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Brian Flores Leaves Pittsburgh Steelers for Min...
Brian Flores has officially left the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator. That fallout will leave the Steelers short of a defensive assistant and linebacker coach. What was Flores' impact on the season? And could his departure cripple the defense's development?
32 min
How Pittsburgh Steelers Focus Draft on Defense ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' owner Art Rooney II hinted last week that the team could maybe focus more of their NFL Draft picks on defense. But if they do that, how could they improve an offense that needs to improve?
35 min
Art Rooney II: Will Steelers Focus Draft on Def...
Jenna Harner of WPXI spoke with Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II about the team's offseason plans and he revealed interesting notes on the NFL Draft. The Steelers might be planning to focus on their defense even more in the offseason than the offense in an effort to get younger players alongside Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick.
33 min
Why Steelers Can Buck Cornerback Draft Misses w...
The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't had the best luck with picking cornerbacks in the NFL Draft over the past several years. But is the 2023 NFL Draft cornerback class the perfect fix to that situation?
31 min
Steelers' Early Draft Target at Senior Bowl? | ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' last two first round picks have been Kenny Pickett and Najee Harris, both who played in the Senior Bowl. Now that Senior Bowl week has started, is there a target on the Steelers' NFL Draft Big Board as a first round pick who's at the Senior Bowl?
40 min
Can Steelers Keep Brian Flores on Staff? | Seni...
The Pittsburgh Steelers might lose Brian Flores to other teams looking for defensive coordinators and head coaching prospects. But Steelers beat writer at the Athletic Mike DeFabo thinks there's a chance Flores stays with Pittsburgh at least for another year to help with the T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick and the defense. How would that benefit the Steelers' 2023 campaign?
34 min
Steelers Should Seek Passing Game Coordinator f...
The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't letting go of offensive coordinator Matt Canada just yet. However, Art Rooney II left the door open for a chance to maybe make other coaching changes. The possibility of hiring a passing game coordinator is still on the table, and Mike Tomlin should look to that as an opportunity to help develop the offense around Kenny Pickett.
38 min
Art Rooney II: Steelers, Kenny Pickett Have Eno...
Pittsburgh Steelers Owner and President Art Rooney II said he liked the progress seen from Kenny Pickett and the team, which led to his being OK with the decision to keep Matt Canada at offensive coordinator. But that also leads Rooney to see the Steelers as real contenders in the coming years.
39 min
What Steelers Need George Pickens to Improve to...
The Pittsburgh Steelers know they have a special wide receiver in George Pickens. But what does he need to do to become a top 5 NFL wide receiver? The answer is in the details of his route running, and where in the formations he can line up for Kenny Pickett and beat opposing cornerbacks.
34 min
Should Steelers' Linebacker Plan Include Tremai...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' linebackers underperformed in 2022, so how should Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin address the group in 2023? Obvious questions about signing pending free agent and former Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds exist, but would that be the right move?
39 min
How Teryl Austin's Changing the Steelers' Defen...
The Pittsburgh Steelers made a switch at defensive coordinator with Teryl Austin. But how did he do? The defense finished in the NFL's top ten despite changes to how they relied on different groups. Studies showed the Steelers significantly increased their usage of man coverage in 2022 vs how much they relied upon zone coverage under Keith Butler.
33 min
Steelers' CB Plan Must Include Cameron Sutton ....
The Pittsburgh Steelers have some tough decisions to make this offseason, but cornerback shouldn't be one of them. Cameron Sutton's contributions to the secondary make him an offseason priority that Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin need to find a way to pay and fit him into the team's salary cap.
31 min
How Steelers Increase YAC for George Pickens, D...
Now that we know the Pittsburgh Steelers are keeping Matt Canada at offensive coordinator, it's time to go over some of their biggest goals for Kenny Pickett's development. One of those will be to increase YAC, or yards after catch for his receivers Diontae Johnson and George Pickens.
46 min
Steelers Keep Matt Canada | What Offense MUST S...
The Pittsburgh Steelers decided to keep Matt Canada at offensive coordinator, but was it the right call? The overall numbers aren't good, but Canada does take on extra blame that might not be accurate. Still, the Steelers' offense must show significant improvement with Kenny Pickett in his second year at quarterback, and the growth in Najee Harris, George Pickens and the unit as a whole.
44 min
Should Pittsburgh Steelers Target Wide Receiver...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have tough decisions about which position groups they should target in the 2023 NFL Draft. Some think that finding a wide receiver for Kenny Pickett should be a priority, and Jordan Addison would be the perfect fit.
43 min
Steelers Are Closer to Being AFC Contenders Tha...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are a lot closer to being real AFC contenders than many might think with their young offensive stars of Kenny Pickett, Najee Harris, George Pickens and Pat Freiermuth along with their star defensive players with T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. What are the steps to getting there in the NFL Draft, free agency and natural development that could put the Steelers on par with the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC?
42 min
Steelers Salary Cap Plans for Omar Khan, Mike T...
The Pittsburgh Steelers will have salary cap space to make moves in 2023 to be a more competitive roster. But how can Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin make big steps in the offseason to compete with other top AFC playoff teams?
34 min
Mike Tomlin's Steelers Headed in Right Directio...
Mike Tomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers avoided a losing season for a 16th straight year. But at 9-8 with missing the playoffs, is the franchise headed in the right direction? Chris Carter and Jenna Harner reveal clips from inside the locker room at the end of the season to hear from the players, and give their opinions on whether the future for the Steelers is bright or will remain about the same.
44 min
Steelers WR Diontae Johnson Rumors Overblown | ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't having problems with Diontae Johnson, despite any rumors you've heard on Twitter or social media. Here's why Johnson's just fine and could get a lot more production next season with Kenny Pickett and an improved offense.
37 min
Steelers' Ceiling for Kenny Pickett, George Pic...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top picks in the NFL Draft combined for some impressive stats in 2022. Kenny Pickett and George Pickens combined for a passer rating of 120 as rookies together and improved as the season continued. What was the biggest factor in their increased chemistry?
37 min
Steelers Have Matt Canada Replacement Plan? | K...
Mike Tomlin declined to talk about whether the Pittsburgh Steelers would replace Matt Canada at offensive coordinator. But Najee Harris defended Canada and said his play calls weren't the problem for the Steelers' offense. Will the Steelers find a new offensive coordinator?
42 min
Kenny Pickett, Steelers Show Important Growth i...
The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns 28-14 Sunday as Kenny Pickett led the team with three touchdown drives for the most points scored in a win this season. But despite the 7-2 finish on the season to be 9-8, the Steelers missed the NFL playoffs as the Miami Dolphins defeated the New York Jets 9-6
34 min
Steelers Stomp Browns 28-14 as Kenny Pickett, O...
The Pittsburgh Steelers finished strong with a 28-14 win over the Cleveland Browns, with the most points scored by the team in a win this season. But, the Miami Dolphins pull off a close 9-6 win over the New York Jets, ending the Steelers' season.
7 min
Can Mike Tomlin's Steelers Sneak into NFL Playo...
The Pittsburgh Steelers can still sneak into the NFL playoffs. But it will require Mike Tomlin's team to finish strong with a win over the Cleveland Browns, as well as losses from the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. Can it happen?
42 min
Steelers' Kenny Pickett's Game-Winning Efforts ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen Kenny Pickett deliver four game-winning drives this season, including back-to-back fourth quarter comebacks against the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens. But has that been enough to be the future franchise quarterback without question?
37 min