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Locked On Steelers – Daily Podcast On...
Tony Serino and Christopher Carter dig deep daily on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL with his daily podcast Locked on Steelers, part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl
Locked On Steelers - 8/23/19 - Steelers vs Tita...
Tony and Chris preview this Sunday's match-up against the Tennessee Titans, which will include our first look at Big Ben in 2019
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/22/19 - Post-Training Ca...
Tony and Chris take more of your questions on the second part of the final mailbag before the regular season
40 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/21/19 - Post-Training Ca...
Tony and Chris answer your questions after training camp and debate (again) whether Keith Butler is a good defensive coordinator
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/20/19 - Injury Updates, ...
Tony and Chris run through the Steelers current injury situation and then discuss PFF's QB rankings, Joe Haden's extension and Josh Gordon's reinstatement
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/19/19 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony and Chris recap the Steelers defensive performance against the Chiefs including goods day for Artie Burns and Bud Dupree
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/18/19 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony and Chris break down the offense's performance against the Chiefs including another impressive performance from Mason Rudolph and a great debut from Diontae Johnson
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/17/19 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony previews the Steelers upcoming preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs and the players he is most excited to watch
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/16/19 - Hodges Impresses...
Tony and Chris recap the final practice from Steelers training camp including an impressive day from longshot Devlin Hodges
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/15/19 - Final Padded Pra...
Tony and Chris recap the final padded practice from Steelers training camp and then Chris answers some of the best questions from yesterday's mailbag
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/14/19 - Training Camp Ma...
Tony recaps a rain shortened practice and then takes your question on our first training camp mailbag
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/13/19 - First 53 Man Ros...
Tony and Chris make their predictions for the 53 man roster after seeing these players for the first two weeks of camp and their first preseason game
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/10/19 - Steelers vs Bucs...
Tony and Chris break down the Steelers performance against the Bucs including debuts from Devin Bush and Justin Layne and the backup QB battle
41 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/9/19 - Top 5 Players to ...
Tony and Chris give their top five players to watch in Friday's preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/8/19 - How Do the QBs St...
Tony and Chris recap Wednesdays practice and discuss where Mason Rudolph fits in the QB room and how Devlin Hodges play is making it much more interesting
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/7/19 - Crossover Wednesd...
Tony is joined by James Yarcho of Locked on Buccaneers to preview Friday's preseason game against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/5/19 - Family Fest at He...
Tony and Chris recap the Family Fest practice including a tough day for Artie Burns, a bounce back day for Jaylen Samuels, and a nice camp for Terrell Edmunds
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/4/19 - Light Day of Prac...
Tony and Chris break down a light day of practice that included a two minute drill session between Mason Rudolph and Josh Dobbs
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/3/19 - Devin Bush Shines...
Tony and Chris recap the Friday Night Lights practice that included a bounce back day for Josh Dobbs and the second round of backs on backers headlined by Bennie Snell and Devin Bush
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/2/19 - Steelers Turn Up ...
Tony and Chris break down the sixth day of Steelers camp including the kicker competition and the increasingly impressive play of Devlin Hodges
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/1/19 - Ola Adeniyi Gets ...
Tony and Chris break down big days from James Washington, Artie Burns, and Devin Bush and recap Ola Adeniyi's day with the starters
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/30/19 - Run Defense Bett...
Tony and Chris recap the fourth practice from Steelers camp and give their thoughts on who is winning each of the position battles
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/29/19 - Backs on Backers...
Tony and Chris are joined by Joey from The Donut Bag podcast to recap the first practice in pads and the outstanding day for Ola Adeniyi
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/28/19 - Donte Moncrief E...
Tony and Chris break down the second day of camp and the emergence of Donte Moncrief as the second best WR on the team
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/27/19 - Dobbs and Rudolp...
Tony and Chris recap the first day of practice at Steelers camp including the battle between Josh Dobbs and Mason Rudolph
41 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/25/19 - Pre-Training Cam...
Tony and Chris answer your questions on the second part of our pre-training camp mailbag episode
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/24/19 - Pre-Training Cam...
Tony and Chris talk Matt Ryan versus Ben Roethlisberger and then take your questions on part one of their pre-training camp mailbag
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/19/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the secondary and whether Steven Nelson will add stability to the secondary and whether Sean Davis and Terrell Davis can make the leap
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/18/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the inside linebackers including whether Devin Bush will be the day one starter and whether there is room for a fifth inside linebacker
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/17/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the EDGE rush position including TJ Watt's ascent to become an elite pass rusher and whether Ola Adeniyi can make a leap to get into the rotation
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/12/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the defensive line and whether this is the year Tuitt finally makes the leap to being a great defensive end and whether Javon Hargrave should get more reps in 2019
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/11/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the offensive line and whether or not this group can maintain its high level of play without their position coach Mike Munchack
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/10/19 - Training Camp Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the tight end position and whether Vance McDonald can step up an offense without Antonio Brown and whether the Steelers are deep enough at the position
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/5/19 - Training Camp Pre...
Tony and Chris break down the wide reciever position heading into training camp and discuss who will fill the void left by Antonio Brown
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/4/19 - Training Camp Pre...
Tony and Chris break down the running back position for the Steelers and what to expect from James Conner going into his second year as starter
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/3/19 - Training Camp Pre...
Tony and Chris discuss why the NBA rules free agency and what the NFL could do to make theirs more fun, and then preview the QB position ahead of training camp
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/28/19 - 2019 Schedule Pr...
Tony and Chris close out their schedule preview by previewing the final five games of the year including a big rematch against the Cleveland Browns
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/27/19 - 2019 Schedule Pr...
Tony and Chris break down the middle of the Steelers season including back to back games against the LA Rams and Indianapolis Colts
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/26/19 - 2019 Schedule Pr...
Tony and Chris preview the first six weeks of the Steelers season including big match-ups against the Patriots, Seahawks and Chargers
42 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/21/19 - New PI Rule, Ana...
Tony and Chris discuss the new pass interference rule rule and whether the Steelers are behind the times when it comes to analytics
43 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/20/19 - Are the Steelers...
Tony and Chris discuss what the expectations should be for the Steelers in 2019 and whether they should be considered title contenders
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/19/19 - Minicamp Recap
Tony and Chris recap all the biggest stories coming out of Steelers minicamp including a potential extension for Joe Haden and the hype around the rookies
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/14/19 - Minicamp Mailbag...
Tony and Chris continuing answering your questions on part two of our minicamp mailbag
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/13/19 - Minicamp Mailbag
Tony and Chris answer your questions on this minicamp mailbag episode
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/12/19 - Minicamp Day One...
Tony and Chris recap day one of minicamp with clips from Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin on whether the Steelers are underdogs and who's stood out early
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/11/19 - Minicamp Preview
Tony and Chris preview minicamp by revisiting their biggest questions going into OTAs and where the Steelers stand going into minicamp
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/7/19 - More Likely to Br...
Tony and Chris discuss which second year player is most likely to break out in 2019: James Washington or Terrell Edmunds
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/6/19 - Could Justin Layn...
Tony and Chris answer more of your questions including whether 2018 was Ben's best season and whether Justin Layne could be a starter in 2019
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/5/19 - Is Artie Burns Do...
Tony and Chris break down a report from Ed Bouchette that Artie Burns' days in Pittsburgh may be numbered thanks to his roster bonus due at the start of training camp
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/4/19 - Is Ben a Top 10 Q...
Tony and Chris discuss where Ben ranks among the top QBs in the league and give their own rankings for the top QBs in the NFL
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/31/19 - Week Two of OTAs...
Tony and Chris discuss the biggest news of the second week of OTAs including the battle at right tackle and who is filling in for an injured Sean Davis
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/30/19 - Is the Defense W...
Tony and Chris discuss the Steelers defense going into 2019 and whether its worth getting excited about another Keith Butler led defense?
44 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/29/19 - Mike Hilton Want...
Tony and Chris discuss Mike Hilton's future with the Steelers and whether his wish for a new contract can and should be granted by the Steelers
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/28/19 - Joey Porter Ques...
Tony and Chris break down Joey Porter's comments from over the weekend including questioning why Ben took so long to apologize to AB and his thoughts on Devin Bush
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/24/19 - OTA Day Three Recap
Tony and Chris break down the biggest news coming out of OTAs including James Washington's weight loss and Sutton Smith's potential position change
36 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/23/19 - OTAs Day One and...
Tony and Chris recap days one and two of the Steelers OTA practices including news that Devin Bush is getting first team reps at inside linebacker
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/21/19 - Ben Talks About ...
Tony and Chris discuss the Ben Roethlisberger interview on KDKA where he opened up about what happened with AB and why it ended so poorly
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/17/19 - Biggest Question...
Tony and Chris discuss the biggest questions going into Steelers OTAs next week including whether Mason Rudolph can become the backup QB
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/16/19 - Hot or Not: Post...
Tony and Chris play a game of "Hot or Not" including Keith Butler's job security, the Steelers dime defense, and Stephan Tuitt
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/15/19 - ESPN & Peter Kin...
Tony and Chris discuss ESPN and Peter King's power rankings that have the Steelers in the bottom half of the league and below the Cleveland Browns
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/14/19 - Rookie Minicamp ...
Tony and Chris break down the biggest news coming out of rookie minicamp including Devin Bush's impressive debut
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/10/19 - Steelers Cut K M...
Tony and Chris discuss the surprising release of kicker Matt McCrane and their favorite NFC draft classes
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/9/19 - AFC North Draft C...
Tony and Chris discuss how the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns did in the NFL Draft and which pose the biggest threat to the Steelers in 2019
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/8/19 - Favorite Draft Cl...
Tony and Chris discuss their favorite draft classes around the AFC and who are going to be the Steelers biggest competitors in the AFC
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/7/19 - Should Ben Have G...
Tony and Chris discuss Tom Brady's comments about giving the Patriots a discount, allowing them to surround him with better players and whether Ben should have done the same
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/3/19 - Post-Draft Mailba...
Tony and Chris take more of your questions about the Steelers selections in the 2019 NFL Draft
49 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/2/19 - Post-Draft Mailba...
Tony and Chris answer your questions about the Steelers draft and how they will address certain obstacles in the 2019 season
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/1/19 - Steelers Draft Re...
Tony and Chris give their overall thoughts on the Steelers draft and go over the comments Mike Tomlin made when he said the Steelers went through a "cleansing"
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/30/19 - NFL Draft Day Th...
Tony and Chris break down the prospects
36 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/27/19 - Steelers Select ...
Tony and Chris break down day two of the 2019 NFL Draft and the Steelers selections of Diontae Johnson and Justin Layne
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/26/19 - Steelers Trade U...
Tony and Chris break down the Steelers selection of Devin Bush from Michigan and the trade with the Broncos to move up and select him
36 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/25/19 - First Round Prev...
Tony and Chris talk about the Ben Roethlisberger contract extension and preview the first round of the draft
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/24/19 - Evaluating EDGE ...
Tony and Chris break down their favorite EDGE rushers of the 2019 NFL Draft including Clelin Ferrell, Chase Winovich, and Christian Miller
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/23/19 - Tomlin & Colbert...
Tony and Chris go over Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert's pre-draft press conference where they discuss how the Steelers put together there board and why they don't use a draft value chart.
45 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/21/19 - Pre-Draft Mailbag
Tony and Chris take your questions including if Artie Burns or Tyler Matecevich could be made expendable some of the Steelers draft picks
41 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/19/19 - Evaluating Day T...
Tony and Chris discuss their favorite day two safeties including Juan Thornhill, Deionte Thompson, Darnell Savage and Taylor Rapp
38 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/18/19 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by new co-host Christopher Carter to discuss the final pre-draft visitors, Ben's extension, the Steelers schedule, and who Chris would have taken in the Locked On NFL Mock Draft
36 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/17/19 - Locked On Mock D...
Tony takes you inside his war room and talks about why he choose the player he did in the Locked On Mock Draft
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/16/19 - Day Three Inside...
Tony breaks down the inside linebackers the Steelers have shown interest in that could be available on day three of the draft
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/15/19 - A Couple Three R...
Tony does two three-round mock drafts to show who the Steelers could get if Devin Bush falls to the Steelers and if he doesn't
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/11/19 - Cost of Trading ...
Tony talks about how much it would cost the Steelers to move into the top 10 to get Devin Bush and whether its worth it to make the move.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/10/19 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about why the Steelers should move up in the draft to get their inside linebacker.
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/9/19 - Steelers Bring In...
Tony talks about why the Steelers bringing in Byron Murphy and Deandre Baker for pre-draft visits may mean a change in philosophy at corner
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/5/19 - CBs: Greedy Willi...
Tony breaks down the three cornerbacks the Steelers are most likely to pick in the first round and what they bring to the table.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/4/19 - Devin White, Devi...
Tony breaks down the top three inside linebacker prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft and how they would fit on the Steelers
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/2/19 - Steelers First Pr...
Tony goes over the list of players the Steelers had in for their pre-draft visits.
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/28/19 - Realistic Option...
Tony goes over the list of pro days that Tomlin and Colbert have attended and who is the most likely first round pick
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/27/19 - Tomlin and Colbe...
Tony talks about comments from Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin about the moves the Steelers made in free agency
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/26/19 - Steelers Sign LB...
Tony catches up on the week he missed including the signing of inside linebacker Mark Barron
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/18/19 - Free Agency Mailbag
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/16/19 - Steven Nelson an...
Tony breaks down the film of Donte Moncrief and Steven Nelson, what they bring to the team and where they fit on the roster
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/14/19 - Donte Moncrief S...
Tony talks about the Donte Moncrief signing, the LeVeon Bell contract, and Kevin Colbert's comments on the AB trade
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/13/19 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about all the crazy moves in free agency
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/12/19 - Legal Tampering ...
Tony breaks down the first day of legal tampering and why the Steelers weren't involved.
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/11/19 - AB Traded to the...
Tony breaks down the trade of Antonio Brown for the Steelers, why its bad deal for the Steelers and where they go from here
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/8/19 - AB Trade to Bills...
Tony breaks down the trade between the Steelers and Bills, why it fell apart and where it leaves the Steelers and AB
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/7/19 - Matthew Stevens o...
Tony is joined by Matthew Stevens of Ravens Wire to discuss the Ravens decision not to franchise tag CJ Mosley and what he brings to the table as a player
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/6/19 - AB Trade Imminent
Tony talks about the rumors that a trade for AB is happening this week, and who is the likely trade partner
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/5/19 - Combine Recap, CJ...
Tony breaks down the defensive backs at the combine and whether CJ Mosley could be the answer at ILB
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/4/19 - Steelers Meet wit...
Tony goes over the list of players we know met with the Steelers over the weekend at the NFL Combine
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/1/19 - Most Disappointin...
Tony is joined by Mike and Joe from SteelerCountry to give out the award for the Most Disappointing of the 2018 season
69 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/28/19 - 2018 MVP, Offens...
Tony is joined by Mike and Joe from SteelerCountry to give out their awards for MVP, offensive player of the year and defensive player of the year
45 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/27/19 - Most Improved Pl...
Tony is joined by Mike and Joe of SteelerCountry to give out the most improved player of the 2018 season
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/26/19 - 2018 Play of the...
Tony is joined by Mike and Joe from the SteelerCountry podcast to give out the awards for play of the year and best new player
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/25/19 - 2018 Game of the...
Tony is joined by Mike and Joe from SteelerCountry to discuss their favorite game of the 2018 season
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/22/19 - Three Teams Inte...
Kevin Colbert has to clarify his comments, three teams have reached out about AB, and the Locked On Steelers Awards are coming!
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/21/19 - Kevin Colbert Ta...
Tony goes over the comments Kevin Colbert made about Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell and Bud Dupree
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/20/19 - Steelers Agree t...
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/19/19 - Art Rooney to Me...
Tony talks about the transition tag and whether the Steelers should apply it to LeVeon Bell, as well as the news that Art Rooney will be meeting with AB
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/15/19 - Jon Ledyard Stee...
Tony is joined by Jon Ledyard to talk about his seven round mock draft on TheDraftNetwork.com and who he thinks can replace Antonio Brown
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/14/18 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about how to replace Antonio Brown
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/13/18 - Matt Williamson ...
Tony talks with Matt Williamson of the Locked On NFL Podcast about Antonio Brown's request to be traded
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/12/19 - Position Review:...
Tony talks about the AAF and the rule changes he thinks the NFL should adopt as well as breaking down the QB position going into 2019
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/8/19 - An Early Look at ...
Tony takes a look at the players in free agency that the Steelers could be interested in.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/7/19 - Steelers Better i...
Tony gives his thoughts on whether a certain WR is a Hall of Famer, the new AB domestic dispute details, and how the Steelers improve defensively in 2019
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/6/19 - Steelers Plan Tra...
Tony reacts to news that the Steelers still plan on placing the transition tag on LeVeon Bell as well as news that AB was involved in a domestic dispute.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/3/19 - Super Bowl Preview
Tony gives his thoughts on the Super Bowl match-up between the Patriots and Rams
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 2/1/19 - JuJu Speaks About...
Tony plays clips from JuJu and AB's media appearances during Super Bowl week and whether the Steelers culture problems are more than AB
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/30/19 - Steelers Interes...
Tony goes over the players the Steelers met with at the Senior Bowl, as well as news that Keith Butler will be both DC and OLB coach
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/25/19 - Mailbag Friday!
Tony answers your questions about the draft, free agency, and the likelihood the Steelers bring back AB and LeVeon
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/24/19 - Steelers Defensi...
Tony breaks down the players on defense that will be free agents and whether those players will return to the team in 2019
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/23/19 - Steelers Offensi...
Tony breaks down the free agents the Steelers have on the offensive side of the ball, and the likelihood that each will be back.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/22/19 - Morgan Burnett A...
Tony gives his thoughts on the AFC and NFC championship games as well as the news that Morgan Burnett wants out in Pittsburgh
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/18/19 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/17/19 - Art Rooney on th...
Tony plays clips from Art Rooney's media session in which he talked about the problems with the Steelers in 2018
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/16/19 - Early Look at Dr...
Tony previews some of the NFL Draft prospects that he's keeping his eye on this early in the process.
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/15/19 - Munchak Leaves f...
Tony breaks down more coaching moves for the Steelers including a new offensive line coach and a new coach for the secondary
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/11/19 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter to discuss the changes the Steelers have made, and did not make, within their coaching staff
40 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/9/19 - What Can the Stee...
Tony breaks down more on the AB situation including whether Ben is to blame, what the Steelers can get in a trade of AB, and whether AB's contract makes is trade-able
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/8/19 - Steelers Coaching...
Tony gives his thoughts on the firings of OLB coach Joey Porter and RB coach James Saxon
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/4/19 - Christopher Carte...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter to discuss the AB situation, whether the Steelers should trade AB and what changes will be made defensively.
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/2/19 - Mike Tomlin Addre...
Tony plays clips from Mike Tomlin's season end press conference in which Tomlin goes into detail as to what happened between the Steelers and Antonio Brown
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 1/1/19 - AB Benched for Mi...
Tony gives his take on AB missing practices and ultimately being suspended for the final game of the Steelers 2018 season.
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/31/18 - Steelers vs Ben...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers win over the Bengals, but disappointing end to the 2018 season
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/29/18 - Keith Butler Sa...
Tony gives his take on Keith Butler's comments about Tyler Eifert
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/28/18 - JuJu Named Stee...
Tony gives his thoughts on the controversy that arose when JuJu was named Steelers MVP over Ben Roethlisberger
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/26/18 - Mike Tomlin Pre...
Tony gives his thoughts on the comments Mike Tomlin made at his Tuesday press conference
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/24/18 - Steelers vs Sai...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers loss to the New Orleans Saints
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/21/18 - Steelers vs Sai...
Tony previews this Sunday's match-up between the Steelers and Saints
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/19/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to break down the defensive performance against the Patriots
36 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/18/18 - Mike Tomlin Pre...
Tony talks about the comments Mike Tomlin made during his press conference and the comments Ben made during his radio show
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/17/18 - Steelers vs Pat...
Tony gives his rapid reaction of the Steelers season-saving win 17-10 over the New England Patriots
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/15/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to preview this Sunday's match-up between the Steelers and Patriots
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/14/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about the changes the Steelers are making defensively
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/12/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots to discuss this weekends matchup between the Steelers and Patriots
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/11/18 - Tomlin & Ben Sp...
Tony plays clips from Tomlin's Tuesday press conference and Ben's radio show about what exactly happened on Sunday with Ben's injury
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/10/18 - Steelers vs Rai...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers 24-21 loss to the Oakland Raiders
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/7/18 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to discuss where the Steelers are after losing two straight and how they can get back to winning
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/6/18 - Steelers vs Char...
Tony breaks down the All-22 film from Sunday's game between the Steelers and Chargers
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/5/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony is joined by Your Boy Q from Locked On Raiders to discuss a must-win matchup for the Steelers against the Oakland Raiders
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/4/18 - Mike Tomlin Pres...
Tony talks about the comments Mike Tomlin made at his Tuesday press conference including the injury situation and the defense gameplan against the Chargers
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 12/3/18 - Steelers vs Char...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers 30-33 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/30/18 - Matt Williamson...
Tony is joined by Matt Williamson of Steelers Nation Radio to preview Sunday's game between the Steelers and Chargers
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/29/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about what's been happening with the Steelers offense and how it can get more consistent
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/28/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by David and John of Locked On Chargers to preview Sunday's game between the Steelers and Chargers
38 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/27/18 - More Thoughts o...
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/26/18 - Steelers vs Bro...
Tony gives his thoughts on the Steelers disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos that including some really strange plays.
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/21/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by Cody Roark of Locked on Broncos to preview this Sunday's match up against the Denver Broncos
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/20/18 - Tomlin Press Co...
Tony recaps Tomlin's Tuesday press conference in which the Steelers late game clock management was discussed as well as the Steelers performance.
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/19/18 - Steelers vs Jag...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers dramatic win over the Jacksonville Jaguars
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/15/18 - Steelers Offens...
Tony breaks down the matchup that has defined the past few games against the Jaguars: how will the Steelers offense matchup against the Jaguars defense
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/14/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by Zach and Chris from Locked on Jaguars to preview this Sunday's matchup between the Steelers and Jaguars
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/12/18 - Steelers Move I...
Tony talks about an NFL Sunday that gave the Steelers a game and a half lead in the AFC North and 2nd place in the AFC
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/9/18 - Steelers vs Pant...
Tony breaks down a stellar performance from both the offense and defense on Thursday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/8/18 - Steelers vs Pant...
Tony talks about the new report that LeVeon Bell may not show up after all and spends some more time talking about tonight's game against the Panthers
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/7/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony is joined by Bill Riccette of Locked on Panthers to discuss a huge matchup between the Steelers and Panthers
38 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/6/18 - Mike Tomlin Week...
Tony talks about the potential return of LeVeon Bell and the comments Mike Tomlin made about Artie Burns, Josh Dobbs and LJ Fort
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/5/18 - Steelers vs Rave...
Tony gives his thoughts on another dominant performance by the Steelers against an AFC North foe.
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 11/1/18 - Christopher Cart...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to talk about the trade deadline and preview the Steelers/Ravens game
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/31/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by Matthew and Jacob of Locked on Ravens to preview this Sunday's matchup between the Steelers and Ravens
39 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/30/18 - Steelers Trade ...
Tony talks about some of the trade rumors being thrown around and players the Steelers could be interested in.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/29/18 - Steelers vs Bro...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to a big Steelers win over the Browns that included another dominating day for running back James Conner.
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/26/18 - SteelerCountry ...
Tony is joined by his old podcast hosts Mike and Joe to talk about the 2018 season, whether defense matters anymore,
42 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/25/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to discuss the Steelers defensive performance and whether defense matters in 2018
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/24/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony is joined by Jeff Lloyd of Locked on Browns to preview Sunday's game that will be the first meeting between the Steelers and rookie QB Baker Mayfield
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/23/18 - Grading the Ste...
Tony talks about where the Steelers defense is right now and whether a player like Patrick Peterson would be enough to put this team over the top.
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/22/18 - Steelers First ...
Tony talks about a great weekend for the Steelers that puts them alone atop the AFC North.
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/20/18 - Steelers vs Ben...
Tony breaks down the tape against the Bengals and a surprisingly good performance from the defense.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/18/18 - What Happened t...
Tony talks about why James Washington has had a disappointing start to the season and what we can expect from him in the second half of the year.
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/16/18 - Are the Steeler...
Tony talks about a new report from ESPN that LeVeon Bell will not show up this week, and answers the question "are the Steelers back"
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/15/18 - Steelers vs Ben...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers 28-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in a key game in the AFC North
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/11/18 - Christopher Car...
Tony talks to Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports about what he's seen so far from this team and whether or not the Steelers are still a playoff caliber team.
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/10/18 - Crossover Wedne...
Tony talks to James Rapien of Locked On Bengals to preview this weekends match-up between the Bengals and Steelers
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/9/18 - Could the Eagles...
Tony talks about the injury to Eagles RB Jay Ajayi and if it opens the door for the Steelers to trade LeVeon Bell to the Philadelphia Eagles.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/8/18 - Steelers vs Falc...
Tony gives his thoughts on a big Steelers win over the Atlanta Falcons that included a LeVeon Bell type performance from James Conner
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/6/18 - Why the Steelers...
Tony does his film review on why the Steelers offense is starting so slowly to start these games and what can be done to fix an offense that has not gotten a first down on its opening possession all year.
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/3/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony is joined by Aaron Freeman of Locked On Falcons to preview this Sunday's matchup between the Steelers and Falcons in what feels like a must win matchup
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/02/18 - LeVeon Bell Pla...
Tony talks about the Mike Tomlin Press Conference and the comments LeVeon Bell made to ESPN about when he expects to return.
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 10/01/18 - Steelers vs Rav...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers 26-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens that included a poor performance from Ben Roethlisberger.
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/28/18 - Steelers Making ...
Tony talks about some of the changes the Steelers are making to their defense including changing the complexity of the defense and using different players
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/26/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony talks with Matthew and Jesse of Locked on Ravens about this Sunday's upcoming matchup with the Baltimore Ravens
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/25/18 - Steelers vs Bucc...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers 30-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/24/18 - Steelers Willing...
Tony talks about a new report that the Steelers are willing to trade LeVeon Bell and previews tonights matchup against the Buccaneers.
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/23/18 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony talks about what he saw on tape between the Steelers and Chiefs and how impressive young QB Patrick Mahomes was against the Steelers defense
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/20/18 - Tomlin Press Con...
Tony talks about the comments Mike Tomlin made at his press conference about Antonio Brown and the off the field issues the Steelers have been dealing with to start the season.
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/19/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony talks with James Yarbow of Locked On Bucs to preview the Monday Night football game between the Steelers and Bucs and how the Steelers can overcome their off the field issues to get their first win of the season
35 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/18/18 - How Do the Steel...
Tony talks about where this team is headed in 2018 and whether they can still compete for a title given how little the defense has improved so far
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/17/18 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony gives his first impressions of a terrible defensive performance that led to a 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/14/18 - Steelers vs Chie...
Tony previews Sunday's match-up between the Steelers and Chiefs and whether this is the week we will see the offensive explosion Steeler fans have been waiting for
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/13/18 - Steelers vs Brow...
Tony breaks down what he saw on the all-22 tape from the Steelers/Browns matchup including a much better offensive performance than previously thought and a defensive performance Steeler fans should be excited about
28 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/12/18 - Crossover Wednes...
Tony talks to Ryan Tracy of Locked On Chiefs about this Sundays matchup between the Chiefs and Steelers and how the Chiefs will attack this Steelers defense
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/11/18 - Tomlin Press Con...
Tony breaks down the comments Mike Tomlin made at his weekly press conference including the turnovers on Sunday, Conner's workload, and the officiating
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/10/18 - Steelers vs Brow...
Tony gives his first impressions of a disappointing tie against the Cleveland Browns to open the Steelers season.
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/7/18 - Christopher Carte...
Tony is joined by Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports to preview Sunday's match up between the Steelers and Browns and what will be the keys to victory both offensively and defensively
48 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/6/18 - LeVeon Bell Hold Out
Tony talks about LeVeon Bell's holdout and the comments his agent Adisa Bakari made on the radio about why LeVeon is holding out and for how long
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/5/18 - Crossover Wednesd...
Tony and Jeff preview this weekends matchup between the Steelers and Browns including the players to watch for and their expectations going into the game.
34 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/4/18 - Mike Tomlin Seaso...
Tony breaks down Mike Tomlin's season opener press conference including the injury report, the status of LeVeon Bell and the moves the Steelers could make at outside linebacker.
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/3/18 - Steelers 53 Man R...
Tony reviews the Steelers official 53 man roster as well as the 11 man practice squad and also address the LeVeon Bell situation now that he has missed the first regular season practice.
31 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/1/18 - Jon Ledyard on St...
Tony is joined by Jon Ledyard of The Draft Network to discuss what Jon's seen from the Steelers this preseason and how he thinks they'll do in the 2018 season.
47 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/31/18 - Steelers/Panther...
Tony gives his rapid reaction to the Steelers vs Panthers preaseason game as well as who he thinks the Steelers will keep on Saturday when the cut the roster down to 53 players.
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/30/18 - Steelers vs Pant...
Tony previews the final preseason game for the Steelers and which players need to make a splash in order to make their way onto the 53 man roster.
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/29/18 - Steelers Jersey ...
Tony goes over his list of best jerseys to buy this year including his top 5, his sleepers and his list of players whose jersey you should not buy in 2018.
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/28/18 - Steelers Trade f...
Tony talks about the trade the Steelers made with the Oakland Raiders to acquire return specialist and slot receiver Ryan Switzer and what he brings to the team.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/27/18 - Steelers vs Tita...
Tony breaks down the film of the preseason game against the Titans including a great game from the offensive line and a dominant performance from the run defense.
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/26/18 - Steelers vs Tita...
Tony gives his first impressions of the game against the Titans including a much improved defensive performance and the emergence of Matthew Thomas as a member of the first unit
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/25/18 - Steelers vs Tita...
Tony previews the matchup against the Tennessee Titans and what we can expect given that the starters will see some playing time together.
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/24/18 - Steelers Extend ...
Tony talks about the contract extensions for both kicker Chris Boswell and inside linebacker Vince Williams
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/22/18 - Christopher Cart...
Tony talks with Christopher Carter of DK Pittsburgh Sports about the defensive performance through two weeks and some of position battles on defense.
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/21/18 - Steelers Roster ...
Tony predicts the 53 guys he thinks will make the roster after watching the training camp practices and first two preseason games. Do the Steelers have room for guys like Matthew Thomas and Damoun Patterson?
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/20/18 - Steelers Fan Fes...
Tony talks about the Steelers final practice that was open to the public. JuJu continued to look good in seven shots, and some new faces got time at free safety.
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/18/18 - Steelers vs Pack...
Tony breaks down the tape from the Steelers/Packers game and his concerns about not just inside linebacker, but safety as well.
37 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/17/18 - Steelers vs Pack...
Tony gives his first impressions of the Steelers second preseason game, that featured more poor tackling and a breakout performance from James Washington.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/16/18 - Steelers/Packers...
Tony recaps the final practice of Steelers training camp and previews their upcoming preseason game against the Green Bay Packers
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/14/18 - Rain Delayed Ste...
Tony talks about the rainy day in Latrobe that delayed the Steelers practice, and let to many players taking the day off on Monday.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/13/18 - Weekend of Steel...
Tony recaps a light weekend of practice for the Steelers, who practiced both days without pads or live hitting.
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/11/18 - Steelers/Eagles ...
Tony breaks down the performances of Chuks Okarafor, Keion Adams, James Conner and the poor performance by the Steelers front seven against the run
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/10/18 - Steelers/Eagles ...
Tony gives his rapid reactions to some of the performances we saw from the Steelers first preseason game, against the Eagles
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/9/18 - Steelers Players ...
Tony previews the players to watch at the Steelers first preseason against the Philadelphia Eagles, including Mason Rudolph and Matthew Thomas
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/8/18 - Training Camp Pra...
Tony recaps day eleven of the Steelers training camp including impressive performances from camp sleepers Matthew Thomas and Ola Adenyi
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/7/18 - Training Camp Mai...
Tony answers your questions about the players we're most excited to see in the preseason to what exactly do Boz, Jordan Berry and the long snapper do all camp?
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/6/18 - Training Camp Day...
Tony talks about the weekend of practices where the pads came off and it was far less intense set of practices than we've seen prior.
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/4/18 - Friday Night Ligh...
Tony recaps an eventful Friday Night Lights practice that saw the return of Sean Davis and Morgan Burnett as well as the backs on backers drill.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/3/18 - Training Camp Pra...
Tony breaks down James Washington best day of camp so far and a forgettable performance from QB Josh Dobbs
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/2/18 - Training Camp Pra...
Tony breaks down everything from the sixth day of practice at Steelers training camp and why Terrell Edmunds is becoming the player to watch in Pittsburgh.
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 8/1/18 - Training Camp Mai...
Tony takes your questions about training camp including who the best corners have been, if the Steelers have run any dime, and what Seven Shots is.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/31/18 - Offense Looks Mu...
Tony breaks down the fifth practice of Steelers training camp. The offense looked much better today and three young receivers are standing out.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/30/18 - Pads Come On at ...
Tony breaks down the weekend of practices and all of the injuries the Steelers have suffered through just four days of training camp.
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/28/18 - Day Two of Pract...
Tony breaks down the second day of practice at Steelers training camp including AB's spectacular catch, Terrell Edmunds play with the starters and Marcus Tucker's struggles
12 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/27/18 - Steelers First P...
Tony breaks down everything from the first practice of training camp including who is playing free safety and where Mason Rudolph fits on the depth chart
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/26/18 - Players Report t...
Tony reports on day one of Steelers training camp, where AB made his dramatic helicopter entrance, and the players
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/25/18 - Steelers Trainin...
Tony previews training camp and what to expect from each position battle as well as some of the undrafted free agents that have been hyped up before camp opens tomorrow.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/24/18 - Steelers 2018 Ro...
Tony previews the Steelers roster going into the 2018 season, and breaks down how much youth this team is relying on to make a difference in the upcoming season.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/23/18 - James Harrison S...
Tony goes over the news from the weekend including James Harrison's comments about Mike Tomlin and the communication issues on defense.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/19/18 - Steelers 2018 Po...
Tony previews the safeties and special teams for the Steelers in 2018. Who will play free safety for the Steelers and how soon will rookie Terrell Edmunds see the field?
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/18/18 - More Details Abo...
Tony continues the discussion about Le'Veon Bell and his contract negotiations. Did the Steelers low ball Le'Veon in guaranteed money and are there any positives to take out of the situation?
33 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/17/18 - No Deal Between ...
Tony talks about the end of the Le'Veon Bell contract negotiations and what this means for the Steelers both in 2018 and going forward in 2019 and beyond.
42 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/16/18 - Steelers 2018 Po...
Tony previews the cornerbacks for the Steelers in 2018. This is the best group of players the Steelers have had at the position since 2012 and Steeler fans should be excited because of it
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/13/18 - Steelers 2018 Po...
Tony previews the inside linebackers for the Steelers in 2018. Who will win the position battle between Vince Williams and Tyler Matakevich and could Matthew Thomas be the breakout star?
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/12/18 - Steelers 2018 Po...
Tony previews the outside linebackers for the Steelers in 2018. Will Bud Dupree finally become the star pass rusher the Steelers expect him to be and will TJ Watt make a leap in 2018?
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/11/18 - Steelers 2018 Po...
Tony previews the defensive line for the Steelers in 2018. Cam Heyward had an incredible year in 2017 but can he replicate it and do the Steelers even need him to
12 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/9/18 - Steelers 2018 Pos...
Tony previews the offensive line position for the Steelers in 2018. The Steelers have one of the best starting five in the league, but do they have enough depth in case of injuries.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/6/18 - Steelers 2018 Pos...
Tony previews the tight end position for the Steelers in 2018. Could Vance McDonald be the difference maker for this offense and finally unlock the potential we've seen for the past four years.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/5/18 - Steelers 2018 Pos...
Tony previews the wide receiver position for the Steelers in 2018. Will James Washington be the starting outside WR or could Justin Hunter be a surprise day one starter?
27 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/3/18 - Steelers 2018 Pos...
Tony previews the quarterback position for the Steelers in 2018. Can Ben improve his game next year and who will win the backup spot between Landry Jones and Mason Rudolph?
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 7/2/18 - Steelers 2018 Pos...
Tony previews the quarterback position for the Steelers in 2018. Can Ben improve his game next year and who will win the backup spot between Landry Jones and Mason Rudolph?
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/28/18 - Steelers 2018 Sc...
Tony breaks down weeks 14-17 of the Steelers 2018 schedule including matchups against the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints.
21 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/27/18 - Steelers 2018 Sc...
Tony breaks down weeks 10-13 of the Steelers 2018 schedule including matchups against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/26/18 - Steelers 2018 Sc...
Tony breaks down the weeks five through nine of the Steelers 2018 schedule including matchups against the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons.
26 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/25/18 - Steelers 2018 Sc...
Tony breaks down the Steelers first four weeks of their 2018 schedule including matchups against the Chiefs and Ravens.
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/21/18 - Steelers 2017 Re...
Tony re-reviews weeks 14-17 of 2017, including the matchup with the New England Patriots and the divisional round matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/20/18 - Steelers 2017 Re...
Tony re=reviews weeks 10-13 of 2017 including the blowout win over the Tennessee Titans and the two close games against the Packers and Bengals.
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/19/18 - Steelers 2017 Re...
Tony re-reviews weeks 5-8 of the 2017 season including the big wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals and how the Lions game showed us what was to come.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/18/18 - Steelers 2017 Re...
Tony talks about the struggles the Steelers had to start the 2017 season both on offense and defense with Ben Roethlisberger struggling to be comfortable with his new receivers.
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/15/18 - Steelers Minicam...
Tony recaps day three of the Steelers minicamp including word that Mason Rudolph may win the backup QB spot from Landry Jones and Vance McDonald's injury.
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/14/18 - Steelers Minicam...
Tony breaks down all of the news coming out of day two of Steelers minicamp including JuJu's knee injury, Bud Dupree and TJ Watt switching sides, and who will be the starting free safety.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/13/18 - Steelers Minicam...
Tony talks about the first day of Steelers minicamp that includes injuries to Bud Dupree and Morgan Burnett as well as Antonio Brown's comments about the sports media
30 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/12/18 - Steelers Minicam...
Tony previews the Steelers minicamp practices which will run from Tuesday through Thursday of this week and what the biggest storylines are going into minicamp.
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/11/18 - Did AB Call Out ...
Tony talks about all of the storylines around Antonio Brown the last week including his Instragram post about Arians and Tomlin and his absence from Steelers OTA practices.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/8/18 - Steelers OTA Day ...
Tony recaps the OTAs with answers to the biggest questions going into the OTA practices as well as what the biggest storylines are coming out of these OTA practices.
23 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/7/18 - Ryan Shazier Pres...
Ryan Shazier speaks to the media for the first time since his injury against the Cincinnati Bengals and reiterates his desire to play football again.
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/6/18 - Steelers OTA Day ...
Tony talks about how different the Randy Fichtner offense will be from Todd Haley's offense as well as Mike Hilton's comments about using the dime package or seven defensive backs in 2018.
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/5/18 - Reggie Bush Says ...
Tony talks about he comments Reggie Bush made about Mike Tomlin and how his Steelers teams have been undisciplined and look ahead of opponents.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/4/18 - Two Players Stand...
Tony talks about CB Cam Sutton and OT Chuks Okorafor who have stood out during the Steelers OTA practices and are two names to watching going into the 2018 season.
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 6/1/18 - Ben and AB Not At...
Tony talks about his disappointment in Ben and AB skipping some OTA practices and why this season more than others, the Steelers need to be on the same page early.
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/31/18 - Steelers Lose Tw...
Tony talks about the new throwbacks uniforms and the injuries to both tackle Jerald Hawkins and tight end Jake McGee at OTA practice.
12 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/30/18 - Could Matakevich...
Tony talks about Tyler Matakevich as the starting inside linebacker and whether he could win the job over Jon Bostic
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/29/18 - AB Comments on L...
Tony talks about the comments AB made about LeVeon's contract situation and whether or not LeVeon should show up to training camp.
22 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/24/18 - Steelers OTAs Da...
Tony recaps day two of OTAs and talks about whether Sean Davis will play free or strong safety, and how the loss of veterans on defense will affect the leadership in the locker room.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/23/18 - Steelers OTAs Da...
Tony talks about the reports out of OTAs that Ben and Mason Rudolph have mended fences, Bud Dupree is playing on the right side, and Tyler Matakevich is starting at ILB.
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/22/18 - 5 Biggest Questi...
Tony talks about the five biggest questions he has about the Steelers going into OTAs, including which defensive player will make the leap in 2018.
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/21/18 - Mike and Joe fro...
Tony talks to Mike and Joe about their thoughts about the Steelers selections in the NFL Draft including Terrell Edmunds, James Washington and Jaylen Samuels
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/18/18 - Has the Steelers...
Tony talks about some of the feedback he got to Wednesday's podcast about the Steelers organization and whether the Steelers mentality has cost them championships
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/16/18 - Panthers New Own...
Tony talks about Steelers minority owner buying the Panthers and how he aspires to turn the Carolina Panthers into a franchise modeled after the Pittsburgh Steelers
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/15/18 - Steelers Address...
Tony talks about the comments Mike Tomlin made about how important communication is in the secondary and with the new safeties the Steelers drafted.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/14/18 - Terrell Edmunds ...
Tony talks about the prospects of Mason Rudolph's leadership abilities and Terrell Edmunds versatility at rookie mini-camp.
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/11/18 - Rookie Minicamp ...
Tony talks about the numbers given out to each rookie and then previews his favorite undrafted free agents going into rookie mini-camp this weekend.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/10/18 - Kevin Colbert on...
Tony breaks down Kevin Colbert's comments on Mason Rudolph, Keion Adams, and what awaits the Steelers rookies at the upcoming rookie mini camp.
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/9/18 - Mike and Joe from...
Tony is joined by his co-hosts from SteelerCountry, Mike and Joe, to talk about Big Ben and Mason Rudolph
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/8/18 - Jon Ledyard on th...
Tony and Jon talk about the Steelers trading away Martavis Bryant and selecting Mason Rudolph, as well as where this puts the team in 2018.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/7/18 - Jon Ledyard on th...
Tony is joined by Jon Ledyard who breaks down the Steelers first round selection of Terrell Edmunds and what it means for the Steelers defense.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/4/18 - Assessing QB Cont...
Tony breaks down the new normal for quarterback contracts and how it affects roster construction in the NFL.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/3/18 - AFC North Draft R...
Tony breaks down how the rest of the division in this draft with three new quarterbacks being taken in the AFC North.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/2/18 - The Steelers Have...
Tony talks about why he thinks this team has too many depth issues to be taking the future picks the Steelers took.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/1/18 - Was Taking Mason ...
Tony talks about the Steelers selection of Mason Rudolph and whether or not it was a smart pick for the Steelers
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/30/18 - Steelers 2018 Dr...
Tony breaks down all the of players the Steelers selected in the draft and what it means for the 2018 season.`
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/28/18 - Steelers Second ...
Tony breaks down the selections of James Washington, Mason Rudolph, and Chuks Okorafor
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/27/18 - Steelers Take S ...
Tony breaks down the Steelers selection of Terrell Edmunds, as well as the players the Steelers passed up to get him. He also talks about the trade of Martavis Bryant.
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/26/18 - Steelers First R...
Tony talks about what he thinks is going to happen in the first round and who the Steelers are going to take with the 28th pick in the draft.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/25/18 - Third and Fourth...
Tony talks about four players he missed during his draft evaluation: Jaylen Samuels, Armani Watts, Obo Okoronkwo and Darius Leonard
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/24/18 - Tomlin and Colbe...
Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert had their pre draft press conference and Tony breaks down everything they said, and what it means for who the Steelers will select this weekend.
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/23/18 - AFC North Draft ...
Tony talks about what the other teams in the AFC North are going to be looking for in the NFL draft this week.
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/20/18 - Steelers Mock Draft
Tony gives his three round mock draft on who he sees the Steelers taking in the first three rounds and why.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/19/18 - Best WR Fit for ...
Tonybreaks down the best WR that will be available in the second or third rounds, and talks about Joe Haden's comments about the defense.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/18/18 - Assessing the St...
Tony discusses the tight end situaiton in Pittsburgh. Should the Steelers address tight end in the draft or are there other places that they can better use their picks.
11 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/17/18 - Could the Steele...
Tony breaks down the trade rumors when it comes to trading LeVeon Bell or Martavis Bryant before draft day. What is their value and is it likely?
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/16/18 - James Harrison R...
James Harrison retires and Tony talks about his legacy as a Steelers pass rusher as well as Dez Bryant's future and the medical concerns around Leighton Vander Esch
10 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/13/18 - Steelers Later R...
Tony talks about his three sleeper prospects in rounds three through seven of the upcoming NFL draft
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/12/18 - First Round Big ...
Tony goes over his list of the best players the Steelers should consider with the 28th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. He also breaks down the Browns decision with the #1 pick
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/11/18 - What Kind of Saf...
Tony talks about the LeVeon Bell contract situation and then breaks down Justin Reid and Jesse Bates and where they could fit on this defense.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/10/18 - Grading the EDGE...
Tony takes a look at the top five EDGE rushers in this draft class and who would fit best on the Steelers. Could Arden Key be a third round steal for the Steelers?
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/9/18 - Legacy of the Kil...
Tony recaps your feedback to Fridays podcast about the Steelers moving up in the draft and recaps the legacy of the Killer B era
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/6/18 - Should the Steele...
With 2018 being an "all in" season for the Steelers, should they move up in the draft and try to find the defensive playmaker that the team is missing.
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/5/18 - Could the Steeler...
Mel Kiper believes the Steelers will take Calvin Ridley with their first pick in 28. Tony breaks that down, as well as ILB Malik Jefferson and Shaquem Griffin
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/4/18 - Implications of t...
Tony discusses what the Patriots trade of WR Brandin Cooks to the LA Rams means for the Steelers and who will be available in the NFL Draft
12 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/3/18 - ILB Leighton Vand...
Tony breaks down the tape of prospects: ILB Leighton Vander Esch and ILB Rashaan Evans
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/2/18 - Breaking Down Lam...
Tony breaks down the tape of prospects: QB Mason Rudolph, QB Lamar Jackson and RB Derrius Guice
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/30/18 - Steelers NFL Dra...
Tony gives his thoughts on what the expectations should be for what positions the Steelers will take in the NFL Draft, and what players will make the most impact in 2018.
13 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/29/18 - LeVeon Bell Want...
Tony breaks down Shaquem Griffin's draft potential, LeVeon Bell's contract demands and the new leading with the helmet rule
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/28/18 - What is a Catch
Tony discusses the new catch rule, how the NFL got to this point, and how it all could have been avoided back in 2005.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 03/27/18 - Kevin Colbert R...
Tony goes over Kevin Colbert's thoughts on this years draft class and what it means for who the Steelers will ultimately select in April's NFL Draft.
14 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/26/18 - Kevin Colbert Di...
Kevin Colbert made some headlines this weekend about LeVeon Bell's contract negotiations, and Tony discusses what it means for LeVeon's future on the Steelers.
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/23/18 - Steelers sign Jo...
Tony breaks down the free agents the Steelers are bringing back as well as new signings Morgan Burnett and Jon Bostic. And then addresses what those signings mean for the Steelers draft flexibility.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 3/22/18 - Introducing Tony...
Jon introduces the new host of Locked On Steelers Tony Serino. They discuss the 2017 season and begin to look at the moves the Steelers need to make in the offseason.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/13/18 - Steelers zeroing...
Jon discusses the Steelers meeting with Wake Forest safety Jessie Bates, their strong presence at Alabama's pro day and the offseason moves as free agency gets underway
16 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/9/18 - Talking linebacke...
Locked on Broncos host Cody Roark joined Jon for a crossover episode to talk free agent linebackers, draft options for Pittsburgh and Denver and more.
40 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/8/18 - Discussing the im...
Jon dives into the implications of Le'Veon Bell's franchise tag, including what to expect from the enigmatic back and why the Steelers shouldn't prioritize RB
16 min
Locked on Steelers - 3/6/18 - Steelers top two ...
Jon discusses the Steelers top targets at no. 28, including the two players he believes will attract the most interest from Pittsburgh during the pre-draft process
13 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/28/18 - Talking NFL Draf...
NDT Scouting's Jonah Tuls joins Jon on the podcast to talk about his top safeties in the draft, who to keep an eye on at the combine and which prospects at the position are currently overrated.
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/27/18 - Scouting the fre...
Bleacher Report's Jerod Brown joins Jon on the podcast to discuss and intriguing group of free agent linebackers, including the top targets at the position and who the Steelers should avoid.
29 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/23/18 - Don't hold your ...
Not so fast on a Martavis Bryant trade for Pittsburgh. He's far more valuable to the Steelers for what he could be this season than anything the team could get in return for him right now.
12 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/22/18 - Steelers/NFL Dra...
Jon answers your questions on the 2018 NFL Draft, free agency, the Steelers current roster and more
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/20/18 - Pre-combine Stee...
Jon puts on his GM hat and walks Steelers fans through a simulated 7-round mock draft on Fanspeak, evaluating team needs against the best players on the board
15 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/16/18 - Is outside lineb...
Jon looks over the Steelers options for defensive line depth in free agency, as well as how signing a certain safety could change the landscape of their draft needs in April.
15 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/15/18 - Sorting through ...
Jon looks at the Steelers crying need for at least two linebackers this offseason, and some of the names that might be targeted through the draft and free agency
19 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/14/18 - Steelers seconda...
Jon takes an in-depth look at the Steelers important need at safety, their options to replace Mike Mitchell and why they might not draft a cornerback
16 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/13/18 - Are the Steelers...
Jon takes a close look at the Steelers offensive line and tight end group, and examines whether or not any resources will be spent addressing the position this offseason
15 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/9/18 - Is a number 3/4 w...
Jon thinks the wide receiver group for Pittsburgh isn't as set in stone as many believe it is, as Eli Rogers' future is uncertain and Martavis Bryant is entering the final year of his contract.
15 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/7/18 - Evaluating the St...
Will Le'Veon Bell be back in Pittsburgh? For one year or a long term deal? Will James Conner's health eventually catch up with him? Should Pittsburgh draft a RB?
15 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/5/18 - Evaluating the St...
Jon breaks down why the Steelers should go big or not go at all in drafting a quarterback, and why he thinks it is extremely unlikely to see a new signal caller on the roster next year
19 min
Locked on Steelers - 2/2/18 - Breaking down the...
Jon breaks down his 7-round Steelers mock draft for NDT Scouting, assessing the team's most important needs and which players could fit the bill.
18 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/30/18 - Examining offens...
Jon discusses the top Senior Bowl offensive players who stood out to him, and whether their fit with the Steelers makes sense or not.
18 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/29/18 - Examining defens...
Jon discusses the top Senior Bowl defensive players who stood out to him, and whether their fit with the Steelers makes sense or not.
25 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/21/18 - Senior Bowl play...
Jon examines the key Senior Bowl players to watch for Pittsburgh, including the top fits at linebacker, safety, tight end and quarterback.
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/18/18 - Steelers disappo...
Matt Williamson and Jon team up to discuss the Steelers disastrous performance against Jacksonville, the coaching changes coming and the team's draft outlook heading into the Senior Bowl
42 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/17/18 - Examining the St...
Josh Taylor joins Jon on the Locked on Steelers podcast to talk about Todd Haley, Randy Fichtner, Keith Butler, Joey Porter, Carnell Lake and more
38 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/15/18 - Another promisin...
Jon talks about the coaching decisions and player performances that led to another postseason of disappointment for Pittsburgh
28 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/11/18 - Inside the Jagua...
Locked on Jaguars host Zach Goodall joins Jon to preview the upcoming matchup between the Jaguars and the Steelers, including taking an in-depth look at both rosters and looking for potential weaknesses.
35 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/10/18 - Red zone play th...
Jon discusses the matchups within the game for Pittsburgh against Jacksonville, including why red zone play will be what makes or breaks Pittsburgh
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/8/18 - Previewing Steele...
Jon talks about the Jaguars performance against the Buffalo Bills, including Blake Bortles' new low and notes from the last Steelers-Jaguars battle
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/5/18 - Previewing the NF...
Jon looks at each wild card round in the NFL playoffs, including picking the winners and the biggest threats to win it all from both conferences.
20 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/3/18 - Steelers-Browns A...
Jon gives out game balls from the Steelers-Browns game and talks coverage busts, improved run defense and the commitment to mediocrity from the rest of the AFC North
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 1/2/18 - The good and the ...
Jon discusses the Steelers high-flying offense and the fine work of Todd Haley, while admitting the defense has serious concerns that must be fixed before the playoffs
22 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/29/17 - James Harrison,...
Jon discusses James Harrison, the Steelers Week 17 plans and what the playoff picture looks like in the AFC, for the Wild Card round and beyond.
22 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/26/17 - A Steelers vict...
Jon examines a shockingly easy Steelers victory on Christmas day, including the reasons for extreme optimism and pessimism as Pittsburgh prepares for the playoffs
18 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/21/17 - Pro Bowl Steele...
Jon jumps into his thoughts on the Steelers 2018 Pro Bowl selections, as well as what they need to do to avoid disaster against the Texans
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/20/17 - Inside the Texa...
Robert Land and Brian Patterson join Jon for a crossover episode of Locked on Steelers, talking about the Texans injury-laden season and what they can do to upset Pittsburgh
42 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/18/17 - Wrong rule AND ...
Jon brings the heat on the officials incorrect overturn of the Jesse James touchdown catch that would likely have won Pittsburgh the game, but the Steelers did enough to beat themselves too
29 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/14/17 - National perspe...
Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly joins Jon to take a look at what Patriots-Steelers looks like from a national perspective
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/13/17 - Crossover episo...
Jon and Mark detail the intricacies of the next chapter in the Steelers-Patriots one-sided rivalry, including how a game between two once-proud defenses could become a shootout
28 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/11/17 - Steelers offens...
Jon talks about the offense passed one of its' toughest tests of the season with flying colors, despite constantly being put in tough spots and facing a couple two-score deficits.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/7/17 - Inside the Raven...
Matthew Stevens of USA Today's Ravens Wire joins Jon to talk about the Ravens' offensive resurgence and defensive resiliency this season
27 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/6/17 - Steelers-Bengals...
Jon highlights why the Steelers defense struggled to stop the run against Cincinnati, as well as why the Ravens could have success in a similar fashion.
26 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/5/17 - Big hits, physic...
Jon dives into a controversial Steelers-Bengals game, addressing JuJu's block, the physical rivalry, the Bengals blunders and why the Steelers schedule is cause for concern
30 min
Locked on Steelers - 12/1/17 - Inside the Benga...
Locked on Bengals host James Rapien joins Jon to talk Bengals-Steelers in a vital AFC North showdown for both teams
37 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/29/17 - Steelers-Packer...
Jon dives into the Steelers-Packers tape and previews their upcoming Monday Night matchup against the Bengals
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/27/17 - The good and th...
Jon talks about the rash of blown defensive coverages, why Artie Burns could be headed for bust status and the incredible importance of the improved play of Ben Roethlisberger
26 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/22/17 - Inside the Pack...
Peter Bukowski, host of Locked on Packers, joins Jon on a crossover show to discuss the current state of the injury-riddled Packers, and their chances of pulling off an upset on Sunday.
40 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/20/17 - Wrapping up the...
Jon discusses the potential weaknesses of a generally stout Steelers defense, as well as why the team matches up well with Green Bay.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/17/17 - Was that really...
Jon talks about the most complete performance by the offense yet in an eventful second half, including the importance of Ben Roethlisberger's big day and defensive splash plays.
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/15/17 - Previewing Stee...
Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky joins Jon on the podcast to talk about Tennessee's improved red zone offense, DeMarco Murray vs. Derrick Henry and the impact of Kevin Byard on the defense.
13 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/13/17 - Roethlisberger ...
Jon discusses another ugly Steelers victory over a bad team on the road, but also suggests there is reason for some optimism given how Big Ben performed down the stretch.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/9/17 - Inside the Colts...
Matt Danely joins Jon on the podcast to talk about the state of the Colts, what they can do that might give the Steelers issues, and how he thinks Sunday's game will turn out.
29 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/8/17 - Steelers facing ...
Nothing has been easy for Pittsburgh this season, but Indianapolis' current state should result in nothing less than an overwhelming victory on Sunday
18 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/6/17 - Steelers get sev...
Jon talks about the new outlook in the AFC, the Steelers strong chances for a division title and the things Pittsburgh must improve on to reach their goals over the second half of the season
19 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/2/17 - Examining potent...
Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots joins Jon to talk about the potential of a Patriots-Steelers postseason matchup and how the Chiefs fit into all of this
22 min
Locked on Steelers - 11/1/2017 - AFC outlook fo...
Jon looks at Todd Haley and Le'Veon Bell as the keys to the Steelers success moving forward, especially in terms of capturing a no. 1 seed.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/30/17 - Steelers escape...
Jon talks about the challenges in evaluating the Pittsburgh Steelers compared to your average team, and why 6-2 is still a good spot to be in
22 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/26/17 - Previewing Stee...
Jon details the history between Pittsburgh and Detroit, as well as looking at the top current roster matchups and where Pittsburgh could be susceptible to the Lions' offense
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/25/17 - Steelers-Bengal...
Jon details the catalyst for a successful Steelers rushing attack, while also highlighting the massive difference Joe Haden has made in the secondary
22 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/23/17 - Steelers defens...
Jon talks about how the Steelers defense continues to grow and suffocate opposing teams, even as the offense continues to be a see-saw heading out of Week 7.
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/19/17 - Previewing Stee...
It's a Locked On crossover edition with Locked on Bengals host James Rapien, who joins Jon to discuss the Bengals recent offensive turnaround, their early red zone struggles and the curious run of success Pittsburgh has had against Cincinnati despite n...
28 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/18/17 - Reviewing the A...
Jon reviews a few revealing notes from the PIT-KC All-22 tape, while also looking ahead to some intriguing statistical notes about the Bengals
25 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/16/17 - Did the Steeler...
Jon talks about the positives and, yes, the negatives from the Steelers victory over the Chiefs, as Pittsburgh's struggling offense finally showed signs of life. Can they build on it and start putting up more points?
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/12/17 - Previewing Chie...
Locked on Chiefs co-hosts Ryan Tracy and Chris Clark join Jon on a crossover episode, as the trio discusses the Chiefs potential weaknesses, the resurgence of Alex Smith and the inconsistent Steelers rushing attack. Brought to you by My Bookie: http:/...
27 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/11/17 - Fixing the Steel...
Alez Kozora of Steelers Depot joins Jon to talk in-depth about the Steelers offensive struggles this season, what's wrong with Ben Roethlisberger, how to get the pass and run game going and whether Keith Butler is to blame for defensive failures.
28 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/9/17 - Steelers Status?...
Jon went full Michael Scott on the Steelers, boom-roasting each member of the team that is at fault for Pittsburgh's horrendous start this season, while also discussing what it will take for a turnaround. Brought to you by My Bookie: http://record.we...
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/5/17 - Inside Steelers-...
Jaguars beat reporter Mike Kaye joins Jon to discuss the state of the Jacksonville franchise, AB vs. Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye and why the Steelers could struggle with Leonard Fournette if they don't improve their tackling. Brought to you by My Book...
27 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/4/17 - Steelers-Ravens ...
Who was at fault on both of the Ravens long runs? Did the defense have a bounce-back performance? Is a certain Steelers starting to return to form for the offense? All that and more on the latest episode of Locked on Steelers! Brought to you by XBET.ag
20 min
Locked on Steelers - 10/2/17 - Defense repeated...
The Steelers defense hasn't been tested by great quarterback play yet this season, but the pass rush is clearly developing, and they aren't giving up big plays through the air. Meanwhile, Le'Veon Bell and the ground game finally got going in a big way ...
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/28/17 - Steelers-Ravens ...
The Ravens have the NFL's fourth-ranked rushing attack, but is that stat as indicative of dominance as it appears to be? With Joe Flacco leading the last-ranked passing offense in the league, is Pittsburgh looking at an identical situation to last week...
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/27/17 - Steelers-Bears A...
Jon details Keith Butler's failures as a defensive coordinator on Sunday, as well as the poor play of Ryan Shazier, Vince Williams and several other defenders. Also, what's wrong with the Steelers offense? Jon has answers.
26 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/24/17 - Wake up call for...
Join me in re-living the Steelers horrendous performance on the road against the Chicago Bears, as the team continues to underwhelm and almost everyone deserves a share of the blame. MyBookie: https://mybookie.ag/?referredby=MYB100,_url
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/21/17 - Inside the Bears...
Jon and Lorin discuss what the Bears can do to get on track offensively, and what Pittsburgh must do to get their own heralded offense producing more consistently.
29 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/20-17 - Steelers better ...
The Bears haven't gotten their running game going yet, but it's just a matter of time with the talent they have. The Steelers can't be the first ones to fall victim on Sunday, in a game that Pittsburgh can't afford to have a letdown performance in.
24 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/18/17 - What have we lea...
Jon ponders if we've really learned much about the Steelers to sway how we felt about them before the season, and highlights a couple of positive and negative individual performances from Sunday's victory over the Vikings Mybookie: https://mybookie.ag...
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/14/17 - What to expect f...
Arif Hasan joins Jon on the show to go in-depth on the Vikings roster, including the best matchups with Pittsburgh and a few areas where Minnesota may be susceptible.
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/13/17 - Steelers-Browns ...
After checking out the All-22 tape, Jon has some detailed thoughts about individual player performance, including where the Steelers should see improvement defensively and where the team should still be concerned.
23 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/11/17 - Offense concerns...
The offense was ugly on Sunday, but the defense rose up when they had to, and Antonio Brown was incredible. Why so little Le'Veon Bell? Can Ben be the caliber of quarterback he needs to be to lead Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl?
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 9/7/17 - Previewing Browns...
Jeff Risdon, managing editor of brownswire.usatoday.com, joins Jon on the show to talk about the changes in Cleveland, the Browns revamped secondary and what DeShone Kizer brings to the lineup that no Cleveland quarterback has for a long time.
21 min
Locked on Steelers - 9/6/17 - Identifying Cleve...
Jon breaks down what the Steelers should expect from Cleveland's offense Week 1, and how Pittsburgh has a distinct advantage in one area that could make all the difference in the game.
19 min
No. 120: Assessing the Steelers final 53-man ro...
Sammie Coates, Ross Cockrell and Senquez Golson are gone, and J.J. Wilcox, Joe Haden and Vance McDonald are Steelers. Jon recaps a wild past week in Pittsburgh, including what to make of the new faces.
18 min
No. 119: Final 53-man roster prediction
Jon offers his final 53-man roster prediction, with thoughts from the fourth preseason game and potentially adding a player or two from cut-downs this weekend.
24 min
No. 118: Analyzing the impact of the Vance McDo...
Vance McDonald is a Pittsburgh Steeler, and that's a very good thing for him, the tight end room, the offense and Pittsburgh's chances of competing for a Super Bowl this season.
20 min
No.117: Preseason game 3 analysis - troubling i...
Ross Cockrell has been hopelessly overmatched during preseason action, and Coty Sensabaugh's career sample size indicates an average corner at best. What are the Steelers options at cornerback? Can the inside linebackers cover? What has Knile Davis don...
27 min
No. 116: Dispelling Le'Veon Bell controversies ...
Josh Taylor joins Jon on the show to shout-down the controversies surrounding the Steelers handling of Le'Veon Bell, as well as the battle for CB2, the coverage abilities of ILBs Vince Williams and Tyler Matakevich and the ridiculous depth at wide rece...
30 min
No. 115: Steelers secondary struggles in victor...
Jon addresses the weaknesses in the secondary, how one player needs to be out here getting preseason reps and the incredibly impressive showing by James Conner in his preseason debut.
27 min
No. 114: Steelers offense enjoying healthy returns
Jon breaks down what to watch for in the Steelers second preseason game, including the return of Martavis Bryant and Sammie Coates. Also, expanding on my thoughts on Joey Porter's comments earlier in the week.
21 min
No. 113: New 53-Man Roster Prediction
Jon reveals his current 53-man roster prediction for the Steelers, a group that will undoubtedly have very few surprises with a clearly defined cast already in place.
18 min
No. 112: Key takeaways from Steelers preseason ...
T.J. Watt's two-sack showing has Steelers nation excited, but proper context must be applied. Plus more on Josh Dobbs' resiliency, Cobi Hamilton and Mike Hilton's big days and the Steelers defensive line showing out.
24 min
No. 111: Preseason preview - 5 things to watch ...
Jon talks about Josh Dobbs upcoming first NFL action, several defensive pieces with a lot to prove and the RB3 battle that will be on display Friday night.
19 min
No. 110: Examining the Steelers cornerback room
Jon goes in-depth on each cornerback on the Steelers 90-man roster, while examining each player's chances of making the team.
22 min
No. 109: Thursday practice - AB's big day, Hunt...
Jon discusses the impressive play of several members of the WR corps, AB's playful and impressive showing and several players getting nicked up at today's practice.
23 min
No. 108: Observations and notes from Wednesday'...
Jon talks about two plays from Tyler Matakevich that stood out, Ben's strong words on Martavis Bryant's situation, the standout play of Justin Hunter and JuJu Smith-Schuster, and a few camp surprises with a shot at the final 53
26 min
No. 107: Expectations should be sky-high for St...
An in-depth look at the AFC North and even the entire conference reveals two things - expectations should be sky-high in Pittsburgh and two players in particular will be key to their success.
30 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS 2-17-17-- Talking Colberts...
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Adam Crowley reviews the Steelers loss to the Patriots.
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Adam Crowley talks about the #Steelers with Matt Williamson.
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--LOCKED ON STEELERS (10-19-16)-- Have some fai...
Adam Crowley tells you that Landry Jones is the guy who gives the #Steelers the best chance to win on Sunday.
15 min
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--LOCKED ON STEELERS (10-18-16)-- Talking #Stee...
Adam Crowley discusses the #Steelers loss to the #Dolphins with Tunch Ilkin.
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Adam Crowley discusses Ben Roethlisberger's theory on the #Steelers injuries.
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Adam Crowley gives his prediction on #Steelers-#Jets and we hear from Matt Williamson.
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Adam Crowley previews the #Steelers and #Jets with Eric Allen from Jets.com.
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--LOCKED ON STEELERS (10-5-16)-- Talking Steele...
Adam Crowley talks Steelers with Mark Kaboly.
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Adam Crowley breaks down the #Steelers big win over the #Chiefs.
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--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-29-16)-- Le'Veon Bells ...
Adam Crowley talks LeVeon, injuries, and Kevin Greene.
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Adam Crowley talks with Missi Matthews of Steelers.com
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Adam Crowley rips on Philadelphia and talks about the #Steelers injuries.
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--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-26-16)-- "We stunk:" A ...
Adam Crowley breaks down the #Steelers loss to the Philadelphia #Eagles.
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Adam Crowley breaks down #Steelers and #Eagles with Chris McPherson of Philadelphiaeagles.com.
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Adam Crowley talks with Mark Kaboly.
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Adam Crowley talks about the #Steelers turning back the clock. Also hear from Steelers sideline analyst Craig Wolfley.
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Adam Crowley and Mike Prisuta discuss the #Steelers defenses success.
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Adam Crowley breaks down the #Steelers big win against the #Bengals.
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Adam Crowley talks with Matt Williamson and James Rapien about the #Steelers #Bengals matchup.
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Adam Crowley discusses Kirkpatrick's comments on AB. #Steelers
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Adam Crowley tells you who the #Steelers biggest rival is.
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Adam Crowley breaks down the #Steelers week 1 win over the #Redskins.
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Adam Crowley previews #Steelers and #Redskins with Chris Adamski.
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Adam Crowley discusses the #Steelers injury situation and gives his biggest key to the #Steelers opener against the #Redskins
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Adam Crowley takes a look at the #Skins and recaps the Ben Roethlisberger media scrum from earlier in the day.
17 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-6-16)-- Mike Tomlin's p...
Adam Crowley wraps up the Tomlin presser and speaks with Mike Prisuta of the #Steelers Radio Network.
24 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-5-16)-- #Steelers Trim ...
Adam Crowley talks about the #Steelers cutting their roster to 53 players. Also, how will the Bud Dupree injury force the Steelers hand?
18 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-2-16)--Roster predictio...
Adam Crowley predicts the #Steelers final 53 man roster.
16 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (9-1-16)-- What to expect ...
Adam Crowley talks with Dale Lolley about pressing #Steelers issues.
17 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-31-16)-- Antonio Brown ...
Adam Crowley talks about James Harrison, Ladarius Green, and Antonio Brown.
22 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-30-16)-- Craig Wolfley ...
Adam Crowley talks with Craig Wolfley about the #Steelers injury woes. And the Steelers trim the roster to 75.
21 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-29-16)--How will injuri...
Marcus Gilbert and Cameron Heyward are banged up. What does this mean for the #Steelers?
18 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-27-16)-- Recapping #Ste...
Adam Crowley recaps the #Steelers win over the #Saints
19 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-25-16)-- James Harrison...
16 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-24-16)-- What does Vinc...
Hear from Vince Williams and Mike Tomlin!
17 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-23-16)--Craig Wolfley's...
Hear from #Steelers sideline reporter Craig Wolfley on all the hottest issues surrounding the team.
20 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-22-16)-- Roethlisberger...
Hear from Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Le'Veon Bell and more!
18 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-19-16)-- A break from t...
Adam Crowley dives into the #Steelers 17-0 loss to the #Eagles. Hear from Ramon Foster and Sammie Coates.
23 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-19-16)-- Roger Goodell ...
Hear James Harrison's post game remarks about Roger Goodell. Adam Crowley tells you why there's no reason to panic after the #Steelers loss to the Eagles.
16 min
--Locked on Steelers (8-17-16)-- The NFLPA is l...
Adam Crowley discusses the ongoing James Harrison situation and takes a look at Ladarius Green's injury history.
15 min
--Locked on Steelers (8-16-17)--James Harrison ...
Adam Crowley discusses James Harrison's ongoing battle with the NFL.
20 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS (8-15-16)-- Injuries alter...
Adam Crowley discusses the rash of injuries facing the #Steelers. And what is up with Ladarius Green?
18 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS--Analysis of #Steelers fir...
Adam Crowley analyzes the #Steelers first preseason game. Hear from Sammie Coates, Sean Davis, and Doran Grant.
24 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS-- Ladarius Green consideri...
Adam Crowley discusses a rumor about Ladarius Green and looks at the #Steelers roster position by position.
22 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS-- Recapping the Joint Prac...
In this episode of Locked on Steelers, Adam Crowley gives his observations on the two joint practices between the Lions and Steelers. Adam also sits down with Ladanian Tomlinson.
19 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS-- Evaluating the 2016 Rookies
Adam Crowley gives his thought on the 2016 rookie class. Also, hear from #Steelers rookies Javon Hargrave and Gerald Hawkins.
17 min
--LOCKED ON STEELERS-- Steelers secondary getti...
Adam Crowley looks at the Senquez Golson injury and the effect it will have on the Steelers. Also, hear from #Steelers GM Kevin Colbert on Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell.
25 min