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Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe host the Locked On Knicks podcast, giving you a daily look inside the New York Knicks and the NBA with all the latest news, insight and expertise. From Clyde-isms, to RJ Barrett and Jalen Brunson highlights, to rampant draft and free agency speculation, Alex and Gavin have you covered every day on Locked On Knicks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Fan Friday Part 2: Being in MSG for the playoffs
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Locker Room app to talk about the excitement of being in the building for a Knicks playoff game, if/when Elfrid Payton will be benched, series predictions, whether this series could create a new rivalry between the Knicks and the Hawks going forward, and more!
45 min
A Deep Dive On Knicks-Hawks With The Ringer's D...
Gavin is joined by The Ringer's Dan Devine to talk through all their thoughts on Knicks-Hawks, the factors that will define the series and how the Knicks should best build their team going forward.
50 min
Fan Friday Part One: What Will Decide The Serie...
Gavin And Alex are joined by some of you to break down the factors that will decide who wins the series, how long will Elf start and debate if Thibs really scares away stars.
52 min
Marc Berman on the playoffs and Elf's shaky sta...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Marc Berman of the New York Post (@NYPost_Berman on Twitter) to get into some Knicks playoff talk, including Elfrid Payton's shaky hold on the starting point guard spot, how prepared the Knicks might be to pursue a star this offseason, playoff expectations internally, and how enjoyable it's been for Marc as a 20-year Knicks beat veteran to see good basketball again.
37 min
Previewing The Atlanta Hawks With Brad Rowland
The boys are joined by Locked On Hawks Host Brad Rowland to learn everything they can about their first round opponent including what a nearly fully healthy Hawks rotation will look like, how Trae Young's game translates to the playoffs and what the Hawks will do to try and slow down Julius Randle.
44 min
Playoff talk (yes, PLAYOFF TALK) with Matthew M...
Alex is joined by Matthew Miranda (@MMiranda613 on Twitter) to get into the Knicks' successful closing stretch of the season that led them to being the fourth seed in the East, including reflecting on the journey that was this regular season, setting expectations for the playoffs, and determining a couple of factors that could swing things for the Knicks against the Hawks.
51 min
Fan Friday Part 2: Frank's greatest hits, and p...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Locker Room app to go over Frank Ntilikina's best moments as a Knick (in case the end is nigh for his time with the Knicks), what offensive wrinkles the Knicks could add in the playoffs, and how the overall perception of the team should change among fans.
41 min
Fan Friday Part 1: Playoff prep, JJJ rumors, an...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Locker Room app to talk about a number of pressing topics pre-playoffs, like how the Knicks should prep for their playoff debut, whether Jaren Jackson Jr. should be a target, and whether Elfrid Payton should retain any role at all if he's not starting.
37 min
Previewing the Knicks' road ahead with James Ma...
Alex is joined by former Locked On Knicks host James Marceda to get into the Knicks' 102-98 victory over the Spurs, including how the win affects their playoff seeding, whether it's worth having the Elfrid Payton debates if the team is winning, and how a fully healthy Knicks backcourt rotation might shake out.
41 min
Previewing The Knicks' 2021 Draft With PD Web
The Knicks are in the midst of their best season in years, but even now, who can resist looking towards the future? Gavin and Alex are once again joined by the great PD Web to break down the 2021 draft including potential steals and who might just be the point guard of the Knicks future.
34 min
A Valiant Effort In A Brutal Defeat
Alex and Gavin break down a devastatingly close loss for the Knicks including Julius Randle's hero ball for good and for ill, Frank Ntilikina's incredible defensive performance, and Derrick Rose giving everything he had.
51 min
The Development of RJ Barrett And Obi Toppin Pl...
Gavin and Alex are joined by draftnik and player development guru PD Web to discuss RJ Barrett's rapid rise as a shooter and why he's so valuable defensively before getting into why the Knicks still need more from Obi Toppin, and why keeping Mitchell Robinson is a no brainer.
46 min
The Win Of The Season
Gavin and Alex dive into the Knicks' win of the year over the Los Angeles Clippers, including Derrick Rose playing like an All-Star, RJ Barrett shooting like one and so much more.
47 min
Fan Friday Part 2: Sexton, Brodgon, and Clyde-isms
Alex and Gavin finish up their Locker Room chat with all of you, getting into some great topics like: whether getting Collin Sexton would be a good thing, and whether taking back Kevin Love would be a good enough price; whether Malcolm Brogdon is an underratedly awesome trade target; how much room Lonzo Ball has to improve; and some favorite Clyde-isms
40 min
Fan Friday Part 1: Young trade targets, and pla...
Alex and Gavin are joined by all of you in the Locker Room app to talk about what's on your minds this week! Plenty of great topics in this first part, including whether the Knicks should try to target a young star, what the offseason priorities should be, and who the guys most want the Knicks to face in the playoffs.
46 min
The Knicks sign Luca Vildoza... and no game was...
Alex and Gavin oh-so-briefly talk about the ugly loss to the Nuggets before getting into the Knicks' official signing of Luca Vildoza, as well as a few questions from all of you on Twitter.
40 min
How The Knicks Win In The Playoffs With Benjy R...
Gavin and Alex are joined by The Strickland's film guru Benjy Ritholtz to break down Taj Gibson's defensive genius and how the Knicks need to shape their rotation and Julius Randle's shot profile to win in the playoffs.
52 min
Everything's coming up Rose; Knicks win 12 of 13
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 118-104 win over the Grizzlies, including Derrick Rose's continued stellar play, Julius Randle's MVP candidacy, Alec Burks' return, and more!
39 min
Doing What Good Teams Do: Julius Randle Extingu...
Gavin and Alex talk Julius Randle treating this game like practice, the implications of Nerlens Noel's injury and a great night for Derrick Rose and Immanuel Quickley.
35 min
Fan Friday (kinda): West coast trip preview, IQ...
Regrettably, the Fan Friday recording from Locker Room was lost due to technical issues, so instead Alex and Gavin get into some of the topics that were brought up by listeners, including Immanuel Quickley as a starting PG, RJ Barrett being the perfect type of Tom Thibodeau player, a preview of the upcoming west coast road trip, and if you listen to the end, a little amateur analysis of the Jets' and Giants' first rounds in the NFL Draft.
39 min
Immanuel Quickley And Julius Randle Fuel A Domi...
Alex and Gavin dive into a win over the Bulls that wasn't so fun until it was as Immanuel Quickley ignited a fourth quarter run that Julius Randle capped off with a complete evisceration of the Chicago Bulls.
38 min
The Ringer's J Kyle Mann On The Potential Of Ju...
Gavin and Alex are joined by J Kyle Mann the co-host of The Ringer NBA University Podcast to talk about his video breakdown of Julius Randle's season and how RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley are defying expectations.
37 min
Chris Paul ends the Knicks' streak at nine
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 118-110 loss to the Suns, including CP3's dominant closing stretch, Derrick Rose's high-impact game, and why it's encouraging that the Knicks can still hang with a top-two team in the league even on a night when Julius Randle and RJ Barrett didn't play their best ball.
41 min
NINE straight wins for the Knicks, as they send...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' ninth straight win from over the weekend, a 120-103 drubbing of the Raptors at home. The guys talk Julius Randle's latest big game, and whether his ceiling is finding new highs, just how gracefully Derrick Rose is aging, RJ Barrett's continued crunch time excellence, and much more!
44 min
Fan Friday Part Two: Will Mitchell Robinson Be ...
Alex and Gavin are back to talk how expectations will shape next season, to trade or not to trade Obi Toppin and whether Nerlens Noel's play warrants moving Mitchell Robinson.
52 min
Fan Friday Part One: 2012 Carmelo Anthony vs. 2...
Gavin and Alex open this week's Fan Friday debating who was better between the 2012 vintage of Carmelo Anthony vs. present-day Julius Randle before getting into offseason point guard plans and much more.
37 min
Ben Golliver on the Knicks' present and future
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by Ben Golliver of the Washington Post (whose book Bubbleball on the 2020 NBA Bubble comes out May 4) to talk about how the Knicks are covered by the national media, how Randle and RJ's development changes the calculus for the team, and why Kyle Lowry could be a great fit for the Knicks in free agency this summer.
34 min
Julius Randle's latest 40-piece means 8 straigh...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 137-127 win over the Hawks, buoyed by yet another 40-point game from Julius Randle, a second straight standout game from Immanuel Quickley, a continued steady hand from Derrick Rose, and more!
42 min
Immanuel Quickley Owns The Second, RJ Barrett O...
Gavin and Alex talk about the Knicks...SEVEN GAME WINNING STREAK?!? Including RJ Barrett turning into a capital S shooter, Immanuel Quickley getting his swagger back and oh so much more.
41 min
Ben Golliver on the NBA Bubble experience
Alex and Gavin are joined by Ben Golliver, NBA writer for The Washington Post and author of "Bubbleball" (out May 4), to discuss his experiences being part of the NBA Bubble, including player interactions, the infamous quarantine, activism, and more!
46 min
SIX IN A ROW BABY! Julius Randle Outduels Zion ...
Alex and Gavin pour out their thoughts on the Knicks sixth (you read that right, sixth!) straight win including heroics from Julius Randle, Derrick Rose and Reggie Bullock. Plus...could the Knicks win a round?!?
38 min
Bonus episode: Does ESPN cover the Knicks fairly?
A mini rant by Alex to end the Mavs recap turned into a great debate between Alex and Gavin on how ESPN and the national media cover the Knicks like they're still a cellar dweller, despite their newfound success. Enjoy this bonus episode!
16 min
Julius Randle outshines Luka Doncic, Knicks win...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 117-109 victory over the Mavericks, including a 44-point explosion from Julius Randle in the best game of his Knicks career, a rebound from RJ Barrett, steady bench play from Derrick Rose, and a discussion about just how high the Knicks can reach if they keep up this level of play.
36 min
Fan Friday Part Two: Who Are The Greatest Playe...
Gavin and Alex are back to wrap up Fan Friday and were inspired by a troll to discuss the greatest players of all time and how we define them.
45 min
Fan Friday Part One: Wing Upgrades And Draft Talk
Alex and Gavin host another Fan Friday and get into whether the Knicks need to move on from their current veteran wings to ultimately hit their ceiling, whether they should trade their picks for a starting guard to appease Thibs and which team deserves to win the lottery.
49 min
Finally! A four-game win streak!
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 116-106 win over the Pelicans, which secured their first four-game win streak of the season, including breaking down Alec Burks' latest late-game masterpiece, Julius Randle's second straight 30-point game, and more.
43 min
The Julius Randle Revenge Game
Gavin and Alex are back to breakdown Julius Randle's ridiculous night against his former team, Elfrid Payton's best game of the season and much more!
41 min
RJ Barrett's clutch weekend
Alex is joined by Stacy Patton (@StacyPatton89 on Twitter) of The Strickland to get into the Knicks' wins over the Grizzlies and Raptors over the weekend, including RJ Barrett winning both games in the clutch, Alec Burks' mercurial play, and Immanuel Quickley's up-and-down weekend.
46 min
Fan Friday Part 2: The perception of RJ Barrett...
Alex and Gavin are once again joined by *all of you* on the Locker Room app to continue Fan Friday. In this second episode, the guys talk about RJ Barrett's perception around the league relative to his talent level, and try to figure out what it would take to trade Julius Randle, if at all.
26 min
Fan Friday Part 1: Playoff picture, Rose usage,...
Alex and Gavin are joined by *all of you* for another edition of Fan Friday on the Locker Room app. In this first part, Alex and Gavin lead with a discussion about the playoff picture, then answer questions about whether Derrick Rose is being tired out, and whether RJ Barrett is being overlooked in late game situations.
37 min
RJ Barrett Shines, Knicks Falter, And Keeping Y...
Alex and Gavin are back after yet another brutal Knicks loss. And yet there's a reason for hope...and his name is RJ Barrett.
40 min
RJ Barrett left off ESPN's 25 under 25... How h...
Alex and Gavin discuss RJ Barrett's exclusion from ESPN's "25 best players under 25" list, and not only why he should be on the list, but how high he should have placed.
47 min
Nets Boosted By Durant And Harden Absence Upset...
With Alex having the night off Gavin is joined by old friends and former Locked On Nets hosts Marcus Barahal and Josh Bass to break down the closing minutes of another insane Knicks-Nets bout, their thoughts on Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, and what the Nets playoff rotation will ultimately look like.
41 min
Knicks pummel the Pistons in Detroit with a tou...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 125-81 thrashing of the Pistons on Saturday night, including huge nights from Julius Randle and Reggie Bullock. Then, they preview what should be a hard week for the Knicks ahead.
36 min
Knicks Upset The Mavs 44-31!
Alex and Gavin are back to break down an absolutely brutal loss to the Dallas Mavericks (and/or pretend it didn't happen) including a fantastic Obi Toppin stretch and the MSG crowd getting to Kristaps Porzingis.
39 min
Fan Friday Part 2: Knicks vs. Bulls in the mode...
Alex and Gavin are joined by... all of you! It's part 2 of Fan Friday on the Locker Room app! The guys take questions about whether the Knicks-Bulls rivalry could find new life, what big free agents in the future could be a fit on the Knicks, and what point guards they're scoping in the draft, among other things.
35 min
Fan Friday Part 1: IQ struggles, future free ag...
Alex and Gavin are joined by,,, all of you! It's Fan Friday on the Locker Room app! The guys talk with some fellow Knicks fans about when the best time would be to go after free agents for the Knicks, why IQ is struggling, and whether the Knicks have it in them to win a first round series this year.
39 min
Wolves Nip The Knicks And RJ Barrett vs. Anthon...
Alex and Gavin briefly recap a brutal loss before getting into more fun topics like what the heck is Tom Thibodeau thinking playing Elfrid Payton down the stretch? And who would you rather start a franchise with RJ Barrett or Anthony Edwards?
37 min
Heat too hot for the Knicks in playoff-like test
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 98-88, playoff-like loss to the Miami Heat, a game that was a testament to how far the Knicks have come, and how far they have yet to go.
42 min
Mitchell Robinson Goes Down As The Knicks Beat ...
Alex and Gavin wallow in sadness and discuss the implications of Mitchell Robinson's injury before talking potential replacements for him and recapping a less than convincing win over the Bucks B-Team.
41 min
Trade deadline review, and could Kenny Payne be...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' lackluster trade deadline that netted them Terrance Ferguson and a second round pick, get into rumors that Kenny Payne could be moving on to the college coaching ranks, dissect the Andre Drummond rumors, and give their favorite and least favorite deadline deals from around the league.
34 min
It's A Trade Deadline Miracle! The Knicks Come ...
Gavin and Alex break down the New York Knicks big comeback win over the Washington Wizards including RJ having the heart of a champion. Alec Burks refusing to cool off and so much more.
39 min
Fan Wednesday Part Two: To Lonzo Ball Or Not To...
Alex and Gavin are joined by some of their favorite listeners including Omar Yousef, Nick Castiglia and Showtime Actor and Blue Wire Podcast Host David Futernick to debate the merits of the Knicks cementing their young core with Lonzo Ball and much more.
32 min
Fan Wednesday Part One: Which Big Names Will Ge...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Mike Plugh of The Strickland to talk league-wide deadline expectations and then get into what asset they'd prefer in a Pelicans salary dump.
25 min
Pre-trade deadline spectacular with CP of Knick...
Alex and Gavin are joined by CP of Knicks Fan TV on YouTube to discuss some of the preeminent rumors and targets ahead of Thursday's trade deadline for the Knicks. Is Lonzo Ball worth the cost to acquire? What about Victor Oladipo? If Malcolm Brogdon is available, does he trump them all? Could Evan Fournier or Norman Powell be good fits? Plus, the guys go behind the scenes of CP's on-air feud with ESPN's Max Kellerman.
47 min
Julius Randle explodes for 37, Knicks take down...
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' dominant win over the Wizards at home, including Julius Randle effortlessly going off for 37 points, RJ Barrett continuing to grow as a playmaker, Alec Burks' brilliance, and how they're less than pleased with Elfrid Payton and Obi Toppin lately.
43 min
The Worst Best Game: Julius Randle's Brilliance...
Alex and Gavin do their best to sort through their feelings on a game that was equally scintillating and torturous as they get into officiating blunders, RJ Barrett leveling up and other key takeaways from tonight's epic battle.
47 min
Fan Friday Part 2: Devonte' Graham, Mitch, tank...
Alex and Gavin are rejoined by all of you on the Locker Room app to discuss some great topics, including whether Devonte' Graham should be a target for the Knicks at the deadline, if Sharife Cooper is the answer in the draft, if Julius Randle is playing too many minutes, if the Knicks should pay Mitch, and more!
48 min
Fan Friday Part 1: Oladipo, Lonzo, and more tra...
Alex and Gavin take questions from all of you on the Locker Room app, featuring some great discussions on the viability of trading for Lonzo Ball and Victor Oladipo, how the guys value the Knicks' assets at this point, if the Knicks should just stand pat at the deadline, and whether the Kenny Payne/DePaul rumors are legit.
55 min
Reggie Bullock brings the magic to beat Orlando
Alex and Gavin talk about the Knicks' 94-93 win over the Orlando Magic on Thursday night, including a huge two-way effort and game-winning play from Reggie Bullock, Julius Randle's career-high-setting triple-double, Frank Ntilikina's resurgence, and strong nights from Alec Burks and RJ Barrett.
39 min
RJ Barrett Duels With Ben Simmons In A Philly H...
Gavin and Alex breakdown another heartbreaking loss against an eastern conference powerhouse as they talk through gutsy performances from RJ Barrett And Julius Randle, regression for Frank Ntilikina and causes for optimism.
40 min
The Knicks take the Nets to the brink
Alex and Gavin discuss the Knicks' close 117-112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on the road, including huge nights for Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley's first start, some questionable officiating, and more.
36 min
RJ Barrett: The God Of Thunder
Alex and Gavin are back to break down the New York Knicks blowout of the Oklahoma City Thunder including a career night for RJ Barrett and a return to form for Julius Randle and Immanuel Quickley.
53 min
Will The Knicks Make The Playoffs? Will Julius ...
Gavin and Alex are joined by WFAN's John Schmeelk to make some bold predictions about the second half of the Knicks season. Will the team resign Frank? Can Julius Randle make an All-NBA team? Will the Knicks even make the play in game? Find out right now!
62 min
Pass the Buck(s loss), let's finish the mailbag
Alex and Gavin spend as little time as possible breaking down the Knicks' second half-opening loss to the Bucks, instead finishing up the remaining February mailbag questions, highlighted by what Knicks the guys would most trust with their deepest, darkest secrets.
52 min
Marc Berman of the NY Post on trade rumors, Ran...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Marc Berman of the New York Post to get into some of the major storylines heading into the second half of the season: Will the Knicks be buyers or sellers? Will they be looking for back court or front court help? Are Andre Drummond or Victor Oladipo realistic targets? Could KAT demand a trade to the Knicks? Will Randle get paid? And so much more!
30 min
Jack Huntley On Why He's Optimistic About RJ Ba...
Gavin and Alex are joined by their favorite Knicks analyst from across the pond, Jack Huntley! Jack (@Knicks_Nuance on Twitter) breaks down his latest two pieces including reasons we should all be optimistic about RJ Barrett and why Julius Randle could just keep getting better.
49 min
All Star Review: Was Obi Toppin Robbed? And Mai...
Alex and Gavin break down the All Star Weekend that was for Obi Toppin and Julius Randle before answering some lingering mailbag questions including queries on Thibs' rotation, what each player would bring to a cookout and which two players would make the best single player with all their best skills combined.
61 min
The Knicks are .500 at the All-Star break, and ...
Alex is joined by The Strickland's Stacy Patton (@StacyPatton89 on Twitter) to break down the Knicks' 114-104 win over the Pistons to enter the All-Star break above .500. Included is a debate on what the Knicks will do once they're (hopefully) at full strength after the break, and whether Kevin Durant's All-Star team featuring Julius Randle can beat LeBron's.
55 min
PD Web On Where Immanuel Quickley Would Go In A...
Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are once again joined by player development expert PD Web (@abovethebreak3 on Twitter) to find out where IQ would go in a Knicks redraft today, who PD's favorite non-lottery rookie is and which player outside of Cade Cunningham the Knicks should hope to land in the 2021 draft.
37 min
That terrible Spurs loss... And a trade-based m...
Alex and Gavin spend the first segment talking about that horrible Spurs loss... then can't take it anymore, so they go into some more of your mailbag questions! Who would be the one player they'd add to the Knicks for the stretch run? And how would they rank the cost and viability of Bradley Beal, Victor Oladipo, and more?
57 min
PD Web On How To Elevate Immanuel Quickley
Gavin and Alex are joined by the great PD Web (@abovethebreak3 on Twitter) to discuss Immanuel Quickley's development. Was drafting him at 25 luck or skill from the front office? How well has Tom Thibodeau used him? Where can he still get better?
43 min
The Knicks are BACK (and the No. 4 seed in the ...
Alex and Gavin give their takeaways from a rousing weekend of Knicks action, with wins over the Pacers and Pistons that pushed the team over the .500 mark and, against all odds, into the top half of the East playoff picture. Discussions include Derrick Rose's impact on the starting lineup, Julius Randle's sustained brilliance, and more.
52 min
February Mailbag Part 3: Frank talk, and a play...
Alex and Gavin are joined again by Tom Piccolo of the Talkin' Knicks podcast to debate Frank's future (which was hilariously recorded right before Frank's recent two-game breakout), what the most balanced Knicks lineup is, and whether they'd rather a first round series win, or a grind-it-out 4-3 loss to the Nets in the first round.
33 min
FRANK NTILIKINA IS BACK!!! And Much More From T...
Alex and Gavin are back to talk through an incredible Knicks win over the Kings. They break down Frank Ntilikina's return from exile and his chemistry with Immanuel Quickley and Alec Burks in an electric effort off the bench that resulted in 140 points.
46 min
February Mailbag Part 2: Is RJ Barrett ahead of...
Alex and Gavin are joined by Tom Piccolo of the Talkin' Knicks podcast (@Tom_Piccolo on Twitter) to get into more mailbag questions, like: Is RJ Barrett ahead of Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal in their second seasons? And what young players would they preferably want to be off the table in a trade for another star?
31 min
Julius Randle Is (Officially) An All-Star, The ...
Alex And Gavin talk through their excitement at Julius Randle officially being named an Eastern Conference All-Star, why it means more for the franchise than you think and break down the difference between Rj Barrett's and Immanuel Quickley's poor performances before gushing over Obi Toppin and laying out a truly insane Clyde Conspiracy.
53 min
February Mailbag Part 1: LaMelo Ball as a Knick...
Alex and Gavin get into your February mailbag questions, including some retrospective hypotheticals about the 2020 draft regarding LaMelo Ball and Obi Toppin, as well as their preferred outcome for the rest of the season as it pertains to the 2021 draft.
46 min
Narrowly escaped a Timberwolf attack
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' too-close-for-comfort win over the Timberwolves at home after a blown lead, but a win nonetheless, including the bench not playing well, RJ continuing his bounce-back, and Randle's usual excellence.
57 min
Speeding Up The Knicks And Rookie Deep Dives Wi...
Gavin is joined by The Strickland's Benjy Ritholtz to talk through his article on the Knicks' lack of pace, how speeding up could rapidly improve their offense before wrapping up with a deep dive on IQ and Obi.
48 min
"Do you believe in Magic?" No, shut up
Alex and Gavin break down a truly horrendous loss to the Orlando, but hey, Julius Randle played well at least! And so did RJ.
32 min
Julius Randle Is An All-Star
The boys talk Julius Randle's career night, debate what Knicks fans should hope for, for the rest of the season and get into an A+ night from Clyde.
55 min
Looking Back At The Porzingis Trade with Locked...
Two years and change later the boys are joined by Locked On Mavericks Co-Host Nick Angstadt to re-litigate the Kristaps Porzingis trade, talk about the big Latvian's recovery from a number of injuries, how his game has evolved since his time on the Knicks and whether or not the Mavs will make the playoffs.
44 min
Two straight (winning) blowouts???
Alex is joined by The Strickland's Collin Loring (@cologneloring on Twitter) to break down the Knicks' win over the Rockets on Saturday night, their second straight blowout victory. Included is talk about the Rose/IQ pairing, RJ's recent struggles, and more.
45 min
Mitchell Robinson breaks his hand; Knicks win i...
Alex and Gavin break down the concerning news that Mitchell Robinson broke his hand during the team's 109-91 win in Washington, after his best half of the whole season. Then the guys talk about the game itself, from Derrick Rose's second straight good game, to Julius Randle's continued brilliance.
47 min
What Do The Knicks Have In Derrick Rose? With L...
Gavin is joined by Locked On Pistons Host Matt Schock to get the full low down on who Derrick Rose is at this point in his career and where Knicks fans can expect their juicy Pistons second rounder to land.
31 min
Derrick Rose blooms in his Knicks (re-)debut
Alex and Gavin break down Tuesday's tight loss to the Heat, featuring the re-debut of Derrick Rose in a Knicks uniform, which actually went quite well. Plus, a shoutout to Reggie Bullock and the center duo of Mitchell Robinson and Nerlens Noel for their great defense.
43 min
A Deep Dive On A Fun Weekend Of Knicks Basketball
Gavin goes solo to break down a thrilling weekend of Knicks hoops including Julius Randle making a compelling case for All-Star status, what RJ is doing differently to play better, and IQ thriving against the Blazers despite getting the Jeremy Lin treatment.
38 min
Derrick Rose traded to the Knicks (again)
Alex and Gavin break down the trade bringing Derrick Rose to the Knicks, including what it means for the already messy situation at point guard with Elfrid Payton and Immanuel Quickley on board.
37 min
2021 Draft Primer: Jake Rosen On Cade Cunningha...
Already drooling over the 2021 draft? Well then this is the episode for you! We're joined by Jake Rosen to break down the pro outlook for Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley and all the rest of the top talents in the 2021 draft.
55 min
Why the time to start Quickley is (still) now
Alex and Gavin are joined by Stacy Patton of The Strickland (@StacyPatton89 on Twitter) to discuss the Knicks' 107-103 victory over the Bulls on Wednesday night, but more importantly, to discuss why even though Elfrid Payton had one of his better games of the season, the ascension of Immanuel Quickley into the starting lineup should still not be delayed.
68 min
Scouting The Rookies: Jake Rosen On Obi Struggl...
Gavin and Alex are joined by the co-host of the Prep2Pro Podcast Jake Rosen to analyze why Obi's failed to translate and just how good IQ can be down the road.
48 min
An old school bummer loss in Chicago
Alex and Gavin break down the Knicks' 110-102 loss to the Chicago Bulls on the road, one that just never really felt like it had much of a chance of being a win. Then the guys make their case for some rotation change at the end, namely getting Frank Ntilikina back in the mix.
42 min
The Knicks Core Shines In The Best Fourteen Poi...
Alex and Gavin break down an enjoyable loss including the Clippers stars paying homage to IQ after another monster game and Julius Randle being the best player on the court.
53 min
Locked On Quickley
Alex and Gavin spend a WHILE basking in the glory that is having Immanuel Quickley on the New York Knicks, including racking their brains to figure out the last time the Knicks had a young core that it was this easy to get excited about and get behind. Oh yeah, and they talk about the Knicks' 102-82 blowout over the Cavs, too.
49 min
To Tank Or Not To Tank? And IQ for ROY? With Ja...
Gavin and Alex are joined one final time by the legend James Marceda to bounce around some miscellaneous mailbag question including if the Knicks should pursue a stretch five and whether or not it's worth making the play in game.
46 min
Is It Time To Sell High On Julius Randle? With ...
Alex and Gavin are joined once again by former host and the brain behind NBA Injury Report James Marceda to debate whether or not it's time to sell high on Julius Randle and much more in this mailbag edition of Locked On Knicks!
31 min
RJ's Brilliance And Who To Trade For Bradley Be...
Gavin is joined by The Strickland's Dallas Amico to recap the Jazz loss and a masterful performance from RJ Barrett before getting into some big picture questions including...who to trade for Bradley Beal?
43 min
How All-Star Randle came to be, with Mike Vorkunov
Alex and Gavin are joined by The Athletic's Mike Vorkunov to discuss his article about Julius Randle's offseason transformation into the All-Star caliber player that he's been this season. Also, the guys talk about the sustainability of the Knicks' play so far, and the difficulties of being a reporter during COVID-19.
40 min
Quickley duels with Dame in Portland
Alex and Gavin go over Immanuel Quickley's career night in the Knicks' 116-113 loss to the Trailblazers, including a sneak preview of tomorrow's episode at the end, debating Elfrid Payton vs. Quickley with Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic.
36 min