won a Super Bowl with Ben Roethlisberger.
12 min
Diontae Johnson Wants Steelers to Start Mason R...
The Pittsburgh Steelers still aren't sure who will start at quarterback against the Carolina Panthers, but Diontae Johnson put his name behind the idea of Mason Rudolph starting on Sunday. Johnson has a history of a disconnect with Mitch Trubisky after their halftime locker room argument during the Steelers' game against the New York Jets.
34 min
Steelers Move Mason Rudolph Up Depth Chart? | W...
The Pittsburgh Steelers look like they're giving Mason Rudolph a chance to start in practices leading up to their matchup with the Carolina Panthers. Even Rudolph talked about how he's more of the 2A quarterback option for the Steelers in practice.
32 min
Kenny Pickett Concussion Update | Who Starts at...
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin revealed Kenny Pickett's status in the concussion protocol before the team's matchup with the Carolina Panthers. He's not ruled out yet, but if he's not cleared to play, Tomlin wasn't clear if Mitch Trubisky or Mason Rudolph would start. Who gets the nod?
36 min
How Should Steelers Handle Kenny Pickett's 2nd ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers saw rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett suffer a hit that put him into the concussion protocol for the second time this season. Chris Carter and Wes Uhler talk about real concerns for Pickett and how the Steelers must protect him and help change his game moving forward so that Pickett doesn't continue to suffer concussion symptoms.
34 min
Steelers' 16-14 Loss to Ravens Highlights Offen...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' 16-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens highlights several problems. At the top of that list are the offensive and defensive lines, as the Ravens pushed the Steelers around all game.
30 min
Kenny Pickett's Connection with Steelers OC Mat...
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett explained his connection with offensive coordinator Matt Canada this week and their understanding of one another. He also explained how Canada listens to what Pickett and the offense want to include in the offense, something Canada was accused of ignoring earlier this season.
30 min
Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Lin...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen significant improvement in their rushing offense with Najee Harris and the offensive line. But how will that improvement hold up against the No. 2 rushing defense in the NFL of the Baltimore Ravens?
29 min
Steelers QB Kenny Pickett's Night & Day Changes...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen their rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett playing better football of late to help them win 3 of the last 4 games. But what changes to his game that are night and day have balanced the offense and helped the Steelers become one of the best time of possession offenses in the NFL?
33 min
How Steelers' QB Kenny Pickett Must Approach Ge...
The Pittsburgh Steelers got the best performance out of Kenny Pickett yet in their win over the Atlanta Falcons. But rookie phenom receiver George Pickens didn't get the ball enough and demanded for more passes in his disappointment.
33 min
Steelers Forge Identity in 19-16 Win Over Falco...
The Pittsburgh Steelers won another close game, this time 19-16 over the Atlanta Falcons. But in doing so, they showed consistency in the type of team they need to be with their current roster.
27 min
Steelers Praise Kenny Pickett's Football IQ Dur...
The Pittsburgh Steelers saw Kenny Pickett calling out adjustments and play calls that helped them beat the Indianapolis Colts, including on their game-winning touchdown.
27 min
Can Steelers Get Breakout Game For Kenny Picket...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen improved offense since their bye week, but up against a struggling Atlanta Falcons defense, this could be the chance for a breakout game for Kenny Pickett and the offense.
30 min
Why Steelers Offensive Line, Mason Cole and Pat...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive line has played considerably better in the past month, and it's been part of the offensive improvement to score 20 points or more in three straight games. But who deserves the most credit with the turnaround?
39 min
Steelers Earn Gritty 24-17 Win Over Colts | Ken...
The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a win in a desperate way, and came away victorious on Monday night football, 24-17 over the Indianapolis Colts. Kenny Pickett looked the most mature we've seen of him yet in his third straight game without an interception, and the Steelers' third straight game with 20 or more points.
28 min
Why Steelers vs Colts Could Be Breaking Point f...
The Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to face the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night football. This is a game Mike Tomlin's team has to win, and in a way that fits the identity of how this roster was constructed. T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick and the defense have to dominate a Colts offense that hasn't run the ball well with Jonathan Taylor, or thrown well with Matt Ryan.
29 min
Why Steelers QB Kenny Pickett's Success vs. Bli...
When charting Kenny Pickett's passes for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's clear his best success comes when defenses decide to blitz him. But why is that?
31 min
Top Matchups for Steelers vs Colts: Can T.J. Wa...
It's Crossover Thursday and time to talk Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are missing Shaq Leonard on defense, but have still been one of the best units in the NFL.
31 min
Can Steelers Fix Diontae Johnson's Targets Prob...
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson hasn't gotten a lot of targets lately and it's shown in the Steelers' passing attack. He still has zero touchdowns on the season and as the team's highest paid player on offense, he's been irrelevant. Mike Tomlin says opposing game plans have focused to take him away, but he does have an answer to fix that.
29 min
Kenny Pickett Making Real Progress for Steelers...
The Pittsburgh Steelers saw Kenny Pickett have arguably his best game in the NFL against the Cincinnati Bengals, but it wasn't enough to get the win. Is he making real progress towards being Mike Tomlin's next franchise quarterback?
40 min
Steelers' Defensive Plan Exploited By Bengals |...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 37-30 Sunday in a game where Kenny Pickett and Najee Harris carried the offense to its highest output, but the day was spoiled by missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. Mike Tomlin and Teryl Austin had their defensive game plan exploited by Joe Burrow who constantly attacked the Steelers' role players like Arthur Maulet, Robert Spillane and Levi Wallace with players like Tee Higgins and Samaje Perine.
34 min
Steelers' Balanced Offensive Plan Helps Kenny P...
The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to use a balanced attack on offense to win their rematch with the Cincinnati Bengals in hope for a sweep. After Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren got the ground game going against the New Orleans Saints, is this the week for Kenny Pickett to put together a complete game with George Pickens and Diontae Johnson?
31 min
Steelers' Minkah Fitzpatrick's Return Enough to...
The Pittsburgh Steelers might get Minkah Fitzpatrick back against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. He played a huge role in crushing the Bengals and Joe Burrow in week one, and now he might be the key to putting together the elite defense Mike Tomlin had planned to when he put them together in training camp.
33 min
Mike Tomlin Shows Steelers Ready to Use 12 Pers...
The Pittsburgh Steelers increased their usage of tight ends Pat Freiermuth and Zach Gentry, especially as run blockers for Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. Mike Tomlin discussed the usage of 12 personnel and how the Steelers' tight ends will help both the run game, and play action passes for Kenny Pickett to open up Matt Canada's offense.
36 min
Steelers' Najee Harris/Jaylen Warren RB Duo Key...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have a dynamic duo at edge rusher with T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith, but could one be brewing between Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren?
36 min
Did Najee Harris, Kenny Pickett, Steelers Defen...
The Pittsburgh Steelers found a way to win over the New Orleans Saints in a 20-10 victory, but were there lessons they picked up that could help them grow? Najee Harris had a big day with 99 yards on the ground and that led the offense to enough points to hold on, while Kenny Pickett struggled, but didn't throw an interception.
30 min
Will Steelers Finally Get "Breakout" Game for N...
The Pittsburgh Steelers come out of the bye week looking for their offense to improve against the New Orleans Saints. Matt Canada says he sees a breakout game for Najee Harris coming, but will it be Harris or Kenny Pickett that gets things started for the Steelers' offense--if it ever happens this season?
32 min
How Far Does T.J. Watt's Return Take Pittsburgh...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are ready for the return of T.J. Watt against the New Orleans Saints. But can Watt's return truly boost the Steelers' defense back to being elite?
31 min
Mike Tomlin Says Steelers Must "Put Up or Shut ...
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin talked before media Tuesday and said the Steelers must "put up or shut up" against the New Orleans Saints Sunday. But what does that mean?
30 min
Former Steelers DL Chris Hoke Offers Valid Crit...
Former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Chris Hoke joins Locked on Steelers to talk about what he sees of Kenny Pickett on the all-22 film and why it's OK to criticize the rookie quarterback's start.
26 min
How Steelers Design Kenny Pickett's Reads to Pr...
Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers' bye week is over, it's time to help Kenny Pickett fix their offense. The top key is to simplify his reads to prioritize Diontae Johnson and George Pickens as primary threats, and not be predicable while doing so.
31 min
Minkah Fitzpatrick on Steelers' Plan to Refocus...
The Pittsburgh Steelers bye week has arrived, but Minkah Fitzpatrick spoke about how he and the team don't plan to take it lightly as they look to refocus on recover from their 2-6 record. Fitzpatrick matches the energy Najee Harris offered on the show earlier in the week in how Mike Tomlin is challenging the Steelers in how they must respond to their ugly start to the season.
37 min
Mike Tomlin's Plan for Steelers' Offense to 'Gr...
37 min
Steelers Trades to Get 2nd Round Pick for Chase...
The Pittsburgh Steelers made big trades at the NFL Trade deadline to get rid of Chase Claypool for a second round pick from the Chicago Bears, and to get William Jackson III for virtually nothing from the Washington Commanders. Both moves were big to add to the Steelers' NFL Draft capital and bring in a capable starting cornerback to replace Ahkello Witherspoon.
44 min
Pittsburgh Steelers All-22 Film Shows Kenny Pic...
33 min
Steelers Ask Too Much of Kenny Pickett | 35-13 ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers got trounced 35-13 by the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, as they fell to 2-6 on the season heading into the bye week. Kenny Pickett went through another game without a touchdown pass while committing two turnovers with an interception and a fumble.
30 min
Chase Claypool, Steelers WRs Call for More Deep...
Chase Claypool and the Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receivers made public their wishes for more "go-balls" from Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada. Will that actually happen against the Philadelphia Eagles' defense that is the best turnover unit in the NFL?
36 min
How Steelers Help Kenny Pickett Solve Intercept...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen Kenny Pickett throw seven interceptions in his first four NFL games, a rate that is alarming as they face the Philadelphia Eagles, who lead the NFL in turnovers forced.
31 min
How Long Do Steelers Keep Matt Canada? | Mike T...
Mike Tomlin spoke from the Pittsburgh Steelers' practice facility Tuesday and gave his perspective on when there might be a big change to the Steelers' offense. Spoiler alert, it's not this week. But how long can the Steelers wait for Matt Canada's offense with him as the coordinator?
44 min
Steelers' Best Way to Help Kenny Pickett: Bigge...
The Pittsburgh Steelers need to find answers to help rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett after his three-interception game against the Miami Dolphins Sunday night. But the best way might be simple: throw it to George Pickens. v
41 min
How Steelers Survive Kenny Pickett's Growing Pa...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost 16-10 to the Miami Dolphins Sunday night and saw Kenny Pickett throw three interceptions, including two on drives that could've won the game. But despite his struggles and Matt Canada's offensive play calling, there are bright spots to the Steelers' struggles.
38 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' Trade of Chase Claypool to...
Rumors swirl about the Pittsburgh Steelers' chance to trade Chase Claypool to the Green Bay Packers. But do they make sense? Claypool is an important part to the Steelers' offense, but hasn't had the production that might entice the Packers' willingness to trade more than a late third round pick for him.
38 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett, Minkah Fitzpatrick, On...
Crossover Thursday between Locked on Steelers and Locked on Dolphins: The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long injury report with listed players to start the week, including Kenny Pickett, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Sutton, Levi Wallace, Ahkello Witherspoon, Pat Freiermuth, among others. But the good news is that most of them look like they'll be on track to face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night.
32 min
Mike Tomlin Ends Steelers QB Rumors | Chase Cla...
Mike Tomlin spoke Tuesday about his Pittsburgh Steelers and ended any rumors and debate about a quarterback battle between Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky opening up again. He also addressed the reported fight between Trubisky and Diontae Johnson, but in his own special way.
44 min
Steelers QB1 Still Kenny Pickett | Mitch Trubis...
After the Pittsburgh Steelers' 20-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the question remerged whether Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett should lead the Steelers' offense.
33 min
Why Steelers' 20-18 Win Over Buccaneers Could B...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' 20-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did more than snap a four-game losing streak, it inspired hope the Steelers could turn their season around as they sit 2-4, and one game back in the AFC North.
40 min
Insider Look: How Steelers Kenny Pickett, Najee...
As the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepare to face off, the Steelers' offense knows it has a tall task to beat the No. 6 ranked scoring defense in the NFL.
20 min
Why Steelers Might Have an Advantage if Buccane...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offense hasn't seen many advantages this season, but with Kenny Pickett in at quarterback, there's a chance they could turn a Buccaneers' strength into a weakness.
37 min
Can Steelers' Pass Rush Wake Up to Exploit Bucc...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' identity was supposed to be their ability to rush the quarterback and lead the NFL in sacks for a sixth straight seasons. But without T.J. Watt, those numbers have dipped. If there was a time for Cam Heyward and Alex Highsmith to wake up the pass rush, this would be the week against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
29 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin Right to Keep ...
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin spoke about his confidence in offensive coordinator Matt Canada with Kenny Pickett at quarterback. But is he just keeping the peace midseason until the end of the year?
29 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' WRs Must Take Charge to He...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have plenty of problems on offense. But the one group they've invested enough draft capital and salary cap into that shouldn't struggle is its receiver room.
34 min
Can Mike Tomlin, Kenny Pickett, Steelers, Find ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers got bullied by the Buffalo Bills in a 38-3 blowout Sunday. Kenny Pickett threw for over 300 yards, but couldn't score a single touchdown in his first NFL start.
33 min
Steelers' Advance Stats Show Kenny Pickett/Naje...
As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to face the Buffalo Bills, they're massive underdogs. But a big key to this game will be getting their playmakers on offense active, and balancing Kenny Pickett with Najee Harris. The best way to do that? Call more play action.
43 min
Why Kenny Pickett's Ready, and How Steelers Mus...
The Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to face the Buffalo Bills with Kenny Pickett making his first start on the road. But if you talk to Pickett's coaches and teammates, they feel he's ready to play in such a tough stage.
32 min
Steelers' Concepts Mike Tomlin, Matt Canada Sho...
The Pittsburgh Steelers must develop a game plan around rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett with the right concepts to get him a jump start against the Buffalo Bills Sunday.
37 min
Why Kenny Pickett Can Spark Success with George...
Film Review of Kenny Pickett shows how he had a good command of the Pittsburgh Steelers' offense against the New York Jets. He also had a very good connection to wide receiver George Pickens.
36 min
Kenny Pickett Shows Command, Hope, Leadership i...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New York Jets 24-20, but Kenny Pickett got his debut chance and scored two touchdowns in the process.
36 min
Why Mike Tomlin Must Switch Up Steelers Game Pl...
The Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to face the New York Jets Sunday with a chance to fix their season. While Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada have dominated the Steelers headlines, this game should come down to the Steelers' defense being able to take over.
31 min
Why Alex Highsmith, Steelers Defense Will Boost...
Crossover Thursday unites Locked on Steelers with Locked on Jets, but clear mismatches may define the upcoming showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets.
30 min
How Steelers Must Use WRs Diontae Johnson, Chas...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receivers are talented, but they haven't had as many chances to shine as Mike Tomin might've hoped. When you look at passing charts and the All-22 film, it's clear there are patterns of success the Steelers are using to create easier reads and passing opportunities for Mitch Trubisky to see the field.
29 min
Why Steelers Won't Start Kenny Pickett Yet | Of...
The Pittsburgh Steelers may seem stubborn for not starting Kenny Pickett over Mitch Trubisky, but there's a good amount of reasons for Mike Tomlin letting his rookie quarterback grow on the bench.
42 min
Steelers' Biggest Fix Needed Is Run Defense's A...
If the Pittsburgh Steelers want to stop their season from falling off a cliff, they have to get back to playing elite defense soon. That will be tough without T.J. Watt, but the it all comes down to fixing the run defense to let the rest of the defense get back to what they do best.
30 min