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Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe host the Locked On Knicks podcast, giving you a daily look inside the New York Knicks and the NBA with all the latest news, insight and expertise. From Clyde-isms, to RJ Barrett and Jalen Brunson highlights, to rampant draft and free agency speculation, Alex and Gavin have you covered every day on Locked On Knicks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

2021-22 Knicks Season Bold Predictions: Locked ...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Jonathan Macri and Jeremy Cohen of Knicks Film School to finish up their bold predictions for the 2021-22 season. Will Mitch get some hardware? Will Grimes crack the rotation? Will IQ become a point guard maestro? Make sure to check out part 1 of this episode on the Knicks Film School feed, and part 2 on the Locked On Knicks feed!
32 min
2021-22 Knicks Season Bold Predictions: Locked ...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Jonathan Macri and Jeremy Cohen of Knicks Film School to get into some of their bold predictions for this season. In this episode: Could Kevin Knox be involved in a move this year? Will the Knicks have an elite 3-point shooting team? Will Obi Toppin put up some very lofty per-36 stats? Find the first part of this discussion on the Knicks Film School podcast!
36 min
Julius wins the game, Mitch returns, and the Kn...
Alex goes solo to break down the Knicks' 115-113 preseason-ending victory over the Wizards, including a Julius Randle game-winner, a shocking display of small ball, the surprisingly good return of Mitchell Robinson, maybe a little concern about the team mailing it in to start games against bad teams, and more!
39 min
What Constitutes A Successful Season For Julius...
Alex and Gavin preview Julius Randle's 2021-2022 season including the stats that made him great a year ago and a litany of questions that will define his year.
40 min
King Julius retakes his throne, Knicks beat Pis...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' third preseason game, a 108-100 win over the Detroit Pistons, including Julius Randle's post-baby brilliance, IQ's quietly great game handling the ball, RJ Barrett's playmaking, Mitch's hopefully impending return, and the ageless wonder that is Taj Gibson.
35 min
A Taste Of Final Review With Andrew Claudio
The boys are once again joined by Andrew Claudio for a mini 'sode previewing his film podcast Final Review.
10 min
The Mitchell Robinson Deep Dive With Andrew Cla...
The boys are joined by Knicks Film School Producer and the host of The Final Review Podcast Andrew Claudio to discuss everything Mitchell Robinson including his health concerns, offensive potential and future contract.
39 min
Season Previews: Can Derrick Rose repeat his fa...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Jeremy Cohen (@TheCohencidence on Twitter) of Knicks Film School and The Strickland to get into previewing Derrick Rose's season, including how hard it was to adjust opinions on Rose after his first stint in New York, whether he can keep up his blistering shooting, how important finishing is to his future, and how he can continue to mentor Immanuel Quickley.
49 min
Preseason Game Two: Immanuel Quickley Making A ...
Gavin is joined by the thread master himself Ariel Pacheco of The Strickland to breakdown the Knicks second preseason game including the massive potential of the offense, Immanuel Quickley showing off major strides as a playmaker, just how much we'll get to see the impact of RJ Barrett's improvements and much more!
46 min
A Quentin Grimes Season Preview: Is He a Long T...
Gavin and Alex dive deep on the Knicks' first-round pick Quentin Grimes. Will he play this year? What's his most NBA-ready skill? So much more!
38 min
Preseason Opener: Kemba Walker, Julius Randle a...
Alex and Gavin dive deep into the New York Knicks preseason opening decimation of the Indiana Pacers including Kemba Walker's debut and the promise of the starting lineup.
48 min
What To Watch This Preseason: How Will Kemba Wa...
THE KNICKS ARE BACK! And so are Gavin and Alex to give you their thoughts on what they're most exciting to see this preseason.
52 min
Season Previews: Will Immanuel Quickley get a c...
Alex and Gavin preview the upcoming season for Immanuel Quickley, including what skills he most needs to improve on in 2021-22, just how good his outside shooting was as a rookie, how his All-Rookie First Team snub is still insulting, whether he'll get enough opportunities as a lead ball handler, and so much more!
40 min
Season Previews: Will Deuce McBride carve out a...
Alex and Gavin preview the season ahead for Deuce McBride, trying to project if he'll be able to find the floor or not, but also wondering whether that will even matter as long as he brings the same intensity that he brought to every Summer League game to the NBA. The guys also previewed Luca Vildoza, who ironically was just waived this morning (which Gavin basically predicted!).
43 min
Season Previews: Could Obi Toppin actually play...
Alex and Gavin preview the season ahead for Obi Toppin, including speculating if his path to playing time could be playing the small forward for spurts, if he's basically on track to become what we thought Kevin Knox could be, if his best years of his career will come on another team, and more.
41 min
Season Previews: How will Nerlens Noel and Taj ...
Alex and Gavin discuss Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson, two centers who filled in wonderfully for Mitchell Robinson after he was injured last year and put up some truly great numbers at the 5. How will the two of them find minutes this year with Mitch back?
43 min
Knicks Media Day recap: The starting point guar...
Alex and Gavin discuss the goings-on from Knicks Media Day, including Derrick Rose's anointing Kemba Walker the starting point guard, the Knicks all being vaccinated amongst a crazy day of anti-vax conspiracies in the NBA, Mitchell Robinson's status, and more!
48 min
RJ Barrett Vs. Tyler Herro With The Strickland'...
Gavin and Alex are joined by The Strickland's Derek Reifer to talk about the weaknesses RJ Barrett needs to sure up to make the leap and then play a game of would rather between RJ and various young talents around the league.
37 min
RJ Barrett Season Preview With The Strickland's...
Alex and Gavin are joined by The Strickland's in-house RJ Barrett expert Derek Reifer to discuss RJ's path towards stardom and much more.
38 min
Goodbye, Frank Ntilikina
Alex and Gavin are joined by Larry The Athlete (@LarryTheAthlete on Twitter), host of the Larry Knows Sports podcast and huge Frank Ntilikina fan, to discuss the interesting thoughts that come up now that Frank has signed with the Mavericks. Did the Knicks fail him in his development? Was he treated too harshly by some fans? What will his future look like? And much more in this extended farewell to one of the more polarizing players in recent Knick history.
66 min
Player Preview: Was Alec Burks Over Reggie Bull...
Gavin and Alex continue their player preview series with Alec Burks. They discuss whether the Knicks made the right decision in retaining him over Reggie Bullock and much more.
41 min
Previewing the Knicks' season with Chris Herring
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by Chris Herring of Sports Illustrated and the Open Floor podcast to talk about the Knicks' offseason, potential regression in 2021-22, and the similarities between this year's team and the fabled 2012-13 team that Chris covered for the Wall Street Journal.
32 min
Chris Herring on the process behind his book "B...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Chris Herring of Sports Illustrated, author of "Blood on the Hardwood: The Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks," releasing this January. The guys talk about Chris' writing process, how COVID-19 affected the process, how collecting interviews went, and much more.
54 min
Locked On Magic Host Philip Rossman-Reich On Ev...
Gavin and Alex are joined by Locked On Magic Host Philip Rossman-Reich to dive deep on Evan Fournier, what Dwayne Bacon brings to the table and why Magic fans have some reason for optimism.
49 min
Locked On Giants Crossover: Make Or Break Year ...
Gavin is joined by Locked On Giants Host Patricia Traina to break down what to expect from the Giants this year including the massive stakes for Daniel Jones and David Gettleman.
34 min
Locked On Jets crossover: Are the Jets primed f...
Alex is joined by John Butchko of Locked On Jets and Gang Green Nation to talk some Jets football prior to the start of the 2021 season. In addition, the guys talk about the similarities between where the Jets find themselves now and where the Knicks found themselves just a couple short years ago prior to their rise back to relevancy this season.
56 min
Season Previews: Can Kevin Knox get back in the...
Alex and Gavin preview the season ahead for Kevin Knox and Jericho Sims, mostly wondering if either of the guys have what it takes to crack a stacked Knicks lineup. And in the case of Knox, even if he shows something, is there room for him?
39 min
Mailbag Part 4: Projecting The Rotation
Alex and Gavin give their full thoughts on how the Knicks will split up their minutes this year.
38 min
A chat with legendary Knicks PA announcer Mike ...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Mike ​​Walczewski, the Knicks' PA announcer since 1989, to discuss his favorite calls, favorite player introductions, fun stories from his time at Madison Square Garden, how he entered the profession, his inclusion in this year's NBA 2K game, and so much more!
41 min
Mailbag Part 3: Will RJ Barrett or Mitchell Rob...
Alex and Gavin get into the third grouping of your questions, including which young Knick will take the biggest leap next year, whether Immanuel Quickley will be able to develop behind Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose, whether Dante Exum could be on the Knicks' radar, and what their favorite athletes are in other sports.
36 min
Mailbag Part Two: Mitchell Robinson's Future
Gavin and Alex break down Mitchell Robinson's future, the possibility of a Myles Turner trade and much more!
40 min
The Return Of The Mailbag: Julius Randle Or Car...
Alex and Gavin bring back the mailbag! They touch on Frank Ntilikina's next destination before answering who they'd rather have on an all-time Knicks team Carmelo Anthony or Julius Randle?
31 min
Three stretches that might define the Knicks' 2...
Alex and Gavin discuss the Knicks' recently dropped schedule, including three stretches that could define how their 2021-22 campaign goes. Then, the guys talk about a recent NY Post report about a potential Mitchell Robinson extension, and end off talking about the Knicks' over/under for the 2021-22 season as well as some of their favorite Knicks and non-Knicks futures bets.
55 min
Just How Good Of A Shooter Is Quinten Grimes An...
Alex and Gavin are joined one last time by The Strickland's Benjy Ritholtz to play real or mirage, this time covering Quinten Grimes shooting and just how good Jericho Sims can be.
39 min
Is Immanuel Quickley's Playmaking For Real? Wil...
Gavin and Alex are once again joined by The Strickland's Benjy Ritholtz to discuss Miles McBride's role on next year's team and whether Immanuel Quickley's improved passing will translate to the NBA,
44 min
Summer League Revelations: Real Or Mirage? With...
Alex and Gavin are joined by The Strickland's Benjy Ritholtz to evaluate whether three trends were real or a mirage.
42 min
Summer League comes to a close and Kemba and Fo...
Alex and Gavin discuss the final game of the Knicks' Summer League campaign, an impressive showing by rookies Quentin Grimes and Miles "Deuce" McBride against the Hawks. Then, the guys talk about the press conference introducing Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier as Knicks, and how the Knicks are building valuable culture.
45 min
Quinten Grimes and Miles McBride Rain Fire On T...
Gavin and Alex talk Quinten Grimes breakout game, continued excellence from Miles McBride and whether Obi Toppin as a wing is plausible.
42 min
Summer League Game 4 Recap: Grimes' time to shi...
Alex is joined by Ariel Pacheco (@APachecoNBA on Twitter) to break down the Knicks' fourth Summer League game, including fantastic play from Quentin Grimes, a cold night for Immanuel Quickley and Deuce McBride, a proper sendoff for Rokas Jokubaitis, and the... not so great play of a couple of Summer Knicks hangers-on.
50 min
Summer League Game 3 Recap: Deuce takes over, w...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Jack Huntley (@trippingbballs on Twitter) to get into the Knicks' third Summer League game, as well as some bigger picture analysis of the Knicks' summer players, including the brilliance of Miles "Deuce" McBride, Immanuel Quickley's growth as a point guard, why Quentin Grimes' summer struggles aren't a cause for concern, and more!
60 min
Summer League Game 2 Recap: The Immanuel Quickl...
Alex and Gavin recap the Knicks' win in their surprise second game of Summer League against the Pacers, including a star-like performance from Immanuel Quickley, continued high-level play from Obi Toppin, Jericho Sims' surprising NBA readiness, and the debut of Rokas Jokubaitis.
48 min
Summer League Game One: Obi Toppin Shines, Imma...
Alex and Gavin go deep on the Summer Knicks 2021 Vegas debut including the ups and downs of Point Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin being who he's supposed to be and Jericho Sims showcasing his athleticism and surprising polish.
48 min
How the Knicks' draft makes sense within the en...
Alex and Gavin are joined by PD Web (@abovethebreak3 on Twitter) to dive into the Knicks' offseason, particularly the draft as it relates to the moves that they've made after for Kemba Walker and others, along with detailed scouting reports of all four Knicks draft picks prior to their debuts in Summer League.
53 min
Julius Randle Extension And What It Means
Alex and Gavin share their excitement at Julius Randle extending below market value before getting into what it all means!
34 min
Alex and Gavin are joined by John Karalis of Locked On Celtics to talk about the newest Knick (!!!) Kemba Walker — how he looks at this point of his career, how he fit with Evan Fournier in Boston, how he'll help RJ Barrett, whether he can play off of Julius Randle, and so much more!
35 min
A Deeper Dive On Free Agency With Dime's Jackso...
Gavin and Alex are joined by NBA Writer Jackson Frank to go in-depth on each of the Knicks free agent signings including if Evan Fournier solves their creation problems.
54 min
Knicks free agency roundup: Evan Fournier is a ...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' first day of free agency, including what the direction of the team is now, whether they did enough with their cap space, how they feel about new Knick Evan Fournier, how they feel about the contracts handed out to the retained Knicks, and more!
41 min
Free Agency Day rumor roundup: Fournier, Lonzo,...
Alex and Gavin get into all of the latest free agency rumors surrounding the Knicks prior to the 6pm start to NBA free agency, including the latest on Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, Evan Fournier, Chris Paul, Spencer Dinwiddie, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell Robinson, Dennis Schroder, and much more!
58 min
A Deeper Dive On The Draft With Stacy Patton
Gavin Schall is joined by The Strickland's Stacy Patton to dive deep on whether the Knicks multiple trade backs were a sign of savvy or lack of preparation before diving deep on each pick.
55 min
NBA Draft Rapid Reaction: Quentin Grimes, Miles...
Gavin goes solo to share his frustrations with how the Knicks mismanaged the first round before ultimately salvaging their night to some extent in the second.
27 min
Kai Jones, Mann, Ziaire, the Baylor duo, and sl...
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by Alex, AKA @KnicksDraft on Twitter, to get into the rest of their last-minute prospect prep. On today's edition, the guys tackle Kai Jones, Tre Mann, Ziaire Williams, the Baylor duo of Jared Butler and Davion Mitchell, and Alex's favorite sleepers in the second round for the Knicks with picks 32 and 58.
32 min
Murphy III, Duarte, Moody, and two Johnsons: La...
Alex and Gavin are joined by another Alex, who you might know as @KnicksDraft on Twitter, to get into some of the prospects they haven't talked about a ton this draft cycle in preparation for the draft: Trey Murphy III, Chris Duarte, Jalen Johnson, Moses Moody, and Keon Johnson. Plus, how high can the Knicks trade in this draft?
34 min
Breaking down our Ultimate Mock Draft: How Josh...
Alex and Gavin discuss their moves in the Locked On NBA Ultimate Mock Draft, which saw a trade up to pick 16 to snag Josh Giddey and picking Tre Mann at 21. The guys also get into some of their favorite candidates for pick 32.
45 min
Can Mitchell Robinson Be A Difference Maker On ...
Gavin is joined by the host of the Bank Shot Podcast John Schmeelk to discuss the abbreviated but tantalizing season that was for Mitchell Robinson. Would he have made a difference in the Hawks series? What needs to happen for him to make a leap offensively? All that and so much more!
43 min
Reviewing Immanuel Quickley And Draft Musings W...
Gavin is joined by Pod Strickland Co-Host and Draft Guru Prezidente to discuss Immanuel Quickley's rookie season, the skill he needs to master to make a leap and the players he most wants on the Knicks in this year's draft.
51 min
The Case For Sharife Cooper And Gerald Bourgeut...
Gavin starts solo to make the case that Sharife Cooper is the Knick's target in a much-rumored draft trade-up and then is joined by Fansided's Gerald Bourgeut to get a first-hand account of what it's been like covering the NBA Finals.
37 min
Green Room Part Two: Are We Willing To Bid Obi ...
Gavin and Alex are joined by all of you to discuss Collin Sexton's defensive shortcomings, whether trading Obi Toppin would hurt team chemistry and much more!
38 min
Green Room Part One: Is It Worth Betting On Col...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you to break down every element of a potential Collin Sexton trade and some Knicks-centric thoughts on the Olympics.
52 min
RJ Barrett season review with CP of KnicksFanTV...
Alex is rejoined by CP of KnicksFanTV (@KnicksFanTV on Twitter) to get into the big picture as it pertains to RJ Barrett after his second season: Is he untouchable, or a trade piece for a star? Was his success this year sustainable? Is he already the undisputed third best player of the 2019 draft class? Will a real full time point guard help his development?
42 min
RJ Barrett season review with CP of KnicksFanTV...
Alex is joined by CP of KnicksFanTV (@KnicksFanTV on Twitter) to begin reviewing RJ Barrett's season, starting with some of the staggering statistics that Barrett was able to put together in his second season, including a huge shooting leap. Will it be sustainable going forward?
32 min
Collin Sexton to the Knicks? Talking trade pric...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Evan Dammarell of Locked On Cavs and Fear the Sword (@amnotevan on Twitter) to get into the Collin Sexton trade rumors, including the rumored price of Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox, and a first round pick, whether some of Sexton's leaps this year were legit, how Sexton would fit on the Knicks, and how Obi might fit on the Cavs.
65 min
Scouting Chris Duarte, Sharife Cooper, James Bo...
Alex is rejoined by SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell (@SBN_Ricky on Twitter) to dive into scouting Sharife Cooper, Chris Duarte, James Bouknight, BJ Boston, Ziaire Williams, and more potential Knicks targets in the 2021 NBA Draft!
49 min
Should you be giddy about Josh Giddey? With SB ...
Alex is joined by Ricky O'Donnell of SB Nation (@SBN_Ricky on Twitter) to break down Josh Giddey's game, after Ricky put out a fantastic profile on him recently.
34 min
Green Room Part 3: Luca Vildoza, the forgotten man
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Spotify Green Room app to talk about Luca Vildoza and his candidacy for point guard minutes next year, whether Knicks fans overvalue the amount of ammo the team has to make upgrades, and Reggie Jackson as a target in free agency.
31 min
Green Room Part 2: Diversifying the offense, an...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Spotify Green Room app to discuss the Knicks, including whether the team needs to deemphasize Julius Randle on offense next year (and whether that's more on Julius or Tom Thibodeau to do), and what their top five point guard targets would be for this offseason.
36 min
Green Room Part 1: Are the Knicks building an e...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Spotify Green Room app to talk about a number of topics, including Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley's presence on the Team USA Select Team, whether the Knicks are building a good environment for home-growing stars, what a high enough price would be to move on from Julius Randle, and whether Frank Ntilikina is on his way out.
41 min
The Strides And Future Of Obi Toppin With Benjy...
Gavin is joined by The Stickland's resident film guru Benjy Ritholtz to break down Obi Toppin's rookie season including how he improved, where he still needs to get better and his future on the Knicks.
44 min
Finals Talk And Reviewing Reggie Bullock
Gavin goes solo to break down game one of the NBA Finals before giving his thoughts on Reggie Bullock's season and potential upgrades to be found on the wing in free agency and the draft.
31 min
Draft possibilities for every situation with Jo...
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by Knicks Film School's Jonathan Macri (@JCMacriNBA on Twitter) to get into possible draft targets for the Knicks for a variety of situations — drafting for fit, drafting the best player that slips, trading up for certain players, and more!
38 min
What can the Knicks learn from this year's play...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Jonathan Macri of Knicks Film School (@JCMacriNBA on Twitter) to talk about the teams remaining in this year's playoffs, and what team building lessons the Knicks can learn from teams like the Hawks and the Suns.
40 min
Green Room Part Three: Trading For Ben Simmons
Gavin and Alex are joined once again by all of you to discuss how far we could move up in the draft with only draft picks and a potential Ben Simmons trade.
31 min
Green Room Part Two: Do We Dare Trade Julius Ra...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you to discuss the hypothetical of trading Julius Randle to get into the top three of the draft and then get into the possibility of taking back John Wall or Kevin Love to accomplish the same thing.
49 min
How The Knicks Can Become The Suns With Brendon...
Gavin is joined by Locked On Suns Host Brendon Kleen to discuss the Suns incredible playoff run and how the Knicks can replicate their rebuild.
41 min
Green Room Part 1: Draft priorities
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in Spotify Green Room to talk about some of the Knicks' options in the draft, from Sharife Cooper's probably misreported height, to guys that can attack closeouts, to the potential of drafting a backup center.
29 min
Player Reviews: A Goodbye And What Could Have B...
Gavin and Alex are joined by Ariel Pacheco to discuss the season that was for Frank Ntilikina, his brilliance defensively, his inconsistency offensively and what's next.
53 min
Lottery team hate rankings
Prior to the NBA Draft Lottery (congrats, Pistons), Alex and Gavin got together to delve into the teams they would have most liked and least liked to win the lottery, including some absolutely fun hating on teams for no reason like opposing teams have done to the Knicks for years. Take a listen!
45 min
Green Room Part 3: Trading *back* in the 2021 D...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you to talk about the idea of trading *back* in the 2021 Draft to get a more established NBA player, along with getting into Philadelphia's struggles in the playoffs and what role Ben Simmons plays in it.
28 min
Green Room Part 2: Zion vs. Luka?
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Spotify Green Room app to get into the difference between Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson's frustrations with their teams right now, whether the Gen Z superstars should shape the Knicks' strategy going forward, if Lonzo Ball is being overrated, and if turmoil in Philadelphia could create an opening for the Knicks.
44 min
Green Room Part 1: What star could be coming to...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Spotify Green Room app to get into Zion Williamson's frustrations with the Pelicans front office, what stars could reasonably become available to the Knicks in the near future, and whether the Knicks might bring Frank Ntilikina back (and whether he should even want to come back).
41 min
Player Reviews: Putting Elf On The Shelf
Gavin and Alex break down the season that was for Elfrid Payton, his rapid descent and how the Knicks can avoid building a roster that plays into Thibs worst tendencies as a coach.
26 min
Player Reviews: Kevin Knox's Strides And Stagna...
Alex and Gavin are back to review Kevin Knox's season if there are still reasons for hope and whether or not he has a spot in the Knicks rotation next season.
28 min
2020-21 Player Reviews: Jared Harper, Theo Pins...
Alex and Gavin begin their 2020-21 player reviews series, getting into the end of the bench guys: Jared Harper, Theo Pinson, and Norvel Pelle. How likely is Harper to come back? How useful is a bench hype guy like Pinson? Can Pelle find a role on the Knicks as a good defensive backup center?
39 min
Fan Friday Part Two: Draft Deep Dive
Alex and Gavin are joined by you guys to go deep on the NBA Draft including which players the Knicks will target in the NBA draft and the case for why the Knicks should use both their first round picks, but why they ultimately won't.
36 min
Fan Friday Part One: Trading For Brandon Ingram
Gavin and Alex on joined by you guys for another edition of Fan Friday chopping it up, talking some of their favorite prospects in the draft and potential star acquisitions including...Brandon Ingram?!?
42 min
What does Tom Thibodeau need to work on next se...
Alex and Gavin continue their discussion about the NBA's 2020-21 Coach of the Year, Tom Thibodeau, including how much credit he deserves for the individual successes of many Knicks this year, and what he should improve upon going into next season.
28 min
Tom Thibodeau wins NBA Coach of the Year
Alex and Gavin get into Tom Thibodeau's NBA Coach of the Year nomination, including some of the truly impressive stats the Knicks put up as a team, and what impressed them most about his season with the Knicks.
28 min
Fan Friday Part Three: Goodbye Frank And Do The...
Alex and Gavin are joined by you guys one final time to lament Frank Kntilikina's usage, imagine a world with LeBron James on the team and debate if the Knicks need to find a "Point God" this offseason.
48 min
Fan Friday Part Two: D'Angelo Russell Or Damian...
Gavin and Alex are back with more Fan Friday including if they'd be interested in going after D'Angelo Russell or Damian Lillard, whether the Knicks need to hire an assistant who has offensive input and more!
36 min
Fan Friday Part One: Searching For A Stretch Fi...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you! To discuss stretch five options for next season, lingering regrets over the 2020 draft class and the Knicks potential pursuit of Kyle Lowry.
47 min
The Hawks send the Knicks packing for 2020-21
Alex and Gavin recap the Knicks' Game 5 loss to the Hawks, including highlighting some of the problems that came up all series, but project positively towards the future about a team that has tons of draft and cap flexibility going forward. Plus, a brief remembrance of the season that was to close the show.
46 min
Julius Randle's Future And Steph Curry To The K...
Gavin and Alex are once again joined by Stacy Patton to talk whether anything that's happened this series has changed how the Knicks should approach resigning Julius Randle, then they talk about Luca Vildoza's potential impact on next season's team, and much more.
52 min
What Have We Learned About The Knicks This Seri...
Alex and Gavin are joined by The Strickland's Stacy Patton to discuss his thoughts on game five and his assessment of what the Knicks need to change going forward.
42 min
Knicks pushed to the brink of elimination in Ga...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 113-96 loss to the Hawks on Sunday, including what was (ironically) the best game of the series for Randle and RJ, Reggie Bullock's disappearing act, Trae Young being let off the hook on D, and more.
50 min
The Game Three Knicks: The Asininity Continues
Gavin and Alex break down disappointing performances from Julius Randle and Tom Thibodeau and what needs to change going forward.
45 min
Fan Friday Part 2: Are we giddy for Josh Giddey?
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you to finish up this week's Locker Room Fan Friday discussion, including how much the guys like Josh Giddey vs. a couple of other prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft, how the Knicks would match up with the Sixers if they can make it to round two, whether Knicks fans' actions towards Trae Young and the Hawks have thus far been appropriate, and more!
45 min
Fan Friday Part 1: Is Elf finally done?
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Locker Room app to discuss the whether Elfrid Payton's time has finally come to be benched, if Frank Ntilikina or Immanuel Quickley should soak up his minutes, the importance of the second unit and Obi Toppin, and more!
47 min
The Old Bulls Save The Knicks
Alex and Gavin bounce around the highs and lows of one of the great Knicks wins of their life times.
49 min
Game 1 lessons for Game 2 with Dallas Amico
Alex and Gavin are joined by Dallas Amico of The Strickland (@DallasAmico_ on Twitter) to get into the weeds on the Knicks' loss to the Hawks in Game 1 of the playoffs, including whether Dallas feels better or worse about the Knicks' chances after one game, how the Knicks can bother Trae Young more, what sets the Hawks ran that befuddled the Knicks, how to attack Trae on defense, how to get Julius Randle going in Game 2, and more!
45 min
Trae Young And The Hawks Take Round One
Alex and Gavin commiserate following a brutal last second loss to the Atlanta Hawks to open the Knicks first playoff run in eight seasons.
47 min
Fan Friday Part 3: Do the Knicks or Hawks have ...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you to finish up the weekly chat on the Locker Room app, including whether Trae Young or Julius Randle are the best player in the series, if the Knicks should challenge Trae Young to beat them, and which of the two teams has the brightest future.
43 min