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Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe host the Locked On Knicks podcast, giving you a daily look inside the New York Knicks and the NBA with all the latest news, insight and expertise. From Clyde-isms, to RJ Barrett and Jalen Brunson highlights, to rampant draft and free agency speculation, Alex and Gavin have you covered every day on Locked On Knicks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

RJ Barrett Goes Off For A Career High 46 As The...
Gavin Schall is joined by The Strickland’s Ariel Pacheco to discuss RJ Barrett’s career night and what to watch from him the rest of the season.
36 min
Three big questions for the New York Knicks for...
Alex and Gavin outline three big questions for the Knicks down the stretch of this season: Can RJ Barrett keep up his hot 2022 when he returns? Will Kemba's benching mean anything for Cam Reddish, Immanuel Quickley, and Obi Toppin's playing time? And can Julius Randle keep up his recent stretch of hot play, and does that affect the outlook of him as a Knick going forward?
37 min
BREAKING NEWS: Kemba Walker Shut Down For The S...
Gavin Schall goes solo to discuss the breaking news that Kemba Walker has been shut for the season.
19 min
Could Deandre Ayton be a Knicks target this sum...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Brendon Kleen of the Locked On Suns podcast to get into the case for Deandre Ayton as a Knicks target this summer after Phoenix refused to offer him a contract extension prior to the season. Is his relationship with the team on the rocks? What's his ceiling as a player? Could he be taken away from the Suns for a high enough dollar amount? And much more!
37 min
Locked On NBA Roundtable: Can The New York Kni...
Gavin Schall is joined by a panel of his fellow Locked On Hosts including Locked On Pelicans' Jake Madison, Locked On Blazers' Mike Richman, Locked On Spurs' Jeff Garcia, and Locked On Kings Matt George to discuss what life is like in NBA purgatory.
39 min
Was Obi Toppin's Dunk Contest better than adver...
Alex and Gavin open today's show talking about Obi Toppin's performance in the dunk contest — was he scored fairly given how hard his dunks were? Has the dunk contest gotten too corporate? Then the guys are joined by Prez of The Strickland (@_prezidente on Twitter) to finish their discussion from last week about some of the best prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft and how they could fit with the Knicks — Johnny Davis, Jalen Duren, AJ Griffin, Tari Eason, and more!
37 min
The All-Time New York Knicks All-Star Weekend
Gavin and Alex join forces to answer one of the greatest mailbag questions they've ever received from friend of the show Ignacio Lobregat. What would an all Knicks All-Star Weekend look like?
35 min
Setting Knicks priorities for this summer and b...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Prez (@_prezidente on Twitter) of The Strickland to talk about the Knicks' performance so far this season, Tom Thibodeau's job status, what the Knicks should be looking for going forward, and break down the case for Chet Holmgren as a potential top pick for the Knicks in the first part of this two-part episode.
36 min
The Final Straw For Tom Thibodeau As The Starle...
Gavin and Alex are back on an unfortunately familiar topic the now seemingly inevitable firing of Tom Thibodeau.
35 min
Where are the Knicks headed after their embarra...
Alex and Gavin discuss the newest low point for the New York Knicks, a 127-123 home loss to the Thunder short their two top scorers. Is the time finally upon us for Tom Thibodeau to lose his job? How encouraging was the play of Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson, Quentin Grimes, and Evan Fournier despite the loss? And most importantly... can the Knicks finally settle on a direction to close this season?
38 min
Quentin Grimes Brings The Heat, And Is DeAndre ...
Gavin and Alex are back for a mailbag-heavy pod including Quentin Grimes continuing to impress.
41 min
A fun win over the Warriors overshadows an unev...
Alex and Gavin talk about the Knicks' quite frankly very fun win over the Golden State Warriors on the road after a very quiet NBA trade deadline, including Julius Randle's continued amazing play and Cam Reddish's first important run as a Knick. Then the show closes on why, despite the feel-good win, things still need to adjust for the Knicks down the stretch. And finally the guys grade the Kristap Porzingis and James Harden/Ben Simmons trades to close.
40 min
Cam Reddish To The Lakers? Jalen Brunson To The...
Gavin and Alex are back to break down the implications of a reported trade being discussed between the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors. Are the Knicks really going to trade Cam Reddish less than a month after acquiring him?
19 min
Knicks Trade Deadline Roundup: Would trading Ke...
Alex and Gavin get into their (perhaps) final news roundup before the NBA trade deadline, getting into all the rumors surrounding Knicks players like Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier, Julius Randle, and even Cam Reddish. The guys also discuss whether trading Walker or Fournier would be a failure for the Knicks' front office, and discuss some external trade candidates like Mo Bamba and Jalen Brunson.
41 min
Is It Time To Fire Tom Thibodeau? Plus Is RJ Ba...
Gavin and Alex are back to discuss if RJ Barrett getting injured after inexplicably being kept in a game that was long over is the last straw for Tom Thibodeau before getting into your questions.
37 min
A Career Night For Mitch, CJ McCollum Thoughts ...
Gavin and Alex start off the show with a conversation about a hypothetical CJ McCollum trade that is ultimately irrelevant, but provides some perspective on how the Knicks should approach trading for a star in general before getting into Mitchell Robinson’s career night.
41 min
RJ Barrett goes toe to toe with LeBron James, b...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' primetime national TV thriller against the Lakers, including RJ Barrett's star performance matched up with LeBron James, Julius Randle's improved (yet still at times frustrating) play, Immanuel Quickley's quick hook, and more.
32 min
Could the Knicks and Jazz make sweet music with...
Alex and Gavin are joined by the Locked On head honcho himself, David Locke of Locked On Jazz, to talk about whether Alec Burks could be a good fit in Utah at the NBA trade deadline after Joe Ingles went down with a torn ACL this week. They also talk some about Donovan Mitchell and his current status in the Jazz organization.
38 min
Mitchell Robinson Shines In The New York Knicks...
Gavin Schall goes solo to break down every element of the New York Knicks roller coaster loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.
28 min
Knicks trade deadline chatter with the New York...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Marc Berman of the New York Post to get into some pre-trade deadline talk about the Knicks, including: Where does Julius Randle stand in the org right now? What's the Knicks' strategy going into the deadline? Will veterans like Kemba Walker and Alec Burks be moved to make room for Cam Reddish to play? And what players are the Knicks targeting, from De'Aaron Fox, to Jalen Brunson, to a surprising name — Spencer Dinwiddie?
29 min
Kemba Walker To The Cavs? And Can The Knicks Ge...
Gavin Schall is joined by Evan Dammarell the co-host of the Locked On Cavaliers Podcast and the editor of the fantastic Cavs site Fear The Sword to discuss a potential deadline deal between the two teams.
21 min
The New York Knicks Hand Out A Royal Thumping: ...
Gavin and Alex are back to share their thoughts on a blowout win over the Sacramento Kings! Is Quentin Grimes who showed more flashes of off-the-dribble magic secretly the Knicks' best young prospect?
39 min
Will Julius Randle be a Sacramento King after t...
Alex and Gavin are re-joined by Matt George of Locked On Kings to talk about Julius Randle's availability at the NBA trade deadline, and why the Kings could actually be a sensible destination for both parties if the Knicks choose to move on from Randle, even if De'Aaron Fox isn't coming back to New York. The guys discuss what they think a fair package would be, and even get a scouting report on Marvin Bagley as a potential throw-in.
26 min
Would De'Aaron Fox be on the table for a deal w...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Matt George of Locked On Kings for a pre-NBA trade deadline discussion about the Knicks' and Kings' players available for trade. In this first part of a two-part episode, the guys talk about De'Aaron Fox, and whether a Fox for Julius Randle swap might be on the table.
25 min
Could Julius Randle Be Dealt? Plus Giannis And ...
Gavin and Alex are back to discuss the trade rumors flying around the Knicksverse. Could Julius Randle be dealt?
38 min
Could the Knicks and Nuggets make a deal for Al...
Alex is joined by Matt Moore of the Action Network and Locked On Nuggets to discuss the Knicks and Nuggets' trade deadline desires, including if Denver could be a good landing spot for either Alec Burks or Julius Randle, and if there's enough common ground between the two teams to find a good deal... perhaps involving Knick killer Zeke Nnaji?
25 min
A Beatdown In Miami: Is Tom Thibodeau's Job In ...
Gavin and Alex are back to…discuss some positives from a horrible never in doubt beat down from the Miami Heat, rotation implication and Tom Thibodeau's job security.
38 min
Will the Knicks trade for Myles Turner at the N...
Alex is joined by Tony East of the Locked On Pacers podcast to talk about Myles Turner, a player frequently linked to the Knicks in trade rumors. What would Turner cost to acquire? Is his stress reaction in his foot something to worry about? Should Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, or Quentin Grimes be on the table?
38 min
Comeback Quashed: The New York Knicks Fall To T...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to discuss the comeback that fell short against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
35 min
Knicks clip the Clippers at home; What would Mi...
Alex and Gavin discuss the New York Knicks' win over the Los Angeles Clippers at home, including huge games from RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, a hopefully not serious injury for Mitchell Robinson, and previewing the week ahead for the Knicks, who could have to face some fearsome bigs with Nerlens Noel as the center.
39 min
There's A Lot Wrong With The New York Knicks Wi...
Gavin is joined by Knicks Film School's Benjy Ritholtz to discuss the vast array of problems facing the New York Knicks.
44 min
Will Jalen Brunson Be A Knick? With Mavs Moneyb...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are joined by Lauren Gunn (@TheLaurenGunn) of Mavs Moneyball to discuss the Knicks potentially trading for Jalen Brunson
36 min
Knicks lose a heartbreaker to the Timberwolves;...
Alex and Gavin go over the New York Knicks' underwhelming effort against the Minnesota Timberwolves, including a bad first half, a mostly brilliant second half, a truly putrid performance by the refs, questionable decisions by Tom Thibodeau, and a resurgent effort from Evan Fournier and the returning Kemba Walker.
37 min
How High Can Mitchell Robinson Fly For The New ...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe kindly ignore the Hornets loss for a segment to discuss Mitchell Robinson's ridiculous dribble-drive dunk and how he can continue to expand his game.
34 min
RJ Barrett and Julius Randle decimate the Hawks...
Alex is joined by Geoff Rasmussen (@FrankBarrett119 on Twitter) of The Strickland to talk about the Knicks' 117-108 win over the Hawks powered by 50 points from RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, why the role players like Mitchell Robinson and Evan Fournier are driving the Knicks' resurgence, and finally preview the Knicks' MLK Day matinee vs. the Hornets and why Obi Toppin could be a key to victory.
38 min
Cam Reddish is a New York Knick! Getting to kno...
Alex is joined by three Hawks fans and writers to get into the newest Knick, Cam Reddish, in this wide-ranging episode following his trade to New York. First, Alex talks with Andrew Kelly of Peachtree Hoops (@andlankell on Twitter), then Zach Hood of Peachtree Hoops (@zhood_), and finally Swish (@SwishRVG) who hosts a number of Hawks Twitter Spaces, about Reddish's offense, defense, potential, and everything in between.
52 min
RJ Barrett goes off for 32 vs. the Mavericks; A...
Alex is joined by guest co-host Drew Steele of The Strickland (@scootertoots on Twitter) to break down the New York Knicks' 108-85 win over the Dallas Mavericks, including RJ Barrett's consecutive 30-point games, Mitchell Robinson's importance to the team, Julius Randle's newfound role of distributor, and more!
39 min
RJ Barrett Drops 31 And The New York Knicks Fin...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to talk through RJ Barrett's virtuoso performance in leading the Knicks over the Spurs.
36 min
Knicks lose a stinker to the Celtics; Will the ...
Alex and Gavin get into the Knicks' disappointing weekend loss to the Celtics, including Immanuel Quickley's great play, Julius Randle's inconsistent effort, where they stand on Mitchell Robinson, and a preview of the make-or-break stretch of games ahead for the Knicks.
36 min
January Mailbag Part Two: Should The New York K...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back with part two of their January mailbag to debate if the Knicks should trade for Cam Reddish and just how much they'd be willing to give up for the Hawks' wing.
47 min
RJ Barrett beats the buzzer and Evan Fournier t...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' thrilling win over the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden, including RJ Barrett's game-winner (and amazing close to the game), Evan Fournier's 41-point explosion, Julius Randle making headlines on and off the court, and much more!
40 min
January Mailbag Part One: How Can We Save The N...
avin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back with their first mailbag of 2022 to discuss how the Knicks can jump off the treadmill of mediocrity and on to the golden road of contention.
36 min
RJ Barrett and Julius Randle unite to lead Knic...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' best game of 2022... OK, low bar, but they get into RJ Barrett and Julius Randle's dual 30-point games in their win over the Indiana Pacers. Also, Mitchell Robinson's impact, Evan Fournier's futility, and more!
36 min
The Shorthanded New York Knicks Can't Run With ...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to talk through the center-deficient New York Knicks' loss to the Toronto Raptors. They talk big nights for RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, and Quinten Grimes .
35 min
RJ Barrett Breaks Out But The New York Knicks A...
Gavin Schall goes solo to analyze a backbreaking loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, RJ Barrett's big night at the rim and a failed opportunity to shine for Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin.
30 min
Three big questions for the Knicks in the new y...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Tom Piccolo (@Tom_Piccolo on Twitter) of the Talkin' Knicks podcast (@TalkinKnicks) to get into three big questions for the Knicks in the new year: -Is Tom Thibodeau capable of taking this team to the next level? -Is Julius Randle worth planning around? -What's one player or narrative we're all focused on for the rest of the season? (Spoiler: without any collaboration, it's all some variation of RJ Barrett)
42 min
Knicks win vs. Pistons but it feels like a loss...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' third straight win, which would be a joyous occasion if not for the fact that they barely scraped by a Pistons team missing tons of players to COVID protocols. Is Tom Thibodeau the right coach to take the Knicks into the future? Is Julius Randle dogging it? Plus some talk about how great Alec Burks, Obi Toppin, and the bench were.
35 min
Mitchell Robinson Thrives And The New York Knic...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe find some areas for optimism in a somewhat lackluster Knicks win, including Mitchell Robinson's around the rim brilliance, Obi Toppin's playmaking, and Thibs' trust in Quinten Grimes!
36 min
A Merry Knicksmas: Kemba gets a triple-double a...
Alex and Gavin talk about a carefree win for the Knicks over the Atlanta Hawks on Christmas day, including Kemba Walker notching a triple-double, Obi Toppin hitting a between the legs dunk in-game, Julius Randle and Evan Fournier scoring efficiently, and more!
35 min
Kemba Walker Rewinds The Clock But The New York...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe break down Kemba Walker's big night, why it just wasn't enough and how the Knicks replace Derrick Rose going forward .
38 min
What will the Knicks' rotation look like once p...
Alex and Gavin discuss what the Knicks' rotation will look like once Obi Toppin, RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, Deuce McBride, and Quentin Grimes return from COVID-19 protocols (recorded before the Derrick Rose news broke). Will the young guys be able to find enough minutes, and might Tom Thibodeau adjust his famously rigid 10-man rotation?
41 min
Mitchell Robinson Rises From The Depths And The...
Gavin and Alex are back to talk Mitchell Robinson's energetic return the form as the New York Knicks cruised past the Detroit Pistons. They also dive into how Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier's aggressive play contributed to Mitch's success and set the tone for the Knicks' success.
35 min
Looking at the 2022 NBA Draft lottery with Blea...
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report (@NBADraftWass on Twitter) to break down some of Wass' top 10 prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, including Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren, Jaden Hardy, and TyTy Washington.
35 min
Kemba Walker Is Back!!! But For How Long? As Th...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe dive deep on Kemba Walker's big night in Boston, what it means for his future on the Knicks and so much more!
37 min
2022 NBA Draft Preview with Bleacher Report's J...
With the Knicks sitting in the NBA Draft lottery range currently, Alex and Gavin welcome in Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report to talk about the top three players in this 2022 class: Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero, and Jabari Smith. How would they fit on the Knicks? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
34 min
Deuce McBride and Immanuel Quickley shine in wi...
Alex and Gavin discuss the Knicks' win over the Houston Rockets, including Miles "Deuce" McBride's breakout game, Immanuel Quickley's resurgence, Mitchell Robinson's hot fourth quarter, and some speculative chemistry issues between Julius Randle and Evan Fournier.
38 min
Julius Randle Breaks Out And Deuce McBride Isn'...
Gavin Schall goes solo to discuss Julius Randle's breakout offensive performance and Deuce McBride's holding his own in his unofficial MSG debut as the Knicks fell to the Warriors.
28 min
What trade packages might get the Knicks Myles ...
Alex and Gavin break down rumors from SNY's Ian Begley and The Athletic's Shams Charania about potential trade packages the Knicks could offer for Myles Turner, as well as the Knicks apparently entering the Ben Simmons sweepstakes.
38 min
Quentin Grimes Goes Off And Is Julius Randle Wo...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe team up to talk Quentin Grimes' big night, whether the Knicks will regret Julius Randle's contract and much more!
42 min
Is it time to start Obi? Knicks fall behind ear...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 90-87 loss to the Raptors, including whether now might be the time to go small permanently and start Obi Toppin alongside Julius Randle, what some small-ball big trade targets might do for this team instead of Myles Turner, RJ Barrett's continued resurgent play, Immanuel Quickley, Evan Fournier and Alec Burks' struggles, and much more.
41 min
The Big Picture Questions About The New York Kn...
Gavin Schall is joined by The Strickland's Ariel Pacheco to answer some big picture questions about the New York Knicks. Do the Knicks have a player on their roster who could be the second option on a championship team? How would they rank the most likely options?
34 min
Knicks take two steps back in loss vs. the Pacers
Alex and Gavin talk about the New York Knicks' latest embarrassing loss against the Indiana Pacers, featuring a show-stopping in-game dunk by Obi Toppin and not much else. Could benching the ineffective Evan Fournier be an answer? Are the Knicks bottling up some tension?
39 min
Gavin Schall goes solo to discuss breakout performances from RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson and so much more!
30 min
The Six Stats That Define The New York Knicks S...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to share the six stats that have defined the New York Knicks' struggles this season. Just how bad have the starters been in transition? How has Mitchell Robinson's lack of mobility impacted the Knicks' rebounding? Plus so much more!
36 min
Knicks find a new low in embarrassing home loss...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' terrible 113-99 loss to the Nuggets, including some inflammatory comments by Tom Thibodeau postgame about RJ Barrett, Julius Randle's continued uninspired play on both ends, why the next stretch of games will be critical for the Knicks, and more.
36 min
Knicks run with the Bulls but can't overcome 21...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' 116-112 loss to the Bulls at home, one where Julius Randle went off, Mitchell Robinson had a great second half, and the guard trio of Alec Burks, Immanuel Quickley, and Evan Fournier went off, but ultimately the team couldn't overcome a 21-point first half Bulls lead.
36 min
The Knicks Fall To The Nets Despite Heroic Effo...
Gavin goes solo to breakdown a dramatic loss in Barclays including spectacular performances from Julius Randle and Alec Burks, shoddy officiating and so much more!
41 min
Can The Knicks Take Down The Nets? With Locked ...
Gavin is joined by Locked On Nets co-host Adam Armbrecht to preview Knicks-Nets including issues in both rotations, just how confident Adam is the Nets will eventually get peak James Harden and which team will win the game.
32 min
EMERGENCY POD: Kemba Walker benched by Tom Thib...
Alex goes solo to break down the news that Tom Thibodeau is removing Kemba Walker from the Knicks' rotation in favor of Alec Burks starting and Immanuel Quickley/Derrick Rose off the bench, including an inside look at some of the stats that have defined Kemba's poor start to the season, what Burks brings to the starting unit, and whether Kemba has a path to returning to the Knicks' rotation — or if he could have already played his last game in a Knicks uniform.
25 min
SWEET SWEET REVENGE: Alec Burks Leads The Bange...
Gavin and Alex dive deep on the Knicks' win of the year including Alec Burks' heroics, RJ Barrett letting the game come to him, lots of run for the rookies and more fantastic point guard play from Immanuel Quickley.
37 min
Knicks get smoked by red-hot Suns; Is it time f...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' blowout loss to the red-hot Suns, including why Immanuel Quickley deserves more playing time, why the Knicks missed Derrick Rose, a nondescript performance from Julius Randle, and more.
33 min
Is RJ Barrett Or Immanuel Quickley The Knicks T...
Alex and Gavin are back to wrap up their Knicks asset ranking series by sharing their top fives including debates between Julius Randle and Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley vs. RJ Barrett.
36 min
The Knicks Reign Supreme In The Battle Of Coast...
Gavin goes solo to break down the highs and lows of a big Knicks win over the Lakers, including the team's incendiary start and some hot shooting from Immanuel Quickley and Evan Fournier.
26 min
Ranking The Knicks Best Trade Assets Part One: ...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to rank the Knicks' best trade assets! Do Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier even make the list? How high is Derrick Rose?
36 min
Knicks lose to Bulls to cap a wacky weekend; Wa...
Alex is joined by Matthew Miranda (@MMiranda613 on Twitter) of The Strickland and Bleav to break down the Knicks' weekend split with the Rockets and Bulls, give takeaways from both games, discuss the inflated expectations being placed on the Knicks this year, and preview a tough stretch ahead for New York.
41 min
Is Alec Burks going to start over Evan Fournier...
Alex goes solo to break down one of the most likely outcomes to attempt to solve the Knicks' starting lineup woes: swapping Alec Burks and Evan Fournier. What do the stats say about the potential fit of Burks with the starters? Could he actually be a better connector than Fournier?
29 min
A Magic Trick Gone Wrong: The New York Knicks W...
Gavin Schall is joined by the host of Locked On Magic Philip Rossman-Reich to break down the Knicks' brutal loss to the Magic from both teams' perspectives. Including why the Knicks starting lineup continues to fail and more brilliance from the bench duo of Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley,.
37 min
Mailbag Pt. 2: Do the Knicks need an upgrade? W...
Alex and Gavin finish up your mailbag questions for the month, including whether the Knicks need to upgrade a position (Fournier? Robinson?), what's up with RJ Barrett right now, why Taj excels as a rim protector, why it's important not to panic based off the early season struggles, and the best booze spots in the Garden.
35 min
Immanuel Quickley Puts On A Show As The Knicks ...
Alex and Gavin dive deep into the Knicks come back win over the Pacers including a brilliant performance for Immanuel Quickley and fourth quarter redemption for RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.
36 min
Mailbag Part One: Deandre Ayton To The New York...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are back to answer your questions! Including whether or not the New York Knicks should bench Kemba Walker and who exactly should they be looking to trade for?
42 min
Knicks blow it once again, lose to Hornets afte...
Alex is joined by Derek Reifer (@d_reif on Twitter) of The Strickland and RJ Barrett Stats fame on Twitter, to break down the Knicks' 104-96 road loss to the Hornets, including the starters' continued ineptitude, the bench's efficacy, how to get Obi Toppin more involved, how to fix the defense, and what other changes could potentially help fix the struggling Knicks.
41 min
Knicks' starters dig a hole, bench tries to dig...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' latest game against the Milwaukee Bucks, including another near-comeback from the bench, led by Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin, and Derrick Rose. Also, the listless play of the starters, and how to fix the Knicks going forward.
35 min
Diagnosing The New York Knicks Defensive Woes A...
Gavin Schall is joined by The Strickland wordsmith Jack Huntley to discuss his article diagnosing the Knicks defensive woes including issues with the new guards, and whether or not Mitchell Robinson will get back to full speed. Then they pivot into discussing Jack's latest piece on the brilliance of Obi Toppin, and what his future ultimately is on the Knicks.
40 min
Knicks extend to 2-0 vs. 76ers after Julius Ran...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 103-96 win over the Sixers on the road, featuring a 31-point effort from Julius Randle, a late game surge from Kemba Walker, RJ Barrett not getting foul calls, Evan Fournier having a somewhat quiet but good game, and more!
41 min
The New York Knicks Lose To The...Cavs?!? What'...
Gavin Schall is joined by Pod Strickland co-host Prezidente to discuss the Knicks' brutal loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but more importantly some of the big picture implications to come out of it including diagnosing what exactly is wrong with Julius Randle, Immanuel Quickley hitting his stride and so much more!
43 min
The Buck Stops Here: Derrick Rose Leads A Knick...
Gavin goes solo to break down the New York Knicks historic comeback victory over the Milwaukee Bucks led by Derrick Rose returning to MVP form, Julius Randle stepping up to the plate and so much more.
31 min
Knicks fall to Pacers: RJ Barrett shines again,...
Alex is joined by John Schmeelk of the Bank Shot Podcast on WFAN (@Schmeelk on Twitter) to talk about the New York Knicks' loss to the Indiana Pacers, including talking about the defense, RJ Barrett's continued excellence, Myles Turner's huge night for the Pacers, and more! Check out The Bank Shot podcast for the second part of this discussion! https://www.audacy.com/wfan/podcasts/the-bank-shot-20986
36 min
Will RJ Barrett keep owning Indiana? Knicks-Pac...
Bonus episode! Alex talks with Tony East of Locked On Pacers (@TEastNBA on Twitter) about the Knicks' matchup with the Pacers in Indiana, including RJ Barrett's hot play against Indy dating back to last season, the Pacers finally getting healthy, whether this will be a bounce-back game for the Knicks, and more!
31 min
Diagnosing the Knicks' early season performance...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Benjy Ritholtz (@BenRitholtzNBA on Twitter) to break down the Knicks' first seven games, identify trends in their offense and defense, talk about Julius Randle and RJ Barrett's performance so far, try to determine the Knicks' ceiling and floor, and more!
44 min
The Knicks Fall To The North
Gavin and Alex breakdown a disappointing loss to the Raptors including Julius Randle dropping off the face of the earth after an amazing first quarter and RJ Barrett looking like he's made a jump.
38 min
The RJ Barrett Game
Alex and Gavin talk through RJ Barrett's career night.
40 min
The Ringer's Mirin Fader on Immanuel Quickley, ...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Mirin Fader of The Ringer (@MirinFader on Twitter) to discuss her new article on Immanuel Quickley from this past week — untold stories from the article, his journey to getting drafted by the Knicks, the joy he goes through life with, his strong bond with his mom, and much more!
36 min
The Knicks Survive Against The Bulls
Gavin and Alex talk through the chaotic final minutes of Knicks-Bulls and how New York held on before getting into big nights for Kemba Walker, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.
38 min
Knicks-Bulls preview: A rivalry about to be ren...
Alex and Gavin preview the Knicks' showdown with the 4-0 Chicago Bulls, including whether the Bulls' cushy schedule so far has led to their fast start, fun matchups to watch in the game, and what the renewed and reinvigorated East this year means for the Knicks and others as far as inter-conference rivalries go.
33 min
Only Took Five Years: The Knicks Crush The Sixers
Gavin is joined by Pod Strickland Co-Host Shwinny Pooh to break down the Knicks easy win over the Sixers.
41 min
A Magic Trick: Poor Shooting Curses The Knicks
Gavin and Alex dive deep into the Knicks surprising loss to the Magic including just how much of a margin for error the Knicks have against the worst teams in the league and what exactly is going on with Kemba Walker's poor start?
40 min
Knicks Decimate The Magic, Are They The Third B...
Gavin goes solo to breakdown the big win over the Magic and the Knicks place in the Eastern Conference hierarchy.
23 min
Knicks outlast the Celtics in 2OT; Randle and F...
Alex is joined by Zach DiLuzio (@zjdiluzio on Twitter) of The Strickland to go over the Knicks' 138-134 marathon victory in double overtime over the Boston Celtics to open the 2020-21 NBA season. Included: Julius Randle's brilliance, Evan Fournier's clutch shotmaking, Mitchell Robinson's impact, and RJ Barrett's second half dominance.
40 min
Opening Night Knicks Hype: Where Are We Confide...
Alex and Gavin get you hyped for opening night by each sharing an area they're confident about for the Knicks on opening night and each sharing an area they're concerned,
34 min
Season Previews: How high can Kemba Walker take...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Prez of The Strickland (@_prezidente on Twitter) to talk Kemba Walker — what his return to New York means for the city, how he can best be utilized in the Big Apple, if his defense needs to be heavily hidden, and much more!
44 min