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Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe host the Locked On Knicks podcast, giving you a daily look inside the New York Knicks and the NBA with all the latest news, insight and expertise. From Clyde-isms, to RJ Barrett and Jalen Brunson highlights, to rampant draft and free agency speculation, Alex and Gavin have you covered every day on Locked On Knicks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Five Big Questions That Will Define The Rest Of...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe answer five big questions that will define the rest of the Knicks season.
39 min
The Knicks Power By the Nets as Brunson, Anunob...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 108-103 win over the Brooklyn Nets on the "road" to improve to 19-0 against teams under .500 this season. Included topics are a huge close to the game where the Knicks pushed the pace, yet another killer scoring effort from Jalen Brunson, elite two-way play from OG Anunoby, a casual Julius Randle 30-piece, and Jericho Sims and Precious Achiuwa's admirable fill-in for the injured Isaiah Hartenstein.
35 min
Is Dejounte Murray The Missing Piece For The Ne...
Could Dejounte Murray be the final piece in the New York Knicks contention puzzle?
35 min
Homecoming Gone Bad: Jalen Brunson Blow Torches...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe break down the Knicks decimation of the Raptors.
39 min
Jalen Brunson Goes Off For 41 Points Vs. Washin...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' less than stellar showing against the 7-win Wizards, despite an awesome 41-point, 8-assist performance from Jalen Brunson. Did the Knicks take the Wizards too lightly? Do they need to make a deal soon to get some depth and avoid running their stars into the ground? Also, OG Anunoby continued to set records in the +/- department in NBA history.
32 min
Jalen Brunson And Julius Randle Bully The Houst...
Gavin Schall and Ariel Pacheco break down the Knicks star duo bullying the Rockets into submission
36 min
How Much Could Malcolm Brogdon Cost the Knicks ...
Alex is joined by Locked On Blazers host Mike Richman to get into the particulars of a potential Malcolm Brogdon trade for the Knicks. Is Brogdon the best fit on the market for the Knicks? Might Quentin Grimes be on the table in a deal? Could the Knicks get another player with Brogdon to fill out their bench? All that and more, plus mock trades, in today's episode!
42 min
It's Time For Less Josh Hart and More Quentin G...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 98-94 loss to the Magic at home. Is it time for Tom Thibodeau to play Josh Hart less and Quentin Grimes more? What popped in Deuce McBride's second straight game setting his new career high in points? Is Julius Randle's ankle alright after he twisted it and clearly seemed hampered the rest of the game? And much more!
36 min
Deuce McBride Helps Save the Knicks From an Emb...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 106-94 win over the Grizzlies Saturday night that really shouldn't have been that close, considering the Knicks' terrible effort for most of the game and the Grizzlies missing most of their rotation to injury. But Deuce McBride had a great game, and Malachi Flynn had some solid minutes in the first half, so there's plenty to talk about! Also... what's going on with Quentin Grimes' role?
34 min
Are Leon Rose And The New York Knicks Gearing U...
Gavin Schall is joined by Knicks Reporter Kris Pursiainen to discuss the Knicks larger aspirations to acquire a superstar such as Joel Embiid and why Malcolm Brogdon may be the key to making it work.
29 min
The Inside Story Of Why RJ Barrett & Immanuel Q...
Gavin Schall is joined by Knicks Reporter Kris Pursiainen to discuss why the OG Anunoby trade was necessary to the Knicks moving up.
23 min
Kyrie Irving Lights Up The New York Knicks As A...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe break down a tough late loss to the Mavs.
33 min
Mitchell Robinson Might Be Back For the Knicks ...
So... Mitchell Robinson ISN'T out for the season?? Alex and Gavin break down the big news of the day, that Mitch is now expected to be back to the Knicks in time for the playoffs after the Knicks were denied a disabled player exception for his injury. Should Mitch start when he gets back, or has Isaiah Hartenstein earned the job to stay? Then the guys continue diving into your mailbag questions, including if Quentin Grimes can regain his starting spot from Donte DiVincenzo, and what's led to the Knicks' uptick in assists in the OG Anunoby era.
31 min
The New York Knicks Crush The Blazers!!! Are Th...
Gavin Schall rolls solo to tell you if the New York Knicks are playing like true blue title contenders.
30 min
Mailbag: Is DeMar DeRozan Or Dejounte Murray Th...
Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall share their thoughts on how DeMar DeRozan would fit on the New York Knicks
37 min
Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson Combine for 72 ...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 121-105 drubbing of the Wizards on Saturday night, including huge nights from Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson once again, an improved showing from Deuce McBride initiating the offense, another monster game from Isaiah Hartenstein, and if the Knicks have a problem at the backup center spot still.
35 min
The Knicks Embarrass Joel Embiid and the Sixers...
Alex and Gavin recap maybe the most impressive Knicks win of the season, a 128-92 pantsing of the 76ers by the Knicks on the road. Included topics are Jalen Brunson's continued dominance, the Knicks strategy to shut down Joel Embiid, a monster effort from Josh Hart and Isaiah Hartenstein, and a big night for Deuce McBride and Quentin Grimes.
37 min
Knicks Star Trade Primer: Donovan Mitchell, Dej...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe break down the Knicks options for a big deal!
39 min
Isaiah Hartenstein Clobbers the Bulls as Julius...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' huge 116-100 win over the Chicago Bulls, including an enormous career-high 20-rebound effort for Isaiah Hartenstein, 66 combined points from Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, another impactful showing for OG Anunoby... and, unfortunately, a pretty weak stretch that proved the Knicks need to find some more ball handling in the second unit with Immanuel Quickley gone.
39 min
Did The New York Knicks Win The OG Anunoby Trad...
Did the New York Knicks win the OG Anunoby trade?
43 min
OG Anunoby's Epic Debut And Julius Randle's Sho...
OG Anunoby shined in his Knicks debut and transformed a team that's simply been too small and weak at times this season into the bully against the Western Conference leading Timberwolves.
38 min
What Does the OG Anunoby Trade Mean For the Kni...
Alex and Gavin break down all the permutations of the OG Anunoby trade in depth. What does this mean for the Knicks going forward? How much will they miss Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett? Is another move right around the corner? Plus, the guys answer your mailbag questions, including if OG has another gear defensively, if Tom Thibodeau has too much say in the Knicks' front office, and more!
51 min
Alex goes solo to break down the news that OG Anunoby is now a New York Knick, after the Knicks traded Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett to Toronto. How will OG fit? Could Precious Achiuwa actually be a really low-key good addition for the Knicks at the backup center spot? What does this mean for the Knicks going forward? All that and more on this jam-packed reaction show!
27 min
Knicks New Year's Resolutions: Is It Finally Ti...
Alex and Gavin lay out their New Year's resolutions for the Knicks, including why it's time to finally start Immanuel Quickley, why the Knicks need to trade for another center, how serious they should be about trading RJ Barrett, and how more Jalen Brunson 3-point attempts could be the secret sauce.
38 min
The Knicks Get Thunderstruck: Is It Time To Sta...
Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall break down a road loss to one of the best teams in the NBA.
35 min