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Christopher Carter, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Steelers' Kenny Pickett Showing Vision to Unloc...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to see Kenny Pickett's improved vision during the preseason, and it could be a sign he'll unlock Matt Canada's offense. What might that yield for the Steelers' offense in 2023, and have we been underestimating Canada's offense simply because of the limitations the Steelers have had at quarterback?
35 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett Proven Ready to Ascend?...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen Kenny Pickett lead a touchdown drive every time he's been at quarterback in the 2023 preseason. But has that been enough to justify believing he's ready to ascend among the NFL's better quarterbacks?
39 min
Steelers/Kenny Pickett, Show Explosive Offense ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Buffalo Bills in their second preseason game 27-15. But more importantly, the offense looked explosive. Jaylen Warren popped off a 62-yard touchdown run that was a perfect play call and excellently blocked, and Kenny Pickett threw a perfect 25-yard touchdown pass to Pat Freiermuth.
37 min
Can Pittsburgh Steelers Show Strong Run Game w/...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to face the Buffalo Bills this Saturday at Acrisure Stadium for their second preseason game. But Chris Carter and Jenna Harner talk about how the run game should be a focus for the contest, including how Najee Harris looks behind their new offensive line with Isaac Seumalo, and how Broderick Jones performs along with Jaylen Warren.
31 min
Steelers' Patrick Peterson Clarifies George Pic...
The Pittsburgh Steelers were in the middle of a debate started by former Steelers safety Ryan Clark who said Steelers receiver George Pickens is more talented than Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson. Patrick Peterson clarified the debate, adding that Pickens' raw talent gives him the chance to be elite, but that Jefferson's polished play makes him a savant, even if Pickens is more "talented" at the position.
32 min
Why Steelers' Deep Passing Game Will Be Back w/...
The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't been known for their deep passing game for a few years now, but that's about to change with Kenny Pickett.
30 min
Pittsburgh Steelers Know a Surprise is Brewing ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offense has been bad to mediocre for the past several years, including the first two years under offensive coordinator Matt Canada. But recent activity suggests the team has high confidence in Kenny Pickett playing with this system.
35 min
Steelers Film Shows Broderick Jones On Schedule...
The Pittsburgh Steelers appear to have rookie left tackle Broderick Jones on schedule after their first preseason game. A film review shows the NFL doesn't appear to be too fast for him and that he's got a good feel for how he needs to play.
33 min
Steelers' Offense Aces Preseason Test in 27-17 ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers won their first preseason game 27-17 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But more importantly, Kenny Pickett looked sharp and dissected the Buccaneers' defense with sharp, judicious throws and footwork to deliver good passes down the field to Diontae Johnson and George Pickens.
31 min
Steelers' Keys for Kenny Pickett/Offense in Pre...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their preseason opener Friday night, and all eyes will be on Kenny Pickett and the new Steelers' offense.
33 min
Steelers' Offense Underrated in its Maturity? |...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offense is very young, but could it be underrated with how mature the group could be with Kenny Pickett in just his second year?
37 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett Talks Red Zone Progress...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are seeing more frequent success from Kenny Pickett and the offense in the red zone during training camp, and it's starting to show the potential of the unit.
27 min
Steelers' Linebackers are Turning Heads in Trai...
The Pittsburgh Steelers completely replaced their top linebackers with Cole Holcomb, Elandon Roberts and Kwon Alexander. After two weeks of training camp, they've made a difference with their abilities to hit and cover, but it's a mixed bag of who has the right skills.
33 min
Steelers' Broderick Jones Close to Starting | D...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen Broderick Jones make a lot of progress in training camp and Chris Carter believes he's close to starting.
30 min
Steelers' Offense, Kenny Pickett, Strikes Back ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers offense had been losing more reps against the defense lately in training camp, but changed that tone with two very good practices Friday and Saturday.
22 min
Steelers Pros/Cons of Kenny Pickett and First T...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are well into their second week of training camp. While Kenny Pickett and the offense are showing progress, there are both pros and cons of how they've performed in camp. Chris Carter breaks down the positives and the negatives, and why the red zone is still a major concern for Matt Canada's offense.
29 min
Steelers' Broderick Jones Makes Headway in Left...
The Pittsburgh Steelers continued training camp Wednesday with another practice in pads, and Broderick Jones continued to impress. He's still not a starter at left tackle, but he's making headway in the position battle with Dan Moore Jr.
30 min
Steelers' Georgia Players Broderick Jones, Geor...
The Pittsburgh Steelers finished their first training camp practice in full pads, and Georgia players dominated. Broderick Jones, George Pickens and Darnell Washington each impressed in practice, winning matchups against key players like T.J. Watt, Joey Porter Jr. and Cam Heyward.
37 min
Top Steelers Matchups for 1st Training Camp Pra...
The Pittsburgh Steelers begin their second week of training camp with a fully padded practice and their first chance to hit and work on the physical prowess. Get ready to see the offensive and defensive lines throw down and show which players are the most ready for the season.
31 min
Steelers' Defense Complete w/Kwon Alexander? | ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Kwon Alexander Saturday and had him practice at training camp Saturday. We talk with Alexander and Mike Tomlin about the state of the linebacker room, and as if the move has completed the Steelers' defense.
31 min
Steelers Sign LB Kwon Alexander | Joey Porter J...
The Pittsburgh Steelers agreed to sign linebacker Kwon Alexander Saturday, less than a week into training camp.
18 min
Steelers' Joey Porter Jr. Shines on 1st Day of ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers began their training camp Thursday and Joey Porter Jr. shined bright as one of the standouts in practice while the defense.
30 min
Steelers Report to Camp: Najee Harris and Kenny...
The Pittsburgh Steelers reported to training camp at Saint Vincent College Wednesday to get ready for the 2023 season. But upon their arrival, offensive leaders like quarterback Kenny Pickett and running back Najee Harris explained their confidence in what the Steelers' offense will do this season and surprise the NFL.
30 min
Can Steelers' Kenny Pickett Prove Doubters Wron...
The Pittsburgh Steelers can be one of the biggest surprises in the NFL in 2023, but ESPN's Mike Tannenbaum thinks Kenny Pickett won't be a good quarterback. Chris Carter and Alan Saunders explain why Tannenbaum has a vendetta against the Steelers and isn't being objective.
33 min
Steelers' Top Training Camp Matchups for Rookie...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to open training camp this week and it's time to get ready. Rookies Broderick Jones, Joey Porter Jr. and Keeanu Benton are the top new players everyone will want to see, but what will be their biggest challenges in training camp?
29 min