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Christopher Carter, NFL and college football analyst and writer, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Welcome Andrew Erickson of PFF! / Top Steelers ...
Chris is joined by Andrew Erickson of PFF to talk fantasy football and its Browns day on crossover week.
41 min
EA Sports Disrespects Steelers / Ultimate Divis...
Chris is joined by Kevin, Jake, James and Jeff for an all-out AFC North Locked On Episode about the Steelers.
37 min
Bud Dupree Files Grievance for more Money / Wel...
Chris dives in on Bud Dupree's grievance and does a crossover episode on the Ravens.
35 min
7-10-2020 - Adam Crowley and Tony Serino / Play...
Chris, Adam and Tony tackle the players versus owners debate and pick the best all time Steelers plays.
72 min
7-9-2020 - Fans to Wear Masks at Heinz Field / ...
Steelers plan to have fans with masks, Zach Banner speaks, and the NFL proposes holding part of 2020 salaries.
14 min
7-8-2020 - Welcome Brian Cook! / Jackson's Anti...
Chris is joined by Brian Cook to talk Tomlin, DeSean Jackson, JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner.
44 min
7-7-2020 - Patrick Mahomes Got PAID / Steelers ...
Chris breaks down the Mahomes contract and how it might impact the Steelers.
15 min
7-6-2020 - NFLPA Wants No Preseason / JuJu Unde...
Chris recaps the news on preseason football and two ranking lists that involve young Steelers.
31 min
7-3-2020 - Welcome Joshuah Taylor and Dean Iamp...
Chris, Josh and Dean discuss the latest NFL news and pick the best sports movies.
51 min
7-2-2020 - NFL Preseason Cut in Half / Cowher R...
Chris discusses the latest COVID-19 updates.
14 min
7-1-2020 - Top 10 NFL Coaches / Heyward on COVI...
Chris Carter dishes on the top coaches talk, Heyward's thoughts on COVID and an under-discussed strength of the Steelers.
32 min
6-30-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Patriots Got Off Ea...
Chris and Tony discuss whether the Patriots should be punished more and gambling odds.
36 min
6-29-2020 - Pats Cam and Scam / Orlovsky on JuJ...
Chris talks Patriots' signing Newton and punishments, as well as roster talk from ESPN.
33 min
6-26-2020 - Wes Uhler Returns! / No HOF Game / ...
Chris, Tony and Wes dig in on NFL news and all-time favorite sports movies.
63 min
6-25-2020 - NFL News and Notes / Martavis Bryan...
Chris recaps NFL news and notes and remembers Martavis Bryant.
23 min
6-24-2020 - Feiler to LG, Alualu to NT / Tomlin...
Tomlin dishes on Steelers roster moves and how the team will take on COVID-19 and protests.
26 min
6-23-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Ben Ahead of Schedu...
Chris and Tony talk about Ben's latest comments on his return and why things are looking up.
36 min
6-22-2020 - COVID-19 Concerns / Ben really a Sl...
Chris breaks down the latest COVID-19 developments and a reality check on Ben's history.
27 min
6-19-2020 - Hunter Homistek Returns! / Heyward ...
Chris is joined by Hunter and Tony to talk Cam Heyward and all-time Steelers playoff performances.
65 min
6-18-2020 - Ramon Foster on Mental Toughness / ...
Chris Carter reviews the latest on the Steelers.
23 min
6-17-2020 - Hall of Fame Game minus Fans? / Con...
Several Covid-19 updates shed light on the season as James Conner does the same on Ben's recovery.
30 min
6-16-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Goodell Encourages ...
Chris and Tony review NFL news and notes and debate top AFC North linebackers.
34 min
6-15-2020 - Ebron's Trainer Praise / Harbaugh o...
Eric Ebron's footwork improvement, John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin talk.
33 min
6-12-2020 - Jeff Hartman Returns! / Hilton and ...
Chris Jeff and Tony talk about the re-signed RFAs and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
47 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
85 min
6-10-2020 - NFL HOF Weekend on Schedule / Pounc...
HOF Weekend is on schedule, Maurkice Pouncey speaks up on the police and the Polamalu special continues.
29 min
6-9-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Heinz Field for Trai...
Chris and Tony talk about the Steelers using Heinz Field for training camp, Polamalu, and more.
39 min
6-8-2020 - Steven Nelson Wants More / NFL Playe...
Chris breaks down recent comments from Steven Nelson and a major stance from NFL stars.
32 min
6-5-2020 - NFL Coaches Return Today / Fantasy D...
Chris is joined by Tony Serino and Sean Gentille for another Fantasy Draft Friday.
69 min
6-4-2020 - No Latrobe / Steelers' Statement / J...
Steelers released two statements, and Chris goes over whether Jackson has surpassed Ben.
24 min
6-3-2020 - No Saint Vincent Training Camp? / Ja...
Chris balances the reports about whether the Steelers will train at Saint Vincent College this Summer.
35 min
6-2-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Madden on Minkah / C...
Chris and Tony talk about Minkah Fitzpatrick, JaDeveon Clowney, college football and more.
39 min
6-1-2020 - All-NFL Under 25 List / Steelers Won...
Chris looks at the only Steeler to make the all-NFL under 25 list and more Steelers topics.
29 min
5-29-2020 - NFL Rule Changes / Fantasy Draft Fr...
Chris is joined by Tony and Josh to debate the new rules and the all-time Steelers regular season games.
67 min
5-28-2020 - Johnson played 2019 injured / How t...
Chris talks about Diontae Johnson's latest reveal and does a throwback thursday.
30 min
5-27-2020 - NFL Facilities Open Next Week? / Fi...
Chris breaks down the latest news with the NFL returning, Minkah Fitzpatrick and more.
32 min
5-26-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Tomlin talks Rooney...
Chris and Tony talk about the COVID-19 update, Tomlin speaking out for minority coaches and power rankings.
39 min
5-22-2020 - Minkah and Ben not Top 100? / Fanta...
Chris, Tony and Hunter debate the best Steelers that weren't drafted by the team.
45 min
5-21-2020 - Ike Taylor Joins the Show! / Ike on...
Chris Carter interviews former Steelers' cornerback Ike Taylor on today's Steelers and his career.
30 min
5-20-2020 - Enough is Enough on Ben / Ramon Fos...
Chris Carter talks about the latest hate on Roethlisberger, a review on Rudolph and Conner's latest.
32 min
5-19-2020 - Tony Tuesday! / Big Ben is Back / E...
Chris is rejoined by Tony to talk about Ben Roethlisberger's big update.
32 min
5-18-2020 - Harrison Says No Bountygate / NFL E...
Chris talks about James Harrison's updated Tomlin comments and the newly proposed coaching rule.
35 min
5-15-2020 - Harrison Payoff Controversy / Fanta...
Chris, Hunter and Wesley tackle Harrison's comments on Tomlin and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
49 min
5-14-2020 - Colbert Speaks to Madden / Steelers...
Chris breaks down Colbert's latest comments and has a crossover with Locked on Texans.
49 min
5-13-2020 - Is 2020 a Big Injury Year? / Steele...
Chris and Tony Wiggins of Locked on Jaguars do their crossover episode.
32 min
5-12-2020 - Big Ben vs. Jay Glazer / Bruce Aria...
Chris speaks on Jay Glazer's comments on Ben Roethlisberger and the fallout in the media.
31 min
5-11-2020 - Steelers x Titans Crossover / JuJu ...
AFC South crossover week begins with Steelers vs. Titans.
43 min
5-8-2020 - Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 Schedule Re...
Chris dedicates the whole show to talking about the schedule release.
34 min
5-7-2020 - Schedule Release Preview / Devin Bus...
Chris Carter previews the NFL schedule release and talks about the latest Steelers news.
31 min
5-6-2020 - Steelers x Redskins Crossover / Quar...
Chris Carter and Chris Russell talks Steelers and Redskins in today's crossover.
35 min
5-5-2020 - Steelers x Giants Crossover / Young ...
Chris Carter is joined by Patricia Traina of Locked on Giants in a crossover episode.
31 min
5-4-2020 - Steelers x Cowboys Crossover Episode...
Chris is joined by Marcus Mosher of Locked on Cowboys for a crossover episode.
35 min
5-1-2020 - Joey Tuscano Joins the Show! / Andy ...
Chris is joined by Tony Serino, Hunter Homistek and Joey Tuscano for a fun show and fantasy draft.
36 min
4-30-2020 - Jon Ledyard Returns / Winston Deal?...
Chris brings back Jon Ledyard to give his draft expertise on the show.
42 min
4-29-2020 - Welcome Wesley Uhler! / TJ Watt 5th...
Chris brings Wesley Uhler of Steelers Nation Radio on the show to discuss TJ Watt and more!
38 min
4-28-2020 - Tony Tuesday / Did Steelers Offer W...
Chris and Tony talk about the draft, more Jameis Winston rumors and best rookie jersey numbers.
42 min
4-27-2020 - 2020 NFL Draft Recap / Chase Claypo...
Chris gives an initial recap of the Steelers' 2020 draft haul and an in-depth breakdown of Chase Claypool.
37 min
4-25-2020 - *Special Draft Edition* / Steelers ...
Chris puts in a bonus episode with an update on the Steelers' first two draft picks.
11 min
4-24-2020 - First Round Picks / Positions Left ...
Chris reviews the first round picks and goes over who the Steelers should target in the 2nd round.
37 min
4-23-2020 - JuJu Trade Rumor / Draft Day / Full...
Chris unloads on the JuJu trade rumors and gives his mock for draft day.
31 min
4-22-2020 - Hunter Homistek Joins Show / Matt C...
Chris is joined by Hunter to talk Matt Canada, Benny Snell and Rob Gronkowski's return.
39 min
4-21-2020 - Tony Tuesday / Tomlin and Colbert P...
Chris and Tony discuss Tomlin and Colbert's press conference and a potential trade rumor.
36 min
4-20-2020 - NFL Players Sound Off on Ben / NFL ...
Chris discusses the latest remarks on Big Ben, then gives some draft sleepers and has the final Mock Draft Monday.
40 min
4-17-2020 - Roethlisberger is Pumped. / Fantasy...
Hunter Homistek and Tony Serino return to talk Ben Roethlisberger and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
55 min
4-16-2020 - NFL Keeping Schedule Despite CoVID1...
Chris breaks down the latest on how the NFL is handling the virus, some draft talk and throwback thursday.
31 min
4-15-2020 - Adam Crowley Returns / Troy Story: ...
Former host Adam Crowley returns to the show to talk Steelers with Chris Carter.
43 min
4-14-2020 - Tony Tuesday / QB Prospects / Sleep...
Tony joins the show to talk about QB prospects and sleeper picks.
39 min
4-13-2020 - Nix to Colts / Jaylen Samuels Heade...
Roosevelt Nix joins the Colts and Chris talks about the future of Jaylen Samuels. And Mock Draft Monday!
36 min
4-10-2020 - Terry Bradshaw Comments. / Fantasy ...
Hunter and Tony rejoin the show to talk Terry Bradshaw and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
46 min
4-9-2020 - Schefter's Draft Problems / 12 Perso...
Technological issues threaten the NFL Draft date, while Chris reviews how 12 personnel formations could benefit the Steelers.
40 min
4-8-2020 - Jeff Hartman Joins the Show./ No Ste...
Jeff Hartman of BehindtheSteelCurtain.com joins the show!
40 min
4-7-2020 - Tony Tuesday / All-Decade Team / Nic...
Tony returns talking NFL all-decade team, Nick Vannett and a special appearance on Chris' March Madness run.
42 min
4-6-2020 - NFL Pushes to Stay on Schedule / Loc...
Locked on Podcast Network does a whole mock, and who won Mock Draft Monday?
35 min
4-3-2020 - Will JuJu Stay? / Fantasy Draft Frid...
Hunter Homistek and Tony Serino join Chris to talk about JuJu and play Fantasy Draft Friday.
48 min
4-2-2020 - Welcome Nubyjas Wilborn to the Show ...
Nubyjas Wilborn of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette joins the show to talk NFL draft and Steelers.
40 min
4-1-2020 - NFL Expands Playoffs / How Steelers ...
Chris talks about the NFL's official playoff expansion and recent comments form Kevin Colbert.
30 min
3-31-20 - Tony Tuesday / Ebron's Friendly Deal ...
Chris and Tony talk about Eric Ebron's friendly deal, questionable power rankings and compare defenses.
39 min
3-30-20 - NFL Power Rankings / Another Great Po...
Chris goes over recent NFL power rankings and a great story on Troy Polamalu with Bryant McFadden.
33 min
3-27-20 - Derek Watt Speaks / Welcome Hunter Ho...
Chris is joined by Tony Serino and Hunter Homistek to talk Derek Watt and play fantasy draft Friday.
53 min
3-26-20 - Jon Ledyard Returns / Steelers Draft ...
Former Locked on Steelers host Jon Ledyard returns to the show to talk draft and more.
45 min
3-25-20 - NFL Draft Day Won't Move / Todd Haley...
Chris talks NFL Draft updates, Cam Newton, Todd Haley and the all-2010s defense.
37 min
3-24-20 - Tony Tuesday / Jameis Winston Rumors ...
Tony Serino returns for debate on free agency, Jameis Winston and the 2010s all decade team.
73 min
3-23-20 - Steelers Sign Ebron / Colbert Leaves ...
The Steelers made more moves this weekend, Chris addresses them all and reveals this week's Mock Draft Monday winner.
34 min
3-20-20 - Steelers sign G/C Stefen Wisniewski /...
Chris breaks down the newest signing, then is joined by reporter Josh Taylor.
41 min
3-19-20 - Nix Released / Update on Top Steelers...
Chris talks about Nix being released and where the top Steelers needs are after early FA moves.
35 min
3-18-20 - Steelers sign Derek Watt / Hilton and...
Chris and Tony breakdown the Steelers newest signee and talk about more free agency frenzy.
50 min
3-17-20 Bud Tagged / Steelers make Cuts and Res...
The Steelers made their moves, Chris recaps them and the rest of the NFL.
32 min
3-16-20 - NFL CBA Approved, Steelers Moves? / N...
The NFL CBA is approved so what can the Steelers do? Also, Chris covers big NFL moves along with mock draft Monday.
34 min
3-13-20 - Steelers Recall Scouts. - Mailbag Friday
Steelers take extra steps to counter the coronavirus, and Chris takes your questions on mailbag Friday.
56 min
3-12-20 - Coronavirus changes Steelers' Plans /...
Steelers alter scouting plans to coronavirus and Chris talks QBs in the draft.
45 min
3-11-20 - Steelers Comp Pick is in / Steelers P...
Steelers get compensatory pick and an extra preseason game along with more time to tag Bud Dupree.
29 min
3-10-20 - Tony Tuesday / Minkah Fitzpatrick's J...
Tony Serino returns to the show as they discuss Minkah Fitzpatrick, Le'Veon Bell and NFL free agency.
42 min
3-9-20 - Which free agents do Steelers keep? / ...
Restricted and unrestricted free agent choices for the Steelers, and Mock Draft Monday contest.
32 min
3-6-20 - NFLPA Begins CBA Voting / James Washin...
Voting on the CBA begins while James Washington looks ahead to what's needed.
28 min
3-5-20 - Conner: 'Best is yet to come' / Steele...
James Conner lets everyone know not to doubt him, while oddsmakers doubt the Steelers.
36 min
3-4-20 - Why Vance McDonald Must Stay / Steeler...
The case for Vance McDonald, review on recent NFL trades and why the Steelers should say no to Winston.
29 min
3-3-20 - Tony Tuesday / Bud Dupree to be Tagged...
Tony returns talking Bud Dupree, XFL updates and debates with Chris on the Steelers' priorities.
42 min
3-2-20 NFL Combine Complete / CBA and Free Agen...
Chris Carter reviews the NFL Combine results and goes over another Mock Draft Monday
33 min
2-28-20 - Steelers to Play Hall of Fame Game / ...
Steelers back in the Hall of Fame Game and Chris breaks down the combine
36 min
2-27-20 - Combine Begins QB-WR-TE Day Preview /...
Chris gets you ready for the combine's opening day and goes over the latest CBA talks.
45 min