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Steelers Report to Camp: Najee Harris and Kenny...
The Pittsburgh Steelers reported to training camp at Saint Vincent College Wednesday to get ready for the 2023 season. But upon their arrival, offensive leaders like quarterback Kenny Pickett and running back Najee Harris explained their confidence in what the Steelers' offense will do this season and surprise the NFL.
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Can Steelers' Kenny Pickett Prove Doubters Wron...
The Pittsburgh Steelers can be one of the biggest surprises in the NFL in 2023, but ESPN's Mike Tannenbaum thinks Kenny Pickett won't be a good quarterback. Chris Carter and Alan Saunders explain why Tannenbaum has a vendetta against the Steelers and isn't being objective.
33 min
Steelers' Top Training Camp Matchups for Rookie...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to open training camp this week and it's time to get ready. Rookies Broderick Jones, Joey Porter Jr. and Keeanu Benton are the top new players everyone will want to see, but what will be their biggest challenges in training camp?
29 min
Why Steelers Quarterback Kenny Pickett has Conf...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' starting quarterback Kenny Pickett went on Cam Heyward's Not Just Football podcast and talked about why he's confident in the Steelers' offense heading into the 2023 training camp. Chris Carter and Jenna Harner talk about that confidence and why it could be the sign the Steelers could surprise the NFL.
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Can Steelers Avoid Another Slow Start in 2023? ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have started three of their past four seasons with a 1-3 start. But why has that been the case? A look at the Steelers' offensive output to start the past five seasons shows problems at the quarterback position with Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph and Ben Roethlisberger.
37 min
Steelers Give Alex Highsmith HUGE Extension Pay...
The Pittsburgh Steelers announced a big extension payday for Alex Highsmith to the tune of four years for $68 million at an average of $17 million for per year on his new seasons, keeping Highsmith with the Steelers thru 2027.
12 min
Will Pittsburgh Steelers' Kenny Pickett be Limi...
The Pittsburgh Steelers want Kenny Pickett to take a leap in his second season in 2023, but reports indicate Matt Canada might handcuff him with play calls in how much Pickett is allowed to throw and take big shots.
31 min
Steelers' Najee Harris Right to Call Out NFL fo...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top running back Najee Harris sounded off with Derrick Henry and other running backs after Saquan Barkley and Josh Jacobs didn't get deal they wanted to sign before the franchise tag deadline.
31 min
Steelers' Most Underrated Veterans Before Train...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are a little more than a week away from training camp. But who are the most underrated veterans who will be at training camp?
30 min
Why Steelers' Contract Situation w/Joey Porter ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' second round pick Joey Porter Jr. hasn't signed his rookie contract yet, and some may think that's a big deal. But Chris Carter sees it as a non-issue. Why?
30 min
Steelers Checklist for George Pickens to be Bet...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking for George Pickens to take a step up in his second year as a wide receiver, especially as a deep ball threat for Kenny Pickett.
36 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' "Goon Squad" Built Roster ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have focused their roster on being one of the most physically dominant rosters in the NFL with their NFL Draft picks and free agent signings over the past few years. But is that the right direction?
33 min
How Steelers' Pat Freiermuth Becomes an Elite T...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top tight end, Pat Freiermuth has made waves his first two seasons in the NFL. But Pro Football Focus ranks him close to being elite, and Chris Carter and Alan Saunders are here to explain how Freiermuth completes the journey to become an elite tight end in 2023.
41 min
Why Pittsburgh Steelers are Better Prepared for...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have built their defense to be ready to face running quarterbacks. That wasn't always the case, but with a healthy T.J. Watt, Alex Highsmith, Cam Heyward and Larry Ogunjobi along with the Steelers' depth on defense, they're ready to be a more dominant unit at stopping quarterbacks from running for big plays.
30 min
Steelers' T.J. Watt is Top NFL Edge Rusher over...
The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen T.J. Watt be the best edge rusher in football for the past several seasons. But some national media personalities still think that Myles Garrett is better. But Chris Carter and Jenna Harner looked at the stats, the history, the games and records, and it's very clear who's actually better.
31 min
Steelers' Biggest Tests for Broderick Jones/Isa...
The Pittsburgh Steelers made significant moves to upgrade their offensive line with Broderick Jones as a first round draft pick and Isaac Seumalo as one of their biggest free agent signings. But what will be their biggest challenges in 2023?
30 min
Pittsburgh Steelers Roster Ranked 14th by ESPN ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' roster was ranked by ESPN as 14th best in the NFL before training camp. The obvious strengths and weaknesses with T.J. Watt and the pass rush being elite along with the questions about off-ball inside linebackers. But the biggest question about the team is how much can the offense improve with Kenny Pickett and a young offensive core?
32 min
Steelers' RB Najee Harris have a Vision Problem...
The Pittsburgh Steelers trust Najee Harris to lead a tough running attack in 2023. But questions about his vision as a runner have surfaced from those who look at his rushing averages. Is vision the problem?
34 min
Steelers Cornerbacks Better vs. #1 WRs w/Patric...
The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked 20th in pass defense in 2022, but in the first half of the season they struggled against top receivers, and in the second half of the season they flourished. But it wasn't just simple man-to-man coverage that took away the top receivers of opponents, it was a schemed package from defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. But will Patrick Peterson and Joey Porter Jr. fit with Levi Wallace to execute those plans?
27 min
Steelers' George Pickens and Diontae Johnson's ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top receivers in 2022 were Diontae Johnson and George Pickens. But when you look at their advanced statistics, there are a lot of good signs on how much better they can be in 2023 with a more experienced Kenny Pickett and an offense that has an identity.
27 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' New Target? | PFF Predicts...
The Pittsburgh Steelers were predicted to sign linebacker Rashaan Evans by Pro Football Focus (PFF) as a move by Omar Khan to complete the roster. Chris Carter and Cale Berger debate about him and other options to fill on the Steelers' roster between Kwon Alexander, Deion Jones and Isaiah Simmons.
31 min
Could Steelers' Kryptonite Be Opposing AFC Nort...
The Pittsburgh Steelers could surprise a lot of doubters in 2023, but their kryptonite could be the rushing offense of other AFC North teams. Last season, out of the five games the Steelers gave up the most rushing yards, four of them came against AFC North teams.
26 min
Steelers' Expanded Role for Kenny Pickett Opens...
The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to have an increased role for Kenny Pickett in Matt Canada's offense compared to 2022, but what will that look like? Ultimately, it will allow Pickett to throw more, and in different situations.
34 min
Why Pittsburgh Steelers Will Beat Las Vegas' Od...
The Pittsburgh Steelers were given projections to finish last in the AFC North from Las Vegas, including odds that indicate they aren't favored to make the playoffs and potentially take a step back from last season.
33 min
Steelers' Top 5 Options for Omar Khan to Comple...
The Pittsburgh Steelers still have work to do to complete their roster before they start the 2023 season. Omar Khan's made plenty of solid moves so far, but what's best next move?
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